Susan Bookman

Susan Bookman is a shamanic & spiritual healer, ceremonialist, teacher, social development advocate and animal lover who has lived and thrived in the Sacred Valley of Peru since 2005.  Originally from the United States, she now lives in the beautiful community of Hatun Rumiyoq near the town of Urubamba, one hour outside of Cusco. 

In addition to being a Pachakuti Mesa Practitioner since 2003, her healing training and fortes include Andean folkloric healing, sacred plant medicine, pranic healing and sound & color therapies and trainings. She is also the founder of the World Ayni Association (, a small, grassroots, non-profit organization that offers training programs and services to rural and disadvantaged communities in Peru. She holds an MA in International Communications & Development from the American University School of International Service in Washington, DC and has significant experience in sustainable development particularly in insular economies and environments. In addition to Peru, she has lived, studied and worked in Europe, Asia, Africa and other parts of South America.

Susan offers services and retreats to individuals or small groups seeking knowledge and training in Andean Spirituality & Healing, the Art of Despachos, Shamanic Ritual Creation, Apu & Pachamama Relationship Building, Pachacuti Mesa Tradition, as well as those seeking healing and interested in lifestyle changes, personal transformation, crisis support and mystical travel guidance. She is also serves as specialized guide for visits to sacred sites or alternative customized excursions geared toward spirituality &/or social development related initiatives.

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  • B Smith   January 13, 2018

      Solo retreat in Peru

    I started studying with don Oscar Miro Quesada via the Shift Network December 2016 and the went to a live retreat in the Carolinas. After that introduction to Peruvian healing work, I knew that I needed to work with the plant medicines. From that network I was guided to Susan Bookman who just happened to have some time and worked me into her schedule. You could say it was a cosmic connection. And a powerful cosmic connection! I only had 5 days to spare. I know the internet is full of 10-14 day treks through the Amazon or over the Andes with lots of colorful flags flying, llamas nuzzling and people puking. But if you want to bypass the touristy medicine journey and get to work on healing what ails you, then you want to work with Susan. And I do mean work! When we toured sights it was to gather energy and messages and honor all that is in the Sacred Valley. When we did the plant medicine, it was in a well protected healing ceremony. When I thought there could surely be nothing left, we did a grand despacho ceremony and created a sacred manifestation amulet to support and accelerate my process of embodying all that I seek and desire in my life at this time.Yes it's working. Oh wow, she healed me! Or as she might say - she facilitated the healing. I'm going back soon because the medicine is beautiful! My biggest takeaway was that all that is - is joyful happiness! The Buddha in technicolor neon laughing and giggling.

  • Victoria Hoch   January 13, 2018

      Exemplary Ceremonialist

    I have a passion for exploring ceremony. When I have been in Susan's presence, I have been able to learn and absorb from a most accomplished and magical medicine woman. For me, the compelling beauty of Bookman's work is in the integration of ancient Peruvian shamanic arts with more mystical, alchemical, and yogic practices. When Susan opens the mesa and begins to pray, something subtle, powerful, and transformative occurs - something that can be felt in every cell of my body. I have seen many people create despachos before, but none have the power and light that Susan brings to this practice. She is the person I would turn to if I needed a ceremonial approach to an issue or problem. I highly recommend her work.

  • martine geeraert   January 12, 2018

      Susan is a wise compagnon on your journey who shares her deep knowledge from the heart

    During my planning of my trip to Peru with my 14 year old son Ethan, Don Oscar Miro-Quesada referred me to spiritsister Susan Bookman. I felt a calling to go on a soul journey for me and my son. I explained to Susan what I wanted and from the beginning her responses were quick and accurate. There was clear communication . She warmly welcomed us and we could even stay in her house. Even with the remodel going on in her house the atmosphere was serene. I felt she was well prepared for our full 3 days journey. We did a lot of work together and the presence of her cute little dogs added on in a playful way. Susan is very knowledgeable indeed and I felt a deep integrity within her, a passion for her work, respect and gratitude for her teachers. She held the space gracious for me and my son. My son opened up deeply, a treasure for me to experience this work with him. We will never forget this. Healing has happened and will go on. I bow to Susan and her spiritguides and I hope to meet again. Many blessings :)

  • Dinaz   December 28, 2017

      Amazing, Compassionate Earthly Spirit Guide!

    I had the blessing of going on a medicine retreat with Susan in Peru earlier this year. It was an intense journey inward and out. I am grateful to her for being there as my pillar of grace and beacon of light. I was in awe as she worked her magic on me. She gave me invaluable advise and still helps to guide me with after care. I still feel the afterglow in my time of integration!

  • Kathy Edmondson Kieffer   December 20, 2017

      Solid person to work with

    I worked with Susan over the course of a three years, as I led medical teams into remote regions of the Andes. Susan was an active team member, supportive of the medical team, proactive in finding ways to positively impact community health and education. She was a knowledgeable resource for local supportive modalities. Susan was friendly and open to the medical team, integrated well with our group and was a valuable team member. I continue to enjoy and treasure the friendship I now share with Susan. She is a person of integrity both in word and deed.

  • Douglas Burr   December 18, 2017


    I have had the opportunity to study and work with Susan on several occasions over many years. Her knowledge and awareness of the power of plant and spirit are tremendous! I always tell anyone who is interested in communing with the plant spirit realm must do so only in a safe, loving and supported environment. There are no shortcuts in creating such a space! I have just recently been in ceremony with Susan and was extremely inpressed by her abilties and commitment in creating that exact space. Her attention to detail is nothing short of Amazing!

  • Amore St Ives   December 18, 2017

      Dear to my heart

    As soon as I met Susan, I was immediately comfortable with the journey that was to come. I instantly felt like I was in the presence of family under her care and so appreciative of her kind approach. She is warm, supportive, incredibly knowledgeable and patient. She was an unexpected surprise in every way and I am so grateful that she was my guide through such a healing process. Her spirit envelopes you like a loving blanket and you can feel her authentic intention emanate from her entire being.


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