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 The DAS Ayahuasca Healing Center is an ayahuasca retreat centre fully dedicated to people who are seeking healing: be it spiritual, energetic, psychological or physical. Centro DAS is located outside Iquitos at km. 48.5, in the Amazon jungle. The center has a ceremonial maloca and 12 cabins, two of which are designed for families. The maloca which is a sacred ceremonial temple is built over a flowing stream of water, which synergies with the spirits of the Jungle (flora and fauna) and the spirt of mother ayahuasca. The cabins, or tambos, are fully independent with toilets, hammocks, comfortable beds, mosquito nets, porches overlooking the jungle. Each cabin is provided with drinking water, candles, rocking chairs, tables and allows for full privacy and security. Most important the ayahuasca healing center Centro Das was designed by Percy keeping in mind the achievement of a fine balance between the practical needs for people to feel comfortable and safe but also the need to connect with nature's healing elements. Connections with nature is an integral need for those who wish to maximize the benefits of an Ayahuasca retreat. Ultimately, centro DAS is a result of a sustained life-long vision to maximize the spiritual work of its retreaters. 

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  • Philosopher Queen   March 13, 2018

      Centre of Light

    I stayed for two weeks at the Das Centre, in December, and that trip has changed my life. I visited the centre to heal from years of black magic, trauma of abused relationships, and physical problems (dislocated shoulder, knee and ankle problems). I returned from the trip healed in more ways than I could have imagined. The Das Centre is the place to go if you are looking for healing, be it physical, spiritual, psychological, and emotional. Percy Garcia is a kind person who has a compassionate and pure soul. He is there to help you and his years of experience shows in everything he does for the people who attend Das Centre. In just two weeks I saw tremendous results, which came through trusting the medicine, respecting Percy as my healer, and everyone who worked there to make my visit comfortable, safe, and memorable. It is just due to this experience that I am already looking forward to visiting the Centre, again, for a longer time. If you wish to visit the Centre for your healing then; trust the medicine, trust Percy Garcia, and follow his guidance and respect your dieta (diet) offered at the Centre - that is the only was you may reap profound benefits to last a lifetime.

  • Eire   March 05, 2018

      Healing with heart

    No words could adequately describe the magical healing energies of this beautiful centro Das . This is all made possible by Percy Garcia who is the very heart of This little sanctuary . His humility, respect for and knowledge of the plant kingdom, dedication to his path, together with his open and loving heart is of course central to the healing and transformation to be experienced here . I have just recently returned from a seven week retreat and already am looking forward to my next trip. I would highly recommend centro Das to anyone on the path of healing and self discovery who is looking for a safe and nurturing space in which to journey. Once here you will know ! Thank you Percy for all your work , your patience and for your beautiful medicine .

  • Rene Miranda   September 21, 2017

      Stay Away

    Percy has a huge problem with his ego which interferes with his ability to serve the medicine in a healing way. I went to the center on the recommendation of someone I know but left there shortly after arriving. There were displays of temper and lots of drama. Find another place to experience Ayahuasca near Iquitos.

  • Caesar Oleksy   August 23, 2017

      DAS - This place is magical!

    I was dealing with a quite serious form of addiction for over two decades. Four years ago a friend of mine suggested I should start working with the Medicine. At the begining I was able to find some local resources for ceremony but it was February last year (2016) when I decided to dedicate myself to serious work with Aya. I did around 20 ceremonies with my locals and advised by same friend reserved my spot at DAS Healing Center. I arrived to DAS in February 2017 and what I’ve experienced there completely changed my life and had an amazing healing effect on me on both mental and phisical level. On top of ceremonies – which I’ll get back to in a moment – tranquality of this place, amazing healing dieta, everyday work with ayo sacha as a preparation to Ayahuasca, and fantastic, amazing people working in the Center, all of it was so healing and teaching. Being deep in the Jungle, fully dissconnected from the world, listening to the spirit of the forest, all animals and insects taught me to be more humble and appreciate more the gift of life I’ve received from the Higher Power. It was becoming so obvious that poisoning myself (inducing the state of mind which I was considering for so many years as my friend) was an absolutly horrible mistake. While seeing the great power in simplicity of life and diet offered in the Center I’ve learned a lot and that was exactly what I needed to have that final touch towards my drug free, healthy way of life!!!!! Ceremonies at DAS are another story, all preceded with flower / floral bath, are taking place in a beautiful maloca. There is a very easy access to (many) restrooms which to me is quite important to feel comfortable during the ceremony. Senior Percy is an amazing person and I can’t express enough my appreciation to the way he is leading the ceremony, singing icaros and particularly to his plant knowledge and wisom. In front of our eyes he was mixing his Medicine out of many different plant extracts. What he offers is completely different to what I was drinking with my locals and the healing effect of his Medicine is out of this world (on top of amazing Medicinal plants mix Percy offers in his ayahuasca, healing effect was so great because of diet, ajo sacha and deep relaxation I was experiencing in the Center as a preparation to ayahuasca ceremonies itself). Only thing I want to say is: Thank You Senior Percy for creating such a beautifull space at DAS, for showing us a higher levels of reality, for bringing us closer to God. Thank You Medicine for teaching and healing us and thank you all life forms in the forest for nurturing and calming us and letting us to know you. – I’m so sorry we are killing you Forest… But you will win this fight, or through power of your plants you will teach us to stop what we are doing! After my February visit to DAS I’ve experienced a tremendous shift in my overal health damaged by drugs, positive shift in my mood and a quality of life… Because of all of that I’ve visited DAS in April again and now already reserved my 2 weeks visit in November this year (2017) Can't wait to be back! This place saved my life! Thank You!

  • Eva Jereb   June 09, 2017

      Healing place and space that provided me with countless moments of joy, grace and peace on Earth

    I was in DAS for two months (from mid of December till mid of February). After the first week I didn’t leave it, because I didn’t need or miss anything else. The Center is bright, safe and it surely supports the healing process of each participant. I am immensely grateful for the healing I received and lessons I learned. Strong respect towards maestro Percy and his work, which is undoubtedly dedicated to highest integrity standards. True admiration for his sincere and humble approach.

  • David   June 06, 2017

      I am so disapointed with that so called shaman, percy garcia lozano from the DAS center.

    I am so disapointed with that so called shaman, percy garcia lozano from the DAS center. I went to the center for 3 weeks, and most of the time he wasn't even there for the ceremonies letting Sara a shipibo woman do the work for him... He always come up with escuses, personal matters, sometimes is got problem with his daughter, sometimes its his uncle, sometimes he was having pain in his leg, there was always something for him not to be present at the center... The only times he was actually present at the ceremony, he will stay less than 1 hour or fall asleep. I could hear him snoring from my mat... This is reality and my own experience at DAS center.

  • AK   May 26, 2017

      The Heart of a Curandero

    I first went to DAS in 2010 and I have been returning there every year since. Percy is the kindest and the strongest human being I know. He is humble and generous. He has a huge and compassionate heart. I am honoured to be his student and a friend. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to the Medicine for all the healing I keep on receiving. It is not an easy path but the rewards are tremendous. My life has completely changed. I feel myself growing and becoming a stronger and a better person. DAS is a magical place. People who work there are very caring and supportive. There were many wonderful people I met over the years, who helped me greatly in my process. I would like to mention Matilde, Sara, Erika, Maria Luisa, Maria Luisa and Amparo, Luz and her family, Roni, Natalie… and many, many other beautiful people who come to DAS to work hard on raising the energies. THANK YOU! The more we are the better it gets! For those who consider working with the Medicine. Intentions and determination are very important. Every time I arrive there is a moment that I want to run away screaming. Yet I know that running is not going to solve anything. I stay, learn my lessons (ouch some are so hard) and grow through the experience. Some people show up for a ‘trip’ and leave dissatisfied. Some can’t face their fears and run away. When that happens, it is natural to blame the external circumstances rather than self for “failure”. However, ultimately you are the one who is responsible for your own experience. I wish you the best of luck in your journey! ONE!

  • Spiridoula Politis   February 15, 2017

      Life Changing

    I stayed at DAS for 10 days a few years ago. Percy was excellent in that he had a gentle demeanor and was careful to provide medicine in the way that was appropriate to the individual. The beauty of this medicine is that it works on you over time and I was delighted to discover the subtle changes within myself long after having returned home. It made a big difference in my depression, for example, as well as my creativity. I also made lifelong friends at DAS; people who were open and willing to share their experiences. As a result of my wonderful experience, I've chosen DAS as the location for an upcoming retreat I'm hosting in July 2017. I have the utmost confidence in Percy and am very excited to work with him and the medicine again.

  • Erika Oblak   January 26, 2017

      Spiritual Seeker, I was there and I know your account is not true

    Dear all, especially dear Spiritual Seeker. I was in DAS during your stay, being in the cabin next to yours. I translated to you and Percy. Remember? I therefore know very well what actually happened. Although I understand you went through hard experience with ayahuasca (which is not unusual), your post include several straight lies. First is your assumption that he poured from two separate bottles to you, which is a lie. He always - and also that night - poured from one bottle. He never had and will never have Toe/Datura seperatley prepared in any form because he doesn't like that plant much. There is no way you drank separately any of that. No chance. Second: the womand beside you sobing is my friend and I know she has (as many people who drink ayahuasca) dificulty to drink the brew (it does not have a good taste), and she always sobes before drinking it. Many people sobe before drinking for his same reason. Third: it is straigh lie that noone came to you to your cabin. I did - after returning from the temple, I heared your heavy breathing and checked if you are OK. If you would ask me to stay with you I would. But you didn't. (I am very experienced with the medicine, I learned from Percy for few years and I am also leading my own ceremonies.) That being said I also understand that you were in your process and perhaps perceive me in negative way too. As I've said my cabin was next to yours and you could ask for help at any time, but you didn't. You are aslo saying you had too much to drink first night, told that to Percy, and then on the next one he gave you less (not enough by your opinion) and poisoned you for the mere reason he is so mean ... ? That is something I simply may not accept, sorry. I know Percy for a long time and I know him well. And I whitnessed the healing he did and does, and excuse me for saying this is your pure imagining things. I don't know where this him being only money comes from, he charges far less that many centers around Iquitos. Yes he expects you pay for your stay upfront, which is also true for other centers. He doesn't have control about everything, you may leave center whenever you like (as you did), you may go to the village to get food and water ... and of course he controls supplies to the center . it would be irresponsible if he didn't. As i said I understand you were going through a hard ceremonies and process (which is understandbale for the intentions you came with to DAS). Percy is there helping make sense of the ceremonies, but he may only do that if you tell him what is going on. He was there on Wednesday morning as workers told you, but you didn't want to speak to him. So how could he be able to explain to you what was going on? I was there on oth flower baths (I was even translating) and I know he always asks if someone has any questions. Sometimes people do, sometimes people don't. But if you don't ask him, he asumes you don't need any help. I am really sorry you didn't choose to talk to him and clear things out, but you decided to publish very one sided story. But if it helps you go through your experience I am fine with it. At the time you were in DAS, 10 other people were there. All content and all going through rough and beautiful times with the medicine. One of them came for one week, but extended his stay for additional few ceremonies. Another one came for the month and extended her stay for one more month. I was glad to meet my old friend, who stayed there for a month, and I met a new friend who was staying in DAS for five months already and stayed for one more after I left. There were three other people staying for two months. One of my friends I came with stayed for a month as planned, but will return for a couple of ceremonies in the beginning of February. And me and my friend stayed for a month. As I said all of us went through both: hard ceremonies and beuatiful ones. Both are a part of the work with the medicine. It is probably not my place, but I will say it anyway since Percy can't do it - as you know he doesn't speak English. His aim is healing, and this is what people receive in DAS. It is not only a beautiful flowers and butterflies. It means going through your fears and facing them. Sometimes it is even about relieving our traumas, resentments, anger ... before you are able to let it go. Those are dificult times to go through, and it does feel like going through hell. I know it because I've been there a couple of times. hen you go through that you really appreciate it, because you for ever let go of the things that are bloking you from living your life as a free person.. When you were in DAS, there were a few people there who could help you out if you would say what is going on with you and you didn't. And you didn't say to Percy much either. I think you account of what happened in DAS is completely distorted and give a completely false picture of DAS and Percy's work. As I've said I understand what you were going through and if it is a part of your healing, then be it. But on the other hand it is also completely not fair and includes a lot of straight lies.

  • Spiritual Seeker   January 04, 2017

      Stay away!

    I've recently returned from a retreat at DAS, where I had a very negative experience. If you're thinking about doing a retreat here, I strongly urge you to reconsider. I heard about Percy's place through a friend of a friend, who reportedly had "an amazing experience". I was very excited to go there and experience some deep and loving healing. Based on the testimonials on his website, I was expecting to be held in my journey by a master shaman, who would be looking out for me energetically. Unfortunately, this could not have been further from what I experienced. When I arrived on Monday, Percy came to ask me what I wanted. I explained my intentions for my journey. I also asked if it would be all right if I started with a week, then added another four days depending on how I was feeling. He said he needed to know my intentions so that he could tailor my healing process to the amount of time I would be there. I wanted to have a clear intention going into my retreat, and I had read that I should put trust in my shaman and the medicine, so I agreed to stay for 10 days, and paid for it all up front. I got the impression that he disliked that I did this, and also seemed annoyed when I said I wanted to do the Saturday Amazon trip as advertised on the website. He told me that for the first ceremony, I wouldn't drink very much and would probably experience little or nothing at all. In fact, he gave me quite a full cup, and I had a very strong experience. Percy sang about four or five icaros, then his assistant Sara sang beautiful icaros for the rest of the night. I was exhausted from traveling, and really wanted to rest, but felt that the ayahuasca wouldn't let me. At the end of the night, I got a very strong message that I should pack up and get out of there first thing in the morning. Foolishly, I chalked it up to my ego resisting the medicine and being exhausted. When the ceremony had ended, Percy asked me how my experience was, and I said "strong". He tried to say something else, but I was having trouble understanding him. He said we would talk on Wednesday. The next day, I discovered that Percy was not at the center on Tuesdays (or any day that there wasn't a ceremony for that matter). I was disappointed, as I'd assumed he would be there to help me make sense of my experience. I spent the day sleeping and processing. The center was a truly beautiful and relaxing place to hang out, and the dieta food was fantastic. I talked with the other guests and prepared myself for the next night. On Wednesday, I was hanging out in the common area, and Percy came by. He asked me if I had any questions. I didn't really, but I was hoping for him to share some guidance or insight into the process he had planned for me. In the afternoon, we met by the river for the floral bath. Percy seemed bored when he showed up. He didn't look any of us in the eye or say anything during the bath. He just poured the water on our heads. I looked like his mind was somewhere else. When it was my turn, I got a strong feeling that he didn't really like me. When the bath was over, he said the ceremony would be in an hour. We all sat waiting in the Maloka. He showed up and did very little preparation, then started calling people up to drink. The woman next to me was sobbing (with fear?) before he even called her up. I got another strong message from my intuition not to participate, but I felt there was no way for me to back out. Everyone was there to drink, and I had to go through with it. I watched Percy preparing my cup. After he poured in the ayahuasca, he looked thoughtful for a minute, picked up another bottle, and VERY carefully poured just a couple drops of something into my cup. I thought it was kind of weird, but assumed he was just adding another plant to enhance my experience. When he called me up, I heard an undertone of darkness in his voice. I walked up and drank. This time, there was far less in my cup than the first time. I went back to my mat, and a fire burning in my gut as my body began to take in whatever I'd just drunk. Within 10 minutes I knew I wasn't going to trip at all. I was annoyed, and hoped that he would offer another drink later in the ceremony, but gave up on that idea pretty quickly. Once again, he sang four or five icaros, then turned it over to Sara. This time, though, he left the Maloka completely, and didn't return for two or three hours. I lay there listening to Sara's icaros and feeling completely sober. When the ceremony finally ended, I heard Sara waking Percy up - he'd apparently fallen asleep. I felt disappointed that he hadn't been present for nearly the entire ceremony. There was no guidance or protection during the trip, but I supposed it didn't matter since I hadn't had a journey. It was announced that we could go back to our huts. I walked outside and had a very strong feeling of being unsafe. I felt that there was bad energy out there in the night, and there were very sinister sounds coming from the forest. I rushed back to my hut, shut the door and closed the flimsy aluminum lock. A few minutes later I began to feel very sick. It felt like I was poisoned. It reminded me of the feeling I once had when I'd accidentally eaten unripe ground cherry tomatoes - a nightshade - in the past. I became convinced that the extra thing in my cup must have been Datura / Brugmansia / Toe. This is a poisonous, potentially lethal plant that some shamans are known to use. In the [Ayahuasca Test Pilot's Handbook](, one person who consumed it described his experience as "two days in hell". Of course, I don't really know what I drank, but having worked with this plant before as a gardener, and based on what came next, I'm fully convinced that's what it was. I lay on my bed, feverish, sweating a sticky sweat, my heart racing and my stomach cramped. I called for help but nobody seemed to hear me. I gagged myself and was able to throw up what was left in my stomach. But by this time it had been in my system for four or five hours, so it was too late to prevent feeling sick. It suddenly dawned on me what a bad state I was in. I had given Percy almost all of the money I'd brought. I had no cell service, plus my phone was mostly out of batteries and there was no electricity to recharge it anyway. It was a half hour hike through the jungle to get to the road, and it was at least an hour by car to get to Iquitos from there. The only way I knew to get back was to ask Percy to call his taxi driver friend to come and get me. I realized I was reliant on him for everything. But I no longer trusted him. It was the middle of the night, it was dark, cockroaches were crawling all over me and my stuff, and there were very evil sounds coming from the forest. Everyone at the center was probably tripping hard or asleep, except for the night guard, who wasn't responding to my calls for help. I decided I had to get out of there at the earliest opportunity, but there was no way I was going out into the dark jungle while I was poisoned. I felt that I needed someone to look after me, so I called out for help again, and louder. I clearly said who I was, which hut I was in, and that I felt really sick and didn't know what to do. But nobody responded and nobody came. My experience became very dark. I felt that if I didn't pray for my life, I would succumb to the poison and die. I lit all the candles I had, turned my head lamp on maximum brightness, burned palo santo and cedar incense, and asked every person I could think of who cared about me to pray for me. Although I'm not a Christian, I prayed extensively to God, Jesus, and Mary to get me through the night. I kept reaffirming my desire to live, and every time I did the animals in the forest seemed to laugh at me menacingly. I thought that if I could make it until dawn, I would be ok because the sun would come up. I planned to high-tail it out of there. The only catch was that I had no way back to Iquitos. My options were to either ask Percy (who had just poisoned me) to call me a car, or risk hitchhiking. I packed my bag and tried to decide what to do, praying all the while. At some point several hours later, another guest came and did an extraction on me, but by this time I had already gotten through the darkest part of the crisis on my own, and it was little help. Finally, after about eight hours of this, dawn came. So did a very heavy rain. I went out and asked some of the workers if there was a way to get back to Iquitos. They told me to wait until Percy woke up and he would help me. I didn't really want to do that, so I put on my pack and hiked out of the jungle in the pouring rain, still praying for my safety. I put out my thumb. After 15 or 20 minutes, I was picked up by a man in a beat up little Toyota hatchback with a picture of Jesus on the stick shift. He took me to Iquitos, where I checked into a hotel. I spent the next 24 hours laying in bed, heart racing and unable to sleep. At one point I felt that I was under psychic attack, but I think I was actually just experiencing extreme paranoia from the influence of the poison and feeling unsafe. The next day, Friday, I was able to fly from Iquitos to Lima. It took me another day to get out of Peru, because I kept having problems with changing my flights. When I finally took off to fly back to the U.S., I got really bad diarrhea in the plane. In the end, my sense of Percy is that he is out to make money, and is more actor than shaman. He painted an image of himself as a caring shaman that would protect his guests and guide them through the healing process. But in fact, he stayed away from the center as much as he could, did the minimum amount of work to keep up the appearance of caring for the guests, and left us alone to fend for ourselves during a very dark ceremony. He had control of everything: arrival and departure from the center, access to food and water, and which plants we ingested when. I was happy to put myself in his hands and trust him, until I felt that he poisoned me for no other reasons than that he didn't like me and was tempted to play god because of the power he had. The center itself was beautiful in the day, but at night I felt and heard very dark energies, and my journeys were very much like walking through hell. I will never go back to DAS, and I urge you to stay away as well.


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