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Founder and teacher of Agama yoga Colombia:  Juan, a Taurus (with ascendant Leo), was born in a small city in the Andes Mountains of Colombia, South America. Most of his childhood and young life was spent on a farm surrounded by nature, joy and love; it was a beautiful and happy time. At age 18 he moved to the capital of Colombia to study business. He completed his university studies plus a Masters in London, where he also went into business, but after a while he found out that was not… For more information click the 'Send a Message' button origin

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  • C M   February 20, 2018

      A warning for the women

    I'm writing this review to warn other women and to help keep the yoga community safe. Juan, the manager of Agama Yoga center at Finca San Pedro has approached me in a way that is unacceptable and inappropriate. He has touched me without my consent, and tried to hit on me by using my interest in yoga and tantra, abusing his position as a teacher. After rejecting him multiple times he continued telling me "I want to make love to your Shakti so that I can become a Shiva" and "I have this honest thought I want to share with you, I want to fuck you really hard", to name just a few of his comments. Once I updated the staff about the situation they told me they know 'Juan is very difficult with women' and that it was common for him to behave this way towards most attractive woman who arrived at the property (women of all ages). Juan has been harassing me and he finds it difficult to accept a loud and clear no as an answer, telling me that he is like Jesus and doesn't make any mistakes when I shared how his actions and words were making me feel. There are so many beautiful places in Colombia where you can enjoy nature, meditate and do yoga. Stay safe and don't go here.                                                                                   ******* Reply From The Center ******             "C" the woman who wrote this "review", first contacted us asking if we could accept her as a volunteer, she also wanted to learn Yoga and Tantra from us in exchange of her work, and she wrote a long email telling us about her, what she could do here as a volunteer and the problems in her life she was expecting to solve here if she was accepted (we wish everyone could read that email, so you can really understand what really happened from the beginning)... anyway, the fact is that we accepted her to come, but first we wanted to know her better, so we offered her to come as a volunteer for a mutual three days trial period.. from the moment she arrived, we tried to help her in all possible ways, we gave her a decent place to sleep, together with breakfast, we introduced her with all the work that she could do here, as we usually do with all our volunteers and we even allowed her to take a Yoga class, so she can taste our system, something which we also do here with everyone who wish to do that... From the moment she arrived, i must say she was expending most of the time talking to people, pretending she was working, but she was not, we even had a volunteer who was here before her, very good worker and from the moment she arrived, she turned him lazy and another talking machine, she was flirting to the Yoga teachers not only once but few times, she was giving the impression to everyone as if she was very open, too open, in the way she talked about sex, her body language, showing her body too much, to the extent that sometimes you could even see her breasts, sitting in a way that once you could even see the side and the hair of her vagina, yes it was that bad we have to say this and acknowledging she was not using underwear.. so yes, it is true that Juan Ananda, the manager of the school, once invited her to the Chunsua, the shamanic temple and offered her Rape and Mambe, both shamanic medicines that she tried before, so it was not something new for her, to clear up the mind and talk in a transparent and clean way, they both sat in a hammock, like any man and a woman talking, at the beginning she appeared very open, so yes he tried to approach her, but she changed her attitude a bit, she didn`t say anything at that moment, still Juan noticed it, so he stope, then he tried again, Juan noticed things were not flowing, so he decided not to try any more, as simple as that and nothing else, but let`s put it even more clear: Juan never tried to kiss her or to take off her clothes, he didn`t even insinuate that to her, he never disrespect or abuse her in any way and it was just simply a soft and gentle massage, he was trying to give her, which didn`t flow, and nothing else, as simple as that and absolutely nothing else.. Yes, they talked openly about sex, Juan tried to explain to her how sex is like in Tantra, since she wanted to learn, but never disrespecting her in any way. So, this is the true story and it is not true as she tried to make it look like, as if Juan didn`t accept a no as an answer or that she rejected him multiple times, which that comment could leave things to lots of miss-interpretations. Questions: if it was the way C is trying to make it look like in her review, why she stayed lying down in the hammock all the time, with her legs open on the top of his legs, talking in front and very close to Juan in the same hammock? Why she didn`t just leave, sit in a different place or at least change her body language, or blow off the candles and turn on the lights if it was that bad at that moment for her? It is true that Juan is an open man, knowledgeable of the path of Tantra /sacred sexuality, he can talk openly about the subject but always very respectful and kind with women and is not true that he approaches all women, in the way C wants to make it look like in her review. It`s not true that after this C talked to the staff, because first her spanish and understanding of this culture is still very poor, so how come and second the staff would have told Juan about this delicate situation, as they are very close and loyal to him,.. After this happened, from next day in the morning, C became like a trouble maker, creating confusion, misunderstanding, separation, low energy, among everyone here, Juan tried to talk to her in all possible ways, but she continued with a very negative attitude, to the extent that Juan had to ask her to leave the farm and off course she left feeling not happy at all with him and now she is not stopping this, she made us close our profile on workaway, she left this negative review, not only here, but in other websites and many other negative things, simply trying to create lots of damage and nothing else, without realizing that is more the damage she is doing to herself, by being like that, but anyway,... C was never here as a student of Yoga, neither of Tantra, she never took any of our courses so she has no right to leave reviews in Juan`s profile as a teacher, not in the Yoga school and it`s also not right that this website, retreat.guru allows someone like her to leave reviews, when they haven`t being actually in the center as students.. After this we are going to ask retreat.guru to remove this review, which we think doesn`t benefit her, our school and anyone, but let`s see what they do,.. It`s not our wish to expose C in this manner, but in this case we are force to do it, in order to defend and protect ourselves, and we hope whomever reads this review and our answer will understand it in this way... We also understand that is not only C trying to create damage here and exposing her own personal issues, but it was also Juan`s mistake to approach her like this when she just arrived to the center.. We are learning from this experience and from our mistakes, but we also wanted to make it clear, expressing on detail what really happened, so whoever reads this can understand what was what, but above everything here we understand most of all that behind C and Juan`s egos and minds, which is what is making this to happen, the true essence and nature of both of them and who is reading this now is Consciousness and Love, which is the only thing which really matter at the end and therefore at least from our side we forgive totally any bad intentions coming from C and from now on we also forget this situation as it never happened before and we hope C will also do the same, for her own peace and freedom.. Thank you!


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