Transformational Journey of Remembering 7 Day Ayahuasca Retreat

This is an invitation to a transformational journey into the wisdom and power of your heart. The powerful energy of the apus, the sacred mountains in The Sacred Valley of Peru, will hold us as we come together and remember who we truly are.

The opportunity to work with master teacher plants, Ayahuasca & San Pedro, becomes vastly more profound combined with specially designed complementary practices.  Gentle yoga, meditation, dance, chi gung, tantra, self-enquiry, group sharing and partner exercises, will assist in peeling away the layers of illusion that prevent us from fully shining and embodying the love that we are.

A safe & supportive space of unconditional love will be held to nurture you. You are invited to come as you are ~ all is welcome.

* Nourish yourself with fresh mountain air, delicious healthy food, Yoga, Dance, Pranayama, Chi Gung, Sound Healing & Devotional singing circles

* Transform w/ transmissions from Grandmother Ayahuasca, Grandfather San Pedro, Guided Meditation, Ritual, Breathwork, Deep Enquiry Groups & Partner work

* Awaken the wisdom and power of your heart

* Experience deep connection with others and the true meaning of Yoga ~ union with your spirit - the part of you intimately connected to all that is

* Celebrate embodying your body temple with pure presence, passion & radiance!

*Leave feeling lighter, freer, clear on your purpose and path, deeply connected to humanity, Pachamama and that part of us that is truly one, connected to all life...

This retreat is suitable for all ages and levels of experience, all we need is an open heart. ­­

It takes so much effort and energy to hold together the illusion of separation in our bodies and our lives.  The profound teachings of the Grandmother, combined with specially designed complementary practices will assist in peeling away the layers of illusion that prevent us from fully shining and embodying the love that we are.

I truly believe that the Grandmother is the greatest tool we have for awakening humanity in this time. I have a deep and profound love for her spirit as my greatest teacher, who I have been sitting with for eleven years.  The Grandmother helps us to remember the truth of who we are.  She illuminates the ways in which we are not living in harmony to release the fears and stories that paralyze us. We will have the opportunity to do the work in our microcosm, to see & feel all that it is out of balance in our connection to our spirits, physical bodies, minds, hearts, all our relationships, and offer it into the fire of purification to restore harmony and balance within and all around. One of the most powerful things we can do for humanity is to clear all that is in the way of inner peace, so that peace may truly be the way on planet earth. 

The doctrine of signatures shows that the shape of a plant points to how it works with our bodies - for example, walnuts are good for the brain.  The vine spirals up in a double helix like our DNA.  Her gifts include clearing things that we have inherited through our bloodlines, and upgrading our DNA so that we can activate more of our potential.

We will also work with the teachings of the Grandfather Huachuma (San Pedro cactus), named for St. Peter who holds the keys to heaven.  He helps us see how we are limiting ourselves and connects us to the realms of infinite possibility where we can create heaven on earth.  Through partner exercises and chi gung practices, we’ll have the opportunity to connect deeply with each other and the elements as this work is done outside during the day.  As lower vibrations are subtly cleared we experience a tremendous amount of energy as we hike through the apus, the sacred mountains to a special waterfall. We will learn how to make a despacho, that is personal and meaningful to us, an offering of gratitude to the spirits, the apus, to Pachamama for a deeper communion with the land and all life.

All of the practices we will experience help us become more present.

Humans have a great talent for making things more complicated than they need to be.  We’ll unravel layers of stories that are holding us in the past or projecting us into the future - and come to the core, the heart of the truth allowing us to face the unknown with courage.  The word courage comes from the root cor, meaning heart.  Let us walk the path of the heart together!

The retreat will be held at Sach’a Munay in Arin, a stunning retreat center built by a yogini and friend in my favorite part of the Sacred Valley near a powerful waterfall. The energy of this land is so potent, just being there is enough to activate transformation. The moment I felt my son kick for the first time – when it is said that the soul comes into the body, was in a ceremony on my friend’s land just above Sacha Munay just over ten years ago. The large ceremony/teaching/group gathering space and accommodations are built in natural materials and there is love in every detail.  The food, prepared by their master chef, is exquisite and much of it comes from their organic gardens.  Sach'a Munay means love from the ancient forest in Quecha, and they work closely with the local children and farmers in permaculture, nutrition and sustainability projects.  This land is really special to me and I look forward to sharing it’s magic with you.

Tags: ayahuasca breathwork dance meditation peru plant medicine sacred valley san pedro transformation yoga

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Transformational Journey of Remembering 7 Day Ayahuasca Retreat

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