Parign Hak

  • Manu, Peru

Unique and small retreat hosting initiative of indigenous Harakbut community people on the edge of Manu National Park.

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  • Tracy MacD   May 06, 2016

      100% Five Stars, Platinum and Gold. I Cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Jessica and her 'team'.

    I visited Jessica and her team in Peru last August. She came highly recommended to me by a very trusted friend. I had been living at a meditation centre for nearly 6 months and became acutely aware of a block in my heart chakra. I was very apprehensive to try plant medicine as the idea of a psychedelic experience deeply frightened me. However, after an additional 6 months of meditation and renunciation of all things material coupled with deep spiritual practice, I made little progress on my blocked heart. It seemed the trauma ran too deep. Eventually, I decided to reach out to Jessica to inquire about possibilities. From the moment I connected with her she was open, responsive, communicative, clear and forthright. I thoroughly appreciated her honesty and commitment to providing the most authentic and 'true to tradition' experience possible. Within 2 weeks of our first email exchange, I was in Peru in her loving and experienced hands. We travelled for 2 days to get to Shituya, a small town in the heart of the Amazon Jungle. It was a more-than-overwhelming experience (even though I have had my fair share of back country adventures by that time in my life), but this somehow seemed like a 'next level' trip. Despite my anxieties, I felt completely safe and taken care of in Jessica's hands. I spent a week with Jessica and her team and I would call the experience nothing less than profoundly life-changing on every possible level of existence. This team is overflowing with so much love and care, respect for tradition and commitment to healing that it's almost impossible to express through words. I have never felt more loved and cared for simply for being human. I was treated with so much compassion that that alone might have been enough to shatter my heart block. I continue to receive support, love and guidance from Jessica as needed despite the time that has passed, and I am able stay in touch intermittently with her team - who I adore - despite the fact that they live in such a remote community. Their commitment to their participants (who inevitably become a part of their extended family) is truly touching. The sense of respect, love and compassion that they collectively express is eye-opening to say the least. If you've ever considered trying Ayahuasca or delving deeper into your experiences with this life-changing medicine, Jessica and her team are simply the best available to facilitate a deeply transformative experience with no less love and compassion than a mother of the most divine kind.

  • Martin Hoy   May 14, 2016

      Safe,caring, traditional ayahuasca ceremonies in an amazing place!

    Jessica is a gifted ayahuascara. I have had a number of wonderful and insightful ceremonies with her and wholeheartedly recommend her. She clearly explains how ayahuasca works, in a way that is understandable to all. She is fluent in English, Spanish and German. You can be sure that you will be safe,well looked after and that there is plenty of follow up and time for questions and suggestions between ceremonies. If you wish, she even stays in touch with you by email to see how you are progressing afterwards! Jessica’s close ties with the Harakmbut people, which she has cultivated over the years, and her traditional training with the Shipibo people ensure that you have a genuine traditional Ayahuasca journey. The setting is in the heart of the rainforest, an untouched wilderness where I marvelled at the beauty every day. The Harakmbut people we met were so good to us and we enjoyed their warm hospitality, slept in thatched cabañas, and ate the delicious local food. A life-changing spiritual and cultural experience! I am lucky and grateful for it!

  • Frank   November 08, 2016

      Integral, respectful and compassionate

    I have worked with Jessica in her ceremonies on three occasions: August 2014, December 2015 and July 2016. The last series was at Parign Hak. Each occasion consisted of a series of three ceremonies. In my experience, Jessica has the utmost respect for ayahuasca as a healing and teaching medicine, and for the participant utilizing it. There was a pre-ceremony interview where she consulted with me on a one-on-one basis. She listened attentively and respected my boundaries as I described specific issues that I wanted the medicine to address. Jessica was caring and compassionate in her approach. Moreover, Jessica described the nature and context of the medicine and advised me on how to proceed during the ceremony. In ceremony, Jessica was always available for assistance. She sang plant icaros in the Shipibo tradition. With the guidance of mapacho tobacco, ayahuasca and her icaros, I had complete trust with Jessica and ayahuasca during the ceremony. After each ceremony, there was a closing circle with Jessica and all the participants, where each person shared his or her experience. This was very beneficial because there was a lot of learning that was shared by each participant. Jessica provided further consultation for the next ceremony and many suggestions for integration going forward. Shintuya is a small village on the Madre de Dios River. Victoria and Alberto warmly greeted our group upon arrival. We boarded “lancha” for a 10 minute journey to the ceremony site. The very capable Jose met us at the bank of the river. We were welcomed in the traditional Harakbut manner. Jessica’s team was very dedicated and loving during the entire retreat. I appreciated their experience with the medicine and the rainforest. They demonstrated so much knowledge during our walks into the forest. The site is surrounded by the rainforest, giving the entire retreat the natural environment of the ayahuasca medicine. Frank

  • Barrett Orteg   December 17, 2016

      Cleansing, Healing and Learning!!!

    In my experience there are two pieces to this trip, both of which were vital to the experience. The first is that of being in the rain forest and experiencing the culture, food and relational values of the Harakumbut people (Our hosts). This in and of itself is an experience worth the cost of the trip. They performed the day to day operations of cooking, cleaning, communicating, caring for, and integrating Ayahuasca experiences with a such a particular love and grace. The family values and distinction between them and that of our “western culture” provides an opportunity for profound growth and reality shift. The second part of the experience involves all that goes into the Ayahuasca experience. Ayahuasca is not something to be taken lightly. It will give you what you need and not necessarily what you want. That being said, Jessica is meticulous about every step of the process. (Preparation prior to the trip, Preparation prior to the ceremony, Physical, emotional and spiritual care after each ceremony, Integration of learning that took place during the ceremony, Integration of learning after the trip is finished). This experience is so deep and profound and should not be done without careful considerations and by someone highly experienced. This person should also have just as much care as experience. Jessica hits the mark on all of these items. In summation, if you are interested in Indigenous cultures and want to experience that first hand, and or if you are looking for an authentic, safe and profound Ayahuasca experience, this is the place to go.

  • Audrey Ann Shepherd   December 27, 2016

      A Perfect Spiritual Journey in the Amazon

    I had an amazing spiritual and adventurous journey with Jessica at Parign Hak in the Amazon basin! I was looking for a non-commercial ayahuasca experience and this was perfect. I spent a week in the jungle with Jessica, several of the Harakmbut people, and only 2 other western guests. We were treated with love and kindness, and invited into the community as if we were family. The locals fished and cooked healthful meals, as well as, led us up the river for a day of exploring. I thought the mix of ceremonies and tours was perfect—I loved the trip to the hot springs and the nature hikes where Jessica explained the benefits and medicinal properties of so many of the plants we encountered. This trip truly allowed me to get off the beaten path, an experience not easy to attain in the globalized world; as well as, a have transformational spiritual shake up. I highly recommend this authentic and educational trip with Jessica, if you are interested in expanding your knowledge of yourself, the jungle, and Amazonian cultures. It could not have been better and I hope to have the opportunity to return one day.

  • Joanna Hernandez   January 05, 2017

      Grandma's House

    My visit to Grandmas House was incredible. Jessica, Viki and Alberto were amazing hosts. I felt like part of the family immediately. The ceremonies were true to tradition and as Viki says 100% guaranteed. The bonding I experienced with the family was unforgettable and heart warming. As a vegan I was pleased with the quality of fruit and the respect to my food choices. The accommodations were comfortable. I will return I am certain.


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