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Jeannie's Healing center was founded in 2014 and is located in a beautiful setting on the banks of the Momon River, about a 30 minute boatride from Iquitos. For about 3 or 4 months of the year the riverbank floods which is why the entire center has been constructed on stilts about 3 metres above the ground giving the impression of floating on the river.

Our retreats primarily work with the ancient and sacred plant Ayahuasca. This plant has the capacity to work with a person on both physical and mental levels, giving it the names of the purge and a teacher plant.

What sets us apart from everybody else? In addition to my special location, a retreat led by me will result in a different journey than if you were to choose elsewhere. I will firstly attend to the unique needs of an individual by means of consultations and, where necessary, a personal supplement of healing plants. I feel all too often individuals leave retreats lacking means of integrating their experiences with their expectations and with their everyday lives. I like to ensure everyone has reoriented and is comfortable before leaving.

Secondly I am different in that I apply the outlook of an individual’s needs to the dieta (diet). It is important to follow a dieta to allow the plants to take their maximum effect. It is important not to eat any pork for one week prior to the retreat and no avocado, red wine or cheese for three days. This is because they inhibit the enzymes in the brain. I put a little more into the food than most, using herbs to add flavor. There are cereals and other foods provided by our friends in addition to the regional juice every day. Many places impose a ban on salt and as a result I have seen some suffer badly; to rapidly switch diets can be dangerous. This is why I allow pink rock salt for the individuals that need it.

Thirdly we are different in that my shamans do not go to bed after the ceremonies take place; they maintain a vigilant watch over you until the morning. I currently work with three different shamans in order to provide the opportunity to more than only one. Don Romulo Tang Mendoza is 79 years old with a respective 60 years shamanistic experience. Don Juan is 68 with a respective 43 years of experience. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee which shaman I will have attending which retreat beforehand, yet all of them have earned my full respect and confidence. Each has his own ayahuasca brew and icaro (songs) repertoire, however it cannot be said that one is superior to another by any means.

Finally what sets us apart is that I have built tours into the itinerary, no other retreat currently offers this and these activities are normally organized separately at additional costs.

The aim of Amazon Visions Awakening is to become fully self-sufficient within two years. To produce or own vegetables, fish and chickens in the heart of the jungle both for our guests and the local community. I want to give our guests a greater understanding of the Amazon, educate the children, and reteach the local people their own medicines. This knowledge is quickly fading and it is something which they now so desperately need.

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  • Charn Gill   February 21, 2015

      JEANNIE is simply the best

    I just returned from my retreat at Jeannine's healing center. Was there from feb 09 to feb 16 2015. This was my second time meeting Jeannie, we first met when she was facilitating at kapitari. She is an incredible healer and ver intuitive and an all around loving person. A real person. She tells it like it is, no bs, no sugar coating, and she'll help you in any way she can. She's very knowledgable. After meeting jeannie at kapitari I was delighted to find out she had started her own center and I just knew I had to come back ( it was time anyways, lol ) it's a newly built center on the banks of the river, it's built on stilts cause the water levels can come up quite significantly, there's a five story tree house which is awesome swing life away up in the hammocks on the tcp floor. The staff are friendly, caring and kind, fluent English may not be their second language but there are more than one way to communicate, plus there's usually someone who can translate or speak a lil English. It's not hard to get by. I can't speak a word or spanish but I communicated just fine with the staff. ( hand signals, body language yo) the four ceremonies were conducted by Matilda and her daughter Sara. Both shipibo shamans. Matilda is an amazing woman who has this motherly way about her is is sweet and gentle and you feel safe and protected in ceremony. Sara has a beautiful voice and her icaros are amazing. Both women together are a force. They are powerful. Some of the best ayahuasca ceremonies I've been in to date. If anyone has any more questions, I have no problem answering them for you. I'll give you an honest reply. All in all, it's a new healing center, it's gonna still have a few minor kinks here and there to iron out, but I've seen worse. This place , once running at its optimal abilities will be an amazing center and I wish it nothing but the best. Jeannie can do so much more. Any issues ppl have with mental health , depression, anxiety, illnesses, I highly recommend it. Charndeepgill@gmail.com

  • Ryan   November 26, 2014


    I attended Jeannie's retreat after reading favourable reviews about her on the Kapitari website and took a chance by booking with this recently opened centre which had no testimonials of its own to refer to. This ended up being a big mistake. Jeannie took ill just prior to the commencement of our retreat, which is of course unavoidable and unfortunate, but what was unacceptable was that without her the centre was not able to function effectively. Half of our group opted to leave by the fourth day after several pertinent shortcomings were observed, in contrast to what had been stated on the website. They included: 1. Retreat groups would be no larger than 9 people (since changed to 10) and ours was 13 2. The centre utilizes 2 particular male shamans in their 70s, neither of which were at our ceremonies (we had a much younger female) 3. Activities and tours were to be included in the retreat and were listed on a schedule which we received upon arriving. As of day 4 when we left, none of the activities had transpired 4. Not speaking Spanish was said not to be a problem as translation would be provided. Nobody at the centre was bilingual, and as a result we were not able to communicate with the staff or with the Shaman as promised 5. The ayahuasca brew is traditionally prepared by the shaman administering the ceremony; ours however was prepared by the landscaper of the centre who was not a healer, and as a result very few of us had any significant effect from the medicine After leaving Jeannie's centre and meeting with the administrator to advise him of the situation, we were accommodated for the remaining 2 nights of our stay at an alternate location where we were provided with our 3rd and 4th ceremonies. I appreciated this remedial effort, however interim expenses had been incurred in the form of 4 meals and one night in a hotel. Upon returning back home I contacted the administrator to request reimbursement for these expenses (amounting to $100US) which equated to the 24+ hours which we spent unaccomodated. I felt was a very fair request given the inconvenience and disappointment we had experienced. His response to this was that there was no money available and therefore, that request would not be granted. To me this added insult to injury; after spending a considerable amount of money to travel to Peru not only did we not get what we had bargained for but we ended up being even more out of pocket in the end. I strongly urge anyone considering booking with Jungle Jeannie's to continue looking elsewhere.

  • John   November 20, 2014

      Life changing

    My experience at Jeannie's Healing Center has been nothing short of life saving. I had an accident just over two years ago which caused some nerve damage, which for some reason, slowly became progressively worse as time went on. A month or two after the accident the numbness that I felt at the site of the injury spread over my entire body. For two years I went to all the best doctors in NY, and I saw specialist in California, and not one of them could figure it out. After spending close to $15000 on countless disappointing doctor visits, I was feeling severely depressed. In July of this year, I found my way to Peru. (I say that I was called here because I'm really not sure what made me come) I booked 3 different retreats that were mean to last around two months total. I knew this wasn't going to be a problem that was going to get fixed in a one week ayahuasca retreat. Thankfully, my first week in Iquitos was spent a Kapitari, and it happened to be the last week that Jeannie worked there before opening the doors on her own center. After meeting her I cancelled my other retreats. I knew she was going to be the one that helped me. I could feel it. I've been at "Jungle Jeannie's" Healing Center for the past 4 months now, and I've noticed significant improvement in my condition. Jeannie has some amazing gifts. She's a true healer, but more than that, she's one of the most compassionate, loving people I've ever met in my life, and she's a friend. At the risk of sounding defensive and bias, I'd like to address the comments by Dorra and Alain, as I was also there that week. First of all, I'm sorry if Alain got a mosquito bite in the middle of the Amazon jungle(!), but all of the rooms are sealed in mosquito netting and have bathrooms with compost toilets, so I'm not sure exactly what he's talking about. And to be fair, it's true that the retreat was slightly overbooked, but it's Gert van Gennip that was handling bookings, not Jeannie. It's one of the many reasons that he is no longer working for Jeannie. As far as Dorra's comment, I'll start with the tobacco and ayahuasca ceremonies. She makes it sound as if "three long term patients" carried out the ceremonies. I guess she either forgot, or chose to leave out the fact that all the ceremonies, including the tobacco ceremony, were held by a Shipibo shaman and curandero. The Shipibo have a rich shamanic history, and are well respected. No one was in any "danger" as she said. Also Jeannie was at the retreat from Thursday on, and apologetic about missing to first few day due to illness. To use Dorra's words, I am "shocked and horrified" that this self proclaimed healer, and "soul retriever", had zero compassion for the fact that Jeannie was ill. Dorra also told me that I should leave the center, and that my "soul was like an orange which was missing a few wedges due to my accident", and that "I'd never heal properly unless my soul was complete". Of course she handed me her business card before she left, and invited my to come to her place in Thailand so that she could "retrieve the missing pieces of my soul".  Needless to say, I won't be going to Thailand anytime soon. I apologize for the length of this review, but I think it would be really sad if someone that truly needs healing chose not to come see Jeannie based on 2 nonsense reviews. Jeannie's center isn't just about ayahuasca. Yes, you can have ayahuasca ceremonies here, I've had quite a few beautifully intense ceremonies here myself, but it's also about true healing. I've been on a number of different plant diets over the last 4 months, and as I've mentioned before, my condition is improving. I am beyond grateful that I've met Jeannie, and even more grateful that I've been able to get to know her beyond the "Jungle Jeannie" story that's posted online. She's truly a beautiful person.

  • Carl   November 18, 2014


    You recieve far more care and guidance here than a few retreats I've seen, although its still early doors and Rome wasnt built in a day. I was also present for the same retreat the low starred reviews below were, and they neglect to mention (because they essentially either lost patience or couldnt face the ayahuasca revelations) that four people out of those who saw sense and didnt follow their cue and didnt leave with them had very deep, healing life changing ceremonies. Dorra wasnt interested in ayahuasca, or at least was more interested in telling everyone they didnt need ayahuasca but that her soul retrieval center was what they really needed. She was even handing out business cards the whole time while disparaging basically everything she could. Not an enlightened person. Jeannie is no perfect angelic yogi starchild, but she knows her plants and she knows healing. She is also kind and selfless where it counts. If you feel drawn to her or her place you were meant to be.

  • Scott   November 17, 2014

      Great experience

    First I just want to say what a gem Jeannie is. Next I want to say I was at the same retreat that Allain and Dora were at.They are traveling partners that roomed together. I must refute nearly everything they say. Jeannie did show up after they left. All activities took place except the mud bath which requires full sun. Allain and Dora were very complementary, to my face, of the efforts made during Jeannie's illness. They both said they enjoyed the river and bathing in it. I actually have photography of same. Why, I even bathed in their room after they left. There was plenty of water in their room and not a single mosquito bothered me during my shower/bathing, which is fully enclosed unless you leave the door open...and they did often. Mosquitoes in the Amazon is forgone knowledge. At our first conversation Dora told me that she came to the center with a message for Jeannie. Dora told me that she intuitively knew that Jeannie is an empathic healer. She said she came to tell Jeannie to give other people's illnesses to the jungle and that the jungle would feed on them. She told me that Jeannie can stop being sick if she can learn to pass on the illnesses instead of taking them on. So it doesn't make sense for Dora to say the Healer is a bad healer because she is sick. Dora knew why Jeannie was sick. That is how Jeannie contracted the cancer that ultimately cost her her arm. We all know her story. Dora solicited for me to leave and said she was starting a healing center in Thailand. But, if i couldn't come she would would send me parts of my fragmented soul in a rock. Souls don't fragment. Personalities/egos do. I have enjoyed my stay as have numerous others. Dora introduced herself to me as an angry person, which I reminded her of. But, now i must add vindictive and sabateur to her anger. She actually rallied and fostered false fears in other guests. Then told me that the demons she terrified everyone with were her allies and these demons give her strength. Craziness. This review by Dora and Allain is not accurate. Others will soon post their amazing results. This is a third world adventure into the lifestyle of the tribal people and it is an insult to their way of life. They love bathing in the Momon river. The kitchen area is very primitive as it is at other authentic jungle centers. I will stand up for Jeannie. Time and future retreats will prove out the truth.

  • johnfphd   November 17, 2014

      Great experience

    I went to a week-long retreat last month (October) at Jeannie's Healing Center. She was warm and compassionate, and was invested in keeping us safe and well-cared for. The food was basic and made to match the ayahuasca diet. It was not 5-star cuisine, however it was healthy and edible. Jeannie was beginning to feel ill while we were there but she brought in Shaman's to look after our ceremonies. I understand that some folks had negative experiences and all I can say is that my experience was very positive and that I look forward to returning to the Amazon and visiting Jeannie.

  • fuchs alain   November 17, 2014


    After long searches i eventually choose Jungle Jeannie's to experiment shamanic retreat with ayahuasca. What a mistake !!! Right from the start Jeannie overbooked the retreat from 9 people to 13. As a result i was given a room open to mosquitoes and without bathroom (I had to shower in the river). Also if you were still hungry after seeing the state of the kitchen the food was absolutely atrocious. As it is supposed to be a shamanic retreat i have to say that this is not the most important. Unfortunately Jeannie never shown up. The people in charge were patients like us who have been unable to fulfill their rôle. The result was -No preliminary consultation -No spanish/english translator so no possible communication with the shaman and the locals -None of the additional activities has been put on -No surveillance during the ceremonies (the staff was asleep. Once we had to walk over one of them to leave the room) Consequently, after 3 days of this treatment, i left with 6 other people feeling cheated and unsafe Fortunately for us, Gart who is Jeannie's intermediary in Inquitos, found an alternative solution to finish our retreat. This happened with Freddy and the shaman Roman allowing us to realize what this experience should be. In conclusion, Jungle Jeannie's Healing Center is a real swindle you should absolutely avoid. Alain FUCHS PS: I apologize for my english as i am french but i felt i needed to write my review in english for everyone to read

  • Dorra Lemanczyk   November 17, 2014

      Dangerous retreat

    I am shocked and horrified that this woman Jungle Jeannie is still running a healing retreat! Be warned she is not a guru she is a crook! We traveled across the world to have an ayahuasca experience, she did not show up for the retreat! After 3 days and realising that 3 of her long term patients were trying to look after us. We were not informed about how the centre was run, and they even carried out a tobacco ceremony and a ayahuasca ceremony leaving us all at risk from negative energy! Realising that we were in absolute danger we left the following day back to iquitos. I would also like to add the kitchen was absolutely filthy, the food was poor and very little of it. If this woman has any healing ability why oh why was she sick? And why did she not ask for back up from any of her colleagues! Upon our return to iquitos we contacted Gart and Andy whom recommended her and they were shocked to discover what had happened and now no longer represent this crook. 7 of the 13 people whom were on the retreat left, the remaining 6 had already decided that Jeannie was something special, the ones who had left all realised the truth. Gart and Andy did the right thing and found us a brilliant retreat through Freddy and his shaman called Roman. Here we experienced 2 very brilliant ceremonies which were safe loving and inspiring! My gratitude to all the people who made this happen, we traveled from Bangkok to iquitos to experience this. Thank you guys for coming through for us.if anybody would like further info please contact me at dorralemanczyk@yahoo.com I will be happy to refer you to a very safe retreat. Best regards Dorra

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