5 Days Juice Fasting and Mindful Yoga Retreat in Bali

Deep Cell Renewal and Yoga Retreat in Bali

Cold-presses juices daily

On an island that honors spiritual serenity, is it any wonder you’ll find a blissful retreat for your body and soul? Immerse yourself into the fascinating world of Nidra and Yin yoga and deep meditation practices. This retreat will perfectly suit anyone who is seeking to clean their body as well as their minds while enjoying magnificent Balinese nature.


Reiki sessions

Yoga Nidra sessions

Tibetan bowl meditation

Daily organic cold-pressed juice therapy

4 nights luxury accommodation

Colon hydrotheraphy

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Are you tired, stressed, or just want to relax from your everyday rush? So, you are on a right page. This five-day green juice therapy in combination with daily meditation and yoga practice will invigorate your mind, body, and spirit. Tibetan bowl meditation, oхigenating breathing, and pranayama without any doubts will help you to learn the skills of mindfulness that can be used in your daily life. Beautiful holy water purification ceremonies is an essential part of achieving the main goal of this retreat - to soothe your soul, calm your mind, and clean your body. You will leave the retreat feeling super inspired, with free soul, and open heart.

Yoga and meditation practices

Yoga sessions are designed to get back to your healthy body, balance hormones, become more stretched, and feel open. Bliss Body Retreats wants to make you more flexible, to remove the tension out of the muscles, and make you feel free in your own body. This new flexibility will also influence your daily life attitude. Open body means open mind. Special yoga program will also harmonize your cycle and prevent from woman-organ deceases. You can expect toned skin and muscles, and leaner forms.

Yin yoga and yoga Nidra

You will practice yoga Nidra which relaxes the entire system, preparing it for pranayama and meditation. Yin yoga daily practice will help to get out of the stress mode, slow down to feel the blissfulness of the moment. This is suitable for all levels and ages.

Tibetan singing bowls meditation

Unique tones, Tibetan singing bowls create the perfect state for deep meditation and will wake up your ability to hear with more than ears. The meditation sessions will not only affect a great deal of physical healing, but also will have implications on emotional and spiritual levels.

Detox and cell cleaning

The deep detox program is specially designed to renew cells and give new life to your organs and vital energy to the skin cells. Bliss Body Retreats wants to restore your body after stress, eating improperly, and toxins from city life. After three-day green juice therapy, you will feel lighter from the inside and fresh outside, you will know the secret of how to make your skin shine again. You can expect to remove toxic triggers and love pure and natural food again.The vital energy and enzymes from the freshly cold-pressed greens and vegetables will provide the elixir of youth and health that is highly respected nowadays as a prevention of all disease and support the weight loss process. Juice fasting under the control of Bliss Body's therapist will feel easy and safe. Young coconut water contains essential organic components to enjoy a good health.

You will be served fresh, organic cold-pressed juices three times per day. Moreover, there will be young coconut water, herbal tea, and vegetable broth. On the fifth day, you will have one breaking the fast meal.

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How you will feel after:

Alleviate chronic illness, and revivify the organs

Boost your digestive system

Elevate the perception through which you see yourself and the world!

Fine-tune your physique

Release of excess weight & gas pressure

Restore cells, tissues and bodily fluid to a strong, non-pathogenic state

Restore and regenerate the intestinal tract

Reveal glowing, youthful skin

Strengthen and tighten the tissues

Strengthen the immune system

Weight loss

You have to make it happen to maintain health and wellness. No one can do it for you but you. So why not to spend a vacation without procrastination!


You can not find a better location to treat your body & mind like the heart of Bali. Ubud is the place that attracts lots of yogies, spiritual guides. This place is full of mystery, consciousness and great inspiration. During our retreat you will have visits to a sacred holy waters, offerings and prayers at the Water Temple first of all to clear our energy body, purify aura and heal our soul. That is what we think about last when the busy life is running so fast. We simply want to feel the magic of the moment in present and open up to hear the voice of owns heart.

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High-comfort 4-5* villa, quite place with all that you may imagine. Big table on the kitchen for dining and food workshops, private new rooms with bathtub and modern design, big swimming pool and open space yoga ground. All the guest will stay in this private villa but at the same time you may hide away and find a place for being on your own, read a book, dream, restore and meditate.

Balinese temples, picturesque roads for walking, rice paddies views, peacefulness and yet you can feel it's heartbeat of this place. The location is so comfortable that you may reach waterfalls, mountains, beaches easily. Our private high-comfort villa is going to be 20 minutes drive from the main street so that you could surrender and enjoy the sounds of birds, rest well and breath fresh air.


5 Days organic cold-pressed green juice therapy
4 Night luxury accommodation
Transfer on and off the venue
Daily Mindful Flow yoga classes
1 Tibetian bowl meditation
2 Hydrocolono-therpay 
2 Reiki healing sessions
3 Deep tissue Balinese massage
2 Water Purification Ceremonies in the places of power
Coffee enemas
6 portions of cold-pressed juice per day
Young coconuts
Herbal teas
Vegetable broth
Breakfasting meal
Chakra cleanse meditation
Hot bath
Chakra cleanse meditation


Tickets and travel expanses to and off Bali
Visa issues
Personal shopping
Laundry service


Before we welcome you, you will receive a list of questions to answer so we could do our best to give you exactly what you need;
We do not allow to smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs, and eat outside during this 7 days;
You will have the schedule and we kindly ask you to follow it;

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5 Days Juice Fasting and Mindful Yoga Retreat in Bali


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