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Johnathan Flores holds the title of Dr. in General Medicine (Universidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquil). He is also a trained Reiki Therapist and specializes in Ecuadorian Ancestral Medicine (Shamanic Medicine). He was born in the USA but grew up in Ecuador with Colombian roots.

He started to develop his relationship with plants in which he had learned from his grandmother. Johnathan now aspires to dedicate his life to the teachings of plant medicine.

In 1997, at the young age of 13, he started in martial arts training himself in Taekwondo. There, he discovered the world of Asian philosophy which captivated him. A few years later he became a student of Japanese Traditional Jiu Jitsu. In 2001, at 17 years old, his Jiu Jitsu master gave him the blessing of Reiki and he became a Reiki Therapist. In the same year, he studied the anatomy of the body and increased his knowledge with chiropractic courses. At that point, he began his vocation as a healer.

Finally, in 2002, he met Master Ricardo Tay Lee who taught him the sacred path of Kung Fu.
Master Tay Lee instructed him for 8 years in the Chinese arts of BODY, MIND and SPIRIT through the daily and rigorous practice of Kung Fu and Taoist meditation.

In 2004, he began to study as a doctor in medical school. At the same time, he was introduced to the power plants and the abundance of knowledge that came with it. In that moment - he met the sacred circle of ancestral medicine. Th combination of the fire, teacher plants and mother earth medicines brought him a feeling of yearning to retrun back home. 

Johnathan decided to devote his life to the path of the ancestral medicines teachings (Shamanic Medicine). He apired to keep alive the powerful tradition that ancestral civilizations have been transmitting from generation to generation.
He has 13 years of experience with the teacher plant´s knowledge of San Pedro (Aguacoya) under the discipleship of the Master Taita Marco Vazquez and Yajé (Ayahuasca). He received generous teachings from teachers of the community Shuar, Cofan and Siona in the Ecuadorian and Colombian jungle, who have become part of his family.

He was born with the intuitive ability to feel others. This empathetic skill has allowed him to develop dynamic treatments, adapting it in a unique way to each patient.

He dedicates his life to the study of physical, mental and spiritual healing. Aside from being an Ancestral Medicine Man and a General Doctor of Western Medicine, he provides Reiki treatments, different techniques of Chinese Medicine and Emotional Therapy. He developed his own Therapy named IET (Integral Emotional Therapy) where he combines all the branches of medicine he has developed.

Johnathan is also a musician and works with Lakota Flute. He uses this as music therapy, taking the patient into a meditation towards an inner journey.

¨ I believe in the integration of medicines and I feel that this allows me, as a healer, to expand my field of vision. Being able to treat the same ailments or illnesses in my patients from several points. That makes me achieve fast and effective results, which betters the quality of life and brings health and wellbeing.¨
                                                                                                                                        Dr. Johnathan Flores Becerra

NINA WASI´s founder

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  • Christina Hinz   September 26, 2017

      A very respectful and true master!

    I have been working with a healer in Germany for a few years and I have also been experiencing the work of other great healers who work with medicine but the genuine teacher was Taita Johnathan. This is because of his truthseeking nature, his immense knowledge, his humbleness and love, his powerful medicine but most of all his complete dedication to your healing process. He is capable to really bring true healing into your life because he is doing everything what it takes to get you there! With every word and action he teaches you because he shares knowledge about so many different aspects of your process, daily life, life itself, the significance of the medicine and ceremonies and many teachings more and he is not sparing any effort so you can really learn, implement and grow immensely. If you want to learn at any level of your process, he is the one! He lives or even is the medicine. He is an example for a healthy man,a loving husband, a caring father and a very respectful and true healer. He is a great master! He gained so much knowledge and connection with the medicine that after a year working with him I am astonished in what different dimensions he can guide you, really teach you and transform you. As if every ceremony is opening another space in you, another deeper level of yourself, a more profound consciousness all the time. It is truly an incredible and elaborate work. I am finally finding healing, mentally, physically and spiritually. I can connect with my heart for the very first time and this is the greatest gift of all. Now I can bloom and truly create from love. I have the deepest gratitude and the most respect for this master!

  • Laura Schinca   August 16, 2016

      Un gran maestro

    Muchas gracias Taita Jonathan por tu simplicidad y amorosas enseñanzas, por cada palabra, contención y abrazo, por tu atención e interés en mejorar la vida de las personas y por ayudarnos a recordar que estamos en este plano para ser felices y que si se puede vibrar en una frecuencia de amor cada día de nuestra existencia. Inmensamente agradecida por esta familia, los amo

  • damian grimberg   August 12, 2016


    El taita Johnathan es un ser transparente con un enorme corazón. su trabajo es impecable, cada ceremonia se entrega por completo y se pone al servicio para que cada paciente que entra a su círculo de medicina pueda conectar y sanar el propósito que fue a trabajar. las medicinas ancestrales son muy sagradas y poderosas, por esto es importante poner mucha atención con quién se toman. Y el taita Johnathan es una garantia para poder vivenciar la mejor experiencia que transformará tu vida, al igual que lo estoy experimentando yo junto a toda mi familia.

  • Cerezit Reiss   August 12, 2016

      Impeccable work and complete dedication

    Taita Johnathan is one of a kind. His joyful dedication to his life and work is admirable. He treats us all patients with real patience, love, attention and respect. He has an open heart, willing to teach to anyone who is willing to learn. And the beauty of it is that the things you learn from him he puts into action in his own life and his family. His work is confidential and you can trust him completely, you will never be judged by him, on the contraire, you will learn that he has only good intentions in his heart and good thoughts in his mind. He has invested so much energy and love into healing me and my family and for that I am forever grateful.



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