About This Center

The work of our mystery school, Sacred Dimension, in both single ceremony and extended workshop format, takes place in the Sacred Valley of the Andes Mountains and the Peruvian Amazon.


Plant Ceremonies

 The use of Ayahuasca, Huachuma and Temaskal is integrated into a period of consciousness transformation and spiritual development work in communion with Nature and sacred sites.Those are built by Incan and pre Incan civilizations throughout the mountains and jungles of Peru and act as energy amplifiers. 

Special ceremonies, both nocturnal and diurnal, accelerate the growth of the deep spiritual journey and awakening that is the workshop, bringing the divine depth and insight that is their gift.
Ayahuasca takes place in our own sacred temple (image above). Huachuma is best experienced amidst nature, in the beautiful mountain scenery of the Sacred Valley.

The Shamans

Traditions from the depths of antiquity are brought to you by two shamans working to provide a powerful and fresh tool for change in today’s world. Loyver is a indigenous Shipibo from shamanic lineages many generations old.

Alyssan is a modern Ayahuasca healer, reiki master, cosmologist and psychotherapist with experience in yoga, music therapy, tantra and meditation. The combination of these masters is powerful in the extreme and the alchemy of their association enriches and renews ancient traditions.


We have three beautiful guesthouses and a communal area in the main house, where most of the meals are cooked and served. Our specially designed houses are built with natural materials like adobe, bamboo or wood and are suitable for different needs.

       Our round house can host up to nine people. The bamboo roof incorporates a skylight, where you can enjoy sleeping under the stars. It is equipped with two modern bathrooms with bathtubs and hot water. Relax there with flower baths and candlelight...


The guesthouse has space for three to four people. It has a kitchen, a fireplace in the living room, 

a bathroom with shower and hot water plus a twin bedroom downstairs and a double upstairs. Its many windows allow a lot of natural light in.

The cozy little "planthouse" is perfect for single or double occupancy, with a double bed, a bathroom with hot shower and a glazed loggia.

We believe, that a healthy diet is crucial for healing. At Sacred Dimension we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The meals are freshly prepared, organic, vegan and a mix of cooked and raw. We use products from our own garden and the local markets. Superfoods like chia, quinoa or nuts, lots of veggies and fruits, potatoes, rice dishes or fresh juices and smoothies supply you with all the nutrients you need, detox your system, and are super-yummy! 


We are very flexible with scheduling our retreats. Every week there are Temazkal, Huachuma and Ayahuasca ceremonies at least once, sometimes more often, combined with special Shipibo plant dietas, plant baths, and other healing techniques like Reiki or Chakra activation.
Our service includes to tailor your schedule according to your personal needs as well as leaving space for "last minute" bookings. 

Come and see us, you will be surrounded by love and healing in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in the world as you take one of the most inspiring inner journeys of your life.

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  • Drake Carnahan   January 27, 2019

      Go elsewhere!

    I worked at this location for a short amount of time in 2011. After having multiple ceremonies there (7 total) I experienced absolute inconsistencies with the practitioner. While she could speak of beautiful things related to spirit, her personal life and actions revealed an absolute disconnect to what she claimed to be practicing. She was a racist and extremely horrific to the locals, including speeding up and almost hitting a toddler in the street. She rolled down the window and told the mother of the child that the reason they have so many children is because they are awful parents and if one dies, they will still have other ones around to make up for it. I, and others I brought to the property for ceremony, experienced serious darkness in ceremony. I had people stop talking to me because I brought them to experience ceremony there. My final ceremony was #1 most extreme experience of my life and, while there are many theories, the shamans told me I was attacked my a curse that was on the property out there by another shaman (whether or not you believe in curses, I literally walked through what seemed like silent hill for a time period related to this supposed curse, so I’m a bit of a believer). I could say more, but please do yourself and find a healer who actually does the work. I can see someone passed away sense, but I do recall being told someone else had died there sometime before I arrived. Not a safe place!

  • Elizabethe Davis   May 01, 2017


    My sister came in November 4, 2016 and died in Alyssan's care, during her ceremony November 5, 2016. Alyssan's behavior was one that lacked empathy, sympathy and integrity. She let my sister struggle to breath for over 15 minutes without helping her, or calling medical professionals. Alyssan was quoted saying, "I'll just bribe the police". It took her over 2 1/2 hours to call the police after she died. My sisters' sweatshirt, pillow, blanket and journal she had with her at the time of her death have disappeared. I know they were there because her picture was featured on the front page of the Cusco newspaper. Alyssan never once reached out to me to even apologize, but did offer my sister's significant others a free vacation. Alyssan is a very sick, deranged woman who needs a lot of help. If you value your life, do NOT trust Alyssan to guide you during this ceremony. You just may be her next victim. My sister wasn't the first to die at her hands, and she won't be the last sadly.

  • Andrea C   November 22, 2016

      Look elsewhere

    While I don't doubt this place has had its good times, those are truly over. It seems to me that the shaman has fallen way off track and needs a lot of self work before even considering leading others in their own personal work. She has lost her truth, her integrity, and her kindness, and I really discourage anyone from coming to do any kind of work here. A "healer" is not someone that you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself. Alyssan doesn't embody this characteristic. It seems that she has gotten in over her head and, as she even said in her own words, her karma has finally caught up to her in the worst way. I won't go into details because the reviewer below me has said it quite clearly. If you're looking to do real work, be kind to yourself and look elsewhere as there are plenty of good options in the valley, and other parts of Peru.

  • Anonymous   November 19, 2016

      Avoid this Center

    There are many amazing places to do plant medicine retreats throughout the Sacred Valley and throughout the rest of Peru. Based on my experience, this is simply is not one of them, and my best advice is to look elsewhere. While the center is a beautiful place, the "Shaman" that leads these retreats and owns the center is an individual that lacks integrity. It's very important that the facilitator / shaman has done a lot of self work, so they can help guide your experience in a positive way. Alyssan still has a lot of her own work to do. And unfortunately, at this center something very tragic happened - a practitioner died during an Ayahuasca ceremony. Without getting into too many details, I can say that it was troubling to see Alyssan’s reaction and behavior after discovering what had happened. I would expect honesty and loving kindness from a true healer, yet Alyssan showed neither of these qualities in any capacity.

  • Ronald Quattlebaum   October 30, 2015

      Life Changing Experience

    I started out with the basic desired to have an Ayahuasca experience somewhere near Cusco, Peru in May, 2015, so I did a simple internet search. (I was not aware of Retreat Guru.) I was extremely fortunate to stumble upon Sacred Dimension. It was not my first choice, but synchronicity took over and led me to the right place. I set aside 2 nights/3 days of my vacation for the visit. The center is located in the small town of Qoya (alternate spelling Coya) in the Sacred Valley about 30 minutes north of Cusco. The Sacred Valley is where you want to be for spiritual work - not in the busy, noisy, polluted, commercial atmosphere of Cusco. The first day, the group took a day-long hike up the mountain, combined with a Huachuma ceremony. The experience was indescribably beautiful. Alyssan, the Huachuma shaman, led the hike/ceremony, while maintaining a positive, spiritual focus. Instruction is enhanced by the fact that Alyssan is fluent in six languages, having worked as a professional translator in an earlier career. I cannot overstate how important it was to me to be able to communicate spiritual concepts western-style. The second evening, the group gathered in the Temple for the Ayahuasca ceremony. Be aware that Ayahuasca is serious medicine and should be used for serious spiritual work. I have since learned that Peru is full of "beach party" shamans who cater to casual travelers wanting a psychedelic experience. Spiritual Dimension has a serious mission of personal spiritual evolution and healing. My Ayahuasca experience was profound and life changing. The medicine is enhanced greatly by the live music (Alyssan is a world-class professional musician/instructor. Loyver is an indigenous Shipibo Shaman from Alto Ucayali in the Peruvian Amazon and also sings/performs to Ayahuasca. Together they are amazing.) The next morning the group gathered to discuss and fully integrate their experiences. I found this session to be vital in understanding the deeper meanings of my experience. Food and lodging are provided. The food was abundant, organic and Vegan, which was particularly important to me. I am also gluten-free, which was not an issue, as rhe food provided is primarily, if not entirely, gluten-free. The setting, staff, and overall experience was so good that, after returning to my home in the USA, I knew I had to return for an extended stay. As I write this review, I am at the end of a nine-week visit which has given me the opportunity to do deep and serious work on my spiritual evolution. I am deeply grateful to Alyssan, Loyver, and the staff for their dedication and the personal attention provided to me on my inner journey. They are very giving and have continuously worked to tailor my experience to my particular needs.

  • Casey Anna   October 29, 2015

      True Healing

    I am so blessed to have been able to find Alyssan and Loyver at Sacred Dimensions. I was referred to them by another shaman I worked with in the jungle and to have another shaman speak so highly of their healing work is honorable. They are truly passionate about helping you heal and awaken supporting you on your journey. This center is one of a kind I cannot say enough of how much they really care in assisting you in your work on your path. It is quite refreshing to find a place that cares and goes to the extent that they do here. On top of the amazing healing work that is done you are able to have top quality vegan food, fresh juice, and homemade chia milk. The food matches the spiritual healing work done here which I feel is very important which you don't get at many other centers. The energy of this center is so magical I felt a sense of peace the moment I stepped on the property. This is a profoundly sacred place in the sacred valley. I am definitely coming back and highly recommend! Namaste

  • Xari Zanna   October 29, 2015

      Seriously talented shamans

    I have been an apprentice at Sacred Dimension, including undertaking a dieta on Chiric Sanango and serveral huachuma (San Pedro) and ayahuasca ceremonies and also temezcales. I have also seen many people come as volunteers and for ceremonial work. All have been very happy with their experience. This center maintains a high level of integrity; the lifestyle is all geared around awakening the consciousness of the world and of those who visit and participate. The shamans, Alyssan and Loyver, are excellent, well connected to spirit realms, and purely dedicated to light work. Loyver is a Shipibo ayahuascero and Alyssan is a brilliant huachuma shaman and healer that utilizes ancient and modern techniques in her practice. The accommodations are modern and comfortable, the vegan food is excellent. Oh, and the scenery is incredible. My experience at Sacred Dimension literally transformed me into an awakened person. There was no coddling, I did the work, but was well supported and when it became too much for me, I received gracious and loving help on a physical, mental, and especially energetic level that I am forever grateful for. While this journey is obviously an individual one, Alyssan and Loyver facilitated my process with skill and love, and I gained access to depths of understanding I had previously not known and now have access to. I recommend this center to those on a serious spiritual quest, not for spiritual tourists. If you come here with purpose, be prepared to grow and change, become who you truly are and go forth in the world with new eyes and abilities.

Why Retreat?

We asked people why they go on retreat, here's what they said:

Become a friend to myself. Scott

Retreat Guru's Vision

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.