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Founded in 2010 by therapists and medicine men Decio Silva and Balthazar Mamed, Casa Chama Trina is a Shamanic and Holistic Center that aids in self- healing and full harmonization of the Self through reconnection with our inner nature and divine essence as an integral part of mother Nature which surrounds us and provides for us. We work to harmonize the fourfold structure of being (body, mind, emotion and spirit ) with the fourfold structure underlying nature and the planet.

We employ Transpersonal and Holistic Therapies in conjunction with frequential and preventive therapies such as Ayurvedic Massage, relaxing massage, Yoga, Holocromos, aromatherapy, and Florals, to promote the reintegration of the inner self. We provide shamanic experiences that promote expanded states of awareness using indigenous medicines such as Ayahuaska, Drum Journeys, and Healing circles, among others.

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  • Nia Nicole   March 19, 2019

      Remembrance of Self on the Beach Under the Stars

    Drinking tea with Gabbi, Decio and Balthazar was a magical experience. At the time I wasn't quite aware that I was laying the foundation for some deep trauma to surface and expel itself from my psyche. The healing felt fun like a long and loving sleepover with long time friends. The work we did at Chama Trina changed my life and the way I relate to myself and thus others for the better. It gave me space to accept my physical form in all it's imperfections. I accepted my spiritual gifts there under the guidance of the teachers and it even helped me become more mindful. Worshiping the earth all night is something we all need a lot more of. Chama Trina does a great job of facilitating ancestral healing and joy.

  • Hannah Moore   September 26, 2017

      Healing in Community

    A few years into my journey to consciously understand what my own healing means and the different ways of bringing it to realization my journey brought me to Chama Trina. I had researched Ayahauasca years before yet it was not time for that part of my journey to began. With Chama Trina I was at a pivotal point in understanding how my own healing is connected to community and to the world. The healing work we did was collective. We each entered into ceramony with the courage to find the parts of ourselves that stay hidden deep below. Together we collectively moved through processes of healing for the greater good. I feel humbled and honored to have had the opportunity to explore my own healing while in communion with other healers who soon became family. I will forever hold Chama Trina in my heart.

  • Jasmine Dominique   September 25, 2017

      The Experience Changed My Life!

    Words merely describe how the support that I received at Casa Chama Trina changed my life. I was transformed by the healing experiences that were created with so much love! Being a part of the community taught me about the essence of healing and transformation. With compassion, the leaders gave to me the guidance needed to "enter into myself". I am forever grateful and I recommend experiencing the power of the community at Casa Chama Trina.

  • Maya Rodriguez   September 25, 2017

      "I was born under water/With three dollars and 6 dimes"

    I get emotional when I reflect on tears of joy and gratitude. Getting there took some time but the ambiance is more than worth it. Crashing waves scored the setting sun as Decio Silva, Balthazar Mamed, and Gabrielle Williams, welcome All with donation and instruction--"newcomers please set up by the door". A group of 15-20 settle in Casa Chama Trina, tribal music is played, Ayahuaska is poured and the amazing (and bilingual) Decio, Balthazar and Gabrielle lead the way--supporting and guiding the experience. After the second tea of the night (Ayahuaska), I felt overwhelmed with discomfort, purging the old and dead within me...I wanted to let it go but I was afraid and throwing up. Gabrielle was there to help me through that! As the sun rose, I felt permanently changed. Fresh fruit and food greeted us and it gave us time to reflect and connect. As we were cleaning up I realized how intentional I had been--from eating root foods prior to the ceremony (per Casa Chama Trina's instructions) to sweeping the floor when it was all over..I am eternally grateful to have had such an experience at the time I did, and it gave me a lot of perspective on life and rebirth (affirming a lot for me). After surviving cancer a few months prior to this experience, I truly needed that at the time and I would go back in a heart beat. Your in great hands at Casa Chama Trina!!

  • Codey Young   September 14, 2017

      A life transformative experience

    It's challenging to find the words to express how positively impactful my time at Casa Chama Trina was. Over two years has passed and I still find myself revisiting and drawing inspiration from those memories. I was fortunate to fall into an incredibly supportive, compassionate, and affirming group of guides in Gabrielle, Decio, and Balthazar. As a non-native Portuguese speaker, they were all especially considerate of my experience and helping me understand how to navigate of the healing process. They constantly offered themselves as resources of wisdom and guidance. I left feeling not only transformed through my own personal experiences, but genuinely connected to a group of global healers radically invested in building community sustained by loving kindness.

  • Chris   October 06, 2016

      What an experience!

    I went on a journey of spiritual healing with Gabrielle Williams and it was a very positive and enlightening experience. I feel like I learned years worth of life lessons (mostly about dealing with fear and uncertainty) in one night. Ms. Williams was a wonderful leader throughout the process, explaining the background and history of the therapy used, and what to expect along the way. I'm glad I had her there with me by my side. I certainly would recommend Casa Chama Trina, and Gabrielle Williams in particular (I have no experience with the other instructors). As far as I'm concerned, therapy led by her is sure to be a profound experience in your life.

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