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About us

We are dedicated to helping travellers from around the world who come to heal themselves and explore the power sacred plant medicines have to offer. Our retreats are focused on providing a well rounded healing for mind, body and soul. Retreats are designed for the healing work participants feel they need at this time in the form of 4,6 and 11 Day retreats. There is the option to begin your healing process lightly with ayahuasca in the 4 Day retreat. The 6 Day retreat is designed for those looking to fully connect in their healing process. Eleven day retreats are an intensive process and provide plant medicines techniques, meditation sessions and time for processing. 

The shamans and healers created the retreats to honor their traditions, and as a full spectrum of Peruvian healing from the Amazon and Andes. The retreats are non-pretentious and for those interested in deep healing work on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Every ceremony is guided by a shaman with healing instruments and/or icaros (medicine songs from the amazon). We are working with plant medicines and a mindset for evolution of the shamanic way, where shamans are not only found in the deep jungle, but accesible, to continue to heal more people. 

*** We are 50+ mins outside CUSCO in the Sacred ValleyTravelers who come to take ayahuasca with us experience a myriad of positive benefits. Each ceremony is as unique as the person participating. Some examples of the healing benefits include: emotional liberation, clarity in life path, new perspective, purification of body, harminozation, emotional stability, clearing of blockages, awakening of spirituality, healing of moderate and chronic diseases and happiness. Please feel welcome to ask any questions you may have regarding a retreat.

The knowledge we practice is from traditional Peruvian shamanic techniques, both medicinal and spiritual. There is amble opportunity with our healers to begin healing oneself, eliminating blockages that may be physical, spiritual or mental. 

We work with a variety of master plants, but our retreats are based in ayahuasca, San Pedro, yopo and kambo. Every person is unique, as will be their experience and treatment, you must stay for longer than 11 Days to incorporate a dieta planta, these are by request only.Ayahuasca leads to a complete liberation of the heart and mind. It has the ability to connect one on a journey within and outside of themselves, connecting both spirituality and scientific discourse.

Our modern practice is with traditional Peruvian shamanic medicine (shipibo, ashaninkas, quechua), scientific understanding and oriental techniques (yoga, meditation). The retreats are focused in guiding participants to understand how to heal themselves and to widen their perspectives. We guide and prepare travelers before and after, on subjects such as nutrition, safety and practice. 

San Pedro or Wachuma, is known as the grandfather plant. It is strong and silent in the work it does, slowly opening your heart chakra and clearing emotional blockages. We go into the mountains for this ceremony day, as the type of wachuma the shamans use is for day journeying. This ancient andean medicine paired with your intention opens your resting channels both physically, mentally and spiritually. The medicine allows for more creativity in your life, appreciation for the mother earth and understanding of your personal processes. The treatment is optional for 6 days retreats and 11 day retreats. 

Kambo is a sacred treatment practiced by tribes in the amazon to strengthen immune systems and cure moderate and chronic diseases. There are a multitude of diseases kambo has been called to cure. The spirit of the amazonian frog is strong and swift. It has been said to treat common colds, allergies, blood diseases, cancers, depressions and much more. The detoxification and complete reset of our immunological system gives us the strength needed to fight disease. And coupled with the ayahuasca it provides the deepest of cleanses.

Also from the Amazon, we have a treatment called Yopo, the sister of ayahuasca. Yopo is used by the shamans for those with deep blockages in their spirit, mind or body. The treatment is a perfect compliment to the energy of ayahuasca as it helps ease out blockages in the very far reaches of our subconscious. This treatment is optional with 11 Day retreats.

Yoga and meditation are a part of every retreat; we believe they are disciplines which pair well with the teachings of ayahuasca. They are lifelong aids in improving attitude, creating positive feelings, leaving behind bad habits, bettering eating habits, greatly improving physical, spiritual and emotional health.

The shamans who work with us at Shamanic Vida are dedicated and known for their healing work, passion for plant medicine and are gracious for their life path in guiding others. We believe everyone can have a fulfilling life and learn the power of healing and leading a balanced life through ceremonies. The work we do is personal and for this reason we keep our groups small (6ppl max). We look forward to you taking the first step into your new liberating life journey and sharing our knowledge of sacred plant medicines.

“You are not limited to this body, to this mind, or to this reality—you are a limitless ocean of Consciousness, imbued with infinite potential. You are existence itself.” ― Joseph P. Kauffman

Venue Highlights

We are located in the Sacred Valley with a 360 view of the Andes mountains surrounding the center. A two hour hike up the mountain leads visitors to an ancient Inca site. The Urubamba river runs through the valley and in front of the retreat, there is ample nature and eucalyptus trees around. For those interested, a short walk from the center are mineral pools for a hot day. Our location is a marvelous place to sit back and enjoy nature while disconnecting from the busy lives we often lead and reconnect into ourselves.


  • Towels
  • Kitchen
  • Tour Assistance
  • Coffee/Tea

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Ayurvedic
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


During the retreat we follow a strict diet to accommodate the plant medicines and healing of mind, body and soul. There is very little salt, sugar, no spices, no caffeine, no chocolate, nothing artificial and smaller portions. Breakfasts are with fresh fruits and a grain such as quinoa or oatmeal. Lunches are a mixture of vegetables, roots, quinoa or rice and some light legumes. The diet is balanced to give enough protein, fiber and most of all energy to our participants while they are working with master plants.


Accommodations are shared. There is the option for private rooms and rooms for couples or people traveling together. We separate the rooms between male and female. There are hot showers and shared bathrooms. Outside we have various hammocks, garden space for yoga and meditation. The dining room is always open to enjoy tea and relax. Ceremony space is available during the day as well.


We have a driver picking up participants from a designated location in Cusco. When booking is confirmed we send out further directions on how to get to the meeting place from Cusco airport or the main Plaza de Armas. Pick up is at 5PM the day the retreat starts and the journey to the center is an hour, sometimes more if there is traffic in Cusco.

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  • shironi   February 15, 2018


    I had a wonderful time at Shamanic Vida. The venue is lovely. The scenery is beautiful and the people are amazing. I had a good time at the 6-day retreat because I was able to get the detoxing and spiritual cleanse I needed through various forms if healing modalities such as ayahuasca, reiki, temezcal (sweat lodge), san pedro and meditation. It was wonderful because all the resources were there. The place was comfortable and I shared a room with one person. Water bottles were provided. I ended up sleeping in the teepee after each ceremony anyway under the rain and with the sounds of crickets. I woke up to birds chirping and humming birds flying. The place has a balanced energy and I loved that Pacco, the shaman, is so down to earth like the medicine. He was a great leader through ceremonies and preparing food. Chrissy was also very prompt with my questions about the ceremony. I was really hesitant about the whole thing, but after getting to know them, I felt I could trust them. They were very patient with me. I always imagined going to an older shaman, but Pacco was a great fit for me because he has the passion of an artist and this allowed me to fly and spread my wings. He was very attentive and always came to see how I was doing. Thank you Pacco, Chrissy and all at the center for being a highlight of my Peru trip.

  • Kimberly Wright   February 12, 2018

      Life opening

    I was an older woman traveling alone, it was important that It felt safe. From the moment I arrived I knew my soul was home :) For me the experience was Intellectual not so much emotional. I had lived an emotional life trapped in the story. I was shown the truth beyond the emotions, the truth of life, of existence. The emotional story isn’t my truth, the “Isness”, is my story and I was able to see it, meet it and join it. “I am” the way the truth and the light We all are 🙏 Namaste and Thank you

  • Maria Samantha Advincula   January 24, 2018

      Peace and Healing in a Safe and Sacred Space

    I am writing this review from the perspective of someone who has taken ayahuasca for the first time, and as such have no basis for comparison as to what this experience would be like at a different retreat center. But here are some of the reasons why I decided to go with Shamanic Vida, what the experience was like, and why I would choose to journey deeper into the medicine with Pacco and Chrissy: Choosing a retreat to experience your first journey into ayahuasca is not a light decision to make. I literally read almost every review for every place on both retreat guru and aya advisors before deciding to go with Shamanic Vida. All the positive reviews, a strong recommendation from a friend who had previously taken the medicine with them, and a personal phone call with Chrissy wherein she addressed all of my concerns, solidified my decision to go with Shamanic Vida. I knew that I was going to be in a safe space under the guidance of experienced and compassionate healers. And wow… all I can say is what a profound, wonderful, amazing, and beautiful life-changing experience this was! Shamanic Vida far exceeded all my expectations. I had come to Shamanic Vida as a last resort after going through a year of depression, feelings of life lacking meaning and purpose, and just a lot of sadness and discontent (largely due to a series of major life events in 2017). Pacco and Chrissy showed me so much kindness, care, and compassion throughout the journey. They helped me to feel safe during the ceremonies, especially on a night when I was having a difficult experience. Pacco’s icaros helped guide me through the journey. They are so powerful (they are on YouTube and Facebook) and even now I stalk their videos just to listen because it gives me so much peace and literally pulls at my heart strings. After the ceremonies, we had one on one consultations which helped me to internalize and process my realizations. I also got to experience other healing medicines like San Pedro, rape, and kambo, as well as a temazcal ceremony. It’s amazing how all of these things complement each other! The holistic approach in which the retreat was structured and the way everything was so well integrated, contributed a lot to my healing experience. This review barely scratches the surface… there are other things too… the yoga classes, being surrounded by nature, Minnie (she is such a sweet and loving creature), the delicious food, the people I met… everything! They’ve created such a safe and beautiful space for people who wish to journey into ayahuasca or explore other healing medicines that I would choose Shamanic Vida again, should I ever feel compelled to journey deeper and find myself in Peru. Some tips… - It’s ok to have a list of intentions, but what I’ve discovered is that oftentimes the medicine will give you what you need and not necessarily what you ask for - If you are struggling with something internally or had a tough experience, take advantage of the one on one sessions with Pacco and Chrissy as they will really help internalize the learnings you get with the medicine - I think the healing doesn’t end when you leave the retreat center, I am constantly discovering new things about myself and having moments of insight and revelation, it’s good to know that I can contact Pacco and Chrissy at any time, especially when integration back into daily life can be difficult - Also, while its tempting to ask about what others experienced and what their vision looked like, remember that yours will bound to be unique, just as you are unique…so be open to expecting the unexpected! If you’d like to learn more or have questions about my experience (again everyone’s is different!) my email is

  • Erik Arend   January 16, 2018


    I just spent 11 incredible days learning and growing at Shamanic Vida. I arrived with no experience in plant healing. I saw other reviews and decided Shamanic Vida was the place I wanted to make this journey. And it was honestly the best decision I have ever made. I cannot say enough positive things about both Pacco and Chrissy, they are truly amazing people that not only help you grow and experience this wonderful medicine but make you feel so at home and comfortable during the process. Those 11 days were so transformative – mind, body and soul have never felt so clear and alive. Experiencing San Pedro, Ayahuasca and Kambo have truly made an impact on my life and have me more positive for the future. If you’re looking for a retreat this is honestly the place. You will have an amazing experience and I personally can’t wait to go back.

  • Olli   January 16, 2018

      First ayahuasca journey

    My first ayahuasca journey was at Shamanic Vida and I felt safe and well taken care of at all times. Pacco and Chrissy were great and the location was beautiful and peaceful. Very personal with good food and basic clean accommodation. Thanks a lot and I hope to be back at some point down the road.

  • sasha friedman   August 20, 2017

      Highly recommend

    I have total trust in Paco and Chrissy and felt like I was in excellent hands. This aspect of trust is so important because the medicine and the ceremony is powerful and there cannot be any doubt about the intentions of the shamans and facilitators. Staying here was a magical experience; the atmosphere is totally serene and chill. I would highly recommend Shamanic Vida to anyone who is interested in shamanic healing. My own experience was profound and I was beamed into the spirit world. Now I am integrating the experience which is still pretty fresh. I am sleeping much better at night and spiritually I feel as if I am now going through a gradual, but steady waking up progress.

  • Eric Bloomfield   July 02, 2017

      I am grateful that the universe lead me to ShamanicVida

    I've been home for a week and I am ready to go back. The 11 day retreat with Chrissy and Paqo & Mini was, for me, unique, enlightening and trans-formative. Being my first experience with the medicine, I truly feel that the small group environment was the perfect fit for me. On several of the 5 ceremonies, I was attended to by Paqo and Chrissy in just the right manner to assist & guide me through the experience. Everyone's journey is different, & Shaman Paqo is a master at observing and reading the situation. Water is the key, yes, the water has reason... right Paqo? ;-) The lessons I learned and deep introspection I gained are invaluable. Most beneficial was the conversation with the ShamanicVida team the next morning to explore the lessons that the medicine were trying to show me. The meditation techniques I learned from Chrissy helped my frame of mind and I will continue to explore more into it, along with the rape'. By the end of the retreat, the bond between the ShamanicVida team, my fellow guests, and I was very tight, something else I will cherish from the experience. I am grateful that the universe lead me to ShamanicVida.

  • Nick Herman   June 26, 2017

      The most transformative week of my life—mentally, physically & spiritually

    I just spent 11 incredible days learning, growing, connecting and awakening at Shamanic Vida—it was the most life-invigorating thing I’ve ever done. I feel reborn, full of love and light, and enthusiastic beyond belief! I arrived with little experience in master plant healing—just one Ayahuasca ceremony. I was drawn to Shamanic Vida because of wonderful reviews, their holistic approach to healing and the opportunity to experience a variety of plant medicines and meditation/healing techniques (ie. Rapé, San Pedro, Kambo, & Yopo.) The experience was more than I could have ever hoped for! Chrissy, and the shaman, Pacco, have created an incredibly nurturing environment for healing. I immediately felt at home, and by the end, part of the tribe, which is imperative because this type of therapy can be very challenging, mentally and physically. This was the most transformative week of my life—mentally, physically and spiritually. I realized the tremendous capacity I have to bring love and light into this world and I am enthusiastic to put this inspired energy into my renewed life back home. My mind is clearer than ever, my confidence has never been stronger, and I have a sense of purpose and fearlessness that I’ve never felt before. I am incredibly grateful for all of the pleasant surprises as well: my body is much leaner and energetic, I feel an unexpected aversion to alcohol and unhealthy foods, and I am eager to learn just about everything—something I haven’t felt since I was a child. I am incredibly grateful for Chrissy and Pacco and look forward to coming back for more healing soon!

  • Ruthie   October 17, 2016

      An introduction to spirituality and meditating to clear my depression.

    The experience was more than I could of hoped for. I have been waiting to go for three years and finally worked up the courage recently. Pako is a gifted shaman and his counsel during difficult times was reassuring. The staffmade sure we were cared for and comfortable the entire time. I really felt safe and that was important to me. Thinking of the songs they sang warms my heart and I am just grateful for my time there. I work in allopathic medicine, but have come to a stand still with the treatment available to me. The months before I coming I consulted with my doctor and Chrissy about getting off of my meds to take ayahuasca. I was grateful to communicate with her and she really understood the process. After suffering for some years from depression and I knew I have to do something, life was becoming less and less joyous. The benefits I have recieved from this treatment I do not think I could of gotten anywhere else. Honestly, even in five years of therapy, I doubt I could feel this good. Now I feel like I have the calm and power to go where I need to in the next big steps I am taking in life and attract positive people because I am positive. My friend recommended I come here and I am so glad they did, I am passing on this recommendation to find time to go to peru and see shamanic vida for yourself, your spirit will thank you!

  • Elania   October 15, 2016

      A spiritual journey to knowing my higher self and re-opening my third eye.

    It took me some time to write a review, my apologizes shamanic vida! There are so many good things I can say about my experience before, during and after. For my first ayahuasca experience I had a plethora of questions and they were honest and kind through our e-mails and did not make me feel less "enlightened" for having the questions I did. When I arrived to cusco, they briefed me on options if I wanted to relax or walk around, what the airport would be like and travel times. It was nice not to jump into another country where you do not speak the language and be taken by suprise at every angle. Once we met up I felt completely at ease with everything like my alpha brain waves kicked in by being at the center. The retreats were relaxing yet I made a ton of personal progress. And I wont get too much into that, but it is fair to say I left a healed more centered and conscious person after 6 days. The assistants, the shaman paco all of them were amazing. I will plan on doing a retreat like this, for myself, again. It was a very positive experience for me, I came looking for answers and I got them. This retreat is trustworthy and superb in their consideration and care.

  • Scott E   June 24, 2016

      A center of integrity

    Having spent over 6 months researching where I wanted to take ayahuasca, I knew I chose the right place when I arrived in Tarpoto to the retreat center. The location is the perfect place to connect with nature. There is amble space for stretching, laying out in the sun, swimming and hanging around in a hammock. The grounds were well kept. My shaman Efren is an inspiration, he is doing so much for the people in the community as well as the plant itself (ayahuasca). Him and the other shaman pacco were amazing to listen to, their icaros blending together in my last ceremony, it was beyond special for me. I want to live at the retreat center, it was so good for me. I feel like my hand is always a magnet for my iphone and having it cut off I thought I might go crazy, but it really, along with the ayahuasca did something that is so amazing for me it is beyond words. There was down time, but I learned how to just "be" in the down time, it helped they did guided meditation to get us beginners started. Without a doubt I hope to return and will continue to practice what I have learned.

  • Fadia   June 15, 2016

      My shaman and ayahuasca helped me very much

    When I decided to come to the jungle to drink the ayahuasca medicine I was very worried how it would work out. I knew once we spoke among friends and from watching documentaries this medicine could be for me. The first ceremony I participated in was very difficult for me. I wanted to almost leave right at the finish. I did not leave and stayed 4 more days. The people working helped me very much. The talk I had with the shaman helped me to have more strength to take more ayahuasca medicine. It was only the first one was so much information for me. To be in the jungle was breathetaking so many butterflies and it smelled just fresh all the time. The rooms gave you enough privacy and for me this was very important. Eating was good not too special but we did have some different fruits with interesting flavors. Now I have been back, I feel this was a beautiful change in my life. The bumpy roads I was on with my family are now better. I am living in harmony and peace. This is something I did not think was possible for me at a time in my life. Everything in my life is better I know. It is hard work the people there do but it is a good work. they are always smiling and considering the people around them. The shaman is a wiseman and I could feel he was guiding me on my healings he gave me an herb to take home for tea to help me when I need to find my peace.

  • Paloma García-Uceda Díaz-Cano   June 09, 2016

      Beautiful experience

    I spent some days in the beautiful jungle of Perú after a long year living in Oklahoma. I came back renewed and with plenty of energy to move back to Spain and start from scratch. Pacco is a wise chaman who shares his knowledge and his medicine with love and compassion. I'm feeling thankfull and wish to come back some day.

  • Jake Le   June 07, 2016

      Reborn in the Jungle - Ridiculously Eye-opening Experience

    If you are ready to do Ayahuasca, choose Shamic Vida now. You can thank me later. You will be picked up from the aiport, escorted over to the deep jungle (complete with tribes members dancing around a campfire with boas around their necks and feather on their heads), pampered, slapped across the face with love by Mother Ayauasca, pampered some more and you will have the most profound trip in your life. This is all coming from a greedy capitalist, atheist, right-wing conservative software entrepreneur who is describe by many as "the least spiritual guy ever". Spending a week with Paco literally flip my world upside down. I left the retreat feeling reborn and ready to tackle anything that comes my way. I have more compassion, positivism, and for the very first time am able to live in the moment. Friends and family all commented on how much of a changed man I am. Also, Paco and Christine are two of the kindest and most inspirational people I've ever encounter. Thank you Shamanic Vida for the amazing experience. Words cannot describe how thankful I am.

  • Orlando Pagan   May 30, 2016

      Third-Eye Fix

    The first time I have been to Peru and done an ayahuasca retreat. I knew this would be the place for me to heal my internal emotional scars and open up my third eye to bbegin painting again. Mother ayahuasca did just that for me. I stayed quite awhile, first the five days, then I decided I had time and could do more work on my soul. Arriving in the jungle made me feel as though I had entered the garden of eden, it filled my soul. The shaman and everyone helping are pure and beautiful, they welcomed me and gave me the best care. I even got to see them cooking the ayahuasca while I was there. This made me feel at ease. The shaman leads you to know yourself in a pure way and to the worlds beyond this one guiding you in a loving manner along with the mother plant. They were professional and I have recommended my friends and family to come see them.

  • Neil Wienman   May 17, 2016

      A big life change

    I may write a long review, this was a great experience. This experience has helped me grow and open myself up to my wife constructively. You guys are in good hands, they did great facilitating the ceremonies, answering my questions and coordinating. We simply enjoyed ourselves and the experience. I would like to add that no matter how many sites you read information on ayahuasca, you do not know what it is until you meet the plant spirit. During one ceremony, I felt the ayahuasca strongly and was panicked and I am not sure what the shaman did, but I could hear him singing above me and the sound of his songs brought me back into the room into a calm state. Admittedly I had played out different scenarios beforehand and it took me for an unexpected, but necessary ride. It gave me a few very symbolic situations. Most of the ceremonies were hard for me, but I came out a better man. I am thankful for the people coordinating who helped me in this sensitive state. I feel free of anger and pain I had been holding in for sometime. Trust these guys to make a big change in your life. Your life will be better for it.

  • Matt Stanton   May 13, 2016

      Highly Recommend

    I recently finished a 4 day retreat. This was my first time in Peru. I gained a new insight about myself that I will be learning from for awhile. The staff made me feel safe and looked after the whole trip, but also part of the family. The shaman Paco had a verypositive energy during the ceremonies and after. On an intutive level I felt a connection with him. He is knowledgable in plant medicines and other practices like yoga. The ayahuasca and his songs were very powerful, and traditional feeling. Accomodation was well kept and I would recommend shamanic vida to anyone looking to geniunely work with plant medicines.

  • Jennifer Hammond   May 12, 2016

      My 2nd try at ayahuasca is now my best.

    A year ago I finished a retreat near Cusco. Though I enjoyed the experience, I felt it was not the whole healing experience I was hoping for. I suffer from anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Really, I had no idea of what to expect from SV, but was willing to try again and was blown away. The jungle is, I lack the words, amazing. It is too beautiful there for words. I was comfortable the whole time. Next time, I would pack less warm clothes and a few more shorts. The food was vegetarian and the chef friendly. I think the other guy who was a meat eater was enjoying it. This retreat opened up my eyes to all there is to do in mother nature. Never a dull moment. We visited the waterfalls and the ashinca communities. There was the option to stay and meditate in the gardens if that is what we wished to do. To describe the ceremonies it is difficult to do them justice. Each person morphs to their own ceremony. I can say that I felt safe in these ceremonies. Christine was there watching over us and it seems like she does not take the ayahuasca. I liked that at the SV retreat everyone was accesible and easy to talk to including our shaman Pako. This time I got to know my shaman a little and he got to know me alot. He was approachable and positive at all times. Last retreat I went we were banned from speaking to the shaman. Pako gives so much of himself to each participant, the chef was so nice and christine was really knowledgable in helping me book and make a reservation. The driver too, I do not remember his name, but he was a joy too. After the ceremonies with SV I feel like my mental health issues have finally dispurssed and all serious barriers that I had keeping me from living have broken down. When I took the medicine I could feel a tingling sensation all over my body, they told me these are called doctorzitos. Well they worked and I have been doing yoga at a center in my town and feeling very little pain since then. When you book or before, ask christine is my advice. She was great. At the retreat, ask pacco or a coordinator. Anything you are thinking, you will feel better this way and they know better how the medicine will work with you. Go to SV for a gentle introduction or continuation with ayahuasca and san pedro. If you are looking for alleviation of anxiety, depression, ptsd, exploration or anything else, go to the jungle with SV, it was more authentic and breathtaking. I am glad I came to peru again, but more glad that I chose to do a retreat with SV. Thank you guys, Jennifer

  • Maria Fernanda   May 04, 2016

      Ayahuasca retreat

    This has been one of the most positive, life-changing experiences in my life. My shaman did an excellent job of guiding me through this trip. Even though my decision to do the retreat was a last-minute decision, he tried his best to get to know me previous to the trip, he took the time to prepare me, and the whole trip was enlightening and eye-opening. So many internal, positive changes in my life resulted from this trip. I have a regained love for nature, animals, and everyone around me. I have learned to find inner peace in the middle of chaos. I cannot wait to visit him in Peru and have another beautiful experience.

  • Santi Desoto   May 03, 2016

      Amazing!! A sanctuary for your soul.

    I loved my stay here! I had to cut it short for work, but fortunately I am going to come back to Peru and do some more ceremonies with them. It was such a powerful experience. I recommend it if you are seeking a real retreat and healing experience with kind and compassionate people. They make you feel at home and are full of positive calm energy. The facility is simple and beautiful, it has everything you need. And everyone was so peaceful and nuturing. I dreamed of Chris before I came, it was like it was meant to be I was connecting before I ever got there. I really liked that it is not like so many other places bred for only the ayahuasca tourism, everything was auuthentic. They offer a great service and when I had trouble connecting with the medicine the first time, they gave me an extra ceremony to make sure I left having connected. I am so grateful for that. The small attention to details really makes a large difference and being so conscientious of the people at the retreat. Marvelous job, I cannot wait to return,. I woke up today feeling like a new me and it is because of this experience.

  • Jonathan   April 17, 2016

      powerful, frightful, fruitful, cleansing and loving

    When I met Pacco and Chris they picked me up just out of Benito Juarez airport. We then took traveled for 1h or so to their small, homey, hacienda in Zumpango; where also lived an adorable Xoloscuintle : Mini. In the course of my 5 days I was treated as an equal and no bad energies ever were emitted by either of them. During the days, I was left to my self so as to concentrate, meditate and to canalise my learnings. This is excluding lunch and yoga sessions. When night was in full blossom, one of the them, and sometime mini too, would come and get me; and together we made our way to the ceremony area. The ceremonies, three of them, were done in traditional Shipibo tradition; with Ayahuasca originating and brewed in the Peruvian amazon -- by Pacco himself. When difficult passages would arise I would be taken care of; physically, emotional, psychically and spiritually. The Icaros sung by the Shaman were ones of incredible familiarity to the deepest part of my being. Its powers are true. The medicine showed me many facets of my being and worked through me a plane at a time. Indeed, the first night I had no visions of which I would define as such; but a great healing took part in me on the physical plane. The following night my heart was effected. The ultimate night my totality was overtook: it was powerful, frightful, fruitful, cleansing and loving. Moreover, I also underwent a SanPedro experience; which in combination with Ayahuasca- on a separate day- greatly helped me get in tune with myself, and align this self with mother earth, and, the divine manifestation of which the Earth, our breaths and all is part of. I have no hesitation in recommending this healing center to anyone to who hears the call of Mother Ayahuasca. Peace and love upon all them who read these words. Namaste.

  • Ren Sm   April 15, 2016

      Eye and heart opening experience with wonderful people

    The family at Shamanic Vida will forever hold a special place in our hearts and we plan on returning at least once a year if we can. To start with, Chris was spectacular in corresponding with me before our trip as I was full of questions! My brother and I stayed for 8 days in March 16’. The accommodations were simple, everything was clean and the food was fresh. The setting was a peaceful haven to experience the life changing process of ayahuasca. Not to mention the san pedro journey which was quite nice on our day of rest. The staff was genuine with us and between themselves. We are beyond grateful for their support and their love for their job. It was clear they had our best interest at heart from the start and this is the type of attention that makes all the difference. We will be back. Namaste and blessings - Ren and Jaime

  • P Seth   April 14, 2016

      For everyone who is seeking a gentle and legitimate introduction to the Mother spirit.

    My journey with the Ayahuasca medicine began many years ago.Whilst listening to one of my favorite podcasters, I was introduced to the medicine for the very first time. Needless to say the experiences that were shared by countless of individuals left me completely amazed that such a medicine and conduit to one’s inner spirit actually existed. Coming from a spiritual background I was well versed in the concept of self-introspection and was always quite comfortable with my relationship with the “universe” or what have you. Being the quintessential soul searcher that I am, I was always eager and curious to further explore myself in an attempt to slay some of the demons and traumas that have plagued me for many years. I was told that when Mother Aya calls you, it’s simply your time and I did indeed feel such a pull as my retreat planning was surprisingly a swift one. I had done much research on different retreats but it only when I found ShamanicVida, that my intuition rang and I knew this was the retreat for me. Obviously I was quite nervous by the whole idea of hopping on a plane for the weekend to drink some “magic” potion but I pushed forward anyway as the concept of not exploring was scarier than anything else including the experiences I had heard of. I knew I was ready. I knew it was time to restore my faith, face my demons and make a move to step towards the most evolved version of myself to date. My intentions were not limited to myself but also for all of those around me who also might not have been exposed to the best version of me. From the moment I woke up and got dressed waiting for Christine and Paco to collect me, I was very extremely excited! The nerves were gone. Before I knew it, I was together with Christine and Paco and my journey was well underway. Both Paco and Christine, gave me such a sense of serenity and comfort the likes of which is rare of people you just meet. Another indication that I was in good hands. The drive to the retreat was a pleasant one where conversations of Aya, other medicines, psychology, philosophy and history showed me that both Christine and Paco were very well read and extremely knowledgeable in their craft and with people of all types in general. I’m very careful with sharing the specific details of my journey and relationship with Mother Aya but I can say that the introduction to and the methodology, practice and execution could not have been any better as very soon thereafter my first ceremony, I had conquered so much more than I ever imagined. I couldn’t believe how easily and lovingly my mission was accomplished. I can’t thank ShamanicVida enough for their gentle guidance and mastery, all of which has finally enabled a deeper recognition of my own spirit and of those of everyone around me. I would gladly recommend ShamanicVida to any and everyone who is seeking a gentle and legitimate introduction to the Mother spirit. With Love, Pavan Seth


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Why Retreat?

We asked people why they go on retreat, here's what they said:

Reconnecting with myself after a very crazy few months with a new baby! Just having that feeling of being grounded again. But also having an opportunity to connect with new amazing people. Getting exposed and Inspired by new (to me) yoga instructors (and community). Being in the presence of real, authentic and raw emotion (the whole spectrum).. So many reasons! Alyson

Retreat Guru's Vision

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

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