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  • Review for Shamanic Vida

    Erik Arend   January 16, 2018


    I just spent 11 incredible days learning and growing at Shamanic Vida. I arrived with no experience in plant healing. I saw other reviews and decided Shamanic Vida was the place I wanted to make this journey. And it was honestly the best decision I have ever made. I cannot say enough positive things about both Pacco and Chrissy, they are truly amazing people that not only help you grow and experience this wonderful medicine but make you feel so at home and comfortable during the process. Those 11 days were so transformative – mind, body and soul have never felt so clear and alive. Experiencing San Pedro, Ayahuasca and Kambo have truly made an impact on my life and have me more positive for the future. If you’re looking for a retreat this is honestly the place. You will have an amazing experience and I personally can’t wait to go back.

  • Review for Chris Young-- Medicine Man • Practitioner of Kambo • Purveyor of Tribal Medicine & Founder @ Soul Quest

    Bob Watts   January 16, 2018

      Compassionate Healer

    I participated in a ceremony this past Friday. I was nervous, even a little scared when I arrived. The presentation by Chris Young and his staff was amazing. I knew that whatever I was going to experience I would be in good hands with these compassionate and knowledgeable people. Chris did an excellent job of explaining the process and how to handle things that might come up during the ceremony. His guidance and insight proved to be invaluable during my journey. My experience was much more intense than I had expected and the staff was great always there asking if I needed help. My journey ended up lasting much longer than many of the participants that night and Chris was there checking in on me to see how I was doing and to give me assurance. I decided not to participate on Saturday as I had received enough from the experience and let Chris know I was going to go home late Saturday afternoon. He respected my decision and welcomed me to stay but only if that was my decision. I look forward to my next visit. I intend to continue peeling back the layers and go deeper so I can fully let go of my remaining fears and baggage. Namaste

  • Review for Shamanic Vida

    Olli   January 16, 2018

      First ayahuasca journey

    My first ayahuasca journey was at Shamanic Vida and I felt safe and well taken care of at all times. Pacco and Chrissy were great and the location was beautiful and peaceful. Very personal with good food and basic clean accommodation. Thanks a lot and I hope to be back at some point down the road.

  • Review for Realization Nation presents: A Transformational Retreat to Peru

    Khristina Ramirez   January 16, 2018

      Honest Review

    If I could give 0 stars to realizationnation I would. I was badly injured on Fabian’s last retreat in Peru. Here is my honest review- I went on Fabian’s retreat to Pucallpa Peru back in May 2017. Although this is a gorgeous place to visit, the location of the retreat that Fabian is hosting at is very dangerous and can be deadly, due to a surrounding boiling river, which Fabian fails to inform people of on his site, nor did he inform me of in person. During my retreat, Fabian failed to inform me of the dangers and risks and he did not have any safety plan in place. Don’t let Fabian’s charm fool you into going with him. He is merely hosting these retreats for a free trip and to get high on plant medicine. Fabian has no regard for his crew and he is only looking out for himself. During my trip to Peru with realizationnation, I got badly injured and fell into the boiling river, which caused 3rd degree burns on my lower body. More than 30% of my body got burned. After I got out of the river, and back to a hut, I asked Fabian if I should go to a hospital but he assured me that I was in good hands with the shamans who only popped my blisters and applied a cream every few hours. Meanwhile, Fabian was touring the jungle and getting high off plant medicine while I was in extreme pain with no pain medication. This lasted for 3 days before I was offered to leave the jungle and only because the groups retreat was finally over. To make matters worse, once we got back to the city, Fabian left me in a hot car, knowing I could not walk, knowing I was in pain and filth, while he was posting on instagram, having a meal and taking a shower with no regard to my pain and needing to use the restroom. Once Fabian was done taking care of himself, he took me to a clinic instead of a hospital because he was in a rush to make his flight back home. Also, Fabian did not do one thing to help me get back to the U.S. Fabian abandoned me in Peru with no medical record to get back home and no goodbye. Once I got back to the U.S., I had asked Fabian for a refund for my ticket to the retreat, and for the additional fees I had to pay for a flight back because I could not board the plane without a medical record, which can only be obtained at a hospital, not a clinic. I never received the refund that I requested. A day before I got burned, ayahuasca gave me a vision of tourists and told me, “warn them, burn!”. This review is to warn people of the risks of going on a retreat with realizationnation.com, AKA Fabian Rodriguez. This review is also to prevent another injury, or even worse a death. I am very lucky to be alive today. If you are interested in doing ayahuasca, please consider another group, someone other than realizationnation, and a safe location. Fabian is unprofessional, he panics in emergency situations by avoiding them, and worse, he has no safety plan in place.

  • Review for Sacred River

    Martin   January 16, 2018

      Sacred River, Holy Sacrament

    I recently had the good fortune of sitting in Ayahuasca ceremony with Jan. I am delighted to say that most of the details of the retreat ceremony met or exceeded my expectations. His staff of four local Kichwa helpers were kind, helpful and very dignified. The personal attention that Jan afforded to us during the journeying was greater than I had hoped. Jan was careful to use several different synergistic medicine plants during our ceremonial retreat. The combination of sacred medicine plants Jan introduces provide a most genuine healing experience based on proven wisdom traditions from the jungle. The cleansing that Jan preformed during ceremony was for me the most high holy sacrament that I have ever ever been party too. For anyone ready to work with the spirit vine and look into the vast depths of their own life, I can highly recommend the Sacred River.

  • Review for Chris Young-- Medicine Man • Practitioner of Kambo • Purveyor of Tribal Medicine & Founder @ Soul Quest

    Alvin Chan   January 16, 2018

      They truly did hold sacred space & keep us safe

    I participated in 2 ceremonies w/ Chris Young, November 2017. I chose to not drink the brew the final ceremony as Mother Ayahuasca directed me to the answers I was looking for by the end of the daytime ceremony. Cool part was I still laid beside my friend in shavasana while everyone journeyed. I laid quietly observing the surrounding while still processing. All the facilitators never stopped moving. I notice the silhouette of Chris stop in his tracks to watch my friend on the mat next to me. He quietly motions to another facilitator to pay attention to my friend. At this point my friend sits up, Chris crouchs down in front of her to guide her thru her journey. I later told my friend what I saw. She had no recollection of any facilitators coming by. From the outside observer she looked like a normal person sitting Indian style. Chris & my friend both knew she was going to deep. We later decided on our own personal integration that there is no other place we would comfortably go to drink Ayahuasca other than Soul Quest. The whole process itself would not work without Chris & Nischala commanding the ship. What I saw Chris do that night still leaves me with a sense of awe today. I am already planning my next trip back to Soul Quest. They truly did hold sacred space & keep us safe.

  • Review for Chris Young-- Medicine Man • Practitioner of Kambo • Purveyor of Tribal Medicine & Founder @ Soul Quest

    Mish   January 16, 2018

      Words Cannot Describe The Powerful Healing & Love of This Man & His Support Team

    Offering a positive review simply isn’t enough when trying to break down the power of Chris’ efforts & the people that surround him. Healing was just a word before I was fortunate enough to take part in ceremony & healing. Not just for myself, but for every.single.soul that surrounded the events of our experience (together). The love & compassion that you feel when witnessing the difficult journey of the medicine goes deeper than your own journey. I had the conscious mind to watch my fellow new friends go through transformation that could not have been guided any better than the heart & hope that flowed from Chris & ALL the healers present. The journey is not all flowers & rainbows. Having a true healer and bodies with beautiful souls you can trust present to guide them, hold them, take care of them...again, there are no words. Thank you for your work & for fighting to keep this beautiful place for those of us that are open & willing to meet our deepest level of healing. I love you all & appreciate your exhausted efforts in guiding ALL that walk through your doors. Thank you.

  • Review for Chris Young-- Medicine Man • Practitioner of Kambo • Purveyor of Tribal Medicine & Founder @ Soul Quest

    Rod McCallum Jr   January 16, 2018


    So grateful to Chris and everyone there. In such good hands. Everyone was so kind and helpful, a really giving atmosphere. Can't wait to go back.

  • Review for Susan Bookman

    B Smith   January 13, 2018

      Solo retreat in Peru

    I started studying with don Oscar Miro Quesada via the Shift Network December 2016 and the went to a live retreat in the Carolinas. After that introduction to Peruvian healing work, I knew that I needed to work with the plant medicines. From that network I was guided to Susan Bookman who just happened to have some time and worked me into her schedule. You could say it was a cosmic connection. And a powerful cosmic connection! I only had 5 days to spare. I know the internet is full of 10-14 day treks through the Amazon or over the Andes with lots of colorful flags flying, llamas nuzzling and people puking. But if you want to bypass the touristy medicine journey and get to work on healing what ails you, then you want to work with Susan. And I do mean work! When we toured sights it was to gather energy and messages and honor all that is in the Sacred Valley. When we did the plant medicine, it was in a well protected healing ceremony. When I thought there could surely be nothing left, we did a grand despacho ceremony and created a sacred manifestation amulet to support and accelerate my process of embodying all that I seek and desire in my life at this time.Yes it's working. Oh wow, she healed me! Or as she might say - she facilitated the healing. I'm going back soon because the medicine is beautiful! My biggest takeaway was that all that is - is joyful happiness! The Buddha in technicolor neon laughing and giggling.

  • Review for Prana Veda Bali Sanctuary

    Siegfried   January 13, 2018

      Don't go - overpriced and poor quality

    Positives: The group of people I was with were wonderful, the Balinese staff were great, good massages, and Bali is beautiful. Negatives: Ridiculously overpriced, poor quality furnishings, oppressive atmosphere, inexperienced yoga teacher, unhealthy food, terrible bathroom with a dripping shower that was cold most of the time, Balinese staff exploited - contracts not honoured. Run and owned by arrogant, exploitative, reportedly drug-ailed hippy, insistent on telling you how full of peace and light she is while charging 4x the price the place is worth to live out her delusional colonial dream.

  • Review for Susan Bookman

    Victoria Hoch   January 13, 2018

      Exemplary Ceremonialist

    I have a passion for exploring ceremony. When I have been in Susan's presence, I have been able to learn and absorb from a most accomplished and magical medicine woman. For me, the compelling beauty of Bookman's work is in the integration of ancient Peruvian shamanic arts with more mystical, alchemical, and yogic practices. When Susan opens the mesa and begins to pray, something subtle, powerful, and transformative occurs - something that can be felt in every cell of my body. I have seen many people create despachos before, but none have the power and light that Susan brings to this practice. She is the person I would turn to if I needed a ceremonial approach to an issue or problem. I highly recommend her work.

  • Review for Susan Bookman

    martine geeraert   January 12, 2018

      Susan is a wise compagnon on your journey who shares her deep knowledge from the heart

    During my planning of my trip to Peru with my 14 year old son Ethan, Don Oscar Miro-Quesada referred me to spiritsister Susan Bookman. I felt a calling to go on a soul journey for me and my son. I explained to Susan what I wanted and from the beginning her responses were quick and accurate. There was clear communication . She warmly welcomed us and we could even stay in her house. Even with the remodel going on in her house the atmosphere was serene. I felt she was well prepared for our full 3 days journey. We did a lot of work together and the presence of her cute little dogs added on in a playful way. Susan is very knowledgeable indeed and I felt a deep integrity within her, a passion for her work, respect and gratitude for her teachers. She held the space gracious for me and my son. My son opened up deeply, a treasure for me to experience this work with him. We will never forget this. Healing has happened and will go on. I bow to Susan and her spiritguides and I hope to meet again. Many blessings :)


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