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  • Review for AYA Healing Retreats

    Lena M   July 24, 2017

      I highly recommend working with Don Miguel

    Don Miguel was one of the shamans teaching my 10 week initiation course. All of the Shipibo shamans and staff were absolutely amazing but I connected with him the most by far. He was the most approachable; I found it easy to interact with him, he seemed the most capable of bridging the connection between the Shipibo culture and our western culture. When I wanted a pipe I asked him to make one for me because I wanted his specific energy in it. I felt I had a lot to learn from him. I love his joy, the way he effortlessly expresses it in every moment of his being, the way he laughs without attachment or restriction. He is very comfortable in his own skin, quirky and interesting in his teaching style. He also had a way about him when I interacted with him or watched him interact with others that helped me become conscious of my fears. His singing during ceremony had a profound effect on me. Other shamans had more direct and penetrating energy, he had a way with his singing that induced a therapeutic trance in me that aided my ability to learn how to bring my body into a vibration capable of creating healing. Other shamans did it for me and it didn’t stick. He soothed my mind enough to help me surrender into my intuition and experience a higher vibration on a molecular level that I could uphold long after he stopped singing. I found his style to be feminine in a way, a very good way. He taught me by gently circling the “problem/opportunity” with his singing, giving me an opportunity to unwrap another layer in a relaxed, gentle yet focused way. This feminine way made me feel like I did it myself, I released on a molecular level by relaxing into a trance and reprogramming my brain from that state of mind. I highly recommend experiencing ceremony with him

  • Review for AYA Healing Retreats

    Mark Stulk   July 23, 2017

      A wonderful ongoing process

    Drinking Ayahuasca has helped me to find my way back to myself and has opened my eyes to a new understanding of reality and a new perspective on life. Ayahuasca opened a door to a new world that I was scared to enter before. Ayahuasca is a teacher and a tool, once you have the knowledge it’s up to you to create your life and to put the teachings in action. This work is a wonderful ongoing process. Elio is very loving; a happy and balanced person. He radiates a very strong, positive energy that makes you feel completely comfortable. Helping others is his priority in life.

  • Review for AYA Healing Retreats

    Pauline Gallagher   July 22, 2017

      An Amazing Journey

    I was very nervous but excited at the same time as I anticipated the next journey on my spiritual path. I am not usually one for going to new places on my own especially when I don’t know who will be there or what would be happening. When I arrived, I was greeted by Elio with a warm inviting smile and a lovely big hug. He made sure that I was at ease. He explained every detail of how the retreat would unfold and made sure that I was comfortable before doing anything. There was never any pressure. The retreat brought amazing insights from past lives and revealed future ones waiting to be discovered … Wow! My body felt cleansed, relaxed and energised by the time the weekend was over and to be honest, I didn’t want to leave. I felt so safe and loved; a feeling that I will never forget, it was so uplifting, a wonderful feeling of being one with the universe itself. I have no hesitation in recommending this retreat lead by Elio who certainly endeavours to make your experience a most amazing, enjoyable journey in finding your true self. Thank you, Elio, for such a wonderful and caring experience.

  • Review for Gemini Adams

    Marta Wanderlust   July 19, 2017


    Gemini is not just a wonderful teacher but also a powerful and talented healer. I have had the pleasure of attending a variety of her classes in Peru, as well as receiving a 1:1 healing session. I was really moved by her warmth and generosity, founded on an incredible amount of professional knowledge and a truly magical intuitive connection to the Divine.

  • Review for Rainforest Healing Center

    Love Streamer   July 18, 2017

      a professional healing center

    I did two Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Netherlands and two in Portugal. In June this year I went for the first time to Peru to do a ten day Ayahuasca retreat with 5 ceremonies at RHC Chakra Alegria. Both, Netherlands and Portugal, was a nice experience for me but only after Peru I really understand what Ayahuasca can do for you and how powerful this medicine is. It is comparing amateur football with Champions League! RHC wants to heal people and that’s why they will only accept maximum 8 guests so that every person can get the full attention of the manager, it’s staff and the Shaman. The location is perfect, each Tambo stands alone while they’re spread over the property. A bucket shower is like a blessing, your day will start happy! 😊 Because of the more than 120 plants on the domain, the water is from an unheard quality, your hair will feel softer, your skin looks better. It’s not easy to prepare a good and delicious meal with the restrictions of the Aya diet but at RHC they manage to do so, food is of good quality and it is tasty. I want to say once more: ‘Thank you very much Murielle’ Murielle is the manager at RHC and she is a fantastic person, dedicated her life to help others. She travelled throughout the world, has passed her exam at the University of Life Cum Laude and in my opinion, that makes her the perfect person to run RHC and help the guests. The Shaman was not only a nice person but also very professional, His brew was of high quality and he led the ceremonies in a very good way. Once the ceremony is finished, between midnight and 1 am, everyone sleeps in the Maloca, the Shaman and one of the staff will sleep there as well, so they will not leave you alone. As you can see at RHC they really care about you! The rest of the staff and the volunteers, all nice and friendly people, all there to help you, also a big thank you to all of you. And don’t forget Karin, she’s the one you will meet first via Skype. I spoke to her for 1 ½ hour, I immediately had a good feeling and no doubts about the quality of RHC. Thank you as well. Conclusion: If you’re serious about healing and looking for a professional center I can recommend RHC Chakra Alegria with confidence and with all my heart. You don’t have to look any further.

  • Review for Kapitari Ayahuasca Center

    Bill   July 16, 2017

      Kapitari welcomed me

    Kapitari was a welcome week of retreat on my recent trip to Peru. I enjoyed the time I spent with the other guests in the group and getting to know everyone and their different reasons for coming to Kapitari. There was a great trip from Iquitos by boat and a 40 minute walk to the center. Everyone at Kapitari was really welcoming and our facilitators coordinated our stay. Its pretty laid back with set times for eating, group circles and other stuff. I spent a lot of time in my hammock relaxing and swimming in the lake. Ceremonies were held in the circular moloka at 7pm on 4 nights. I was apprehensive about my first ayahausca ceremony but it was quite calm. I found in group circle the next day that everyone had really different experiences. Some people did not seem to feel much and some people had strong experiences. I learnt that ayahuasca is different for everyone and no two ceremonies are the same. Don Lucio is the shaman and runs Kapitari with his son Wagner who is also a shaman, and his family. They met with us for a personal consultation. I do not speak Spanish but the facilitators were there to translate and I was given additional other plant medicines to take for the rest of my stay. Mother ayahuasca gave me some of the answers and healing I needed and I hope to come back to Kapitari again soon. I 100% recommend it, It was a great experience and I am very happy with my time spent there.

  • Review for Kapitari Ayahuasca Center

    Annie   July 16, 2017

      Kapitari A Place Of Healing

    Working with mother ayahuasca at Kapitari has been a truly positive and lifechanging experience for me. A friend recommended this family run retreat after she spent several weeks there herself in 2014. I went myself in 2014 and have returned several times on my healing path. Shamans Don Lucio and Wagner and all the Culquiton and Kapitari family are open and welcoming and run their center with the aim of healing. They cook their own ayahuasca brew and provide daily medicinal plants to help you in your goal. The retreats run from Monday to Sunday with ceremonies Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. With group circles and other activities, including mud and fruit baths, walks to the farm and painting with Mercedes using natural pigments, you will find your days filled, and with quiet time to be by yourself also. We follow dieta when there which is no salt, sugar, dairy, caffeine. The food is good, basic and healthy, lots of fruit and vegetables with eggs, chicken and fish. There is filtered water available and herbal teas. We have a tambo each, which is a wooden hut on stilts with a bed under a net and a sectioned off toilet which we flush with water from the lake. There are now showers and flush toilets by the main area, an addition from my first visit. There is a lake to swim and raft in and Don Lucio invites local tribes to visit once or twice a week to share their dances and their wares. Please bring money to spend, they have some great stuff and your trade helps them buy medicine and other necessities for their villages. They also will do swaps or you can just give away some of your clothes you dont want anymore. The Bora walk 3 hours to get to Kapitari and they appreciate your generosity. Electricity is only available 2 or 3 times a day when the generator goes on but this is adequate to charge your devices. There is limited and variable cellphone coverage. It is a wonderful part of the Amazon and I urge visitors to consider the way the local villagers live in comparison to our own lives of relative luxury and respect the hospitality that Kapitari affords us. The group is coordinated by two facilitators in English, however everyone who works there speaks Spanish. If you have no Spanish you will rely on them to translate. Don Lucio has a one-on-one with everyone early in the week to talk to you and recommend other plant medicines for you to take during your time. He is a busy man with all his work around Kapitari and the farm but he will always find time if you wish to talk to him. There is a trained nurse on site. Every group I have been with is different and regardless of ceremonies, everyone gets something from being in this environment together for a week. Its an unforgettable experience. Kapitari is a truly authentic place and all your money goes directly into the local economy and not into the hands of western run centers. This support of the local people is just as important as the centers permaculture farming ecosystem. My experience at Kapitari has always been positive. My experience with ayahuasca has been profound, but it is not always easy. I go to Kapitari to work and many ceremonies are uncomfortable and difficult both physically and mentally, but I understand that this is the process and accept it because ultimately it is healing beyond the difficulty of the moment. Everyone has different experiences and I recommend you approach your work with ayahuasca from a place of respect, love and acceptance and with no expectation. Be honest with yourself about your needs and intentions and mother ayahuasca and Kapitari will take care of you.

  • Review for Lotus Vine Journeys - Buddhist, Yoga and Ayahuasca Retreats

    MF   July 15, 2017

      Great experience!

    My partner and I traveling to Peru to join an Ayahuasca retreat with Lotus Vine Journeys in May 2017. This was our second visit with Spring and team at Puma Rinri. We are both very experienced with Ayahuasca, having been to various retreats both across South America as well as Europe. Finding a set & setting which offered the right mix was a long process, after working with Spring and team with their unique approach, we could not imagine going anywhere else for future retreats. Returning as a guest a second time was an even deeper, more supportive process in all respects. The Lotus Vine team (Spring, Janeth & Yugo) are so caring, they held a very safe and caring space, which was of critical importance to our selecting their retreat. The team and the maestro offered tremendous support both during each ceremony, and on the non ceremony days, for everyone, in particular when anyone was going through a difficult process. I was particularly grateful for the care Spring & Janeth took with me when going through a very difficult night with the Aya. Their support and attention towards all participants was incredible. The medicine and the Shipibo Icaros were so powerful. The maestro in Lotus Vine worked extremely hard, which we have not experienced in other retreat. They delivered Icaros during the whole ceremony and provided additional work for those who were in difficult processes. Only a true maestro will have the passion to do that. Other than the teaching, meditation and yoga, Spring and the team also offered consultations and discourses when needed. I had a bit of confusion with some visions and feelings coming up in ceremony and with the guidance of Spring and the team, it helped to move the process forward with more clarity. There is such a delicate, fine line, between guidance and entanglement with an individuals process. With Spring and the team, they are so professional and experienced, there was guidance without interfering in an individual’s process which is highly appreciated. It was a great experience and this retreat brought us insights on how to move forward in our life with a balance manner. I also feel the Spring and the team are genuinely passionate in what they are doing, they run the retreat with love and a true heart. After finding Lotus Vine Journeys, I cannot imagine doing our next retreat anywhere else. In writing this 2 months after the retreat, I am still in the process of integration, the work just keeps coming through. Already looking forward to returning in 2018!

  • Review for Victoria Miller

    Roman Kübelbeck   July 14, 2017

      Diet with Victoria in jungle

    Měl jsem možnost být s Victorií na 7 denní dietě v pralese. Vše pro práci prefektně zajištěné. Victoria je spolehlivá, empatická, vstřícná, umí s klidem, lehkostí a vše dobře zorganizovat. V dietě je skvěle napojená na proces a s respektem a pokorou ke klientovi přesně ví, kdy potřebuji pomoc slovem, kdy úsměvem, kdy klidem, kdy osobním prostorem nebo malým soustem po náročné noci ... Provází dietou s láskou. Děkuji za tuto zkušenost, která mě propojila se sebou samým a se vším, právě i díky důvěře k Victorii. Roman I had the opportunity to spend 7 days in the Jungle with Victoria. Everything was organised perfectly. Victoria is faithful/ reliable, empathetic, friendly and she knows how to organise everything to allow for ease and peace in the process. In diet she is greatly connected to the process and with respect and humility to the client. She knows exactly when he needs help with: a word, a smile, a peaceful presence, finding personal space or just a small snack after a challenging night. She guides throughout the diet with love. I am grateful for this experience, which connected me with myself and everything, and I am also thankful that I found someone I could trust in Victoria. Roman

  • Review for Rainforest Healing Center

    Dianna Yager   July 13, 2017

      Master plant diet isolation

    I was in the isolation tambo, I was bathed in the love and light. I can see so many spirituality from the deep of the jungles. I can feel them touch me and my body, they are dancing and smoke the smudging that I can smell them. It is very peacefulness and love, the jungles have bought me into healing and peace. And during in my kambo frog, my third eye exploded and brung the beauty out of jungle that left me in awestruck of their beautiful. I want to be lost into their dreams of jungles with the ancestors and the kingdom. Ayahuasca drink that healed and bought me out of my childhood death that won't let me go, I have been fought for long time. The mother of vine broken the chain and bounded me from the death. I have been freed from the virus since age two. I have been transformed from kambo frog, uchu Sanango and ayahuasca. I feel so wholeness and I am!

  • Review for The Garden of Peace, Ayahuasca & Master Plant Center

    Jesse Everett   July 10, 2017

      Life-Changing Healing at the Garden of Peace

    It has been a full year since my master plant dieta at El Jardín de la Paz (The Garden of Peace), and I wanted to take a moment of gratitude to reflect upon how my life has changed. It seems clear that I can separate my life into two categories: my life before ayahuasca and my life after. Though I am a private person, I am driven to share my experience so that others might know more about the incredible healing capacities of plant medicines and deep personal work. I spent much of my young life depressed. While on the outside things looked normal---I did well in school, played sports, took ballet lessons, and even found the initiative to travel and outdoor adventure on my own, these experiences were marred by a heaviness and dis-ease, a sense of being lost, an outsider. I felt I was missing the point, constantly looking for something outside of myself. I was driven in many ways by fear, anger, and self-doubt. Often I allowed others to take advantage of my depression and sensitivity, bullying and belittling me.  While I never thought about ending my life, I often wondered whether this life was worth living. While my depression must have been obvious to those who looked closely, it is interesting to me that nobody---not a relative, friend, or teacher---ever said, "hey Jess, life can be better," which is why I share this with you now. I was stuck in a negative pattern for 26 years, and if you can relate, I believe real transformation is possible.  I spent many years looking for the source of these negative feelings. I meditated, practiced yoga, fasted, and isolated myself in nature. I sought help through various religious and spiritual traditions. Sometimes I blamed my self for my trauma, and at different times I blamed others. Now I have let this searching and blaming go, which was often a way of grasping onto the pain and resisting change. Release and healing are beginning to flow naturally through my life.  In some ways, venturing into the jungle of Peru felt crazy. I told very few where I was going, and hid the truth from my family. I had very little experience with consciousness-altering medicines. In high school I shied away from these experiences, keeping a firm grasp on the "control" I felt I needed to survive. But I trusted my gut, and when I felt a strong call to El Jardin, I didn't waste time.  The dieta itself was hugely challenging. I will leave the it to others to describe working with the plant medicines, but when I left I felt reborn, as if a lifetime of suffering had been washed away and I was free to start anew. The transformation has continued, and though it has been challenging, it is the most worthwhile work I have ever done. I have been strongly triggered this past year, as old patterns give their last death-rattle. I have cried, yelled, feared, and doubted, but with a deeper level of awareness and curiosity as I witness my process. I chose to honor a commitment to a job I had before my dieta, though that job kept me more frozen in old ways of being than I would have wished. Now that this phase of my life has ended, I feel my life and my self expanding like I've never felt before. Before I had lived without living, frozen without even knowing. While before the endless possibilities life offered felt paralyzing, now they seem to offer a juicy adventure. Before I worried constantly about what others thought and said about me, but now feel more of a calm detachment. Before I feared that I wasn't beautiful, capable, or worthy enough. Now those fears are evaporating. Before I feared that I would never be loved. Now my love for my self, friends, and family seems to overflow. I am excited and curious to see what the future holds. I feel less overwhelmed by and more willing to face the sad realities of the ecological and social crisis Earth is facing today. I feel more okay with being a flawed, sometimes-cranky, mortal human. Simply put, I don't want to be anyone else anymore. I am stoked to live my life.  I have such gratitude for El Jardín de la Paz and the profound work that they do there. I am grateful to the native peoples of Peru who share their healing traditions, and pray that they will be respected. I am grateful to Edgar for guiding my experience and to Lara, Ash, and the other facilitators who held space for me in a way I've never experienced before. This medicine path changed my life, and I am sure it will change many more. It is with love and gratitude that I give my unreserved recommendation. With Love,  Jesse Everett Portland, Maine

  • Review for Merav Artzi

    Martina Chvatalova   July 09, 2017

      A life changing experience

    I was lucky to experience a private retreat with Merav. It took place in a little village called Llanchama surrounded by the jungle, about an hour off Iquitos. We spent a week in that little paradise. We only ate fruits and vegetables. Every night there was a shamanic ceremony during which Merav sang healing songs and I had to drink a medicine that Merav prepared for me. My diet was based on Ajo Macho (male garlic). During the day I had to fulfil various spiritual tasks, I practiced yoga, mediation and we also swam in the Nanay river. I could never remember my dreams, but during the diet I had a very vivid, sometimes magical dreams that I remembered and each morning I discussed them with Merav. The diet helped me to clean my body, my mind, to connect with my spirituality and to get rid off some negative memories. I was also able to forgive myself for the bad things that I have done, and to forget other people that somehow hurt me in the past. Merav is an experienced and empathic healer. I felt great in her company and trusted her completely. It was indeed a life changing experience that I can strongly recommend to everyone.


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