The Ayaruna Center

The Ayaruna Center is located in Pisac, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, between Cusco and Machu Picchu; we are surrounded by powerful and wise mountains and overlooking the ancient ruins of Pisac.

The Ayaruna Center is a healing place that summons the healing and spiritual energies of this land, of the Earth and the Heavens.

On its grounds we have built a house, a beautiful and comfortable glass-roofed ceremony temple for Ayahuasca ceremonies and an open temple for San Pedro ceremonies.

The vision of this Center is to create and hold a space where people from all over the world and of all spiritual and cultural traditions, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and race can most benefit from working with these ancestral medicines: a safe space for the healing of the wounds that prevent us from living our full potential as well as the exploration of one’s inner realms and other dimensions.

It is important to be aware that the process we offer is about coming home to ourselves through the mindful and respectful use of these plant medicines, and not an escape from ourselves. 

Our guests are invited into a deep process and are offered personalized support due to the power and delicacy of such process.

We combine our knowledge and experience in breath work, yoga, Chinese medicine, massage, and various spiritual traditions, together with the shamanic work of plant medicine to support people in their process of personal healing, spiritual awakening and consciousness expansion.

As much as we would like to fulfill every request we can only offer the retreats mentioned here, thank you for your understanding.

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  • Michael Seddon   February 26, 2016

      Wonderful Work with Plant Medicine in the Sacred Valley

    As i understand it, there are several key components that are necessary for being able to develop a deeper relationship with the plants and one's own process - unique to each individual. Broadly speaking this is the 'set and setting' of efficacious work within the shamanic paradigm of plant medicine. Through my own experiences i hold importance to the centrality of the shaman as the interlocutor in this truly powerful and mysterious work. For me, Javier helped me beyond beyond my capacity to express in words, the mind 'set' for feeling and expressing my own process as it unfolded throughout my work with the medicine - Ayahuasca y San Pedro. The beautiful, supporting and nurturing 'setting' that Javier provides both for ceremony and post-ceremony discussion and sharing of experience was a very special experience that was very special for me, something i will always cherish, although i will indeed return to continue to work and hopefully learn more with him in the future. Javier remains very open and engaged in everyone's process. He is always approachable when solace is needed, and has an ability to tell you what you need to hear with impeccable timing- even though this many not be what you want to hear, which in my experience is often where some of the best work develops. The energy and magic of the mountains in which Javier's centre and home is located left me in continuous awe, literally jaw dropping - how apt a name the Sacred Valley is. The outdoor San Pedro ceremonies were amazing, with a wonderful and safe space to either walk around the lovely garden, reverently gawking at las montañas (as i do) or being in the maloca when so desired. The Ayahuasca temple is a wonderful and magical space - unique and comfortable. A description of which i exclude, best to go drink good medicine and see for yourself! In sum, i have had the good blessing to have met Javier at at timely juncture in my own journey. Many wonderful things have serendipitously grown out of this work, of which i am forever grateful. Having drank quite a few times in other locations in Peru in recent years prior to visiting Javier, i found my process with the medicine really deepen with him at the Ayaruna Centre. Lastly, Nora who works along side Javier is a beautiful soul, a joy of a human being and an inspiring woman to be around. Both Javier and Nora sing wonderful icaros - provide love, joy and encouragement for such deep spiritual work, as well as their ever present lightness and humour that for me at least, reminds me not to take myself too serious all the time. Smile, laugh, love, heal and share... First rule - both warning and wisdom as succinctly stated by Nora: 'Never trust an Ayahuasca fart'. :) En serio... Gracias, Gracias, Gracias... Michael xx

  • Q'alachaki   November 23, 2015

      Huachuma in the sacred valley

    Aloha, yesterday I've had a Huachuma ceremony at the beautiful Ayaruna Center. I highly reccomend to drink medicine in this safe and professional enviroment. The group was limited to 8 people so Javier had the time and space to assist everyone in the process. The place is just amaizing and carries a good warm and organic vibe. A high degree of freedom is given while engaging with the medicine work. You can either wander around the beautiful garden and find a place for your own, or join the circle located in a beautiful shady spot with an amaizing view on the mountains. After closing the ceremony just before sunset, we've had a delicious quinoa soup and cheescake aswell as tea served. For people without a hostel, the possibility of sleeping in the beautiful ayahuasca temple was given. Javier and also his assistent Nora put a lot of love into everything and filled the hearts with joy and healing. All in all it was just a beautiful, heart opening and connecting experience with great people in a wonderful location. This won't be my last ceremony in the Ayaruna Center! Love Q'alachaki

  • Tammy Algera   December 01, 2015

      Amazing Experience!

    What a magical place to be at for healing. Located in the Sacred Valley in Pisac. The mountains surround you making you feel even more supported and protected. The ruins are magical to look at. Javier and Nora were amazing and very supportive. I felt so safe in their caring hands. Javier was firm when he needed to be, to ensure my healing, but very supportive in my choices. Javier gave our group guidelines to follow to ensure We had the best experience and healing opportunity available. I definitely feel more calm and empowered since I've returned from the healing centre. I feel I am better able to have more control over my thoughts than before. I would definitely recommend visiting Javier if you are serious about healing yourself. When I'm ready to go back. I will definitely go back to see Javier to further my healing.

  • Cora Poage   December 04, 2015

      Total Life Transformation

    Javier, Nora, and the Ayaruna Center equal PURE MAGIC. I have been on the path of inner healing, growth, and transformation for most of my life. Born a Truth seeker, I prioritized counseling, spiritual workshops, readings, energy healing, and coaching since I was a teenager. However, THE MOST impacting experience (in the shortest period of time) on my journey is my work at the Ayaruna Center. I have been here three times. First, as a participant in a retreat, secondly by myself, and thirdly co-leading a retreat. All the experiences have been totally transformational. Javier is a deep, soulful, authentic, and wise guide and teacher. I still hear his words in my head all the time, "Cora Cora Cora…Self-Care is sexy" and "It's time for you to let go your membership to the Fiercely Independent North American Women's Club". These simple, yet profound statements, have helped me drop into deeper levels of self love and acceptance and also inspired me to ask and RECEIVE more support. He blends humor and lightness with immense depths of healing and sacredness. SUCH a powerful combination. His Apprentice Nora, is a beautiful balance and partner for him and an amazing healer as well. She could just lay her hand on my arm and I would cry and release and heal. And their singing voices sound like angels from Heaven. My biggest lessons and learnings through my work with Plant Medicine, Javier, Nora, and the Ayaruna Center have been: It's safe to be on Earth and in a body. In fact, it is a HUGE gift. The power of Surrender and Letting Go will guide me Home to the Flow of abundance, magic, and miracles. My sexuality is a blessing and beautiful and worth exploring fully. Pleasure and abundance is our birthright. I can trust my Inner Guidance and follow it fully. SELF FORGIVENESS. Since working/playing/healing at the Ayuruna Center for the first time 2 years ago, I have transformed my business from one based on workaholism and lack mentality to a company based on magic, joy, and what feels FUN. I have completed a marriage that we had both outgrown. I have become nomadic and the adventure in my life has up-leveled considerably. I feel so much more Present and at Peace as a way of Being. Co-leading a retreat down to the Ayaruna Center is by far one of the most magical and powerful experiences of my life. It was a profound honor to witness my Coaching Clients and friends shifting, growing, evolving, and being held and supported so beautifully by Javier and Nora. Everything flowed so smoothly and Javier and Nora went ABOVE and BEYOND to co-create the most magical journey for all of us. They even took us to two incredible mystical sites in the area that we probably wouldn't have found without them. I think of Javier, Nora, and the Ayaruna Center daily immense gratitude and love. I regularly connect with the Plant Medicine energetically to thank him/her for the healings that continue to integrate within me. AND I am already planning the next retreat down there. The Ayaruna Center is a Spiritual Home for me and Javier, Nora, and the Plant Medicine are forever Soul Family. If you feel even a slight calling to go, make your plans, reserve your space, as soon as possible, and then allow the magic to unfold. Love love LOVE. Cora

  • Alena La Luz   January 10, 2016

      Deep, lasting healing & transformation

    I am very fortunate to have had the extraordinary opportunity to enjoy and receive profound and transformational healing due to the exceptional support and guidance of Javier and Nora at the Ayaruna Center. Surrounded by generous mountains, snuggled in the life-honoring Sacred Valley of Peru, the plant medicine ceremonies as well as the 3 week dieta retreat I have experienced with Javier were the most beautiful, impactful, and lasting healing work I have had in the 30+ years of my spiritual healing journey. What is fascinating as well, is how my healing occurred, in a relatively fast, yet deeply-rooted way… a way home to myself. My experiences with Javier have given me the ability to let go into deeper and deeper states of self-love, acceptance and forgiveness on every level. This is due entirely to the safe, loving, caring, supportive and conscious space provided by both Javier and Nora. Javier is an incredibly present, generous, and unconditionally devoted healer. His long standing relationship and personal work with the plants is completely devotional, authentic, sacred, and profound and, therefore, so is his work with each individual who steps through his door. His dedication is quite beautiful as he chooses to only allow 11 participants so that he may have time to devote personal guidance, insights, healings, and attention honoring each person on their journey. Due to his many years of experience and countless ceremonies, Javier has the most amazing ability to know when and what an individual needs during ceremony. He has an incredibly beautiful voice and will sing an icaro and offer a healing at the exact moment it is required. He will also carefully word something to an individual during ceremony and it will plant a valuable and memorable healing seed. This has happened with me many times. And has caused me to heal my view of a very traumatic event with love, compassion, reverence and forgiveness. His approach is completely unique and very well attuned to the “western mind” as he takes the time to explain in detail what to expect and how to prepare. He guides each person in setting their healing intention, and then provides an incredibly valuable integration session after the ceremony. I have experienced Javier to strike an intuitive and delicate balance of knowing when pushing me hard was needed, to using his awesome humor, to providing loving kindness. I have nicknamed him “Ninja” due to his ability to powerfully penetrate through my ill-usions in a very stealth manner. Javier and Nora both make themselves available to people in a way that I feel is very rare in any setting these days, yet particularly invaluable as to why transformation with them is so deep & lasting. They also both demonstrate clear boundaries providing a safe setting for all. Nora is a remarkable and dedicated healer. She exudes joy, beauty, open-heartedness and deep compassion. She is passionate and deeply reverent to both plant medicines and it is apparent in her ability to understand intuitively how to be of service to each individual’s needs. Nora has a beautiful and generous heart and her medicine includes a heart penetrating truthfulness combined with compassion that has been very valuable to my healing. Her other highly notable medicine which is also equally impactful, is that she has the voice of an angel and during ceremonies uses her intuition wisely and knows when to allow the energy to flow with the sacred medicine songs. It seems like it’s always perfect timing and exactly what I needed when she beautifully sings an icaro during ceremonies. Javier and Nora are a very powerful, joyful, deep and light combination and I am profoundly grateful to them both for the work they have done on themselves, their experiences which have given them their wisdom and their beautiful hearts of devotion to be humble, honorable humanitarians. I am so grateful to them for my personal healing journey and the peace, light and love I feel in my heart. Book your ticket to the Ayaruna Center and Gift yourself the greatest gift you can ever give yourself…the gift of truly enjoying the pleasure, beauty and love of your beautiful, sacred self, your true nature.

  • Laura Valenti   March 08, 2016

      Working at the Ayaruna Centre with Javier Regueiro

    I worked intensively with Javier in the last 2 years and I can say that this experience deeply changed my life in a positive way. It is very challenging to express in few words how many blessings, healing, insights, joy, creativity, expansion and gifts I received by taking part in the ceremonies. Javier creates a very safe and beautiful space where I felt I could explore the deepest corners of my being and hold myself and my fears with tenderness and kindness. I feel I became more empowered, more deeply rooted, present, clear and connected to my body and all life. I am deeply grateful for Javier's work, I love his sense of humor and his dedication and passion for what he does. He held me and supported me many times through very difficult moments, when it really counted for me to feel that I wasn't alone and I had somebody really standing next to me with compassion. He reflected back to me my strength, my beauty, my magic and encouraged me trusting my gifts,my creativity and all I want to offer to the wider community. In the ceremonies, I met people who became friends for life (including Nora, his amazing assistant) with whom I still share the things that really matter to me. This work is priceless.

  • Eva Bruchhaus   September 04, 2016

      Profound experience in a safe setting

    I attended a mini retreat at ayaruna center in August 2016 with 1 wachuma and 2 ayauasca ceremonies. Well, it's always difficult to put experiences with healing plants into words, so I don't even wanna try 😊 What I can share though is that it was a profound, sometimes challenging week with deep transformation and insights. I was quite scared drinking ayauasca for the first time and I am so grateful I got the opportunity to be introduced into the sacred medicine by Javier. I felt more than safe always with Javier as he really cares for you and his absolute priority is to create a safe space to make deep healing possible. Javier is gifted with an amazing intuition of where you're at and where you could risk a deeper look inside. Absolutely happy with my experience, thank you Javier

  • Brett Allcorn   September 23, 2016

      best I've ever been to

    Javier and the Ayaruna Center were recommended to me by three different people, which is always a good sign. I was told by them that his retreat would be more personalized, intimate and also more intense - all of which were accurate descriptions. I was really blown away by how much care Javier puts in and everything is set up to really get you results and help you along towards your intentions and goals for your retreat. You get a lot of individual time and never ever feel forgotten. Guidance is always there and Javier has a great intuition for when you are struggling or need help. Whether this is your first time or fifth time doing such a retreat, Javier is an extremely caring, knowledgeable and enlightened person to work with and this is a great place to go. He is also very entertaining, charming and funny. The immediate area of Pisac, where the Ayaruna Center is located, is beautiful, quiet and a perfect place for this kind of work. The housing/bedding situation is great. There is great food on the Paz y Luz premises (the lodging facility The Ayaruna Center has partnered with) and they are building a spa that should be ready within 4 weeks of the day I am writing this. Again, highly recommended. The best experience I've had so far and definitely deserving of a 5-star review.

Safe Ayahuasca Retreat 2015 Award - The Ayaruna Center


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