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Awakening Journeys

Are you looking to deepen your connection with spirit? To experience mystical cultures, explore natural places of power while connecting with ancient wisdom keepers? We provide tours and retreats that open up conversations of the most profound kind, to touch the core of your being.

Small Group Travel

Travel to discover new places, cultures & perspectives – Journeys of this kind have the power to transform you from the inside out, travelling with like-hearted people the bonds created can be greater than family. Our travellers come from many walks of life and create a unique symphony together.

Meditators, Mystics & Guides

We’re blessed to share special connections with authentic ancient wisdom keepers in each of the places we travel in, from Peruvian shamans, Himalayan yogis all the way to modern day monks. These aren’t your average touristy tours!

If you’re called to share this journey of awakening and growth – we invite you to join one of our special tours or retreats

Through these journeys, we aid the expansion of consciousness and to each traveller – give more in value than we receive. As part of this vision, we’re committed to supporting local community projects in the places we journey through by empowering and enabling them. Specific causes that have an active local presence on the ground, where we can ensure our efforts will be effective. For example, school projects in the Himalayas & Peru and the early phases of an ashram in Rishikesh.

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  • Andy Tapella   December 11, 2017

      Outer Travels Inner Journeys (Peru Odyssey Experience) This tour is an anomaly and the real deal.

    This tour is an anomaly, and the real deal. If you are a seeker, and are looking for the raw, true, and gritty travel experience. And want total immersion in to a culture, then this tour is for you. If, you are looking for a one size fits all tour(where you see all the tourist sites),stay at posh hotels, have full service at your beckon call and luxury transport & travel throughout, then this tour is not for you. But, if you want to go on a journey, to choice locations, stay where locals stay, eat and do the local seen, participate in plant medicine ceremonies, then this tour delivers. A truly transformational journey, great experiences, for travelers by travelers.

  • Will Vogelgesang   December 06, 2017

      Peru Odyssey

    Would have gone for 12 years if I could - the three weeks were incredible. The people were just spectacular. Hotels were exactly what you would want. So much nature and learning. Spiritual and fun. Inner Child and Wisdom. The plants were spectacular. Andy is low key yet on point. I would recommend gladly and eagerly. I had a ball. Amaru, our guide, knew the culture and the ancient stories well. What an important place on Earth. Blessed to have been. Thank you Andy for organizing.

  • jean briddell   November 29, 2017

      an unexpected level of adventure

    I felt the desire and pull to go see Peru...the ancient sites intrigued me-for me it was a journey to see 'truth' the construction of some ancient sites are beyond our current capabilities and I wished to see them. I researched so many tours and i connected with Outer Travels Inner Journeys for many reasons...a couple were -in the name itself and another was that i liked that some of the money was going back to preserve the rainforest in the Amazon. This travel was more than expected..it was an adventure traveling to the sites and it did take you on an inner journey of discovery...i will never forget the people in our group..they become part of your tribe. I travelled in 2015 and what is so beautiful is that the experience you have on this tour keeps unfolding as time goes on. It has broadened my curiosity- to keep going to find more truth of what interests me and connects with me. For me, and i believe for many, the energy at these sites stays with you...upon leaving Peru, i could still feel 'this hum' for quite awhile..i believe if you feel there has to be more than this designed matrix set in place for people, if you feel a bit 'dissatisfied' ...a tour with Outer Travels Inner Journeys could be right in line for you..it was for me...enough to know that i will be back soon enough. I do believe our history has been written in a way that is not only incorrect and misleading, but also quite limiting and so far from the real truth of man's abilities and purpose. If you feel you are stuck, operate with a low vibration or just want more-take a tour, to a place you have never been, and see some sites that allow you to be still, wonder and open up. ~namaste

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is - infinite. William Blake

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