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  • Review for Bernhard Karshagen

    Matthew Simpson   October 22, 2016

      Beautiful Space/Strong Medicine

    The space was beautifully situated in the sacred valley in Peru. Short distance from Pisoq. The Medicine served was very strong. Frankly I was taken off guard being engaged while I was in my journey.

  • Review for Peaceful Mountain Way Holistic Healing - Ayahuasca in America

    Michelle S   October 20, 2016

      Highly Recommend

    The Peaceful Mountain Way is a wonderful place with a very caring dedicated staff led by Demian. I was blown away by how supportive, knowledgeable he is and also very surprised he stayed on site with everyone for the entire weekend. That’s right the entire weekend. I don’t think I have ever met a group of people who are so inspiring, uplifting, and kind. I did a ton of research before deciding where I was going to go and I could not be any happier I chose this place. Very professional and highly recommended!

  • Review for Stowe Mountain Ranch

    Charlie Posnick   October 19, 2016

      Best vacation rental property in Stowe!

    I was at Stowe Mountain Ranch with a group of friends New Years and can not say enough good things about it. It might be the most beautiful vacation rental property in Stowe! Amazing location at prestigious Stowe Mountain Resort, incredible layout of space providing an open floor plan where you need it and privacy for bedrooms where you want it. Beautifully decorated, bedrooms are individually named and decorated in classic country themes. The views of the mountains and horses was amazing. We loved having skiing just 400 yards away and having the free ski shuttle stop out front was such a bonus as were the twenty sets of snowshoes. I'd recommend this property to any group for any time of year!

  • Review for Matthew Mormello

    Jesse Dykhuis   October 17, 2016

      Matt is amazing!

    My wife and I recently traveled to Costa Rica for a 5 day retreat at New Life Ayahuasca. Matt is the guide and one of the owners there. Matt has an amazing ability to be present with the participants without affecting their own experiences. He was available to process throughout the retreat and has a very warm and knowledgeable demeanor. The ceremony is so beautiful and intense - it is central to the experience. I can't imagine participating in Ayahuasca with a different guide. We were inspired by his personal story and will be unpacking the personal growth we experienced in his care for a lifetime!

  • Review for New Life Ayahuasca

    Jesse Dykhuis   October 17, 2016

      Leave your worries at home!

    What am amazing experience! Of course, like anyone who is going to take Ayahuasca for the first time we were a little nervous. The owners Matt & Jeanae made us feel comfortable right away! Communications were timely, thorough and reassuring right from the first inquiry email. As this was also our honeymoon - we wanted a retreat with some basic amenities - flush toilets perhaps? This was absolutely perfect! Every guest had a private well-appointed room and private bathroom. The grounds are gorgeous and the views breathtaking. Meals are provided and are fresh, delicious and follow the rules of the Ayahuasca Dieta. You can take a hike, go for a swim, relax in the hot tub or participate in daily yoga and meditation. You can even get a massage or two! Matt & Jeanae are always available to process something you experienced on your journey. The ceremony is powerful and moving! There two are so caring and knowledgeable - they make the whole experience one you can't wait to do again!

  • Review for Shamanic Vida

    Ruthie   October 17, 2016

      An introduction to spirituality and meditating to clear my depression.

    The experience was more than I could of hoped for. I have been waiting to go for three years and finally worked up the courage recently. Pako is a gifted shaman and his counsel during difficult times was reassuring. The staffmade sure we were cared for and comfortable the entire time. I really felt safe and that was important to me. Thinking of the songs they sang warms my heart and I am just grateful for my time there. I work in allopathic medicine, but have come to a stand still with the treatment available to me. The months before I coming I consulted with my doctor and Chrissy about getting off of my meds to take ayahuasca. I was grateful to communicate with her and she really understood the process. After suffering for some years from depression and I knew I have to do something, life was becoming less and less joyous. The benefits I have recieved from this treatment I do not think I could of gotten anywhere else. Honestly, even in five years of therapy, I doubt I could feel this good. Now I feel like I have the calm and power to go where I need to in the next big steps I am taking in life and attract positive people because I am positive. My friend recommended I come here and I am so glad they did, I am passing on this recommendation to find time to go to peru and see shamanic vida for yourself, your spirit will thank you!

  • Review for Ayahuasca healing center-Colombia

    Carola Alondra   October 15, 2016

      Wonderful retreat centre!

    I was very concerned about my first experience with El Yage. I chose this place by a pure accident. I met Marta by chance in Santa Marta. Dońa Marta and Carolina were very kind and informative. I felt well looked after and very safe. The place itself is amazing. Silence, nature and good food lead to a daily good trip. Night was tough but it was worth trying what it feels like during the day time. I recommend this place and definitely want to come back.

  • Review for Stowe Mountain Ranch

    Leo Bray   October 15, 2016

      Wonderful place to bring your group!

    Terrific place to come and spend a few days! Beautiful accommodations, amazing surroundings, very convenient for hiking, biking, skiing, and local breweries, restaurants and other great places to visit. Lovely bedrooms decorated with antiques, most with views of the horses and mountains! Spacious double cooking area kitchen is ideal for any group. Quiet, peaceful, large residential property looking down on a beautiful river. I'd highly recommend Stowe Mountain Ranch to anyone.

  • Review for Shamanic Vida

    Elania   October 15, 2016

      A spiritual journey to knowing my higher self and re-opening my third eye.

    It took me some time to write a review, my apologizes shamanic vida! There are so many good things I can say about my experience before, during and after. For my first ayahuasca experience I had a plethora of questions and they were honest and kind through our e-mails and did not make me feel less "enlightened" for having the questions I did. When I arrived to cusco, they briefed me on options if I wanted to relax or walk around, what the airport would be like and travel times. It was nice not to jump into another country where you do not speak the language and be taken by suprise at every angle. Once we met up I felt completely at ease with everything like my alpha brain waves kicked in by being at the center. The retreats were relaxing yet I made a ton of personal progress. And I wont get too much into that, but it is fair to say I left a healed more centered and conscious person after 6 days. The assistants, the shaman paco all of them were amazing. I will plan on doing a retreat like this, for myself, again. It was a very positive experience for me, I came looking for answers and I got them. This retreat is trustworthy and superb in their consideration and care.

  • Review for Stowe Mountain Ranch

    Brian Murphy   October 14, 2016

      Amazing Vermont Vistas - A peaceful environment

    I really love this place. It's very peaceful. Brought a group there and they had a great time (I don't do yoga but they do- I went to sit around and stare at mountains by day, and hunt down pints of heady topper by night). The horses are amazing, although I'm not suited to ride horses. I think BlackJack could tell I'm not a horse guy, but this big massive hanoverian steed was kinda enough to allow me to ride him peacefully. Gerry is a nice fellow, and his pup Molly and bunny rabbit thumper (who are close friends) are a sight to see. Highly recommend.

  • Review for Stowe Mountain Ranch

    Amy Ribera   October 14, 2016

      Amazing place to bring any group!

    We loved staying here! Stowe Mountain Ranch is a beautiful property located in picturesque Stowe Vermont. It is a large private residence (feels more like an estate) which makes it feel more at home than a commercial property. It has amazing mountain views, a nearby waterfall to swim in, miles of hiking, beautiful bedrooms and an open floor plan perfectly suited for our us. We loved preparing our own meals in the modern kitchen and eating in the dining room with its own views. The great room looks out at the ski trails and we could see their horses from just about every window. The indoor sauna and outdoor hot tub are best with a glass of wine...;-). I would definitely recommend renting this property.

  • Review for Munay Medicine

    Ahmad Gilani   October 13, 2016

      An accomplished master in hiding

    Plenty of retreats around. Each has good points, weak points. But if you have a real need, a real challenge of life, a real illness or problem to work on, something you cannot overcome on your own, something that has drained and devastated you, perhaps for years and decades, then please conider David. His spiritual status, his humor, his deep desire to help each individual with his full, undivided individual attention, are RARE. He put his heart, his soul, his considerabe powers into helping me, recognizing a fellow human in desperate need. I felt loved, protected, supported. The answers that came, the help that came, am still struggling to gather, understand, apply. But he removed a mount everest sized problem from my life, in the first couple of hours of the first ceremony of the first day. AND HE SUFFERED FOR ME. THE PROBLEM WAS SO BIG. AND WHEN I TRIED TO THANK HIM HE JUST LAUGHED AND SAID WE ARE IN IT TOGETHER AND IT WAS HIS PRIVILEGE TO SERVE ME. My single star is to attract readers to the fact that giving stars is wholly inediquate in this case. But if you are looking for some new experiences, new perspectives, good medicine, satisfying shows, then sure there are less exensive options around, who might serve you equally. David Walton is for when you need heavy duty help on your side. Blessings to all, Ahmad Gilani


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