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We offer Ayahuasca (Yagé) retreats in Colombia, with some of the most distinguished indigenous master shamans of Putumayo, traditionally working with the ancestral Yagé medicine. Our teachers include 110 years old grandfather Taita Laureano Piaguaje and his son, Taita Victoriano, both from the Siona people, Taita Alfredo Juajibioy from the Camsa' people, and Taita Aureliano, disciple of Taita Querubin Queta, traditional authority and Yagé shaman from the Inga community of Condagua, in Putumayo. 

We offer two retreat formats, a group format - usually held once a year, organized, led and facilitated by us - and an ongoing individual retreat format, where you may choose your preferred dates (excluding Saturdays, to start or to end a retreat, since there are no available domestic flights on that day) for your journey. 

The high complexity and the immense demands imposed by the organization of an itinerant group retreat - even if based in a Finca - in areas like Putumayo means that we are not in position to offer those retreats for more than once a year. Also, given the advanced age of Taita Laureano - the only living 110 years old Ayahuasca (Yagé) grandmaster shaman we know of, and who we had the great good fortune and privilege to meet, be friends and work with - we might not be in position to offer our group retreats (in the current format, with him attending) for an indefinite amount of time. The *current* group retreat format includes by default Don Laureano - who also joins us on the various visits to power spots and sacred places of unparalleled natural beauty - as well as our friend and distinguished Ayahuasca shaman Taita Victoriano. A day in a local Inga community (the true descendants of the ancient Incas), meeting with and listening at the talk on Yagé by Taita Aureliano, with audiovisual equipment, in the ceremonial house, complements the number of four Yagé  sessions usually included in the 11-days group retreat. Each Yagé ceremony may last until 3 AM-5 AM of the following day. Whilst we usually offer in every group retreat a different, unique programme - something which adds each time lots of weight on side of the preparation and testing of the journey - the ongoing Spirit of Yagé retreat has a fixed length of 1 or 2 weeks, is currently only bookable with either Taita Victoriano (no minimum number), or Taita Alfredo (from 5 participants onwards, reserving together). Each ongoing retreat is *very intense* with a whopping five Ayahuasca ceremonies offered in a one week retreat, and ten Ayahuasca ceremonies offered in a two weeks staying. The Ayahuasca varieties employed by the Taitas in Colombia are "masculine", cooked for 3 to 4 days in a row, making the brew usually stronger and more powerful than the equivalent Ayahuasca generally used by the Maestros and Maestras in Peru. 

Although we also offer Ayahuasca retreats in Peru with Shipibo female healers and occasionally with Maestro Hector, in the Sacha Huarmi centre, at the present time, we shall only be offering retreats in Colombia via the Retreat Guru platform. We have also plans to offer in future jungle survival courses in "Pumasacha", our beautiful 90-acres pristine jungle reserve, near the road linking Iquitos with Nauta, in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. If you would like to register your interest for our future jungle survival adventures, please drop us a line! :) Please quote "Retreat Guru" in all your communications. Thank you!


For more info, please visit:


(The El Mundo Magico Home page)


(02-12 August 2016 group retreat with Taita Laureano, Taita Victoriano and Taita Aureliano)


(Programme outline for the above group retreat)


(Ongoing individual retreats, with either Taita Victoriano or Taita Alfredo, minimum 30 days advance booking). 


(Profile page of Taita Laureano)


Please quote "Retreat Guru" in all your communications. Thank you!

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  • Jonathan Swift   September 30, 2015

      Truly a magical experience

    i have taken part in two retreats organized by El Mundo Magico - one near iquitos peru in 2013 and in putumayo colombia 2015. both retreats were life transforming experiences conducted by authentic indigenous shamans and with expertly prepared ayahuasca / yaje. in a world with increasing amounts of "pseudo-shamans" eager to get cash from westerners in these countries of great poverty, it was of great importance to me to have authentic shamans conducting the ceremonies, (and in colombia perhaps the oldest living ayahuasca shaman on earth). the lodging, food, and excursions were all well organized, with the meals especially being so important while on la dieta. the attention to detail in the organizational aspects of the retreat is what allows true freedom in the ceremonies, knowing that you are well cared for and protected, so that you can focus on the ayahuasca and the visions. equally important to me is the dedication of El Mundo Magico to supporting these remaining indigenous tribes and their vast knowledge of medicinal plants and vines. many ayahuasca centers focus only on ayahuasca; in peru, i learned of the many other plant guides and palos maestros which have been used by indigenous shamans in concert with the ayahuasca, and to aid in the visionary realms. this is truly what sets El Mundo Magico apart from the vast majority of the other ayahuasca centers. much thanks to Francesco, Ignazia, and to the four shamans who taught me so much in so little time; i am eternally grateful!!!


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