Retreat Management Software

Retreat Booking Guru does your administration for you. Accept online registrations and manage retreats, rooms, finances, and your participants. Our online retreat software is designed to give you peace of mind.

"After 7 interviews with some VERY expensive PMS/Booking systems I finally found Retreat Booking Guru. This software has replaced our our booking system, our retreat listing system, our property management system and our Filemaker Database in one easeful swoop."

Sam Eberle

Webmaster at Satchidananda Ashram - Yogaville Inc.

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"Retreat Booking Guru has allowed our administrative process to finally complement and accommodate our growing organization. I am also continuously impressed by the rate at which the RBG team is developing new features that are relevant to our needs and by their timely and personal response to our requests."

Karin Gingras

Temple of the Way of Light
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If you run more than 6 retreats a year, this booking software is for you.

Retreat Booking Software that gives you all of this and more...

Save precious time

Automate the monotonous things like: registration emails, guest statements, room assignments etc. Save hours of admin time each week.

Boost your sales

Receive premium listings and social media marketing on Retreat Guru. Engage participants quickly by offering payment and registration directly on your website.

Everything in one place

By having all of your programs, registrations, payments, students, and emails in one place, you will have more clarity and focus to manifest your vision.

Elegant Room Booking

With a professional reservation and room inventory system, operate like a hotel. Allow people to book in different rooms with different prices and automatically turn off room access when fully booked.

Room Management

View bookings in all your rooms across all of your programs. In one glance see who is arriving, staying and departing over the next month or more. Managing rooms is included in our retreat software.

Retreat rooms management, allowing participants to choose a lodging option when registering.

Participant Dashboard

Each participant has a retreat booking dashboard, where you can see their registration data, view payments and charges, process a payment, email them directly, see the email history, change the room booking and so much more.

Participant management: view registration details including program, stay dates, guest type, room assigned, transactional history, registration fields, emails and more.
Integrated guest statements can be automatically sent to the customer via email for payment.

Save Time

Retreat Guru's Booking Software helps you automate emails, guest statements, deposits, room assignments and more to make your life easy.

Smooth Communication

Retreat Guru's Booking Software sends great personalized emails automatically at registration, payment, and even before your retreats begin.

Save Money on Foreign Banking

Take credit cards right in your registration form online - no more bank wires. Seamless transactions directly to your bank account..

Get Paid

Process credit cards online and onsite. Our retreat organization software allows you to take deposits and get the balance before people arrive.

Easily charge your customers the program price, balances due and optional items.
Send bulk emails to participants attending a single retreat, staying at a certain time or when they booked.

Powerful Communication

With our bulk email feature, retreat management is even easier. Easily send an email to everyone in a specific retreat, staying at a certain time, booked at a certain date etc.

Retreats added to Retreat Guru's booking software can be presented dynamically on your own website.

Fully integrated on your site

Through our beautiful programs catalog share captivating imagery and details about your retreat organization, branded perfectly to your site.

We'll also help promote your retreat organization.

Reach a new audience of over 100,000 retreat participants.

We'll feature your retreats on Retreat Guru.

Feature Your Retreats on Retreat Guru

Each month Retreat Guru will advertise your retreats on our marketplace. Get your events noticed by our global community of retreat-goers.

"Retreat Booking Guru is making us more efficient and it is making our administration easier. It is simpler to run reception now; you update things in one place and everything is updated."

Swami Shivabhaktananda

Sivananda Canada

Simple Pricing that grows with you.

The only software designed specifically for retreat organizations.

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We get up to 300 registrations per year.

All Plans Include

  • Fast & Awesome Support
  • Easy Initial Setup
  • Intelligent, Personalized Emails

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I just love, love, love Retreat Guru, you have saved me SO much time and made my life so much easier. I also love the way you guys keep working on stuff and improving it. Stephanie, International Yoga
Our communication and efficiency have greatly improved with Retreat Booking Guru Karin Gingras, Temple of the Way of Light
Retreat Booking Guru is making us more efficient and it is making our administration easier. It is simpler to run reception now; you update things in one place and everything is updated. Swami Shivabhaktananda, Sivananda Canada

All Plans Include

Intelligent, Personalized Emails

Free up time with personalized email templates. We'll send participants all the details they need at the right time.

Seamless Website Integration

Integrate into any website. Showcase programs on your website with our beautiful retreat catalogue that uses all of your fonts, colours and branding.

Guests Can Book Online

Never miss a booking! When a guest is motivated to book they can check availability and reserve online anytime. Take full payment or just a deposit.

Keep Participant Information All In One Place

Provide better service to guests by having all their information in one system. Reduce risk by keeping track of participant health, dietary, and special needs too.

Create Reports On Rooms, Registrations & Finances

Save time & know what's happening using our simple & powerful reporting. At a glance, see who is staying in which room and what program they are attending, which guests have a balance due, or search any of your financial transactions.

Combine Program Attendance With Accommodations

Retreat centers work differently than hotels. We combine program attendance with accommodations to streamline the registration process and save you unnecessary admin work.

Add On Bundles

Sales & Marketing Booster

Attract new participants & increase your revenue with the ability to follow up with abandoned registrations, early bird pricing, discounts, and multiple languages.

  • Bundle includes:
  • Abandoned registration follow up
  • Early bird pricing
  • Advanced discount codes
  • Multiple languages

Complex Registrations Time-Saver

Streamline your registration processes & save your time. Manage rental groups, block rooms, lightweight POS, multi person registration.

  • Bundle includes:
  • Multiperson registration
  • Block rooms for retreats
  • Manage rental groups
  • Lightweight POS

Finance & Team Access Tracker

Reduce risk and know more about what's happening at your retreat center. Multiple access levels and permissions, track team activity build price packages, track personal credit.

  • Bundle includes:
  • Build & track packages
  • Manage personal credit
  • Multiple access levels & permissions
  • Track team activity

Benefit From Our Retreat Ecosystem


Saves you time

Streamline your registration and admin processes so you can focus on your guest's retreat experience

Payment Processing

Get low processing rates

2.85% in Canada, USA & Australia
Interchange + 1% in Europe
Contact us for anywhere else


Discover new participants

Your event listings display for free on our marketplace helping you attract new participants from a global audience of retreat seekers. Only pay a 14% fee when a guest books and attends a retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 14 day free trial work?

Get access to all our features to try them out. We'll set you up with our software & a retreat consultant to make it easy. If you decide to buy then your free trial account will become your live account. You won't lose any of your data or your setup.

How many users do we get?

All plans come with unlimited accounts for your whole team.

What counts as a registration?

A registration is 1 guest's stay at your retreat center. Ie. A guest who comes for a 2 day retreat counts as 1 registration. A guest who comes for a 30 day retreat also counts as 1 registration.

Typically registrations are for overnight or multi-day retreats. But, if you have many day-visitors, or often rent out your retreat organization to visiting teachers & their students, weddings and conferences, let us know. This could make your plan cheaper!
contact us for custom pricing

What happens if I cancel half way through the year?

Pay yearly risk free:
If you pay a year in advance we will reimburse you for the remaining months left in the year.

Pay monthly:
If you pay monthly, you'll just stop paying at the beginning of the next month.

What happens if we go over our plan?

If your retreat organization is doing many more registrations than expected this year, Congrats! We will notify you if you're processing more registrations than is part of your current price plan. You'll only be responsible for paying your new price plan after you have been notified. If you sign up for a higher plan, and do fewer registrations than expected, you can move to a smaller plan. We will credit you the plan difference from last year towards this year's plan payment.

Still have questions?

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"Software that thinks like a retreat organization."


What does the tech stack look like for a typical retreat center?

Why Retreat?

We asked people why they go on retreat, here's what they said:

It would my first vacation in the mountains. I think getting away and beginning a new routine would be good for me and a friend. Dianne

Retreat Guru's Vision

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.