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  • Review for Blue Morpho Shamanic Ayahuasca & Sacred Plant Retreats

    Victoria Nicholas   January 22, 2017

      A precious gift to myself.

    I have participated in a few ceremonies in January 2017 and it has been an amazing journey. It helps that the camp has everything necessary for the comfortable rest as aya experiences can be rather intense. I simply loved the team, they are angels and appear by your side just when you need them. I will be coming back soon.

  • Review for Crystal Roots Retreats

    Rebecca   January 21, 2017

      Transformation in an Atmosphere of Beauty and Love

    This is truly a gem in Ontario. Surrounded by the beauty of nature and nurtured by loving people, Crystal Roots provides an opportunity for you to not only retreat but to transform. Transformation can be challenging at times and when undergoing spiritual growth and discovery, you want to be in a place where you feel safe and supported. Crystal Roots is that place. Give yourself the gift of this experience that will always be remembered as a magical time in your life.

  • Review for Crystal Roots Retreats

    Andrea Garcia   January 19, 2017

      Nestled in the Magic of Nature

    Crystal Roots is such a magical place bound by love and wisdom. Zora and Nubia have created a cozy welcoming space, nestled in the beauty of nature. My stay here was unforgettable and I intend to return. Thank you Zora, Nubia, Mario & the rest of the soul family. Much love & light.

  • Review for Crystal Roots Retreats

    Sara Rogers   January 18, 2017

      Transformative and Tranquile

    I've hosted two retreats at Crystsl Roots and have been steeped in the magical healing energy of the land. All of my participants had their souls renewed by the energy of Crystal Roots. Looking forward to returning!

  • Review for Spirit Plant Journeys

    Kyle   January 18, 2017

      Life-Changing Experience with Spirit Plant Journeys

    Even in my darkest moments with Ayahuasca I always felt safe in the space that he, Neils and Sebastian had created. Each one of them were always there throughout the entire ceremony to help each and every person through their journey and that kind of support is very reassuring when entering the often challenging realm of Ayahuasca. The post-ceremony music after working with Aya I’ll treasure for the rest of my life. Both Neils and Sebastian are gifted musicians with big hearts. It was perfect working with Bernhard and San Pedro as it helped focus my intention on the upcoming work with Ayahuasca. Both Ayahuasca and San Pedro helped me see that we’re creators of our realities and not the victims we sometimes like to think we are. 
This review does not even do justice to what I experienced in those 10 days. I will never forget the amount of love I felt and received from each and every person. Since returning home I’ve seen a total shift in my behavior - yes, the old habits return some days, darkness creeps up, but it doesn’t linger for days on end like it would before my trip down to Peru. I can’t thank Neils, Sebastian, Gume, Bernhard, and Paulette enough for what they’ve done but I hope this review can help as they’re all true healers doing a great service for this planet. Rest assured, you are in very, very good hands with Spirit Plant Journeys.

  • Review for Munay Medicine

    Victoria O'M   January 17, 2017

      Already Planning Our Next Visit

    The location of Munay Medicine is magical and sacred and the energy is of a high vibration. I can't thank David, Tracie, Ken, Paradise, and Marina enough for how they helped me and my husband. We had been suppressing painful emotions the past four years dealing with our son's medical issues. After this retreat, not only did we release a lot of emotional baggage, we returned home stronger, more energized, and ready to confront any issues with new optimism and tenacity. We are already planning our return to this beautiful place.

  • Review for Don Romulo

    Christine Stephanie   January 17, 2017


    Don Romulo is a caring,learned master of his craft. I have no doubt of his knowledge and experience and his intentions, his sincerity and pure love permeate his being. Myself and everyone in our group have stayed in contact and attest to the lasting benefits we have been blessed with. It is difficult to navigate, trust... We are forever grateful that our path led us to Don Romulo

  • Review for Gaia Tree Healing Center

    Michelle Fletcher   January 15, 2017

      It worked

    And it's still working. One of best things I have done and I highly recommend it. The center is genuine and simple. Thank you for the abundance of support and acceptance from the shamans, facilitators and new found friends. I would tell you all about it but please find out for yourself and I'm sure you'll be as speachess as me.

  • Review for SankenMai

    sean leahy   January 14, 2017

      The shipibo brothers Efrain and Walter are top class

    I am very grateful to the healers that I had during my retreat and the great care and help at Sankenmai. I had been struggling with depression and PTSD for years after serving in the military in the Middle East, needless to say I tried all kinds of therapies. I found Sankenmai on the internet and because of the small groups and high number of ceremonies it felt right for me. I received healing here like I could never have dreamed of, and feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my life. Efrain and Walter are truly doing something special here. The environment is so peaceful which allows you to truly relax. These guys really have built a great center, offering excellent ayahuasca retreats and are the kind of humble people that make you feel at home when you’re there.

  • Review for Spirit Plant Journeys

    Mehdi Nasseri   January 14, 2017

      A great experience.

    My wife and I attended the Nov 2016 ceremonies and it was a great experience. I have nothing but praise for the whole event. Sara and Neils are gracious hosts and really care about the comfort of their guests. They make you feel at home and offer their genuine friendship and hospitality freely. There was also Seb, the new addition to Sara and Neils team. He is such a great man with a gentle soul offering support and helping to take care of the guests. Bernard, leading the San Pedro ceremony is wonderful. He is so gentle and compassionate, offering help and support during the ceremony. Gume, leading the Ayahuasca ceremonies is simply amazing. He is a powerful shaman and I was grateful for his help during the times of difficulty with the medicin. His Icaros were great help particularly towards the end with their soothing words. He is a great human being. The venue where we stayed was like a little heaven on earth. Being surrounded with mountains it really lifted the spirit. The accommodation was first class. The food was delicious and healthy. I would not dream of experiencing the medicine again anywhere but at Spirit Plant Journeys. It feels like home. Thank you Neils, Sara, Gume, Seb and Bernard. Thank you. Mehdi

  • Review for Munay Medicine

    Layne Tisdel Martin   January 14, 2017

      The best vacation and the most hard-won soulwork at once—how is that possible? Munay is magic. :)

    Go to Munay. You will enjoy beautiful and comfortable accommodations in a magical part of the world; delicious, healthy foods; and best of all, the kindest and most connected people imaginable. Everyone genuinely cares about the well-being of every guest, and most importantly to me, they understand that working with these medicines is a very individualised experience, so they work with you to make sure that you get the most possible out of it (instead of approaching the experience as a one-size-fits-all journey, like some of the other ayahuasca retreats seem to do). The only thing that ever caused me any worry was the difference in approach to preparation that David and I have—his left brain is sometimes a bit turned off for my comfort (not answering medical questions in advance, etc.) and my left brain is sometimes a bit too turned on (being convinced I need to know the day before if I'm going to the spa tomorrow, which doesn't really matter all that much in the end, does it?). ;) So if you are a planner like me, rest assured that your medical forms are absolutely read in advance and if you don't hear from anyone about them, it means there aren't any problems. You are in better hands than you could possibly realise in advance, and every staff member and every volunteer genuinely cares about you. David's meditations are deeply calming and insightful. Ken's warm spirit and knowledge of the plants is fun, inspiring, and instantly puts you at ease. Tracie is the most comforting, centering, and healing presence I may have ever been blessed enough to encounter. And she cooks a mean spread. :) Be warned that you'll get stuck missing her every day for the rest of your life. Paradise is a buoyant spirit full of light and laughter, and if you don't get to try her lime cheesecake, you're missing out! Marina is such a peaceful and insightful person and wonderful to talk to. You'd be very fortunate to have even one such special person on a journey like this, and all of them at once is almost too good to be true. But it is true! And they make what could be a scary experience something that will truly change your life. These medicines instantly aright your priorities and show you the way that your ego and all of the other various parts of your psyche are working, so that you are in charge of them, instead of the other way around. And in such a wonderful setting with such wonderful people to care for you, the medicines can do their best work unencumbered by confusion or discomfort. You must go. :)

  • Review for Munay Medicine

    Sophia Simone   January 13, 2017

      "Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!"

    My very first medicine retreat ever. I heard a calling to go to Peru for what I was looking for. First search webpage was Munay Medicine. It looked and felt perfect. The very next day I made a deposit for December 2016. Nope, I had no idea what just happened but knew Gaia wanted me there. To be honest I knew I had a lot to work through and indeed I did. A short overview; there were a lot of laughing, crying, stomach pain, cold sweat, hot sweat, and purging! I mean, lots of purging. Thank goodness the staff were so amazingly helpful, accommodating, super friendly, and loving. Yes, that's you; Tracy, Ken, Paradise and David. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. The result? Okay, sounds kinda cheesy but true...I came home about 5 pounds lighter. My body felt lighter and healthier. Emotionally, I feel more centered and optimistic of my future. I'm a lot more calm and peaceful. Spiritually, I do feel an expansion in consciousness and a knowing that all is perfect just the way life is unfolding. But more importantly, I feel secure knowing that I matter in this world. I matter to me...and that is enough...for now. Oh, can I just say that that was the best Christmas holiday of my life. I was blessed to have it with some of the most amazingly loving people on this planet. Thank you guys so much! The quote; "Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life," was made to me on my very first medicine day of Wachuma, by none other than David Walton, himself. I couldn't agree more. And so it is...


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