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  • Review for Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth

    Jason Bethea   November 17, 2017

      Soul Quest Is the Best

    I recently returned from a weekend retreat with a couple of Veteran Brothers and it was a life changing experience. It helped me become aware of a lot of personal issues that were in the way of my own forward positive progress. I will forever be grateful to the Chris and his staff at Soul Quest, they treat you great and really make you feel at home. I recommend this place strongly for anyone looking to improve their own life and the lives of those around them.

  • Review for Yogini Elena

    William Miller III   November 17, 2017


    i met elena nearly 10 years ago in florida . she has a presence that is assertive yet calming, purposeful yet compassionate. if you are fortunate enough to enter her space i am sure you will find it as life changing as i have. sarasota misses you elena:)

  • Review for The Psychedelic Society: Psychedelic Experience Weekends

    Stacy Hackner   November 16, 2017

      Really lovely experience

    This experience was so fantastic, peaceful, and well-held. The facilitators prepared beautiful ceremonies for us, making the space safe and allowing us to have deep and meaningful experiences. The location was gorgeous, allowing for country walks and cloud-watching. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to try psychedelics in a safe, comfortable, and legal way.

  • Review for Yogini Elena

    sigrid olsen   November 16, 2017

      Yogini Elena

    I have taken many beautiful classes with Elena when she was teaching in Florida where I live. Elena brings a spirit into the yoga studio that is calming, and also energizing...she lives her yoga on and off the mat with a grace and humor that makes it accessible for so many people, but also deepens one's practice. To be able to enter into her space on a retreat in India, would be wonderful! I highly recommend Elena for her kindness, compassion and profound knowledge of the ancient practice of yoga. Love her.

  • Review for Yogini Elena

    Oh Limpia   November 16, 2017

      Thank You Yogini Elena

    Leaving Elena's classes, I always come out feeling better than when I walked in. I feel like a new person. She sets up the room like a little temple, with candles and her little altar. The music in the background is in tune with the mood of the class. Her explanations are easy to follow, informative, and she gives us the opportunity to practice at our own pace. I have yet to find a teacher with so much devotion, who truly walks the path as a yogini. Thank you Elena for paving the path for my inner growth.

  • Review for Nada Brahma Healing Center

    Rune Eik Rosendahl   November 15, 2017

      Personal and safe

    I was a very careful and observant person until i was invited into Carlos, Jessica and their childrens home. The Ayahuasca ceremonies and all it contains are filled from top to bottom with Carlos and Alex’ love which really hit my inside while i was lying there listening. If you are like me looking for a really personal and safe place to retreat - i highly recommend this place. I do not think it can get any better. I miss you guys and thank you a life time for your kindness and i am really looking forward to seeing you again.

  • Review for Visionary Hearts

    Tanin Shunter   November 15, 2017

      Heart, Beauty & True Transformation

    Along the wild-ride that has been my life, I have had the blessing of crossing paths with Darcy and Robin. From our first encounter their level of integrity, heart, and commitment to creating a more beautiful world struck a deep chord in me. When I caught wind that they would be offering a Pilgrimage to Peru, my heart rejoiced as I couldn’t think of two better guides for my first encounter with this magical land. The pilgrimage itself was wholly transformative. Robin and Darcy planned each day with meticulous love, care, and an ignited sense of adventure. I felt very safe and masterfully-held throughout the entire experience by the seen and unseen foundation these two had laid so beautifully prior to my arrival. In visiting the various sacred sites their knowledge, reverence, and passion for the Andean cultures shone through brilliantly. My experience of these powerful sites was greatly enriched by Darcy and Robin’s sharings of the various site histories, lore, and of the peoples that dwelled there many moons ago. I really appreciated how they made every conscious effort to connect us with the locals in deep and meaningful ways. We visited an elementary school, participated in beautiful despacho ceremonies with local elders and medicine carriers, and were treated to the beauty of traditional Peruvian dances and song. In this way, I did not feel like a “tourist” passing through, but a welcomed guest in a home amongst friends. In working with the medicine I found myself surrounded by unparalleled beauty. Everything from the space, to the food, to the company (did I mention the food?) was immaculate. With the level of safety and integrity present in each ceremony I was able to go deep within myself to catalyze healing that would have otherwise not been possible. The blessings, insights and gifts I received through these ceremonies continue to blossom in my life in magical and unexpected ways. It is rare indeed to find people who teach by the way they live, and live by what they teach, and that is exactly the medicine that Robin and Darcy offer. Darcy and Robin aren’t only “on the path” they are blazing a new way of being as a gift to us all. I wholeheartedly recommend them as impeccable guides and friends into the heart, lore and mystery that is Peru. Munay <3

  • Review for Punta el Custodio

    Laura Mackay   November 15, 2017

      Rhona yoga and Pilates Retreat

    Spent a week in the most beautiful place I have been last year and going again this year. Have never experienced such a relaxing, great food and amazing people in a retreat. The yoga in morning watching sun come up and in evening with sun coming down was very grounding and calming. Highly recommend anyone to go to as I’m sure you will be hooked as we are! Going again this year and as long as Rhona continues to put on will be there. Rhona is the most kindness and giving person, she is what makes this a retreat to not miss! Hope to see you there!!🙏🏻

  • Review for Bella Retreats

    Jasmine Richardson   November 15, 2017

      In Awe...

    I am still on a high from this Astrology retreat. I truly had no idea that being around so many like-mind like-spirit souls could effect me the way this retreat did. Una and Adam are true inspirations and it was evident in the people that attended. The love and light that transpired will stay with me forever. I am very much looking forward to the next one, and many more retreats with Bella. All I can say is thank you thank you thank you!

  • Review for Punta el Custodio

    Laura Code   November 15, 2017

      Rest, Relax and Recharge

    I have been to 2 retreats at this location with Rhona and I'm coming back for more! It is an incredible way to rest, relax and recharge. Yoga classes are outside with a fantastic ocean view and taking in the energy of the chalata tree. Rhona is an experienced teacher that will guide you through yoga and pilates classes, tailoring it to every individual's needs. The food is delicious and the accommodation clean and comfortable. Come check it out for yourself, you won't regret it!

  • Review for TierraMitica - Ayahuasca Healing Center

    stuart pridham   November 14, 2017


    My experience of the owner of Tierra Mitica was that of a bully who displays not the slightest sign of respect, kindness, empathy or compassion for anyone. He presented a series of ideas to the participants, but permits no discussion of those ideas at any time. He claims to be a happy man, but I witnessed him become quickly agitated and aggressive when someone would disagree with him or or challenge his philosophy.. Be warned.

  • Review for Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth

    Daniel Bennett   November 14, 2017

      Soulquest retreat

    One of the most positive life changing events that I have ever experienced. As a true believer in spirit and soul I went in with the mindset to find the pure connection that we are born with then taught to forget. I can honestly say that I have been reset. Having this experience will greatly take you on your personal journey highly recommend to try it at least once


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