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The Ayahuasca Adventure Center takes a holistic approach to the healing process, combining sacred Ayahuasca ceremonies with master plant dietas, Kambo (frog venom) medicine, Nunu (jungle snuff) ceremonies, guided jungle explorations of the surrounding Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, physical fitness in our fully stocked gym and yoga room, and healthy eating with fresh, Ayahuasca-friendly food. We believe our guests get the most out of their stay with us by taking care of their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies, and we aim to provide all the necessary tools for you to do just that.

Check out a tour of our newly-renovated Center here!

And here are 10 more reasons why we could be the best option for you:

1) The Medicine.

Ayahuasca brew

We offer pure concentrated ayahuasca made with only the two main ingredients: thick mature ayahuasca vines and chacruna harvested from the jungle near Pucallpa. Our medicine is brewed by our lead shaman and son in their native Shipibo village of Limongema. You can read more information here.

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Our Kambo medicine is collected freshly every week by a traditional Matses shaman. In addition to powerful analgesic effects, this medicine has anti-inflammatory power; it can heal infections and regulate blood pressure. Other potential uses include treatment of depression, migraine, blood circulation problems, Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease, vascular insufficiency, organ diseases, cancer, and fertility problems in women. You can find more information here.

Administration of Nunu

Finally, our Nunu (also known as "Dust of the Elders") is also made and administered by our Matses shaman. It has been used by their people for thousands of years. Nunu is composed of tobacco, as its primary ingredient, macambo nut, cacao, as well as barks and leaves of numerous medicinal trees from the Amazon jungle.  Our shaman collects all the ingredients himself and makes them into a very fine powder, which gets snorted into your nostrils, one at a time, using special bamboo sticks, which are also made by our shaman himself. It has many physical and energetic cleansing benefits - you can read more about them here.

2) The Shamans.

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We have three shamans with combined 70 years of experience working with Ayahuasca. Our lead shaman Wiler, his maestro Ernesto, and his apprentice Angelita, are all from Pucallpa - the birth place of Ayahuasca, and they are all native Shipibo and sing in their native Shipibo dialect. Angelita is currently apprenticing to become a lead shaman herself, Wiler has more than 20 years of experience working with Mother Ayahuasca, as well as other master plants from the jungle, and Ernesto has more than 40 years of experience.  They are knowledgeable about all sorts of plants, their Icaros (healing songs) are very powerful and their voices are strong and beautiful.  They are very dedicated to the healing processes of our guests, and together, the symphony they create sets the stage for truly profound and deeply healing work.

3) The Location.

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You'll find many retreat centers located in a small radius near Iquitos. Most of them are easily accessible by roads, people and, therefore, deforestation. They may claim to be in the jungle but in reality it’s more like dense shrubbery. Our center is located in one of the deepest parts of the jungle from Iquitos, in a primary jungle paradise that’s been preserved because of its high concentration of flora and fauna. It takes nearly five hours from Iquitos to arrive at our waterfront property on the expansive Ucayali River, making the journey and the experience that much more adventurous - you may even see some pink river dolphins from our newly built speedboat on your way in!

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With a 2.2 million hectare nature reserve just across the river from us, you have access to exotic jungle experiences in just a few minutes by boat.

4) The Adventure.

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We believe in fun, and tribe, and community and planetary healing. We let people see the beauty and richness of the Amazon, connect with local, jungle communities, learn about medicinal plants, and interact with Amazon creatures such as sloths, freshwater dolphins, alligators, monkeys, snakes, birds, anteaters, tarantulas, lizards, piranhas and frogs. This immersion connects you even more with nature, which helps tremendously during your ceremony experience. We have enormous respect and love for the medicines we work with. Also, we have a highly skilled, professional, dedicated and empathetic staff, all of whom are truly passionate about what they do! See reviews on AyaAdvisors.org, they say it all.

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Our centre is an authentic healing retreat. BUT, we do not want our guests miss out on the opportunity to explore the great Amazon.

With that being said, you will have opportunities to write and integrate throughout the day, and relax as much as you need to. This might mean sacrificing one or two jungle expeditions, which are completely optional – we have them scheduled so that guests do not feel that they are sitting around all day. We prefer to offer opportunities to explore the beautiful region of Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Also, keep in mind that if you stay for two or more weeks, you will get to catch up on all jungle expeditions which you might have missed in the first week.

5) The Diet.

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Some centers place an emphasis on a strict diet and offer rather tasteless food such as white rice, plantains and boney fish. The traditionally super strict diet is not necessary unless you’re interested in dieting with more subtle plants in order to learn the trade. We don’t believe in starving you or making you eat bland and tasteless food unless you desire it.

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Our diet consists of healthy whole foods with lots of delicious fruits, veggies, legumes, fruit juices, juicy fish, chicken and eggs. We use a small amount of salt and sugar to compensate for the sweating you do and the calories you burn during jungle walks, swimming and exercising in our Jungle Gym.

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And we stack the diet with superfood smoothies made from high omega and antioxidant rich fruits from the jungle like acai, copuazu, raw coconut milk and more. There is always fruit and tea available for snacks anytime. The result is a nourishing and healthy diet that keeps your tastebuds happy and your energy levels high.

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6) The Jungle Gym.

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We have an 88 square meter fitness facility on site so you can stay strong and fit during your stay with us. No other center can say this. We’ve imported top of the line gear such as battle ropes, suspension straps, kettle bells, and steel maces from the total human optimization company, Onnit. We’ve also got yoga mats, a heavy bag, boxing gloves, Thai pads, focus mitts, jump ropes and stationary spinning bikes.

We don’t believe in sending you home frail and weak after days or weeks of malnourishment and inactivity. We believe in creating warriors of light; people who return home stronger, healthier, more balanced, more centered and clearer than ever before so they can hit the ground running and make the greatest impact with the rest of their lives on this planet.

7) The Center.

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Our newly built facility is truly one of a kind. We have rooms overlooking the Ucayali River, first floor and second floor patios which boast stunning river vistas during sunrise and sunset, dolphins breaching within meters of the patios, tiled showers with 6″ shower heads, a spacious kitchen and cafeteria, a second floor hammock lounge, 14 hammocks and 25 mattresses inside the maloca, a fitness facility, and a second, smaller maloca for lounging or creating art during the day.

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All our buildings are raised on stilts and connected by boardwalks for safety and because we’re located in the floodplain. Between the months of February and June, the rivers rise and flood our property. This gives it the appearance that all our buildings are floating and makes for a very cool visual experience.

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8) The Safety.

Our General Manager is a Registered Nurse who worked as a Combat Medic in the US Navy. He’s also got experience working in security and got his clinical qualifications working in a psychiatric ward. He has developed our first aid and emergency response security programs.

In addition, we strive to have at two capable male facilitators and two capable female facilitators to ensure there are enough hands on deck to take care of any issues that occur during ceremony. They are also there in case anyone needs any emotional support during the process. We have a zero tolerance policy toward sexual harassment and will immediately remove anyone who behaves inappropriately towards any guests or staff.

Other safety precautions we take include security guards on site at the Center at all times. We ensure that all guests who partake in ceremonies are off any medication that could interfere with any of the medicines, or in such cases as kambo, which is a very complex medicine, they sometimes do not participate if they are unable to get off necessary medication. Finally, we have two trained members of staff who are able to perform CPR and use our defibrillator and medical kit, and we are only an hour from the hospital should any emergency arise (we have never had an incident requiring this, thankfully).

Safety is a priority at our Center, and we make sure everyone knows this and feels safe and happy during their stay. We also recently published a blog post about a safety federation we are forming with other Ayahuasca Centers - you can read more about that here.

9) The Social Contributions.

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Our Ayahuasca Adventure Center is built upon land owned by the Peruvian village of Libertad. What this means, is that if we’re not living up to our end of the bargain with them, they would have every legal right to ask us to leave. As part of our agreement with the village (pop. 300), we make monthly financial contributions to their public works, donations for special events such as anniversaries and holidays, donate to the local kindergarten, employ a rotation of nearly all adults in the village, and create economic opportunities for the local ladies who make souvenirs out of jungle materials. Additionally, we are in the process of outfitting the entire village with solar power. As such, when you come for a retreat with us, you are helping the livelihood of the people of this village, as well as initiatives to become less reliant on oil and gas.

On a grander scale, by developing eco-tourism in their village we’re helping to protect large areas of rainforest from deforestation and poaching. A tree is worth far more seen by many tourists over the course of years than it is a pile of logs at the lumber mill, as are monkeys more than one meal on the dinner table.

10) The Incredible Value.

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Shopping for a life changing Ayahuasca experience involves many factors to consider, with price typically being a main one. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. We are proud to provide top-notch staff who will help you on your journey every step of the way, daily jungle adventures, kambo and nunu medicines, excellent food and a fully stocked fitness facility. Several times per year we also offer retreats that take you out of the jungle and through Cusco and the Sacred Valley, to experience Machu Picchu and San Pedro while traveling throughout the Andean region. With Pulse Tours, you’re not just getting an Ayahuasca retreat experience. You’re also getting a true jungle adventure, a gym membership, a chance to truly connect with yourself and your tribe, and the best nutrition available in the Amazon. It’s the full package to round out your healing process and return home with a new perspective on life.

If you have any questions or wish to inquire further please email transform@pulsetours.com or have a look at our website www.pulsetours.com for dates and prices.

With so much love for our light warriors,

The Team.

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  • Matt Browning   April 13, 2016

      To eternity and back, baby.

    I did the 7-day 4-ceremony option with Pulse Tours in March 2015. Man...If you haven't done Ayahuasca, no review, documentary, reading, or anything can actually prepare you all that well. Greatest learning experiences of my life. Incomprehensible pain at times, unfathomable peace, joy and love at others. One major thing to keep in mind is to really analyze your expectations going in. For instance, I had very very few visuals, and only "went places" with my eyes closed. I did not get your "typical" DMT light show. That was all fine because my intentions for the trip were to work on myself. So Pulse Tours specifically. Super professional. Whenever people needed extra help, the facilitators were ON IT. Their love and passion for their work and helping us participants is seriously deep. If you need help understanding what the crap happened last night, ask em! They're more than willing to sit down and help you process things. They celebrate Shipibo traditions as closely as possible, if not exactly, and they take all the rituals involved very seriously which really amplifies the quality of the ceremonies and experiences at the center. Group sharing the mornings after were extremely powerful too. There's so much power in group work and sharing- feels like a 12-step meeting. Then one of my favorite parts about Pulse Tours was BALANCE. During the day, there were always opportunities to explore the Amazon. Each day there was at least one jungle activity led by the Amazonian Encyclopedia himself, Wilbur. All were optional but even if you hit every outing, you still have plenty of time during the day for journaling, contemplation, making friends, working out, reading, napping, and eating mangoes. Mangoes which, by the way, are the best on Earth, but Mother Ayahuasca may not want you to eat a mango right after the ceremony - she may make you purge that right back up. Sometimes, mangoes are a bad choice :) All-in-all an awe-inspiring trip. Major life changes have started to sprout from that and it was all totally worth it. I was bummed that all the yoga classes were cancelled during my stay (the facilitator leading it was feeling pretty ill) but instead I caught up with some fellow travelers and learned new ways to work out. Decent trade-off. Have fun out there!

  • James Dorion   May 15, 2016

      Top Notch!

    At first I was a little concerned with bringing a large amount of cash to some strangers in a foreign country, but it quickly made sense as our journey began. I participated in the 14 day Cusco, Machu Picchu, Jungle package, and the cash was needed for the trains, planes, automobiles, food, and lodgings. Thankfully the money was taken upon arrival, and we did not have to worry about anything after that, as our wonderful tour guides melissa and sylvia took care of everything. They were very knowledgeable on all aspects of travel, meals, and most importantly the entire spiritual aspects of our journey. Our San Pedro ceremony was beyond magical! I can't imagine a better place to perform this ceremony than The Mountain House in Cusco. There are wonderful hosts in a beautiful setting, along side the moon and love temples! The trip to Maccu Piccu was Fantastic and our guide Roberto was very informative on the history of the place. I highly recommend seeing the sunrise as it is not very busy, and you have extra time in the day to adventure up to the sungate. The rest of the travelling went on without any troubles, which is surprising considering how chaotic peruvian air travel can be,(we had to practically sprint through an airport to catch a connecting flight). The last half took place in the jungle. This is where the real magic happens. There are great facilitators, and three amazing shamans that take us on a wonderful spiritual journey. True spiritual cleansing can take you to some dark places, and Ian, Tamara, Wiler, Ernesto, and Angelita, do a great job of keeping you in the light. Special thanks to Ian for sharing his energy, and helping my wife through her darkness. I am sure he would give you the shirt off his back but he doesn't seem to ever wear one. Wilbur does a great job of daily excursions, jungle trekking, fishing, swimming, etc. The Centre itself was more than adequate and comfortable, and the staff did a great job with meals and maintaining a clean environment. We will definitely be returning in the future with our daughters, who I believe will truly benefit from this experience. If all works out we may even have a spiritual wedding at the Love Temple. My only advice is to bring more local currency than is recommended, if you into shopping and supporting the local artisans. And learn a bit of Spanish.

  • trav   February 06, 2015

      Unethical and Disrespectful

    These guys showed up for 3 days at a center I was spending two weeks at.... Not people I would ever associate personally - they brought down the entire center with their presence and the group was completely disrespectful regarding the medicine and other peoples healing. The tour leader also started making out with a girl in his group mid Aya ceremony, and then bragged about it to everyone else the next morning while people were trying to tell the shaman about their ceremony night before.... Seemed very unethical to me. No one in his group was there for healing, knew Aya could heal, or thought this was an important ceremony for other participants - they just talked and laughed half the ceremony, started ohming, and acted like it was a hippy party in the maloka. The staff at the Aya center kept trying to calm them down and asked them to be respectful, but they just didnt get it at all. When they left the center, they rode off on mototaxis still altered from the Ayahuasca because they ended ceremony early to leave - sounds so irresponsible and dangerous to drive 2 hours through muddy roads at night while altered from Ayahuasca still. Not to mention: everyone who came with him payed twice as much for the same ceremony all the rest of us were sitting in. Why pay this dude when you could contact the center directly? In my opinion, this guy and the people he brings are exactly what is wrong with the spiritual tourism industry.

  • Tian Daphne   October 10, 2016

      Expectations Exceeded!

    I came for a week in October with my partner and a close friend for my first experience with Mama Ayahuasca here - and it was perfect in every way! Having done some homework beforehand, I will admit that I was nervous about about the intense experiences and unethical centres and shamans I'd read about. However, it quickly became clear that everyone at the Ayahuasca Adventure Center knew what they were doing and were passionate about it. We were very well taken care of from start to finish and assured that we would be with experienced shipibo shamans who make their own brews to ensure quality control. I can't even begin to put into words my experience of the ceremonies. Insightful and transcendental, I felt like my entire being had been turned inside out and cleansed by the shamans' heartfelt icaros. I looked long and hard into the mirror to reconnect with my Self, and saw all the experiences that have shaped me for what they are. Now I understand why some people say that it is 10 years of psychotherapy in a session. I have the utmost respect, love and gratitude for Wiler, Anjalita and Ernesto who allowed us to have a taste of their world and the power of the plant medicine. Special thanks to our facilitators Dolan and Tamara, who just always *knew* whenever anyone was having a hard time, and was immediately our their sides supporting, guiding and helping. The Center itself is a tropical paradise, quaint wooden malokas and huts with thatched roofs connected by gangways. I found it to be well-equipped and designed to cater to my every need (There's a gym, dining hall where meals are prepared for us, sufficient shared bathrooms and shower facilities). Built on raised stilts by the river in the middle of dense jungle undergrowth, you are as close to nature as you get. But it was always clean, and we were well protected from the mosquitoes by the series of nets set up everywhere. On a clear night, the milky way is visible. Even when it isn't, we had an abundance of fireflies to enjoy. While it does get hot and humid in the day, the nights are cool and fresh, with the sounds of crickets, frogs and other critters to sing you to sleep. I also love that the Center also supports the nearby village of Libertad, which is only a short walk away. We were able to interact with the locals and catch a glimpse into their lives, arts, and culture. Our local guides Falcon and Pecho took us on numerous excursions over the week, sharing their knowledge of the land, plants and animals with us. Pecho can spot a baby sloth high up in the trees while driving the boat! All in all, I highly recommend Pulse Tours' Ayahuasca Adventure Center. Based on my own observation, it was safe, respectiful and ethical. My gratitude to Melissa, Tatyana, Dan and all the other souls I crossed paths with at the Center for making my first experience such a magical, life-changing, soul-nourishing one. I'm going to bring my family here next time!

  • Bruce Mills   September 13, 2016

      Completely satisfied

    All of the services provided were great. The ceremonies are incredible. The facilities and food were completely adequate. Thank you to the staff for all the hard work you do. I will definitely be returning at some point.

  • Veronica McNamara   March 27, 2016

      7-days was not enough!

    Even though at points I missed home and thought 7 days was more than enough, it wasn't. Our lives are so complex that it's impossible to unravel everything in only a few ceremonies. The staff here is incredible and full of love for each and every person that comes no matter what their story. They are invested in your healing from the beginning. The adventure excursion guides are full of knowledge about the jungle, the amazon and so much more. I felt safe and cared for every step of the way. I hope someday to return to Pulse and continue my work here. I would absolutely recommend this center for anyone considering an ayahuasca retreat. Much love to all!

  • Mo K   January 10, 2016

      An Ayahuasca Journey of a Lifetime

    What an outstanding trip I had with the Ayahuasca Adventure Center & Pulse Tours! I went for the 2 week Machu Picchu/Amazon excursion back in May, and have got to say that those folks really do it right. All of the workers were extremely devoted to their roles, and there was a genuine aura of caring and well-being 24/7. Dan was especially giving and accomodating in that he literally offered me the clothes off his back as I forgot to pack pants suitable for the jungle excursions, as well as his only extra beer on a flight when he found out that it was my birthday. That went a long way with me. The whole team lead by Dan and Tatyana were incredible, and it was obvious how much love and planning went into the newly built and beautiful center. The ayahuasca ceremonies were AMAZINGLY authentic and life changing due in large part to the collective vibe of the organization and especially potent brew. You simply can't go wrong choosing the Ayahuasca Adventure Center!

  • Jamaican PrNcess   May 17, 2016

      Life changing experience

    I had a wonderful experience! So life changing... I can't believe how many beautiful souls I met during this retreat... Everyone was so helpful and compassionate when you needed it the most. The activities were a lot of fun as well. I can't wait to go back!! I cried when I had to leave. I Don't feel like the website does this retreat justice so I plan on making a Vlog to show more details and pics of everything. If interested or want to see more pics go on my Ig @jamaicanprncess

  • Patrick Doran   May 28, 2016

      14 Day Machu Picchu and Amazon Ayahuasca Expedition

    It was amazing being with such nice people, including the staff and the group I was with. It was so different being in a space where everyone was so sincerely and genuinely compassionate, I understood that we were all there for each other. A nice Ayahuasca Centre and beautiful Maloka, there is plenty of space about for you to be free to do your own thing or to hang around with anyone. A great experience overall, I would like to go back some day.

  • Jeremy Boyes   January 27, 2016

      Best experience of my life.

    Couldn't have been better, there is something truely special about the center, staff, location, medicine and even the animals they have there. I couldn't imagine going to another center and I hope to return in the near future. The staff was super professional during ceromoneys and they definitely had their hands full with me one night. I had to much and began to freak out, I thought I was dying and was never going to be normals again. They helped me so much and managed to calm me down. It could have ened really bad for me if I was at any other center. They take safely really serisouly. Even more important than the medicines was the friendships and memories I made, that was the best part of the trip. I have never been out of the United States so this was so foreign to me. They vividly answered all of my many questions before I came to the center and I really appreciate that. Just do your research because it will most likely lead you to this center, sure there are other great centers out there... I'm not disagreeing with that, but I couldn't imagine one greater than pulse tours. Thanks so much for the experience guys, next time around I plan to do the Machu Piccu add on, and would be interested in pretty much any other retreat you add on in the near future. :) -Jeremy B

  • Sylvester Pladwig   March 08, 2016

      Amazing place

    I got nothing but love and care from all the people at Pulse. During my retreat there was 3 of us that had some trouble in separate ceremonies, me being on of them. I felt that they handled it all quite well. I know I was probably one of the more difficult ones to handle, and every one treated me no differently afterwards. One of the other visitors that was beside me during ceremonies was having trouble during his ceremonies and the facilitators made sure that he was okay, and did everything to make him comfortable, even though he was rejecting the medicine. This is truly a magical place, and I am definitely coming back for the total human transformation, because I know I need it.

  • Barry O Sullivan   March 09, 2016

      In Two Words: Life Changing

    I'll keep this relatively short. I specifically decided to wait at least 6 months after my trip to Pulse Tours to write my review, to see some of the medium to long term benefits and how they stand up after a bit of time has passed. Let me tell you: ayahuasca is not some cure-all, magical potion which will fix all your problems necessarily - it requires serious commitment to inner change and courage to face demons and upkeep the lessons that you are thought in order to pursue a more fruitful and happy existence. I am writing this 8 months after the fact and I am completely free if anti-depressants, eating way better and healthier than before, my drug use is extremely minimal (only some beer on the weekend) and my attitude and personality are better than ever. I simply can not imagine a group of people who could do a more caring, personal and dedicated job than the team at Pulse Tours. I honestly felt like a child again in the best way possible. The entire space and vibe off both the staff and locals makes for a shelter of non judgement and harmony, there is simply no length they won't go to to try and accommodate you and get you to open up to medicine and shed whatever you came to leave behind. They all hold a very special place in my heart and I am eternally grateful! There's a reason why they were number one on the now defunct ayaadvisor.com website, there's a reason why the ticket costs a pretty penny and there's a reason why so many people like me will never stop raving about the magic of this centre and these people, don't waste your time and hard earned money shopping anywhere else, look no further for the real deal in ayahuasca! B

  • Mark Selawry   March 11, 2016

      14 Day Machu Picchu and Amazon Ayahuasca Expedition

    I was the "odd man out" as part of a group of 8 wonderful women who did the tour 13-26 February. The ceremonies (San Pedro, Ayahuasca, Kambo, Nunu, etc...) were top notch, in terms of facilitation, organization, and experiences. They were truly transformative for all of us. It makes such a difference to have a dedicated and highly experienced team of shamans and facilitators who are able to manage both individuals and group dynamics, and ensure every individual has a "personalized" experience. Where I thought improvements can be made was around the logistics in the Machu Picchu expedition. The quality of accommodation in Cusco and Aguas Calientes was sub par, especially for us older, more seasoned folk. In Cusco, we stayed at a hostel that does not have road access, requiring the group to carry luggage about 200 yards up stairs and slopes. This was fine for me, but not some of the ladies. As the "odd man out", it was a challenge to ensure I wasn't placed with the other women in the group - something that would have been uncomfortable for both genders. At one point, this is what was suggested, leaving us in an awkward situation. Fortunately, it was sorted at the end of the day. Also, the busses that were hired to shuttle us from Cusco to the Sacred Valley, or Iquitos to Nauta, were uncomfortable, cramped, with limited air flow. For a little bit extra, larger vehicles could have been used (for example, some of us hired a private tour to visit sites along the Sacred Valley prior to the Pulse Adventure Tour, and the bus used had much greater capacity). I might well return (alone, or with other members of the original group), in which case I would l would do just the Ayahuasca part of the expedition, which is definitely the highlight and core purpose for most of us. For this portion, I give a 5* rating!

  • Andrew D'Ermo   May 03, 2016

      Another Thing : DELICIOUS FOOD

    Yes, not much sauces or marinated foods.. But nonetheless natural, wholesome, delicious, TASTY and nourishing. Warm banana purees were an example of the morning fruit juices we had. chicken and fish were always sauced and juicy/ tender. Rice was there in plenty to carb up, Fruits were unlimited (had about 15 mangos my week there). Not to mention the Ayahuasca diets they provided which included an intriguing green juice everyday (wish I had been disciplined enough to go on it just for that drink). Great food is a big win people! - Andrew

  • Chris Hawkridge   March 24, 2016

      Remarkable place

    Pulse operate a remarkably warm, loving and well ran Ayahuasca retreat. I stayed for two weeks and had one of the best times of my life. I was certainly in touch with my best self, and was basking in the presence of others who were enjoying the same. The centre is situated on the riverfront, surrounded by trees on the other three sides. Serene would best describe it, as you could lose hours sitting on a rocking chair on the 'porch' watching the river go by. The staff - more importantly the shamans and facilitators - were all exceptional, taking great pride in their work and offering constant support and care to the guests. They create a very open and supportive environment. One chap was in his 60s and had no experience with psychedelics, yet found trust and ease in the process. As it got close to me heading over, my concern, from the way the website displayed the centre, was that it would be more on the fun-loving side and may even take the ayahuasca ceremonies less seriously than I might have hoped for, however was proven wrong on both fronts. The daily activities will take place with or without you, and so in that regard if you want to chill in a hammock or take a nap, there is zero obligation to go, yet it is great to have the option on the days that you do have the energy to. The collective experience of the three shamans is huge, don't quote me but I believe it was somewhere around 60 years, and it shows. All in all, I can only repeat that I had one of, if not the most, positive experiences of my life connecting with an array of different and lovely people through the medicine at this retreat.

  • Adam Owen   March 27, 2016

      An Experience of a Lifetime

    Words cannot describe how amazing the experience was for me. The simplest way to put it, is Life Changing!! The centre is amazing, with beautiful picturesque views, more wildlife and native animals than you can imagine and staff/facilitators and shamans that are the best in their field. There is no chance you could ever get bored as there are plenty of activities to do during the day as well as a gym, library and chill out rooms that allow you to really immerse yourself in the process. I could write pages about all the positives but you would have to experience it yourself to truly understand the difference these people are making in the world. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pulse Tours to friends, family or anyone on the quest to improve themselves and change their life for the better. This is my second experience with Ayahuasca and I didn't think it could get better, but they have truly blown me away and I can't wait to get back into the real world (eeeek) so that I can start implementing everything I have learned. Thanks Pulse Tours, I have no doubt I will be back at some stage! Much love!!

  • Heather Clouting   April 02, 2016

      Amazing place, amazing people, life changing experience!

    I came to pulse for the 21 day total transformation and wasn't disappointed! This was not my first time with ayuascha as I did a retreat a couple of years ago near Iquitos and although that place was great to, pulse really was a level above what I had previously experienced. This was for a number of reasons. The setting, being so far out, you really feel the remoteness and that helps a lot with disconnecting from your 'normal' life and reconnecting with nature, something that was really important to me. Also because of this they are able to offer a lot of activities in the day which are optional but give you the chance to really experience the jungle and the local lifestyle. I felt like there was a lot to do, which is good when u are there for 3 weeks. Then you have the staff. There are a lot of facilitators so you always feel you are supported even with 16 or so guests. They were all very professional, friendly and knowledgeable and all brought something different. I learnt SO much more than I did in my previous 2 weeks not only about ayahuasca but also many other plant medicines and healing techniques, breathing, meditation etc. There were three shamans which I was not expecting. This is also great, as again you feel totally supported and that there are enough of them to manage the amount of guests and individual issues that may come up. Thay were kind, knowledgeable and very powerful! The Icarros during ceremony were sonethung else and made better by the fact that at some points you had three voices singing in harmony. They ensure your healing or learning is very personal and will put you in diets if you need and want it which really helps enhance the process. Then finally you have the gym and the hammock malloca! These are specific to pulse and give you opportunity to exercise and socialize in a fun and relaxing setting:) overall can't recommend pulse enough. They are doing great work and especially so for such a relatively new center. They say they only work with pure light and purse intention and that is clear to see when you stay there, if you're looking around then this is the place, your are in safe hands, I certainly will be back, many thanks again to the whole team, they have made a great change in my life!

  • Jennifer Gilardi   May 19, 2016

      Fabulous Peru!

    I chose the Manchu Picchu and Ayausca journey. Awesome experience! The staff was fabulous and very organized through the entire trip. Great itinerary! Amazing places. Never felt rushed or too long in any place. The Amazon was fabulous! The people of Libertad were so kind. The facilitators competent and generously available. I have come home with a much more grounded and centered sense of self. Much lighter emotionally. This is THE company to go with! Thank you!!!

  • Spencer Mar   April 13, 2016

      Wonderful Ayahuasca experience

    I did the 7 day retreat that had 4 ayahuasca ceremonies. The center and the facilities were a lot better than I expected. The food was simple but pretty good. The ayahuasca ceremonies were very intense but amazing and the staff is very helpful. The shamans' icaros were beautiful and are very important part of the ceremony. Traveling to Peru and going all the way into the Amazon rainforest can be daunting but for me it was all part of the process. Being away from civilization to focus on personal growth made this experience special. I really enjoyed the day activities like seeing monkeys,dolphins, swimming in the river. Since you are in the middle of nowhere, it can be a little boring but the day excursions helped pass the time. Overall I'm glad I did this and if I do ayahuasca again in Peru, I'll do it with Pulse Tours.

  • Fraser Lawson   April 27, 2016

      An experience like no other!

    I did a the 7 day retreat & was in very good hands with Pulse who have created an amazing retreat in the middle of the amazon. Everything in relation to the ceremonies is done in a very traditional way which is exactly what you want when dealing with any type of healing medicine. The staff are truly amazing & make your experience that much better, their guidance & help throughout the tougher moments of my ceremonies put me at ease & they were all very wise phenomenal beings :) The 3 shamans are incredible & insanely powerful. Each day has an activity which was mighty interesting & an awesome way to break up the day. If you're looking to do Ayahuasca in an amazing setting with incredible shamans Pulse is who I recommend!

  • Andrew Parr   May 02, 2016

      I will go back

    I don't have enough great things to say about the pulse tours. The staff/facilitators do everything to create a wonderful experience. The center it self was more comfortable than I imagined. Beautiful buildings with nets if you are concerned about bugs mosquitos. I would not do ayauasca without Shamans and the three Shamans, made the entire experience. The ceremonies were held in one of the most beautiful contrusts, a huge maloka (home). There was also fantastic day tours through the jungle and rivers. I will probably go back with Pulse Adventure Tours. I felt safe with them.

  • Andrew D'Ermo   May 03, 2016

      Perfect First Time Experience

    The Ayahuasca Adventure center was nothing less than humble, abundant, kind, open, accepting, serving, adventurous.. Filled with personality, spirituality, consciousness, unconditional love, ancient wisdom, knowledge.... I could not have wanted anything more from a retreat as a first timer. It was the perfect place for me to be for my first calling to Mother Ayahuasca. They have a beautiful little village just next door which they are supplying solar panels to. The village was great to visit alone. I bought chocolates from the local "mini-mart" and passed them around to the kids playing in my path as I exited the area... Just a fraction of the joyful moments I had during my week there. Amazing staff, amazing center, amazing experience. No need to look further. :) - Andrew

  • Adam Boettger   May 19, 2016

      Astonishing and amazing

    A transformative and tremendous experience. Not only are you exposed to the culture of Peru, then fun & unique adventures, but also a true opportunity to learn about yourself, the cosmos and practice divine healing. Mother Ayahuasca connected with me and I with her in all of my ceremonies and I feel like the person I've always wanted to be. If you have an inkling to go, don't hesitate, don't wait.. Take a chance, GO! The shamans are impeccable and are pure embodied light. The staff is beautiful, compassionate and kind - they are there to help you on all platforms along. I plan to return as soon as I am able. Thank you Pulse Tours

  • Heather Strobel   June 06, 2016


    I must preface that I loathe marketing, so I'm the absolute worst at leaving reviews, but this experience was just too freaking amazing not to share with you all. You will NOT regret a single second of this trip. I went on the Machu Picchu/7-day Aya excursion and I'm already looking to return! Not only is Peru a beautiful country, but the guides are full of knowledge and experience, allowing you to see as much awesome as possible in a short amount of time; you will not be disappointed! The Shamans and facilitators at the centre are gushing with love and healing power. The Aya... well, you'll see ;) The lodging at each location, bucolic. The jungle centre, perfect for any mood. If you want to relax, there's a hammock room. If you're feeling like exploring, the guides will take you to see monkeys, sloths, cayman and more! If you're feeling antsy, go sweat it out at the gym. Even the food, though may be considered "bland", is delicious and exactly what your body needs. Oh, and there are freaking kittens; I mean, com'mon! Go, go, go!!! :D

  • James Coleman   May 08, 2016

      Best decision I've ever made!!!!!!

    Just returned home after a 7 day retreat with Pulse Tours and i feel amazing. I believe everyone could benefit from an ayahuasca ceremony but if you're feeling "the calling" do not hesitate to book with them. I've heard how important set and setting are to one of these experiences and these guys have nailed it. A beautiful spot on the river with the jungle behind adds to the experience especially during ceremony time at night when all the insects and frogs come out to sing. The maloca is an amazing space, comfortable and beautifully designed. Wiler the shaman is a legend. his songs are so powerful, and he is so connected to the medicine. He can see the meaning behind your visions and really cares about helping people. The facilitators are amazing, Ian is a rock, willing to give you the shirt off his back or anything to help you anytime of day. Sylvia and Tamara are angles that are there for whatever you need, be it a talk, some lovely advice or just a hug. Wilber is great, he will take you swimming, on jungle treks, fishing. cayman hunting, monkey island, he is knowledgeable a energetic, you will really have fun with the activities Pulse puts together for you. and the last thing ill say is about the food. fresh, flavorful and delicious. tailored for the ayahuasca experience but never bland or boring. All i can say is great job guys, you should be proud of yourselves for helping so many people.Its a beautiful thing and i will be back for sure!! BGE!!

  • Larry Buckley   May 14, 2016

      Life-changing! Caring, sincere people make it great.

    Back less than a week from 14 days that have really made a dramatic impact on my life. So amazing. I am planning to go back with my 22-year-old daughter next year and wouldn't consider going with anyone other than Pulse Tours. Even before leaving the U.S. the people from Pulse displayed a professionalism-with-a-personal-touch that put me at ease and let me really sink into my experience. Being my first trip of this kind, I was a little apprehensive about... pretty much everything(!) the plant medicine... the payment arrangements... being on my own in Peru, etc. etc. At each step of the way, the Pulse people had a thorough, informative process that let me know they were "on it." Right from my arrival in Cuzco, I was met by a driver and taken to the first of several rustic-but-charming hostels/hotels. The accommodations in Cusco, Aguas Callientes, and later Iquitos were satisfactory. (Not four-star... but that's what "adventure touring" is about, isn't it??) The thing that gives Pulse a top-rating in my book is the staff. Melissa and Sylvia were awesome during our stay in Cuzco and our trip to Machu Picchu. Very organized... and never "ruffled," even while herding 15 idependently-minded humans all over the place. Our transportation, meals, and tickets were always handled smoothly---not an easy task given all the various modes of transportation! After an AMAZING San Pedro ceremony, sight-seeing in Cuzco, a hike around the Sacred Valley, and a day exploring Machu Picchu, I was really ready for the jungle and the ayahausca ceremonies. First of all, the Center itself is awesome--even better than depicted on their website. Rustic... but very comfortable, even for an older city guy like myself! Food was good... The place is really well-maintained and ideally sited right on the river. Pulse had a good balance of activities (Cayman hunting, jungle walks, fishing, swimming, etc.) cool places to relax and reflect, and SINCERE, experienced people leading the aya ceremonies. They have both staff facilitators (Tamara, Sylvia, and Ian) who help you set your intentions, etc. and Shipibo Shamans--THREE during the week I was there!--who seem to really know their stuff. I grew really close to our group during my two-week adventure and have really made some friends for life. The VIBE that Pulse is able to establish at the Center---trust, integrity, acceptance--I think is something that really contributes significantly to the profound experiences I (and many of the members of our group) had during the ceremonies. I can't say enough about the folks running Pulse. A+ in my book. And, as I said, I expect to return as soon as I can. THANK YOU for a life-changing adventure!

  • Gary A. Sherrod   June 27, 2016

      Fantasy Island / Mystical Landing (Build it & they will come) Plus Machu Pichu Soul Healing

    Hello fellow Traveler's in question. The story/review I'm about to tell you is true. I really don't give a shit if you believe it or not but I actually lived it so I'm writing this so I don't forget. (Memory problems due to motorcycle accident - hit a deer). Well, I was in a very dark place as a result of hitting a deer on my motorcycle (Actually he/she hit me). I had to take a disability from my job/career as a Bulk Power System Operator @ BGE in Balto. Md. USA. I was one of a hand full of persons that operated the High Voltage Power System for the entire City/surrounding area. I was used to the comfortable income that this type of work provided. (35 years in the industry). I did get 60% of my salary as a result of excellent benefits but it was still a significant cut in income. In addition to bad short term memory problems I had all of the other common afflictions as well (Addiction/anxiety/depression/PTSD) & emphysema. The PTSD was the result of a boating disaster that happened back in 1976 while serving in United States Marine Corp. It took me 40 years to drink that event away & the motorcycle accident brought it back to the surface. Anyhow, Western medicine had been a total disaster for me. Anti-Depressants (They tested many on me) eventually caused me to feel nothing emotionally at all. What was the point of continuing this sort of existence? Actually, I have a very concerned/loving family (Wife & two sons aged 28 & 22) I also have both of my parents still living. To say that they all were very concerned about my condition would be an understatement. Well, I had been told of the healing benefits of Ayahuasca while visiting the Peyote Church Of God in Wiicox Arizona. I had been there the previous Easter 2015. I went out there for their success with alcoholism. (Haven't had a drink of alcohol or caffeine since my visit). They had mentioned an Ayahuasca Center run by a Doctor they knew down in Peru but i had forgotten the name. Anyhow, after experiencing the true healing benefits of Plant medicine I was ready to go to the next step. I googled "The Best Ayahuasca Center" & was directed to what I think was Ayaha-Advisor which has since shut its self down. Pulse Tours had the rest beat hands down. I liked that they added adventure & sight seeing to the experience. I wish I had art/yoga skills but I don't so this Center really appealed to me. Now this is where the real story about Pulse Tours begins. I figure by now anyone tired of hearing me talk/whine about me has long left this story line. I asked my youngest son Dan (22 yrs.old) if he would go with me. Actually my Dr. has written that I am OK for travel as long as I have a companion. I can get lost in a Mall or wherever which leads to serious anxiety/panic attacks. Dan said sure, he would love to go so I booked everything & paid for it all as well (Clothing, gear, etc.). Well, at this time Dan had broken up with his girl friend so this wasn't an issue. As fate would have it, They got back together. She started browsing the internet & found the recent tales of the stabbing @ another center. The stories of sorcery/exorcisms & topless native girls. She is a devout Christian & attends a Christian Collage. I myself consider myself a Christian/Spiritualist. Well, Dan had to make a decision & he chose to stay with her. I was pissed & hurt but kept my feelings/words to myself. I knew Dan really felt bad about having to back out. I sent Melissa an e-mail right away & explained my situation. I asked if I could transfer Dan's deposit to mine & that way I would be paid in full. Melissa got back to me in a couple days an said it was't their policy to refund deposits but they would make an exception in my case. If she had said no I would have told her to keep mine as well & possibly donate it to the people of the village next door to the Center. Oh well, They handled this situation OK, I felt some confidence going forward. It wasn't too long afterwards, Dan Cleyland Owner of Pulse Tours posted an internet story which opened with the statement " SAFETY FIRST" which went on to discuss measures they were taking to address the recent problems that all the Centers were facing. By Dan shining a light on the problems and recommending solutions as well, I knew I had found these guys for a reason. I felt much better. A week or so before my departure I received a screening phone call from Rapheal from the Center. I thought that these people are actually practicing what they are preaching. I also had received an e-mail from Melissa explaining the travel situation. I was still a little scared but at the same time I felt a great deal of confidence. On June 6 my wife dropped me off at the Airport & the journey officially began. I flew from BWI to Miami, Miami to Lima Peru. After a 6 hour layover in Lima I flew on to Iquitos. Just as Melissa had said my driver was waiting on me with a name card. Everything had gone as planned. I felt very relieved. The driver took me directly to the Hotel. The traffic scene in Iquitos is insane to say the least. These guys are truly professional drivers. The hotel was nice & more than expected for a third world country. I took a shower & a nap & was ready for our meet & greet later that evening. There were (5) of us arriving that evening. Crystal from Australia, Dave & Kayla from Washington State USA, Mario from Lebanon, & Karl from New Zealand. Along with Melissa there were six of us & we went for a nice dinner & Melissa filled us in on what the schedule looked like. A very nice evening & I already liked very much my new travel companions. The next day we all got up OK, Loaded our stuff on a van & headed to the river. We stopped for lunch at a roadside eating place. The place was definitely third world but was clean & the food (Chicken or fish) tasted good. The fish was tasty but very bony. I was afraid I would choke to death on a fish bone before even getting to the center but obviously that didn't happen. We later switched over to moto-taxies for the final leg of the journey to the boat. We all got boarded on OK & the boat ride up the river commenced. Things were really getting cool/exciting. We had about an hour or so boat ride & we were arriving at the Center. I was reminded of the opening scene from an old TV show called Fantasy Island. This was really starting to get exciting. We pull into the landing area & they secure the boat. I'm in the process of getting off the boat & one of the Peruvians holds out his hand to help me. At this point in time I'm still the old independent guy who doesn't need any physical help. I step off & land funny, Oh shit, I felt a twinge in my lower back. This isn't good, I will probably be in pain for the rest of the week. (Turns out, The next morning when I got up my back felt great & felt that way the whole time,The place is truly mystical). The guests that were still there from the previous week/weeks were there to great us. Some of the Facilitators & Peruvian staff were there as well. A notable mention was Rafta the big black jungle dog was paying close attention to everyone getting off the boat. He would become my best buddy & would show up @ just the right times. OK, I'm not going to go into the details of the four ceremonies that I attended during the week in this review but I intend to write & post about each one in the future. I will say that I made friends with all the guests & staff. I fell in love/respect for the three Shamans (Especially Angelitta). I also felt very close to all of the Facilitators. They were truly there for us & you could feel it. The Peruvian Staff keep the place military clean. That is quite a task for a jungle environment. The food was great (Didn't like the green lumpy stuff served with breakfast but ate a little to gain whatever benefits it offered). The different jungle excursions/swimming were just great! As far as the ceremonies, All the problems I came with were addressed at some level. Did I receive a miracle curing? Well possibly but I still have work to do myself but I now have all the tools I need & more importantly, I have a pretty good idea on how to use them. Bottom line, If you want to come to the jungle to party or to trip on DMT, Save yourself the work/agony & book somewhere at an all inclusive resort. Drugs / women or men can be very easily found if you seek them. If on the other hand you are looking for true healing or cleansing or spiritual guidance of any sort, Look no further, You have found the right place. Sincerely, Gary A. Sherrod captkobra@aim.com P.S. Corporate America no longer owns or operates me. I will gladly try to re-enter the work place but they must allow me access to my plant medicines. Damn! I almost forgot to mention the Machu Picchu. It was just as magical but in a different mystic mountain way. I'm getting tired in a good way from all of this typing recollecting. I will say before closing that Melissa did a super fantastic job. She knew of my shortcomings & kept a watchful eye on me. She is my Peruvian Henny-Penny (Complete opposite of the western Henny-penny) She was my Guardian Chickee & took very good care of me. I didn't mention earlier but I'm 58 years young!

  • Bryan Waddell   May 12, 2016

      a wonderful experience

    I don't feel I can say much about the Ayahuasca experience since that will be intensely personal (and much more varied that any other psychedelic I have tried). Other people have made reviews about Pulse Tours more eloquently than I could so i just want to share one point... When I first signed up for a retreat i was a little worried that there would be too much of a party atmosphere. It was a sticking point for an introvert like me... However, the whole place is very relaxed (there are a number of places to snooze on a hammock) and while everyone there is fun and knowledgable, it was absolutely not superficial or too much in any sense. Very caring, genuine and wise all told. I would go again no problems when I get the chance.

  • R K   May 13, 2016

      Absolutely Incredible Experience

    I did the 14 day Machu Picchu and Amazon trip and could not have had a better experience. Every part of the trip is well thought out and expertly organized. Pulse takes great care to make even a solo traveler such as myself feel welcome and part of the larger group. I have never met a more friendly and caring group of facilitators and shaman. Within the first 2 days they felt like family and treated each guest as such. Definitely not a 5-star hotel but much better accommodations than expected considering you're in the middle of the jungle. Would recommend to anyone who wants a safe and amazing experience.

  • Leah D   May 13, 2016

      So grateful to have had this experience!

    I am so glad I took this trip! The staff at the centre really took care of me and helped me get the most out of this experience. This was such a life changing trip! I was in such distress before I arrived. Mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Now I feel like a new person. I really found myself in the jungle and I recommend this company to anyone who is wanting to find inner peace and happiness, and do a bit of exploration and sight seeing as well. The staff and Shamans became like my family, and the group I joined to take this journey with, will forever be in my heart. It was worth every penny! I will definitely be returning! Thank you, Pulse Tours!


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