Wizard's Mountain Jungle Lodge, Sacha Runa Community Rurrenabaque, Beni, Bolivia. Ayahuasca Shamanic Retreats, Dietas, Ceremonies

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Ayahuasca ceremonies. You may participate in one ceremony or longer retreats with 3, 5 or 7 ceremonies, usually every other day, or Month-Long Retreats, Shamanic Training Courses & Dietas, etc.
 Come Experience the Magic of Bolivian Jungle (untouched, awesome hights and views, waterfalls, etc) and Madidi National Park and Sacha Runa's Shamans working in  Peace, Harmony, Integrity and Sacredness to help you Reach your Potential, Become Aligned to your Divine Purpose, Incarnate the New Time and Serve the Well-Being of All that Is.  Sacred and Wondrous Medicine for those Wishing to Receive. Honor the Divine Presence, Harmonize with the Divine Purpose. Train to Serve with Compassion, Love, Devotion and Surrender.
For Real, Sacred, Caring, Safe Ayahuasca and San Pedro Shamanic Healing Ceremonies, Sacred Wachuma Pilgrimage, Wachuma Long-Dance, Meditation, Sacred Chanting, Sweat Lodges, and much more in Gorgeous Andes and Amazon Retreat Centers. 

Located where the deep valleys that run down from the Andes meet the Amazon Basin, Wizard´s Mountain Jungle Lodge neighbors Madidi National Park (with the highest biodiversity on earth), and Native Tacana territory. It is named after Wizard Mountain, one of the Sacred Mountains of the Tacana people, which can be accessed on foot from the lodge. Marking the entrance to our lodge is an ancient petroglyph of two serpents where the river features a whirlpool that used to swallow-up canoes on high water. It is thus both feared and revered.

We have built our lodge with deep respect for the sacred land that surround us, using only local materials and fine designs with bamboo and palm wood while providing you with modern-day comforts to ensure a harmonious and enjoyable stay. Our trails are characterized by imposing views from the surrounding mountains, pristine forests and high concentration of animals and medicinal plants. With our Canopy Walk you can explore the amazing flora and fauna that inhabit the tree-tops and enjoy breathtaking views.

We have collaborated with our neighboring Tacana village to help them create a sustainable economic future for themselves by creating their own cultural tourism company whereby you can stay in their village and share in their daily life, such as fishing, cooking, weaving palms for roofing, working their fields, or tracking animals.


I’ve talked to friends about other ayahuasca retreats and this one is definitely the best they go out of their way to make sure you have the best experience ever! They really are the real deal and absolutely amazing Shaman! I am definitely returning to wizard mountain!

Venue Highlights

Come Experience the Magic of two incredible locations in the Andes and Amazon, two incredible Sacred Medicines which complement each other wonderfully (Ayahuasca & San Pedro) and our Male and Female Shamans working together in Peace, Harmony, Integrity and Sacredness to help you Reach your Potential and Manifest your Destiny; Become Aligned to your Divine Purpose, Incarnate the New Time and Serve the Well-Being of All that Is.
This retreat takes place in most sacred and beautiful sites in both the Bolivian Andes and Jungle, as well as a Pilgrimage on the Island of the Sun in lake Titicaca
Ayahuasca, Wachuma, Andean, Amazonian and North American Shamanism, Meditation and More.Sacred and Wondrous Medicine for those Wishing to Receive. Honoring the Divine Presence, Harmonizing with the Divine Purpose.
Train to Serve with Compassion, Love, Devotion and Surrender.


We have three family private cabins for 1-4 people, with balcony, a matrimonial bed upstairs and two single beds downstairs.
We have one large Maloca for lodging in common dorm accommodations, one floor for women another for men, top to 40 people total.
For ecological reasons all bathroom facilities are located in a separate building nearby, with 5 individual shower stalls and 5 toilet stalls.


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  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Includes Meat
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


15 minutes upriver from the town of Rurrenabaque in beni, Bolivia, where the airport is, as well as most conveniences and medical facilities you could wish for

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  • Gitta Sluijters   January 29, 2017

      Wonderful Ayahuasca retreat in the Bolivian Amazon

    Okay, here we go: Sacha Runa’s Wizard Mountain Jungle Lodge is truly a wonderful place, a little paradise on earth. It’s a wonderful resort, completely private, with a beautiful temple for the ceremonies, and surrounded by the rainforest with it’s beautiful flora and fauna. Big blue butterflies are flying everywhere during the day and fireflies are all over the place during the night, along with the coolest little creatures I have ever seen: Luminous Click Beetles! Click Beetles are like little flying flashlights, they’re amazing. Seriously, animals don’t get any cooler than Click Beetles. I did a 10 dag retreat (4 Ayahuasca + 1 Tabacco ceremony and the whole ten days the special diet with other medicin plants) and in one word: It was mind blowing! (I know, that’s 2 words). I really really really liked everything about it (okay, one tiny little remark: The beds were comme ci comme ça. If you have a bad back then you might wanna consider to bring a good mattress). But besides this, everything was absolutely great! The retreat was guided by the Shamans Phillip and Wayra, with the help of Angela and Guido and all four of them were wonderful. Philip took really good care of us, while Wayra shared all his wisdom and knowledge about his culture with us, which was a huge extra bonus. And both of them are amazing healers. One night Miguel came by as a surprise, joining a ceremony, which was a great extra bonus too and last but not least the boys and girls who helped cooking and translating were super nice also. The group of people connected to Sacha Runa is just really nice in general. I had quite some experience with drinking Ayahuasca back home in the Netherlands, but to do a 10 day retreat in the jungle, with the special diet and the guidance of these wonderful Shamans is a whole other level. And that’s the understatement of the century :-P The lessons I’ve learned, the insights I’ve got, the healing I’ve experienced, the visions that came to me: It turned my world upside down in the best way possible. I’m so super grateful for everything. I totally resonate with the statement of intention on the website of Sacha Runa (http://www.sacharuna.com/intention.html) so I more or less knew beforehand that I would like the place and level with the people running it, but still everything exceeded my expectations. All I can say is: If you ever have the chance to do a retreat here go for it! It’s a huge thing to drink Ayahuasca and to let go of being in control, to dare to open up to the spirit world and to your subconscious and to let Mother Ayahuasca and a Shaman be in control. This takes guts and you really better work with a super trust worthy Shaman. Cause yeah, unfortunately not everybody out there has good intentions, also not Shamans. But in this case I can truly say that Wayra, Phillip, Guido, Angela and Miguel are wonderful wonderful people and 200% trust worthy. I would go back to Wizard Mountain Jungle Lodge any time and I highly recommend this place. The path of Ayahuasca is truly amazing, it’s all about LOVE. And so is Sacha Runa :-) Okayyyyy, I hope this review will be of help. Good luck to all of you. With love, Gitta

  • Andre Re   April 18, 2016

      Retreat in the Bolivian Amazon - Wizard's Mountain Jungle Lodge

    The Wizard Mountain Jungle Lodge, located in a beautiful patch of dense forest in the Bolivian Amazon, proved the perfect setting for my first real ayahuasca retreat, and I couldn't be more happy to have begun here. The retreat itself comprises a few large, and key, huts - a dormitory, bathroom, the kitchen and eating area, and that of the ritual - each of which perfectly served the natural simplicity and beauty of the position and its surrounds. And whether at night or during the day, one could always feel or sense the proximity of a range of beautiful and exotic creatures and flora, with all their strange scents and sounds - something that no doubt contributed to the 'authenticity' of the ayahuasca experience that was to come. One thing about the way in which Phillip, a warm and personable Chilean, prepared us for the ceremony that I liked was the quiet walk, complete with guided tour of the various plants and animals along the way, that ended with a very tranquil meditation amid the steps of a soft, trickling waterfall somewhere deep in the jungle. The ceremony: At no time did I feel unsafe during the ceremony. I felt as if I was in very capable hands and could therefore relax and give myself over to the experience of the ayahuasca. And now, after having undergone several ceremonies, I can say that Phillip definitely did a very good job of leading our group through the various stages of the journey. One thing that was particular to Phillip's ceremonies, too, that I also liked was the variety of instruments, sounds and icaros (songs) he put to use, each of which brought on and carried us all to new sensations and revelations. Overall it was a very beautiful and healing introduction to ayahuasca for me, one that I would recommend to anyone. As well, I would also recommend hanging around a bit longer at the retreat afterwards if you can - walking around through the forest, swimming in the river or hiking up the mountain felt great in the days that followed (much better than going straight back to reality). Thanks Phillip and everyone for everything and I hope to see you again someday! Andy (Australia)

  • Warren Kramer   October 21, 2015

      Beautiful Wholesome Healing Centre

    We joined Phillip at the Wizard Mountain Lodge for 6 days, 3 ceremonies and a lot of down time. It was the perfect place to unwind, disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.It is also an amazing place to reconnect with mother nature, having a nice little swimming hole, streams, mountains, waterfall and beautiful areas to just lazy around in a hammock and reflect and prepare for the ceremonies. Phillip was an amazing Shaman. His blended style of different rituals, he learnt during his shamanic training and travels, makes for amazing ceremonies. He is humble, compassionate, caring and very powerful. We felt safe and well cared for during the ceremonies and our stay. To anyone who is looking for healing and an amazing powerful experience, the Wizard Mountain Lodge is a wonderful place to visit. Thanks again to Phillip, and Mother Ayahuasca for an unforgettable experience.

  • Juan Macome   March 22, 2015

      Wizard Mountain or Where Witches Leave Their Brooms: Unlocking the Experience

    I love this place. It is not just that its ground rests on the liminal circuit of the Beni National Park. Its not just the jungle, nor its abundant and paradisaical flora: mangoes, chocolate, avocados and medicinal plants. The herons are not it, nor the jaguar roar heard in the distance. But, then again, its not just the huts. Nor its just the kitchen, or the showers, or the temple. Hey, its not even the people, be them travelers looking for an amazonian insight or hardened spirit seekers coming for the Bond. It wasn't even me. It is how, seemingly uncharted, the collective destiny of everyone at Wizard Mountain seems to re-charge and empower the source of our own. We give to the earth, the earth gives to us, we give to each other... Perhaps nature *is* society, as Jacques Fresco said. And here, the palms walk (literally), the snakes sing (again, literally) and the moon smiles (well, she does to me!). Whether I've been absolutely alone or accompanied by a group, I've always felt the maternal embrace of the jungle, which is so strong that even collectively we seem to be one child, one nurtured human kind. This is mircocosmically repeated in ceremony nights, where the great spirit of the mother healer, Ayahuasca, is acutely guided by the local shaman at Wizard Mountain, Phillip Josey, an experienced an talented master that serves as the embodiment of what enough jungle can give a man, although, from personal experience, I can say that once deep within us the jungle never leaves. Did I say that I love this place?

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