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  • Review for Spirit Plant Journeys

    Walter Hipgrave   February 26, 2017

      Simple excellence

    My retreat at Spirit Plant Journeys exceeded all my expectations. It was a professional and well organised 10 days with great attention to safety, comfort and spiritual growth. I couldn't imagine doing ayahuasca with anyone other than Spiritplantjourneys and I am already planning my return. The incredible experience was made possible by the caring team of Neils, Sarah, Sebastian, Bernard and Gume, who did everything possible to ensure people were prepared to make the most of the ayahuasca ceremony. I was relieved by the lack of dreadlocks and tie-dye and the straight forward but deeply spiritual approach to plant medicine that was promoted by Neils and Sarah. The ceremonies themselves are deeply personal and difficult to explain. Gume, the shaman, was like a big brother who led the ceremonies by singing his powerful and mystical icaros. I felt a genuine connection to all the other participants and it felt like we had become a family by the end of the retreat. Of course they were supported by a host of cooks, cleaners and drivers. The food we ate was delicious- you barely noticed the lack of salt or chilli! The accommodation was luxurious with some of the softest beds I've ever slept in and the showers flowed strong and warm! The other great aspect to Spirit Pant Journeys was being able to do some sight-seeing and hiking in between ceremonies. I would highly recommend Spirit Plant Journeys to anyone interested in plant medicine, shamanism or personal growth; You won't be disappointed.

  • Review for Spirit Plant Journeys

    Marie-A   February 26, 2017

      A Gift of Life

    I lived the experience of A Spirit Plant Journeys this February 2017. Going there was the better gift to myself ever. Neils and Sarah brings together the best of everything and it will make your journey through yourself an overwhelming experience. They are dedicated to your well-being. The retreat start with a ceremony of San Pedro guided by a generous shaman named Bernard. This ceremony made me feel connected with my environment, with nature and people. It helped me find balance between my heart and mind. It opened my heart for the cleaning made by Ayahuasca. The Ayahuasca ceremonies were conducted by a powerful shaman, Gumercindo Galindo. His signings are divine and powerful. La Medicina rising with the rhythms of the icaros plunge me deep down inside my heart and released the sadness, anger and frustrations that I had bury since a long time. The frustrations that didn't even belong to myself since I've learned them from my mother while I was a child. I've seek for years to get rid of those negatives emotions. I've find some relief but I never to the core. I always felt that something was not right inside me but, since I didn't had a big trauma, I couldn't find what it was and how to name it. Ayahuasca took me through an exorcist. I could see the emotions flowing out of myself while I was physically purging in many ways all that sadness blocked inside me. After this tough but relieving experience, I deeply felt love. Unconditional love of the universe. Back into "normal" life, I can now see beauty of life. I can feel love for me and for people around me. I would also like to add to this experience the contribution of Paulette and her Thetahealing session. Ayahuasca helped me to get rid of old blockages, but her healing helped me cut the cells memory of not being allowed to exist. She helped me find self-love which is for me an astonishing experience.

  • Review for Merav Artzi

    Anna   February 24, 2017

      Tabaccera de corazón

    After some deep experiences with Ayahuasca, I really needed to ground myself, that’s when Merav appeared. From the first meeting, I felt lots of concentration, clarity and sharpness in her. We did 3 diets together and each time it helped me to root more and more. Tabacco is such a beautiful medicine, connecting one with the Earth, teaching to be present here and now. Merav has a deep connection with Tobacco, during the diet, her presence and guidance are very precious, helping one to understand better the language of the plants. Thank you sister for this experiences , your gentle care and all the sharing !

  • Review for Merav Artzi

    Brian Mac Kay   February 24, 2017

      Good that you are here

    I came to Iquitos in 2013 to do Ayahuasca after probably 60 years of up and down depression and all that entailed for me .I met Mirav for the first time when a friend asked me to accompany him to a consultation with a Curandera / tabaquera that he was thinking of doing a tobacco ceremony with. While listening to Mirav talking with my friend in a very serious, confident and professional manner I felt clearly that he had found exactly the right person to be doing healing work with . I have done tobacco ceremony as well as numerous other medicinal plant ceremonies with Mirav and have felt the healing qualities of the medicinal plants as well as the energy, sensitivity and insight Mirav brought to guide me in every one . I can not speak highly enough to Mirav,s knowledge and dedication to her calling as a Curandera / Tabaquera and have recommended her to many others over the years .I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking healing with traditional plant medicine

  • Review for Pulse Tours - Ayahuasca Adventure Center

    Paul Green   February 23, 2017

      Amazing Pulse Experience

    This is 100% the best decision I have ever made in my life. The tradition of the Shamans and the Icaros is just simply unbeatable. The teamwork of the facilitators is unbeatable. The knowledge and experience of the plant medicines were always open discussion. The team always helped me to feel welcome and a part of the team. During the day while relaxing in between ceremonies If I wanted to be alone it was easy in such an amazing retreat centre with so much choice. I personally loved the punchbag and bikes in the gym. They always kept in touch with the individual needs of people while also focusing on the group which created a family atmosphere of togetherness and community. Nobody was ever left out and people were always given the choice to join in on the jungle experiences if they wanted to. The jungle guide Falcon did an amazing job sharing his knowledge and experience of the local wildlife, history and traditions of the local area... The ayahuasca ceremonies are all done in a very safe environment, pulse tours really have thought of everything from every angle in ways to maximise the safety and the ayahuasca experience. I always felt 100% safe, I always felt 100% supported and I am 100% satisfied with the investment I made in the process. I have set an intention to return perhaps at the same time next year and I know that until then its going to be an excellent year thanks to everyone at pulse tours.

  • Review for Merav Artzi

    Nathaniel Paul Foucher   February 22, 2017

      Just what i needed

    Working with tobacco through Merav was one of the most powerful and deep healing experiences I've ever had. I was looking for something to clean me out physically and energetically in order to aid and help my own personal transformational process. I got so much more. I was never aware of the degree and intensity of my own emotional frequencies until much of it was brought up to the surface and released through the tobacco ceremonies. Huge amounts of anxiety, fear, negativity, and physical toxins all came out and made it so much easier for me to deal with the core issues that are the source of my personal challenges. Merav's knowledge and support was central to my own process. I was continuously amazed by her intuitive capability and insights into my own state of being and always seemed to know what I was going through and what was needed to aid, benefit, and maximize my own process. Thank you Merav. The world is a better place with you in it following your hearts path.

  • Review for Ayahuasca healing center-Colombia

    Erin Morrill Holt   February 21, 2017

      Say YES!!

    I had an AMAZING experience here. I knew I would grow and release coming here and my actual experience was 100% better then I imagined. I was so FULLY supported by the wonderful women here, felt 100% safe to go to the places I got to go to release old/dark stuff, was loved on and fed really well. The energy of this place is sacred. I definitely recommend going here to expand into much higher levels of yourself. It is hands down one of the best life experiences I have ever had and I will be going back and bring people with me!

  • Review for Merav Artzi

    Ben Aspill   February 21, 2017

      A genuine healer

    I met Merav while I was in Peru. She was and is a source of wisdom and guidance to me. I would definitely recomend Merav and her work if you are in any way drawn to working with plants or want to experience deep personal healing. Merav is incredibly knowledgeable, not only about traditional shamanism but nutrition and human psychology. She is incredibly dedicated to her path and the unique work she provides is done with personal care and integrity. πŸ’–πŸŒΏπŸŒˆ

  • Review for Merav Artzi

    Stevie Woodhouse   February 21, 2017

      Thankyou to Merav ❀

    I met Merav last year after having several recommendations from people I had met within the healing scene of Iquitos. Having a indepth consultation with Merav she discussed deep feelings of issues that I had been feeling... I had said very little to her but it had felt like she had read my mind... her consultation gave me allot of confidence that she knew what would be of help to me... under her recommendation we booked a pre-diet before I would be conciderd for Tabacco. I can only say that the most beautiful spiritual exsperiances happened during that week... luckily I was alone with Merav and we where able to connect on a 1-2-1 basis which allowed me to see how much knowledge Merav has in many areas of healing... we laughed and cried... it was a very special time for me... After a few weeks of rest I had another consultation with Merav and it was decided that we could go ahead with a duel diet to include some other powerful plants within the tabbacco diet... I felt could really trust Merav to take me into another healing week. During the next week "WE" went through some pretty amazing exsperiances & releases... Merav never left my side ! An exsperiance I'm sure we both would never forget... her kindness, compassion and empathy that comes from a place of knowing and hands on exsperiances within her own life, from me, she can only be respected and loved and I give you my recommendation whole heartedly.. to a beautiful soul and friend xxx big hugs xxx

  • Review for Spirit Plant Journeys

    urator   February 21, 2017

      Great life changing experiance.

    I just came back from this retreat and I just cannot recommended enough. The place is amazing, the Shamans are powerful and help heal and change your life. The food is amazing and healthy . The people are so generous and help in any way they can. It is not always easy to work with this medicine but the results are amazing . The San Pedro helped me see what I have to change and what I need to do in my life to change. The Ayahuasca helped change or remove the blockages I had. Overall I give this retreat a 10 out of 10 with no hesitation. I got exactly what I needed from this retreat

  • Review for Merav Artzi

    Jarek Hajek   February 19, 2017

      True healing

    I have met Merav around 3 years ago in the end of 2013 and my life was never the same. I was never a very happy person. Negativity, fears, anger, judgment, anxiety, tiredness were my companions for the first 30 years of my life. I have never imagined that there could be something else, a way out. Never believed in anything. Not until I have met Merav and through her the Tobacco medicine. Thanks to an amazing healing of Tobacco and Merav herself I started to live for the first time in my life. Soon I realized that before, I was living surrounded by a dense cloud, through which I could not see the beauty of life. Thanks to Tobacco diet and Tobacco ceremonies, thanks to Merav and her approach of life, her vision of life, her unconditional love, her knowledge of nutritions and healthy eating habits I transformed my life.. She has set me on the path of self-love, self respect, healthy diet, positivity and self discovery which Im following ever since. So yes.. Im recommending Merav and Tobacco to everybody who is looking for healing and is serious about it. Merav has my full trust and respect, same as Tobacco.

  • Review for The Ayaruna Center

    Maryana Manouch   February 18, 2017

      Retraite Ayahuasca et San Pedro

    Merci à la vie, de m’avoir fait vivre cette expérience. Merci à Javier d’être et d’avoir créé un espace, l’espace de la cérémonie, un espace sacré, où ses chants, sa présence font des instants vécus et partagés des moments qui resteront inscrits. Pour moi, c’est une expérience qui continue à se vivre dans chaque instant. Cela fait un mois bientôt que je suis revenue de ce périple, me voilà encore en mue, si je puis dire. Un voyage, où j’ai été confrontée à mes peurs, celle de la mort, celle de la vie donc. J’ai visité tellement d’endroits, qu’il me faudra encore bien du temps pour continuer à tout intégrer, en cela c’est passionnant, cela fait du bien aussi. Une de choses qui m’a fait et me fait encore beaucoup de bien ce sont le nettoyage de mes vieilles mémoires, dont j’ai l’impression au jour d’aujourd’hui qu’alors, elles bouffaient toute mon énergie, mon élan de vie, mes élans de vie ! Je me sens bien plus légère, aussi plus connectée avec la vie qui m’entoure, la nature, mes proches, les gens, en cela, j’ai beaucoup de gratitude !


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