Gemini Adams

Gemini Adams, RYT, C-TREP, is a trauma specialist, yoga teacher and award-winning author with a portfolio of conscious living books and published articles.

The creator of Womb Sense — a fusion of yoga, sacred ritual, somatic experiencing and sensual movement, classes are held in the safety and solidarity of sisterhood, guiding participants to shake out pains of the past, freeing trauma from their bodies and wombs to become a welcoming and safe space for cosmic conception and creation. She has taught Womb Sense at numerous studios throughout England, Ireland and the USA.

In her private practice, she uses Body Sense and TRE® (forms of somatic experiencing) to help her clients simply and safely unravel the ‘stuff’ that sits behind their suffering — grief, boundary violations from abuse or physical injury, negative imprinting and unresolved relational, developmental or shock trauma — to bring relief, restore harmony and an authentic state of wellbeing to mind, body and soul.

She has also worked extensively with psychedelics and plant medicines, both personally and professionally, and offers support integrating these often times life changing experiences with somatic therapies to heal what has been revealed; whether it be sexual trauma, relational abuse or neglect, bullying, low self-esteem, depression or anxiety.

Gemini loves to combine her passion for changing lives with travel, and, over the past 20 years has participated in youth, personal development, environmental and community outreach projects in Africa, Peru, China, Poland, UK and the USA, with The Red Cross, Raleigh International, Personal Overseas Development, The Tony Robbins Foundation and Cancer Research. Gemini also writes for Open to Hope and the Huffington Post and is the author of several bestselling books, including Your Legacy of Love and The Facebook Diet, which have been published in multiple languages and featured on The Today Show, the BBC, The Huffington Post and Reuters.

She currently works with the Temple of the Way of Light - a Shipibo ayahuasca treatment center in the Amazon jungle, Peru and The Center for Relational Healing, Los Angeles, as well as teaching internationally at yoga studies, healing centers, retreats and festivals throughout the USA and the UK, where she is from. 

Tags: bhakti plant medicine somatic experiencing trauma tre

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  • Matthew Hoffman   August 18, 2017


    Gemini was a staff member at a ayahuasca retreat I recently attended. It seems as though every two days I encounter a self proclaimed "Healer" of one persuasion or another. In a world of so many "Healers" it's often difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Gemini is the real deal. Genuine and true. Incredibly special. Super dialed-in. Her workshops were always active, engaging and left all of us feeling lighter. Spending 3 weeks in the jungle with no electricity, salt, sugar, or vices of any kind was no easy task; Gemini's candor and great sense of humor made it an absolute pleasure.

  • Ryan Reagles   August 17, 2017

      Healing touch

    Gemini is a true healer, a beautiful spirit. You'll feel it when you're working with her, you'll see it in her eyes. She'll hold space for you, allowing you to open your heart and release the trauma your mind, body or spirit is holding on to. I'm profoundly grateful for the work that we did together. My spirit guide is thankful and I feel that everyone that has been fortunate enough to be in her presence is a better person for the time they shared. Love, peace and happiness to you forever Gemini P.S. I did cry alot. She is really good at making people cry :-)

  • Bobby dobbin   August 08, 2017

      Grace & Humility

    Gemini was a member of staff on a recent Ayahuasca retreat I attended. My experience had the potential to be extremely dark and destructive but with Geminis presence and guidance it became the  most positively profound and healing chapter of my life. The gifts and knowledge she shared continue to be of service to me each day. The positive impacts of her healing work were clear to see in fellow attendees both inside and out of ceremony. Gemini was extremely generous with her time and knowledge and the grace and humility with which she went about her work was humbling. She epitomizes giving what's needed, nothing more, and her tenacity in difficult situations makes me chuckle. I could write many pages on Gemini and fail miserably to do her justice. I am eternally grateful for her generosity of spirit.

  • Erin Shea   August 03, 2017

      Powerful, brilliant, genuine

    Gemini has changed my life in profound healing ways I can't fully grasp or explain, but the positive effect is clear to me and my loved ones. My family has told me I'm a new person — brighter, happier, more free — and I know it's in large part due to the beautiful work Gemini facilitated for me. For years, I struggled to feel at home in my body, always carrying shame and hate for being a woman. I could never understand where this self-loathing came from, or why no matter how much therapy or energy work I sought, it would not loosen its grip. Then I met Gemini, and took a few of her magical WombSense workshops over the course of a couple of months, and then had one private session with her. In the space of two hours, we uncovered why I had been so terrified of being a woman, and we discovered what I needed to do to heal the wound. I've been able to forge a new relationship with my body built on trust, love, adoration, and amazement. It does things I didn't even know were possible! Like it dances on its own, and thanks to Gemini, I now know how to surrender to the wisdom of my body and let it express itself. What a delight! I truly cannot say thank you enough to Gemini for letting her gifts and intuition guide me to release such a deep block and discover so much magic within myself. Her carefully-crafted toolkit, brilliant mind, adorable humor, and deep intuitive sense will help you unstick yourself from whatever is preventing you from living the life you're dreaming about.

  • Marta Wanderlust   July 19, 2017


    Gemini is not just a wonderful teacher but also a powerful and talented healer. I have had the pleasure of attending a variety of her classes in Peru, as well as receiving a 1:1 healing session. I was really moved by her warmth and generosity, founded on an incredible amount of professional knowledge and a truly magical intuitive connection to the Divine.


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