Nimea Kaya Healing Center

The Nimea Kaya Healing Center is devoted to the collective healing of Mother Earth and humanity. In the Shipibo language, Nimea Kaya signifies Spirit of the Jungle. Through our retreats we aim to help our guests awaken to their fullest potential by expanding their consciousness and healing their bodies, minds & spirits. We also focus on raising the awareness in the preservation of shamanic traditions, local indigenous cultures and the Amazon Rainforest. We are dedicated here at the center in helping those individuals seeking life transformative change and growth. We work with Madre Ayahuasca in ceremonies led by local Shipibo Healers.


- Yoga

- Gong Meditation

- Meditation

- Art Therapy

- Massage

- Floral Baths

- Painting Workshop

- Heart Circles

- Boat trip excursion

- Nature walks

- Shipibo Art Exhibition

- Relaxing in a hammock

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  •   I highly recommend Nimea Kaya - by Alison Marlene

    I spent 9 days at Nimea Kaya and partook in 4 ceremonies this past July. It is a more affordable option compared to some of the other popular retreat centers. The owners and facilitators are from all over the world and are truly wonderful people. They are all experienced in working with the medicine and take great care of you during ceremony. The group is a good size, about 15-20 people and by the end of it, you’ll feel like you have a second family. The property is absolutely stunning! I did not want to leave… In fact I plan to return in February or March of next year. The food is incredibly healthy and delicious. All of the meals are prepared by local Shipibo women. The accommodations are comfortable with both private and shared room options. There is a shower facility as well as multiple outhouses, all kept very clean. Aside from the ceremonies, daily yoga and meditation is offered along with an assortment of activities throughout the week. As for the actual ayahuasca experience, it was so much more than I had anticipated. We worked with 3 different shaman who were all powerful healers. I was blown away by their unusual methods and abilities. Everyone in the group experienced tremendous healing during the retreat. The mornings after ceremony you get the chance you share your visions with the group. Sharing your experiences and hearing those of your peers is incredibly healing in itself.

  • Tim Clark   January 19, 2015

      nimea kaya

    Nimea kaya is a wonderful retreat center! I was welcomed with by Sylvie's and winter's joyful spitits. Everything at the center is great.The food is prepared with love and huge smiles each day by the beautiful women cooking our food. The facilitators Casey and Jill are bright and extraordinary spirited human beings. The shamans are amazing it is so great to know that some are holding this life as sacred as it always is. As well having them guide you by singing the icaros which is essential for the journey and Madre aya translated into English an icaro being sang to me in this beautiful voice of an angel.Our bedrooms were very comfortable, but the mosquito nets will either keep em out our close em in so watch out! The greatest place is the where all the magic and purging happens. It is here where I truly see now everybody naked and as one. We all share the same bodily,emotional and spiritual paths from the strengths and doubts, we have walked the same path as another because we have been and are here exactly where we all are because we are one. Our physical connection is especially noticed when you share a room fifteen people purging!my time there meeting madre aya is felt so deeply within spiritually and continues to direct me each day. I know now that I didn't know as much as I thought I did but now know more knowing this, that I don't know as much today that I will tomorrow. I am eternally grateful for the work done by everybody here.

  • Cathrin Mach   August 22, 2015

      Nimea Kaya Changed My life

    It's hard to sum up in words how grateful I am to Nimea Kaya for the amazing experience I had whilst there. I've never felt more safe in an environment before. The staff are incredibly caring and will do everything you need include daily laundry and even a shoulder to cry on if you're processing some hard emotions. The other attendees Nimea Kaya attracts are surprisingly likeminded and are now part of my extended family - I love them all. The ayahuasca journey is tough in places but has been absolutely life changing. I saw myself and others transform into the best versions of themselves. Prior to the retreat I was on strong prescription medication so I was a little apprehensive about taking ayahuasca however I simply stopped 2 weeks prior and I had no negative reactions. Amazingly, I've not needed to take my medication since - it feels like a minor miracle. I'm sure if you're reading this review you're considering which is the best retreat - whilst I can't speak for the others, I can say this - You will have an amazing time at Nimea Kaya, you'll be looked after by loving and caring people, the facilities are fantastic, and you will leave a new person. I honestly am already hoping to go back. If you are curious or would like to talk to me about the experience then feel free to email me cat_machin (at)

  • Alison Lombardo   February 09, 2015

      My home away from home

    Hola Mis Amores! It was has been almost 3 months since visiting the place and souls of Nimea Kaya. I’m still standing at the threshold of the door that Madre Ayahuasca opened for me, but I feel myself taking the first steps through, beginning with this; my long awaited review! Being a twenty-two year old, small, yet spiritually independent woman, I had to find a safe and comfortable place to travel by myself for my first time out of the country. It started after watching a Joe Rogan podcast that featured the author Graham, whom explained Ayahuasca’s influence on him in writing his fictitious renditions of the Spanish conquest of the Mexica. Being a creative writing student at the time, I initially thought this was the experience I was looking for that could help me solidify what I wanted to do in my own writing endeavors, So, after reaching out to Graham via Facebook, he provided me list of a couple retreats, but when I saw Nimea Kaya’s women retreat happening in three months; I didn’t even think of how I was going to cover the cost of my stay and air fare, I just filled out the application and hit send. Everything happened so fast after that. The women that would soon change my life contacted me within a few hours. They explained everything to me, from the cost of my stay to air fare, and I began to fear I would never be able to raise/ get $4000 dollars with no job and college hanging over my head; but there is nothing our Earth Mother can’t do. Without a question of where or why I was going to Peru, my father came to me asking if there was anything I wanted for my birthday, and then agreed to pay the entire amount of my trip and then some. So, I withdrew myself from college and made the two-week long trip to Peru with every intention of going back to school once I returned. If you want to read more about my personal journey, you can check out my blog here: As I have learned more about myself in those two-weeks then I could have in my entire lifetime, from all the beautiful souls I met to their words I still carry in my head, I will never again take my gifts and the things I have for granted. Nimea Kaya was beautiful, and even though it’s just a short bike-taxi from the airport, you feel secluded and safe after the hike into the heart of the retreat. They have three dogs and a two cats on the property that immediately made me feel right at home. I was met with hugs and warm smiles from all the staff, that were all women, special for our visit; kicking all their male staff out. :P Our retreat was to last two-weeks with five ceremonies in total. Our ceremonies didn’t happen until after the first few days, which I was grateful for, and only two happened one after the other. Besides our dieta and Ayahuasca, no other plant medicines were given, but they did provided a number of bodily healing services. From massage to DNA activation, they were the best I had ever received. But, in case you wanting something negative to look at, they don’t have hot water, and I am thankful that they didn’t. It has made me relish every hot water bath ever since. :) I have plans to return to Nimea Kaya again in the near future, after receiving the message that Ayahuasca needs to heal my mother, as well. I can’t wait to return to my home away from home in La Florida as I look forward to the next steps in my journey. So long to the fictitious inspiration I thought I was going to receive, when instead I achieved the inconceivable, for an attempt to do the impossible; so now, with Pachamama’s inspiration, I know nothing is so. <3

  • Frank   February 21, 2015

      Finding my breath! Physical healing at Nimea Kaya retreat.

    To write about all the beautiful things I experienced at Nimea Kaya would run for several chapters, so I will focus on the most significant event which has led to such profound healing and has literally breathed new life into me. This ‘event’ happened during the first ceremony. I’m guessing it was around 60-90 minutes into the ceremony when the first purge gripped me. I sat upright with waves of hot / cold sweats washing over me. As I wretched over and over it felt like toxins and sickness were being pulled out of me. As the swirling geometric visions intensified I began coughing heavily and felt something large and solid rising up in my throat. It was the size of a walnut and was incredibly hard and painful to cough up. This moment seemed to last a long time but once it was out I drew breath and it was so liberating. My lungs seemed enormous and breathing felt so good! This feeling was accompanied by a vision of my body ridding itself of something unnatural, and a real sense that I had just undergone some physical healing. This was very different and more intense than simply throwing up. At this point I should explain that 5 years ago I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called sarcoidosis. This condition manifests itself in the form of benign tumours, called ‘granulomas’ which form on the lymph nodes of different organs causing inflammation. For me it’s in the lungs and these granulomas cause periodic episodes of chest pain and shortness of breath. My breathing is nearly always impaired to some extent, but during a flare up my lung function can fall as much as 20%, lasting several days or weeks. It’s unpleasant and leaves you feeling drained, tired and unhappy. Following this difficult (but liberating) purge I felt so different. At the time I wasn’t able to fully appreciate the change as the medicine had pulled me in another direction and I was working through an outpouring of tears and emotion as I re-lived some mistakes I’d made in my life. This was an equally liberating experience which culminated in the husband & wife Shamans (Agusto & Ercilia) singing their Icarus whilst sucking negative emotions from me. It was beautiful as they washed my fears, guilt and pain away. It was only as the medicine began to ease that my focus went back to this apparent healing and how ‘expansive’ my lungs felt. As I sat outside the Maloca looking up at the stars and fire flies I was in awe of my breathing. I could draw the deepest of breaths. It really felt like the inflammatory grip the sarcoidosis had on my lungs had been released. This gave me a sense of freedom and I felt like I could fly! Following that first ceremony I awoke each morning to these wonderful deep breaths which made me cry tears of happiness (& disbelief). I kept thinking, ‘how is this even possible???’. My breathing was clearer than it had been for 10+ years. I felt like I’d been gifted a new pair of lungs and all this from my first Ayahuasca ceremony! Over the next 3 ceremonies the medicine was different every time. There’s too much to cover here, but an overarching theme was this profound and tangible connection to nature. The great mystery of consciousness and 'who we are' seemed to unravel itself and I was offered glimpses of the fabric of the infinite universe that we’re all a part of. This hard to describe “vibration" resonated with everyone at the retreat and brought us all together. By the third ceremony, 17 total strangers had become good friends. There was an abundance of love and support as we went into those last two ceremonies. I can’t sign off without expressing just how amazing the people are at Nimea Kaya. Jill & Casey have created a sanctuary in Nimea Kaya. I can’t imagine a more genuine, loving and safe environment to drink Ayahuasca. The facilitators, Sylvie, Winter, Kristina and David were absolutely awesome. The guidance and support they provide before, during and after each ceremony was tremendous (incredible massages!). We couldn’t have done it without you guys. The Shipibo staff were so warm and welcoming. Massive respect to the kitchen crew for producing such tasty and nutritious food. Last but certainly not least, a thousand thanks to Shaman’s Orlando, Agusto & Ercilia. The beauty and wonder of your Icarus was like nothing I’ve ever heard…. a winding stream of medicinal song. This ancient music appears to be intrinsically linked to nature and the healing work performed by the Shaman. Six months later and I’m still in awe of the powerful visions and healing I experienced and witnessed. One of the things I’ve learnt is that magic is real! (...and my breathing is still REALLY good!)

  • Liam O'Brien   March 12, 2015

      Love this place!

    It's been almost a year since I visited Nimea Kaya and my time there sticks out in my mind as a profoundly unique and valuable experience. So much so that I'm planning to visit again this summer. Given the nature of the experience I didn't really know what to expect, but all my worries were squashed upon arrival. The staff are warm, welcoming, and make you're stay there an absolute pleasure. There are numerous activities set up to keep you busy, but also plenty of down time to process your experiences with the medicine. The food was also divine and I felt it's healing effects very strongly in tandem with the ayahuasca. One thing that really struck me was the sheer empathy of all the staff at Nimea Kaya. They completely understand the journey you're going through because they've been there themselves, and they make it 100% about you. I felt especially cared for during the ceremonies. When the medicine is working and things get tough, the staff are always there to help guide you. My time in the jungle showed me a new dimenson of human love and kindness. The medicine itself is powerful, so much so that writing about it will not really do it any justice. But for me the message was clear: ayahuasca is a benelovent teacher who knows more than we can imagine. The ceremonies can be extremely hard work but they are worth it. I also cannot speak highly enough of the shamans at Nimea Kaya. Their presence during the ceremonies was otherwordly. They sung for us throughout the night and sat with us into the morning, giving us the highest degree of care and attention. Another aspect of the experience that I valued highly was the opportunity to meet such a wide variety of beautiful, open-minded souls. This phenomenon attracts a wonderfully unique group of interesting people. Everybody on the retreat was extremely friendly and forthcoming, and I regard it as a priviledge to have met them all. Every day was filled with interesting stories and conversations. At no other point in my life have I been surrounded by a group of people whom I resonated so strongly with. I hope I get the chance to see them all again someday. Overall I had an incredible time at Nimea Kaya. The staff, the visitors, the environment, the medicine – all perfect. To anybody considering visiting, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  • Eric King   April 24, 2015

      Jungle Paradise

    In February 2014 I traveled to Nimea Kaya to participate in my first ayahuasca ceremonies. I had been researching ayahuasca for about 6 months prior and felt called to the healing powers of the medicine. Even though I felt like I knew what I was getting into, nothing could have prepared me for what transpired over my 9 day retreat. Jill and Casey have done an amazing job creating a safe, loving environment at Nimea Kaya. The retreat center itself is very well built, the maloca is very beautiful and spacious. The food they serve is healthy and delicious, yet was completely different from the food I was used to eating. I grew up on a meat based diet and I was blown away at how tasty and filling a fruit and veggie diet could be. The facilitators are absolutely amazing. Everyone was very professional and they truly cared about each guest getting the most out of their experience. During ceremony they help with anything you need, whether its walking you to the restroom, giving you a clean bucket, or just sitting with you to hold space. The entire staff was so open and friendly, it was nice being able to talk through my experience with them and have any of my questions answered. I traveled to Nimea Kaya alone, which made me a little nervous. But right when I got off the plane I made fast friends with everyone in my group. By the second day of the retreat we all felt like we had been friends for years, and I still keep in contact with many of them today. I came in with set intentions and I felt like I got everything I asked for and so much more. I really felt like my brain was rewired and I was able to view things in my life from a different perspective. When I returned home I had a new found appreciation for everything and several people commented on how much happier I was. I am very grateful to Jill & Casey for creating this amazing place and I recommend Nimea Kaya to anyone seeking the healing powers of ayahuasca. I will definitely return to Nimea Kaya when I am ready to work with ayahuasca again.

  • Drake Reghenas   May 07, 2015

      Thank You to Nimea Kaya

    Nimea Kaya is a true world class ayahuasca experience. The owners are amazing people with inspiring intentions to provide guests with a safe and loving environment to facilitate a true healing experience. The staff at the retreat work incredible hard to provide healthy meals and services to make guest comfortable so they can reach the maximum potential of their healing. This is a great location for people new to shamanic medicine and experienced individuals alike. It is only about 20 minutes from the Pucallpa airport by motorcar taxi, but still in a secluded jungle environment that provides us with Mother Nature’s vibration. Many activities such as yoga, artistic expressions, meditations, and dance are all apart of the Nimea Kaya philosophy of reclaiming you birth right to a healthy body/mind/spirit. Bodywork from on site professional massage therapists is also offered and I highly recommend this service. The ceremony maloca is a grand work of art for all guests to work with the medicine and on other spiritual practices. All the living quarters were also more then expected. It is truly evident that the owners are dedicated to improving the guests’ experience by consistently upgrading the facilities in anyway possible. Thank you Nimea Kaya for making a difference in peoples lives and helping raise the vibration of the planet.

  • Sofia Rislund Ramos   October 16, 2015

      9 day retreat experience

    In april 2014 I finally arrived in Peru for the very first time. Upon my arrival at Nîmea Kaya I immediately felt more at home than I had ever felt anywhere else. The beautiful lush environment and the constant variation of animal sounds from the vibrant surroundings made me smile constantly. All the energies were sweet and soft and the high vibration frequencies resonated through facilitators , staff, food and grounds. I had come to heal deep wounds from my past experiences with heavy destructive relationships. It all was related to childhood abuse and trauma. I was sure that the medicina would help me find my inner self and help me reconnect with my pure innocent being . Mother Ayahuasca was very gentle with me and all 4 ceremonies were amazing. I learnt so much about group dynamics during my stay at Nîmea Kaya, the words "we are all one" have a profound meaning to me even today. Now at this present moment I am back at Nîmea Kaya facilitating, to give back to this community what they once gifted me with. Love light and high vibrations ! I can assure you that dreams come true. All we need to do is trust ourselves fully and that is what we come here to learn. Munay !

  • Danny Goncalves   October 16, 2015


    Nimea Kaya, what an amazing place on earth. I had no idea what I was getting myself into upon arrival. My fears were blown away by the centers facilities and the wonderful staff. It was the perfect place to have my aya experience while I rode the emotional roller coaster of my life. The food was so nourishing and tasty, prepared by the Peruvian chef. The staff were always on hand to help when times got a bit rough. I have left Nimea Kaya with a new set of friends and family. I recommend this place to anyone seeking the journey within.

  • Daniel Greindl   October 22, 2015

      Amazing times

    The experience at the Nimea Kaya was and is the most transformative one in my life. For so many years I was searching and here I finally found peace. I first attended my personal retreat in august 2014 and I´m forever grateful for what happened to me. The volunteers working at the center where always supportive and the staff and organisation of the whole center where great. The location is simply beautiful and one can enjoy the wonderfull landscape and the sounds of the jungle. To me it felt so much like my real home that I decided to come back and become a volunteer myself. Currently I´m working at the Nimea Kaya and I will stay there until December but I´m surely coming back frequently from now on. I want to encourage you guys to come and see for yourself what is within you. When you hear the call you are ready;) Peace and love from the jungle amigos. Daniel

  • Jadiel Aedo   October 28, 2015

      Life changing

    During the short 9 day stay I had at Nimea Kaya, my life change dramatically and I didn't even know it yet. My experience was a roller coaster. Ayahuasca forced me to look at myself like never before. It was extremely difficult to face the reality of what I had made my life into. I was overwhelmed with feelings of regret, resentment and guilt. But as I began to focus on my breath, I began to see things for what they really were. Shortly after that I had to face my death and I chose to die in peace. At the exact moment I accepted death with open arms, I received the most profound sence love and warmth. A sense of peace like I had never felt before. Here I am one year later, still learning from my unforgettable experience in the jungle. Now my duty is to return to the place that changed my life and just try to give back a small fraction of what I received. I am forever grateful.

  • Laura Elizabeth Amherst   November 18, 2016

      most amazing experience of my life thus far!

    I stayed here recently at the beginning of november 2016 for 9 days. It was by far the best experience i have ever had in my life. Extremely welcoming volunteers running classes and daily schedules. Balanced activities with great amounts of knowledge and compassion shared. great vegan food, really hearty and beautiful flavours. awesome yoga , meditation and mindset classes. Really integrative experience and facilitated by extremely caring people. Ayahuasca ceremonies were life changing and awe inspiring. really immersed in the culture, shipibo art exhibitions were awesome :) movie nights and documentaries were really lovely too :) Met some amazing people, loved every minute of it.. will definitely be going back! I highly recommend this centre to all! :)

May all beings enjoy profound brilliant glory. Dedication of merit in Shambhala

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