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Vishwa Shanti Yoga School is a youth led Yoga institute Rishikesh, India with experienced teachers and spiritual environment for Yoga practice. Certified with Yoga Alliance USA,Yoga Teacher Training Courses offered regularly throughout the year have satisfied hundreds of aspiring Yoga teachers to become the professionals in the field.

We offer 200 Hours, 300 Hours, and 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses for beginners, practitioners and those with plentiful of experience in the field to gain higher level of Yoga Practice.

The aspiring teachers who complete 200 Hours courses are guided throughout to begin the Yoga teaching and earn 100 Hours teaching experience to opt to the 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course.

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  • Burova Irina   April 23, 2015

      500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Vishwa Shanti Yoga School Rishikesh

    They would not issue a visa for more than 60 days, but I want to do RYS 500 – it was an initial conflict for me. I waited for eight whole months before doing the course. As per the suggestions of communication officer of Vishwa Shanti Yoga School, the school I had choose for yoga teacher training course, I finally decided to break the classes into 200 and 300 hour at an interval of one year. In between I would earn an experience of 100 hours of teaching, a requirement to earn RYT 500. I did RYS 200 in September 2013 and RYS 300 in September 2014. Now I am RYT 500 and travelling different parts of the world teaching yoga to keen learners worldwide. I feel happy and good that so many people are interested in gaining the knowledge for their own benefit and the benefits of others. This is such a good profession to be in. I am proud that I chose to become yoga teacher.

  • Genia Patestides   April 14, 2015

      Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh Reviews

    I had completed 200 hour YTTC from local yoga school some three years back. Since then I had been teaching as an assistant teacher and been practicing. I decided to do the 300 hour teacher training course from Rishikesh, the city of yoga and meditation and joined Vishwa Shanti Yoga School on January 2014. My instructor and some of my friends had recommended the school for me, and yes, they had recommended me to one of the best schools in India. I am thankful to my instructors Sabal Singh Raja, Ravindar Singh Padiyar and Pandit Vishnu. They helped me gain better understanding of yogic philosophy and the practical techniques. I am now RYT 500 teaching RYS 200, 300 and 500. I also have learned Ayurvedic Massage. Guiding yoga students with more experience and knowledge is always good. Though I am RYT 500, I would still love to be back to VSYS and learn more from the learned team of instructors.

  • Jose Augusto Z. Barrochello   April 14, 2015

      200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Vishwa Shanti Yoga School

    I did the 200 hour yoga teacher training for my own health benefit. Choosing the school was not easy but I think I made a good choice. My experience with Vishwa Shanti Yoga School is very good. The instructors with sound knowledge in the field are highly appreciable. Moreover, I recommend the school for its environment that prepares each participant indulge into yogic practice physically and psychologically. I will practice the skill and will come back to this school for yoga retreat courses from time to time.

  • Nick Wash   April 06, 2015

      Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh Reviews

    When you think of a Yoga course, you would definitely expect to go somewhere where there is no disturbance, no noise, no chaos to see, a picture perfect location where your eyes find what peace exactly means to them and your mind relaxes. Well, Rishikesh is not a destination for you if you are imagining peace in terms of sound and views, but it is a masterpiece in terms of eternal experience of peace and calmness. Crossing Laxam and Ram Jhoola with hundreds of trespassers, being attacked by hungry monkeys if you have any bag or sack in your hand, approached by street children touching your feet and demanding money, taken away by the chaotic noise created by people talking in high pitched sound… I felt my toes tapping at the meditation music in one of the stores I stopped to buy a gift. The street where the music continues till you pass through, the evening Aarti at the bank of Ganga where hundreds of devotees and tourists gather and swing their body with the Bhajans, the floating flowers and Diyas in the Ganga water, the surrounding hills from where morning sun rises, the morning chants and deep prayers, the innocent smiles and deep care… life would find a such a change that we get a realization of what the other part of the world stores. I had gone to learn yoga but I learnt that India, Rishikesh can be another home for me. The place where a different culture, a different lifestyle awaits me warmly and allows me to become more humane more myself. The 28 days yoga teacher training course from Vishwa Shanti Yoga School has been an eye opener to me. Discovering Rishikesh is an achievement in life

  • Ann Young   April 06, 2015

      Vishwa Shanti Yoga School Rishikesh Reviews

    To see people with flexible body is exciting. I too was highly impressed with those slim and trim people who would pose in sea-beach or high Himalayas or anywhere and everywhere with their rubber like body. I wanted to lose weight and look like one of those beautiful women. My first intention on doing one month long yoga teacher training in Rishikesh was the same. But as I plunged into the 200 hour Yoga TTC, my perception gradually changed. Yoga is not about focusing on weight loss or stretching/contracting body to the extent you can't imagine. It is about accepting the physical presence and inventing the spiritual existence. Yoga classes in Vishwa Shanti Yoga School Rishikesh changed material me into a person of in-depth realization of human existence. Yes, I am not perfect but my quest in life is not to become perfect. I wanted to be, but no more. I have realized that to be happy is more important than to compete for material things. I have a deep love for so many things, yet I know life is about maintaining balance - a normal human, I get touched by so many things and get nerves over so many other things yet I am learning to overcome them and maintain a balance. These skills are the result of my one month YTTC in India. Now when I think back, I feel, yoga course teaches you to become happy human, the breathing practice, meditation, yoga poses are the tools they use to make us realize our own value as human. I feel good that I joined the course. I learned the skill for my own benefit and have yet not decided whether or not I will become a professional yoga teacher. For now, I feel rejuvenated.

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