Hummingbird Retreat Peru

Hummingbird Retreat is a small healing centre providing a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for personal and group healing, transformation and heart centered living.

Nestled amongst ancient Andean terracing in the majestic Sacred Valley of Peru, a short distance from the colonial town of Pisaq, this is an ideal space to stop, relax and re-discover.

Guests have the opportunity to participate in guided ceremonies with the sacred plant medicine San Pedro, exploring their inner worlds and transforming their lives in a most positive and meaningful manner.

Experienced professional facilitators support this powerful, life-changing experience.

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  • Mike Goodman   January 31, 2015

      A flowering oasis for healing, transformation and deep soul connection

    Nestled at the base of Apu Linli amongst the corn and quinoa fields of Pisac, Hummingbird Retreat Peru is a beautiful, comfortable and safe place for a transformative and deeply healing journey of self discovery. Whether you are there for a day, or lucky enough to be staying on, your hosts Paul and Sue really look after you. The gardens are exquisite, with loads of flowers, fragrant herbs and fresh vegetables...and their food is naturally divine. The retreat is perfectly positioned near town, but also away from town. It is a quiet, peaceful sanctuary. I've travelled to the retreat from Australia many times and can't wait to be there again. If you are on a journey of self discovery, I highly recommend Hummingbird Retreat Peru as a place for healing, transformation and deep soul connection.

  • Michael Ephraums   February 01, 2015

      A place to find yourself

    I was on the back end of a 6 month solo travelling trip around the world when my feet took me to this retreat, to be the last place before i returned home. After the hectic nature of the trip up to that point the retreat served as a most exceptional place for me to take some time to sit and be with myself for a while. It served as a way for me to absorb everything i had experienced as well as a way for me to prepare for my return back to my old life. The setting, an easy walk from the village of Pisaq nestled in the sacred valley is stunning every time you look at it. The hosts, Sue and Paul, are experience spiritual workers and their work with San Pedro ceremonies is truly something to experience. I cannot wait to find my way back to this retreat in the near future and to work further with Sue and Paul.

  • Chantal Gagne   February 08, 2015

      Amazing Space

    I was Blessed to spend 5 months doing some amazing inner work with Suzanne and Paul at Hummingbird Retreat. It is such an amazing Space-with a beautiful view and gorgeous garden. The guest house is quaint and private, and has a beautiful balcony with an amazing view. I felt really supported and loved during my time here and would recommend it to anyone who is seeking to connect more deeply with themselves, in a safe, comforting environment.

  • Kabé Valentin Zueger   August 30, 2015

      Many blessings to all the beautiful souls that live/work in the center...

    I can still remember very clearly walking through the door of the Hummingbird Retreat for the first time and feeling like I was coming home. A space full of beauty & wonders, Sue & Paul have co-created a space in which everyone can receive what they come for. To me, the Center feels like the womb of Mother Earth or the Garden of Eden. All that you will experience will help you to open-up to the magic, love and fun of who you are and what life has to offer. There is no need to go anywhere else… as they also run the best restaurant in the Andes with only one table ;) I highly recommend staying here for a retreat. Many blessings to all the beautiful souls that live/work in the center.

  • Tina Demetriou   April 22, 2015

      Everything the Adventurous Spirit could wish for!

    Hummingbird Retreat in Peru is everything the adventurous Spirit could wish for. The space itself is divine; encapsulating all the cultural aspects of the region from the local materials & design used in the buildings, the plants, the food and of course Sue & Paul themselves – being ideal hosts! I spent 4 weeks at Hummingbird Retreat; being fortunate to enjoy and be challenged by many great adventures into my inner landscape. A highlight of my time there was experiencing the wonders of working with plants! I was unfamiliar with plant medicines before I stayed here and Sue & Paul provided the perfect environment to for this experience – safe, supported, private, comfortable and trustworthy! I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone wishing to experience culture, looking to do profound personal work or healing and/or have an adventurous itch to scratch!

  • Inge Kuijper   June 30, 2015

      Heart opening, safe & supported, beautiful ceremonies

    I joined Paul and Sue twice for a Huachuma ceremony, and was impressed by their genuine care, love and support. The house and garden are most beautiful, a manifestation of their intention of bringing true healing. Groups are always small, and both Sue and Paul are very present before, during and after ceremony to support you with whatever comes up. After having spent quite a few weeks in the Sacred Valley this is the one place I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.

  • Barbara Landsberg   February 06, 2016

      A place I found myself

    “Being in the care of Sue and Paul at Hummingbird Retreat, with their years of experience and loving, insightful and gentle guidance allowed me to find my true self, to feel the ease of being able to be myself and release a lifetime of baggage and protective habits. This has fundamentally changed how I live and what I look for in life. It has made me happier and while I may not always achieve the same peace, I know what it feels like now and I found my reference point with Sue and Paul. Thank you, thank you!.”

  • Paul Pettingill   January 27, 2016

      Recent Trip

    I recently spent 3 weeks at the Hummingbird Retreat and the acid test for me was did I depart a better, more well balanced person with a new perspective on life? The answer was a resounding yes. Sue and Paul run a high quality service where your personal wellbeing and progression is their utmost priority. In saying that if you are looking for the easy, sugar coated experience where your ego is stroked then Hummingbird Retreat is not the answer. If however you are prepared to work hard and genuinely address the issues/challenges you are facing in your life whilst being expertly guided and supported by Sue and Paul then I highly recommend Hummingbird Retreat. The location is stunning where you cannot help but relax and Sue is a sensational cook. Paul - Sydney, Australia

  • Robert   September 06, 2016

      If Only I had More Time in Peru.....

    I was referred to Hummingbird Retreat by a dear friend, and I am so grateful that I was able to spend a day with Paul, Sue, My Sister, New Friends, and of course The Cactus. The brew that they serve is strong, but not over the top. Most evident in my experience was the warmth, acceptance and incredibly loving field that is created by Paul and Sue. Often times when the field is full of love, it can be a bit 'mushy.' Besides holding a loving space, Paul and Sue are also available to work with you on the deeper matters at hand. I've always been told that Huachuma is a heart opening plant medicine, and boy did my heart open that day. I shed some deep tears that day, and became aware of some deeply held beliefs. I can honestly say that without Paul and Sue's assistance my experience would not have been nearly as effective. I did some of the most effective and heart connected processing I ever that day with them. I can not emphasize enough how relaxed, supported and safe I felt there. Overall, I feel like the cactus is quite a safe medicine, I've personally never heard a Huachuma horror story. But, your experience is still dependent on your mindset going in and the environment you drink in. If you want a deep, loving, supportive, heartening and profound experience, spend some time at Hummingbird Retreat. My only regret is that I did not know of them sooner. I will certainly be back with the intent of opening, accepting and loving more. My deepest gratitude to Paul and Sue. I almost forgot to mention THE FOOD!!!! My God, So Delicious!! Blessing on your journey reader. Of the many people I drank plant medicine with in Peru, I am most drawn to work again with these 2 incredible beings.

Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality. Robin S. Sharma

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