The Transfiguration of the Ego, in the Ecuadorian Amazon

 Amazing Sacred Adventures Presents:

 The Transfiguration of the Ego.

 In the Ecuadorian Amazon

One week in the Ecuadorian Amazon, 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies.

 The focused Keynote of this Sacred Adventure will be the transfiguration of the EGO.

Moving from the I (small self) into the I AM presence.

 In a clear, mapped and spiritually guided way we will create the space and time for the Ego to transfigure its self into an I AM presence that knows itself to be Divine.

 Moving from the mundane I to the profound I AM presence.

  This is much more than just an Ayahuasca Experience. This is two retreats in one. Kenton David Bell brings the program of Transfiguration of the Ego in conjunction with the powerful tool of Ayahuasca ceremonies and the ages old wisdom of Kitchwa Shamans.

Retreat begins Sunday, October 23rd , Ends Saturday, October 29th Approx. 12 noon

Retreat package includes transportation to and from Quito to Tena on Sunday morning, returning Saturday afternoon.

Includes all accommodation, meals, 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies.

Continuous support from Master Healer, Kenton David Bell, during the retreat.

Kenton will be facilitating the group on the days before ceremony for a channeled healing and addressing questions, accessing the sacred heart and any additional clearing that is deemed helpful. All in the keynote of Transfiguration of the EGO.

While there will be moments that we gather as a group, this is mostly an individual journey. You’ll have much quite time to reflect, integrate, meditate, read, sleep, be in the amazing amazon and spend time with new friends. REMEMEBER. NO ELECTRICITY. NO CELL PHONES. NO ELECTRONICS.

Two pre-trip sessions with Kenton to help determine and pin point areas of healing and focus for the journey and one post trip follow up session.

The focused Keynote of this Sacred Adventure will be the transfiguration of the EGO.

Moving from the I (small self) into the I AM presence.

In a clear, mapped and spiritually guided way we will create the space and time for the Ego to transfigure its self into the I AM presence that knows itself to be Divine.

Moving from the mundane I to the profound I AM presence.

We will be holding this intention for the week of powerful ceremonies with the Kichwa Shamans. The Kitchwa are descendants of the Incas. The Vargas family I know, live and work in resonance with the Amazon, they have been practicing and using many plant medicines and spirits for many, many generations.  This family is of high integrity and the Ayahuasca Ceremonies are of a very high caliber.

The Ayahuasca they prepare is only of the two ingredients. The Ayahuasca vine and chacruna leaf. They brew with a high ratio of the chacruna which contains the DMT which in turn provides the visions for greater understanding into the self and inner process.

The father and son shaman team provide incredible insight, clearing, healing and love. As a clairvoyant and Master Healer myself, my experience every time with them is nothing but pure healing, love, compassion and powerful insight.

The first night will be spent in the Kichwa Community village near the town of Tena, where we will be dropped off from our ride out of Quito. The next day we will travel a short distance by car to the trail for the jungle camp. This is about an hour to an hour and a half trek thru the jungle. We will have assistance to help carry your luggage. You must have rubber boots for the muddy jungle floor. This is not optional.

Then we will spend 5 nights and 6 days in the Amazon jungle camp. This is about an hour and a half hike in from the nearest road. There will be no electricity, no cell phones. They do have running water and western toilets. The accommodations are very basic.

Meals will be 3 times a day except for days of ceremonies on which only 2, (breakfast and lunch) will be served.  Food will be very healthy, basic jungle fair. Yuca a starch, different vegetables and some chicken or fish may or may not be served. Often they have served me eggs for breakfast. All in all, the food is very good, although somewhat bland. This is the Ayahuasca Diet.

To transfigure: to take one value and create greater value or spiritualizing of matter/ material/ consciousness.

Another perspective of this is to view this is through the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional frequencies lens(s).

We will be taking 3rd dimensional aspects of the I (ego) and transfiguring into the 4th and 5th dimensional frequencies, hence raising your consciousness & vibration to these higher planes.

It is within the 5th DF that one can then begin to experience Self-realization.  This is also the I AM presence. It is within the 5th  dimensional frequencies that Mastery begins, miracles occur and manifestations happen in powerful and quick ways. Healing becomes obvious. Spiritual “gifts” are realized. Your Divine inheritance is revealed.

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The Transfiguration of the Ego, in the Ecuadorian Amazon

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