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New Life Ayahuasca.


     New Life Ayahuasca offers week long ayahuasca retreats in Costa Rica.  Our mission is to provide compassionate retreat program options to others who are seeking to restore balance to their lives through spiritual and personal healing.

     We are partnered with New Life Iboga, an ibogaine treatment clinic, so that both plant medicines can be available at our facility through different program options. We offer a two week program to experience both these sacred medicines or one week programs that offer ayahuasca and iboga(ine) individually. New Life Iboga has found that participation in ayahuasca ceremonies after ibogaine treatment can have profoundly beneficial results.

     Our facility offers all the modern comforts the western world is accustomed to such as private rooms, WiFi, a pool, hot showers, a hot tub and each room has its own private bathroom. We limit spacing for ayahuasca retreats to 6 participant per week to be sure we can provide individualized attention and support during such a profound experience.

     Ayahuasca ceremonies at our facility are performed in our temple. We use a mixture of live and recorded music through out the experience. Live music includes the didgeridoo, drums, gong, shakers and whistles. No participant is ever left alone during ceremonies and we always have a proper guide present. Our ceremonies include the use of tobacco, sage, palo santo and florida water.

      New Life Ayahuasca conducts brief medical screening before accepting any participants for ayahuasca retreats to be sure all candidates can safely participate in ayahuasca ceremonies. We strictly implement and provide all meals in accordance with the ayahuasca diet including all medical regulations.

     All ayahuasca brew provided by New Life Ayahuasca is hand made in Peru with only b. caapi and chaliponga. No datura (toe), additives or fillers are used in any way. All ingredients are home-grown by an ayahuasca shaman in Peru. Our mission is always to provide the best and safest ceremonies possible.

     New Life Ayahuasca is a place for healing of the mind, body and spirit.

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  • Cl Ser   July 22, 2015


    I experienced the best ayahuasca trip in Costa Rica, the place in Atenas is amazing, the hotel and all the benefits in there were awesome, and the night with the chamannes, was so spiritual and connected to one another, I feel how I could understand how we are just one spirit in one dimension, and all those little spirits connected to the huge Mother of creation, that put us in the right place and the right people to understand out mision, i would recomend everybody to try this amazin trip in this place, safe and beautiful. Love

  • Sindy Solis   September 23, 2015


    To New Life Ayahusca: I will like to express my gratitude to all the people of New Life Ayahusca. I when to a ceremony with Matt and Jeanae last Saturday and I am very impress with their heart and everything they did in the ceremony. Not only they were checking on me all the time but also they are people with a genuine purpose of helping others to get heal. The ceremony had everything; the setting was perfectly care for. I want to congratulate them for running such of wonderful place. I would recommend it to anyone. I also like to send a special thanks to Sergio and Emanuel for always checking on me and for helping me throughout the ceremony. I will be coming back for more ceremonies with the confidence that I am on a safe environment. I wish you many blessings, success and prosperity in the years to come. Thank you so much for everything!

  • Glenn Adams   September 25, 2015

      Wonderful people, beautiful location, and such a great vision and path they have.

    New Life is located outside Sam Ramon, Costa Rica. The property and facility is absolutely gorgeous and and view of the Gulf of Nicoya from their location on top of the mountain make this a beautiful and perfect place for the work they are doing. I was passing through the area coming from San Jose to Playa Samara and just had to stop in and meet the people there and find out what they were doing. San Ramon is only a couple of hours from San Jose, less if you have a car and a little more if using the bus system. My background is not only corporate I.T. (stressful) but also I am a RYT Yoga Teacher and I've been interested for a number of years in how things such as yoga, meditation, diet, mentors, and support systems help with our first world high stress jobs. Jeanae and Matt are wonderful people. They have such a strong sense of purpose, a mission, and empathy. Where they come from and where they are going is wonderful and they are making the world better in a very great way. They only want to share and help other people. They know the value of moments that can turn a life around and understand sometimes it takes a great deal of work to help a person get just one step further to being better, happier, or perhaps even just alive. The facility is as clean and full of creature comforts anyone might want or need. No matter where you come from rich or poor, first world or jungle, this place is comfortable. The region is mountainous with dirt roads leading to it as it should be for the region. The house, the pool area (yes, indoor lap pool in Costa Rica) and the location are really just perfect for a retreat location. I can only imagine all the clients coming from a wide range of cultures and countries, with needs stemming from depression and stress to drug or substance abuse that may find this place and the people there to be a very important part of their journey to wellness.

  • Troy Dellorto   April 27, 2016

      New Beginnings

    This review is long overdue but wanted to share my experience. I went out there in November 2015 for my 39th birthday. At that point I was at a low. I had just ended a long term relationship, started a new company, moved across the country, yadda, yadda, life stuff. So I was looking for something to snap me out of my funk. I went out there for 2 weeks to do the 3 ayahuasca ceremonies and and 1 iboga treatment. When I got there I didn't know what to expect but was greeted by Matt at the airport who took me to their retreat. The place is great, bedrooms have private bathrooms and are super clean and comfy, pool and hiking trails. Matt and Jeanae are great hosts, very laid back, easy to talk to and accommodating. You can tell that they care in helping people and it shows through with their actions. We went on a few beach excursions, farmers market and a couple trips into town that were both fun and a nice break in between ceremonies. As with the ceremonies themselves, I did 3 ayahuasca ceremonies, which were really mild for myself. If one is worried, do not. It is a very pleasurable experience but the one thing that changed everything for me was my iboga treatment. I did it at the very end and truthfully I can't even recall much of it. Though when I got back everything had changed in my head, a sort of reset button had been pushed. I could feel it and others could see it in me, a glow that wasn't there when I left. Since then, I changed everything up. I moved places, started running daily and working out. I changed the way I eat, my sleep habits, quit drinking alcohol (which was one of the reasons I choose to do the iboga, as I was turning to it more than I should when I was becoming depressed about things), just a complete 360. So now 6 months later, I literally am a completely different person, not 100%, but headed into the right direction in getting there, whereas before I was falling down a slippery slope of despair. So needless to say, this was a life changer. It is not a cure all, but it will point you in the right direction. What you do afterwards is up to you.

  • Elizabeth Onheiber   December 17, 2015

      How New Life Ayahuasca changed my life and resolved my C-PTSD.

    Matt, Jeanae and the supporting crew gave me and my healing journey their undivided attention for an entire week as a privileged guest at their center—a sprawling 20-acre estate reminiscent of a roman villa complete with detached indoor pool and hot tub—located comfortably in the idyllic, mountainous Costa Rican countryside. The modern facilities even come replete with Wi-Fi. Because of the difficult nature of the personal inner work that ayahuasca sets you out on, I believe that the comfortable amenities and beautiful facilities helped me focus on the what I came there to do, feeling secure enough to devote my entire attention to the examination, healing, and integration process. The meals they prepared and shared with me were delicious and the week included outings to some local restaurants too. Their villa-esque center has eight (count ‘em) bedrooms, often with private bathrooms. But for the extraverted that crave social interaction with the inevitably awesome people that come here there are ridiculously well-decorated sitting areas in shared spaces literally almost every ten feet. On my 7th day at New Life Ayahuasca I was still discovering Secret Garden-type pockets perfect for private conversations or quiet reflection. I am a writer, and the full-on beauty and sense of freedom of the property inspired me to write almost four times as much material as I would have normally in the same amount of time, and this was all before my life-changing experience with ayahuasca on the third ceremony night. The first two ceremonies didn’t seem like they did much for me at the time, since I didn’t feel the effects I was expecting. But by the time I was peaking during my incredibly successful third session I realized the frustration I felt during these two failed attempts was actually a part of the process and did serve a purpose; it was exactly what I needed to feel at the time. I’ve struggled with Complex-PTSD since childhood, and spent the last decade being pinballed around in the American health care system in a mistaken attempt to commit to the effort of recovery, only to fail to experience symptom relief from over 20 different types of medication, ranging from uppers, downers and serotonin-reuptake whatever-ers. I took those pills everyday religiously, on blind faith that if I didn’t I was just giving up on getting healthy, some of these meds even made me more unhealthy – I gained 80 lbs. and caught an endocrine disorder on the wrongly-prescribed powerful tranquilizer Seroquel. It was the realization that what I was doing wasn’t working and that I need to switch my strategy if I was ever going to triumph over the treatment-resistant and pervasive daily struggle of PTSD. It was this reasoning that brought me to New Life Ayahuasca. Now, I’m so grateful that I listened to that meek little inner-voice that knew what was best for me. Even though I only had an experience that third and final ceremony, my anxiety is down and self-esteem is up. I feel inspired, empowered and incredibly grateful to Matt, Jeanae, Brandy and Nigel: the Human Being Dream Team. Thank you New Life Ayahuasca, and may many more people pass through your doors and find effective healing.

  • Benjamin   February 06, 2016

      Gracious hosts and a spectacular location

    I was determined. I had been thinking about Ayahuasca for about two years before I arrived at New Life Ayahuasca for a week of ceremonies. I came seeking emotional healing and to deepen my spiritual nature and commitment to the path on which I have been for most of my life. The medicine of Ayahuasca has provided both of these for me. The people at New Life Ayahuasca provided a safe, supportive and relaxed environment for this to transpire. The combination of these factors, including Matt’s facilitation skills, in particular his heartfelt singing of icaros, created a vehicle of transformation for me. I chose New Life Ayahuasca for a number of reasons including convenience, the relative ease of travel to Costa Rica from the United States as compared to a South American destination and the lower cost of travel to Costa Rica, although the factor that finalized my decision was that I sensed the authenticity of the people behind this place. This became particularly evident to me when I first spoke with Matt at length on the phone about my expectations and concerns. He was welcoming and receptive and shared insight about the Ayahuasca experience with me that helped me to proceed without confusion or irrational fear. I left that conversation sensing that he was an experienced guide and feeling confident about attending a retreat with him. Several weeks later I found myself in the peaceful rural setting of the New Life Ayahuasca center on 20 acres of land overlooking the green mountainsides of San Ramon, the Gulf of Nicoya and the Pacific Ocean. The location alone is magnificent and restful. By the time the initial ceremony began and the moment to drink Ayahuasca for the first time became a reality for me, I felt completely at ease with Jeanae and Matt and their support staff. I feel fortunate that my first experience was with a small group of just six people and that I felt close and trusting of the people around me. I felt completely safe and supported, and the natural sense of trepidation that virtually everyone feels upon first drinking Ayahuasca had greatly diminished by that time. As the medicine took effect, the experience was magical beyond my ability to describe in words here without resorting to poetry or some other metaphorical mode of expression. When Matt began to sing the icaros, my experience deepened significantly, transporting me into the most deeply felt healing space I have ever experienced. His talent for holding a sacred space through the singing of icaros and his use of various simple musical instruments is remarkable and felt deeply and directly within the heart. As he continued to sing, I felt the most overwhelming sense of gratitude I have ever felt in my life. I felt gratitude for the moment, gratitude for the people I was with, gratitude for the medicine, gratitude for the path that had ultimately led me to that moment, gratitude for the healing I sensed was beginning to transpire for me and gratitude for many other things that escape me as I write this now. The remainder of that first ceremony and the two subsequent ceremonies later in the week were, simply put, the most profound experiences of my entire life. In particular, during the second ceremony, I directly experienced Mother Ayahuasca, or what I have come to call the Cosmic Mother, reveal herself to me in one of her forms and communicate with me nonverbally. A full description of that experience is too involved to include here, but briefly put, it transformed my perception of life and my perception of death into parts of a greater integrated process that exists beyond time as we experience it in conventional terms and that is multidimensional in nature. In the weeks that followed my Ayahuasca experience, I was left with an enhanced sense of belonging in the world and a renewed sense of purpose. Since returning home my perception of death has been transformed. I have a new appreciation of it because I now know beyond any doubt that we are all eternal beings, that death is not an end of life but an integral part of it. I know that life as we experience it in conventional terms is a single limited dimension of a vast multidimensional reality. In other words, through my experience with Ayahuasca, I have realized that we are multidimensional beings because during ceremony I experienced dimensions of my own being I had never experienced previously. While there is still work for me to do and insight to gain, I know that the process to attain these has been accelerated for me in a way that cannot be undone. I will be returning to New Life Ayahuasca in just a few weeks for another week of ceremonies with the intention of deepening and refining the process I started. Thank you Jeanae, Matt and the staff at New Life Ayahuasca for helping to facilitate this for me. I will always be grateful. You are creating a unique sacred space there, both physically and energetically, on your 20 acres in the mountains of San Ramon, something that I wish for others who to experience as well. I have already recommended your center to others and will continue to do so. In fact, a close friend of mine will be arriving there in a matter of weeks, and I am confident that he will be in good hands for his first experience with this amazing medicine.

  • ND   March 01, 2016

      Wonderful place run by wonderful people

    Where to begin? New Life is a fantastic experience. From the moment you meet them at the airport until the moment they drop you off, Matt and Jeanae will do everything they can to make you feel safe, comfortable, and supported during what can be a very emotional experience. The property itself is sprawling and comfortable, and affords beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and of the Pacific Ocean. If you're lucky you'll experience some epic thunderstorms and from the hilltop perch of the property, you will be able to watch lightning strike over the ocean. Alternatively, you can chill out and watch a movie, read books, do some yoga, go for a swim, or really anything else that makes you comfortable. You'll find that for most things you'll want to do, New Life has the facilities While at New Life, you'll find that time slows down and with the help of Matt and Jeanae, you'll be able to really relax and be mindful in order to hopefully take some big lessons away with you. Moreover, they are always open to answer questions about your treatments, to share stories of their own lives such that when it comes time for the treatments you'll know that you are in good hands. I cannot recommend New Life and its hosts more highly, I am incredibly grateful to have spent time in such a lovely place and with such lovely people, and I cannot wait to go back.

  • Karla   March 29, 2016

      Life-Changing Experience

    I was going through a rough time in my life when I unintentionally learned about ayahuasca. Having never heard of it up until a month before booking my retreat, I was surprisingly comfortable with my decision to travel alone to another country in hopes of getting better. It just felt right. I had never before experienced with any sort of psychedelic, so in the days leading up to my trip, the nerves started kicking in. Still though, I knew I had to do it. Costa Rica is beautiful and the retreat center is perfectly located. You're able to appreciate unparalleled aerial views of central Costa Rica, and simultaneously enjoy luxuries like hot water and wifi. It truly is the best of both worlds. The amenities make it easier to relax prior to and after ayahuasca ceremonies, and the natural environment allows you to truly be with your thoughts so that you can begin to understand its teachings. The ceremonies were incredible- I can't put into words how profound they were. Ayahuasca is powerful yet gentle at the same time. I would do it again in a heartbeat. If you're considering ayahuasca as a means to better yourself, I absolutely recommend New Life. Matt and Jeanae are sincere people with the purest intentions and they will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and safe. I brought back home with me a new appreciation for life and my loved ones, and I have let go of years' worth of built up fear and anxiety. I truly feel healed. I have opened up and will live each day as a vessel of love.

  • Josh Ford   May 31, 2016

      Absolutely amazing in every way possible...

    I don't know that I can properly word my thanks and appreciation for all of you at New Life Ayahuasca, but I'll try. I tried not to come to the retreat with too many expectations, just an open mind and willingness to learn whatever was shown to me. Immediately on arriving I was made to feel at home and found it very easy to settle in and get comfortable. The atmosphere and facility made it very easy to be social or get some time to myself when needed. The meals all week were fantastic and really added to the enjoyment of the experience. The cleanliness of the facility and constant attention to anything we needed was above and beyond. The added trip to the beach was a really nice extra as well as having the pool, hot tub and lots of nature to enjoy on a daily basis. As far as the ceremonies went, I personally couldn't have asked for anything more. I appreciated the sincerity of the ceremonies, the setting, the attention and care given to those of us going through the ceremonies. All three of the ceremonies that I experienced were great learning experiences and Matt and Jeanae played a huge part in that overall outcome. I made some connections on the trip that also made the trip more special and I'm sure I'll keep those relationships for the rest of my life. Thanks again New Life, my world is a better place after the gift of spending the week with all of you!

  • Rachel Woldt   August 25, 2016

      Awesome experience at New Life Ayahuasca!

    New Life Ayahuasca offers the complete package. Matt and Jeanae are really great at what they do and they do it with love. The house is spacious and clean with private rooms and bathrooms. The grounds offer stunning views and nature trails a huge pool and hot tub. The food is fresh, delicious, and always filling. The ceremonies are professional and complete. If you are looking to try ayahuasca this is the place to be!

  • A. Riley   July 14, 2016

      Authentic, safe, and truly life-changing.

    I cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel for Matt & Jeanae. My hubby and I have been wanting to experience Ayahuasca for quite some time and we are so glad that we decided to entrust the crew at New Life Ayahuasca for this life-changing and trans-formative experience. From the moment Matt picked us up at the airport in San Jose, we felt right at home. The retreat center is located about 20 minutes outside of a small mountain town called San Ramon. The grounds could not have been more lush or beautiful. When you arrive at the main gate, you are greeted with a long curving drive that leads to the main house and while winding through the lushly landscaped grounds, one feels that they are entering the garden of Eden. Upon arrival, Matt gave us a tour around the property and checked us into our rooms. Even though we are a married couple, Matt and Jeanae were generous enough to give us separate rooms in case we needed private time to meditate and process our experiences. As a same-sex couple, we were hoping to find a non-judgmental atmosphere with the staff and the other guests and that is exactly what we found. Matt, Jeanae, and the other staff members and guests could not have been more loving, non-judgmental, or supportive during our entire stay. We also made some friendships with the other guests that I hope will last a lifetime. In terms of the ceremonies, they were life-changing, authentic, and well-executed. One of the lessons I got from this experience was that I can oftentimes be very judgmental. Before arriving at NLA, I questioned whether or not the experience would feel authentic since we weren't going to Peru to stay in the jungle. I could not have been more wrong. Matt led the ceremonies and Jeanae provided constant loving support. Matt truly has a gift from the gods. The voice that comes through him when he is performing Icaros is truly healing, loving, and authentic to the core. We could not have asked for better guides and a more supportive, safe, and nurturing environment. We were there for 3 ceremonies and they were all a bit different for everyone. As I've learned, everyone reacts to the medicine in different ways. There were some difficult moments, but I truly feel that I got what I needed, plus so much more. If you are called to Ayahuasca, we cannot recommend New LIfe Ayahuasca enough.

  • David Landes   August 23, 2016

      Finding peace

    Wow, what can I say about my week long experience with Matt and Jeanae at New Life Ayahuasca? There aren’t words to do it justice but I feel compelled to show my appreciation for them and their plant healing capabilities. The environment was everything and more than I expected. The views alone will change you and the facilities are warm, loving and conducive to truth and healing. Their personal stories inspired me and their wisdom guided me to a place of peace that I’ve never known. I know that our paths are destined to cross many more times as I feel drawn to help others as I grow and improve myself. Thank you guys so much.

  • Jesse Dykhuis   October 17, 2016

      Leave your worries at home!

    What am amazing experience! Of course, like anyone who is going to take Ayahuasca for the first time we were a little nervous. The owners Matt & Jeanae made us feel comfortable right away! Communications were timely, thorough and reassuring right from the first inquiry email. As this was also our honeymoon - we wanted a retreat with some basic amenities - flush toilets perhaps? This was absolutely perfect! Every guest had a private well-appointed room and private bathroom. The grounds are gorgeous and the views breathtaking. Meals are provided and are fresh, delicious and follow the rules of the Ayahuasca Dieta. You can take a hike, go for a swim, relax in the hot tub or participate in daily yoga and meditation. You can even get a massage or two! Matt & Jeanae are always available to process something you experienced on your journey. The ceremony is powerful and moving! There two are so caring and knowledgeable - they make the whole experience one you can't wait to do again!

  • Jason Peck   November 26, 2016

      Truly Life Changing

    I am extremely grateful for the experience that I had during my 7 day retreat at New Life. This was my first experience with ayahuasca. After spending 3 years exposed to combat in the Middle East I had been struggling with depression and PTSD for years afterwards, seeking counseling and really trying to pull myself back on my feet. I was desperate and stumbled upon New Life and something about it just felt right. Within 24 hours of having the idea to even try ayahuasca I made the reservations with New Life, and now believe it was the best decision I ever made. I received healing here like I could never have dreamed of, and feel like a huge burden has been lifted off of my chest. I will absolutely return once I put into daily practice the personal lessons that I received while I was there. What an experience for the soul! Jeanae and Matt are truly doing something special here. And Randy the cook is doing special things everyday too. The environment is so peaceful, and allows you to truly relax. They are really great hosts, and Matt is legendary during the ceremonies. The view is wonderful, and looking at the stars after ceremony was certainly one of my personal highlights of the week. These guys really built a paradise and are the kind of people that just make you feel at home when you're there. I can't brag about it enough, if you're thinking of going I really recommend this place and didn't hear a single complaint from anyone the entire time I was there so it's not just my opinion.


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