About This Center

We are Willka Hampi, meaning 'Sacred Medicine' in the traditional Quechua language. 

We are a unique non-profit community and educational formation center dedicated to serving the new age appearing in our world. Through a guided and collective work with the sacred plants (primarily Ayahuasca and San Pedro), we work to make appear leaders, medicine people and other eco-communities to serve this global movement.

We desire to share and expand the universal vision, knowledge, wisdom and sacred practices that have been transmitted to us throughout many years of working with reputable indigenous masters and sacred teacher plants within a community dynamic.

Therefore, in order to help people encounter their participation to this global awakening, we have developed various programs to help people find:
– a necessary spiritual connection through the universal tradition of the Sacred Medicine Wheel and shamanism
– an inclusive vision of life
– their true motivations and hidden potentialities through a guided and safe* work with the Sacred Teacher Plants
– and the practical vision, strategy and means to manifest a project

*Confirming our mission to provide a safe and comprehensive process with Sacred Teacher Plants, our friends at Retreat Guru awarded us with their Safe Ayahuasca Retreat 2014 Award.*

We offer the following programs with Sacred Plants:
"Sacred Wheel Medicine Program" - $525 - 1 week program                                                         

"Sacred Feminine & Leadership Medicine Program" - $550 - 1 week program

Leadership formation Process – -$650 per month - long term                                                                            

These Sacred Plant Programs offer:
– Sacred Plant ceremonies (Ayahuasca and/or Huachuma) – quantity of ceremonies depend on ones time of stay
– Traditional Sweat Lodge (Inipi y/o Temaskal)
– Educational classes and workshops (e.g. Shamanism, Leadership, Cosmovision, Observe Nature, Making ceremonial Tabacco, Medicinal Plants, ...)
– Spiritual Practices (daily communal chanting,....)
– Creative practices (e.g. art and artesania, theatre)
– Personal mentoring and project planning

We also offer the following programs without work with Sacred Plants:
– Andean Natural Medicine Workshops – $165 - 4 days

All our programs offer:
–Comfortable accommodation (two people per room max.)
–Shared bathrooms and hot showers
–3 Lacto-Vegetarian meals per day
–Small group sizes
–Limited internet access
–Access to our library, grounds and facilities

For more full details of our community, projects, and programs please visit our website: 

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Contact us at: 

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Venue Highlights

Our community is situated on the mountains near Pisac. It's a very calm environnment to live. Perfect for a retreat.


  • Free Wifi
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Ayurvedic
  • Gluten Free

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  • Ryan E   August 22, 2015

      Changed My Life

    Before I came to Muyol Willka Hampi, I was living without any direction or any real meaning. I expected to be there for 2 weeks on my first visit and stayed for 7 1/2 months. When I arrived, the family welcomed me in as an equal and walked with me as I changed my life in a way I never expected. Not only did I find a direction that gave utility to my actions, but the Medicine Team helped me to put that into action and integrate it into my life. Abuela Ayahuasca opened my heart to life and a love so profound; I discovered my true identity and how to live it and I will never turn back. The family and the Abuela taught me how to start to truly live and I will be forever grateful.

  • hari devi dasi   November 24, 2014

      Authentic medicine process

    I am fortunate to find this place and family. My life changed since i came here. This is a place where you can experience authentic medicine process. I know many people changed their life and encounter their path here. If you are looking for serious and safe place to have medicine process, ( Also a lot of fun) this is place for you.

  • Michael Parrish   November 12, 2014

      Muyol Willka Hampi

    For most of my adult life I have been interested in Sacred Plants, but never having tried them. I was diabetic and working with a natural healer and he suggested ayausca. I didnt have any attraction at the time, then he suggested the same later and by body gave a real response of ¨yes!¨ So I tried ceremonies with 6 different groups over 2 years before I encountered this place. So I could compare how other people worked and how we work here. Before being here, it was difficult to see how my life was changing in any real way unless I was in ceremony. So we would have ceremony, share a bit, and then go back to our separate homes or ways. Here we learn how to work in cirlce and try to see life as ceremony. We live in community so we can all observe which learning Grandmother Ayausca is trying to show and help us with. In general I would say this is very very difficult without a methodolgy and without the eyes and ears of my sisters and brothers. In the past I would take my own mind, emotions, or the emotions and mind of others as my reference. This led to a greater confusion and insecurity, because this reference could change in a heart beat! So here we see Great Spirit as our true reference, one who can is stable and fixed and we can always count on. This gives us security, confidence and a true sense of our identity. We encounter this relation in ceremony and also our daily lives. The circle is also our reference. So the observations of other members in the family can help expand a point and bring clarity for all of us. We try to work with this awareness where there is no judging, guilt, or shame so we are free so participate and share. We also see in working in this way brings the dynamic of the magic space where we all win together. It is really something to work in sponteneity and liberty without the normal ways of competition, greed, judging, etc. For me this way of working with the Sacred Plants is what has given me direction and a sense of my true being in my life, along with my brothers and sisters. Joy! And you are welcome.

  • holly   November 11, 2014

      This place is a unique encounter

    Tucked away within the mountains of the mystic Sacred Valley, you will find this culturally diverse community of medicine people welcoming you with a huge warm and welcoming heart. I have taken medicine in more indigenous settings in the jungle before but there was not a real process there to be able to make sense out of my experiences. This place is different however, they work in a serious, safe and comprehensive way with the teacher plants so you can connect profound mystical awakenings to make real changes in your life. This place and people have really helped to awaken my consciousness to the sacredness of life and realize parts of myself that have been hidden for life-times. I would recommend this process to anyone who wants to work seriously with ayahuasca and make real changes to their lives.

  • sebastian   October 11, 2014

      A path of Life

    I have encoutered this place 6 years ago and I have encountered much more than personal healing, but a path of life and a way of living the sacred space of life in a permanent way. This place teach me how to relate in a healthy and sacred way, having better relations and participating to life trough projects, a valuable personal participation that one needs to be part of humanity. So basically this process saved my life, because it is not just about taking plants, but also learning true philosophy, science and magic arts to serve Mother earth, Nature, and her family. The persons there are very dedicated and authentics, so that helps to receive and feel confortable, like in a family. Thank you!

  • jessica   October 02, 2014

      This place will change your life!!!

    I learned so much in my time here! I initially came for the one month process and left six months later. The Abuela is an amazing teacher and so are the people here. They never judge or dismiss you, I felt free to truly express myself like never before in my life. They helped me understand who I am and what I am doing here, and for that I will be forever thankful.

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