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Enjoy some recent testimonials and Miracles!

“I feel stronger within my body, no stomach pain anymore!   My eyebrows have darkened (yeah!!!)   My eyes are of equal size now (which they weren’t).  I feel healthy!!!  The most important thing for me to happen was my shift from a non-self-loving position.   My self-esteem has increased, I feel connected to myself, to Mother Earth, and to my Divinity.  As for so many synchronicities and miracles that happened since my arrival to Angel Farms.  I feel so warmly welcomed and not only in this Ohana in Hawaii, but in my personal life.  Finally!!!   Angel Farms is the best investment you could ever do for yourself to shift and transform into the life direction you are searching for.  It is essential for being healthy again,  physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”  Sonya (Austria healer)

“I am forever transformed.  I have a new found spark for life and feel joy once again.  I am speechless and in awe of this precious and sacred work of Angel Farms.  It have given me the energy, strength and excitement to move forward on my path so that I may open up to the Divine work of the great loving Spirit.  Looking forward to sharing these gifts.  In one word: INSPIRATIONAL!!! You are Worth it!   Get out of your own way and onto our healing path.  You won’t regret it.”  Davina (Doula) Hawaii

"It is the perfect experience for Marlys and I to honor our bodies, spirits, and souls in a truly healing environment! I feel deep gratitude for reconnecting with my true purpose – LOVE!  I am feeling whole right now, knowing that this is only the beginning of a healthier, better, balanced us.  Marlys and I are a great team, and I look forward to our journey and the many opportunities.  The Angel Farms Cleanse is wholesome, and it works well due to the staff’s high level of integrity and support!  Love yourself and plan on spending 14 days in Hawaii to complete the Cleanse.  Your body and spirit will love you back, and so will your community and family". Jens- Entrepreneur/Community Builder, OR. 

"Never better is my answer when you asked me how I feel.  Amazing, Clear, and wonderful.  Physically and emotionally I arrived drained, no energy, depressed, and lost in my thoughts.  The Cleanse has brought about a physical enhancement and emotional clarity.  The best I have felt in 20 years!  I look forward to returning for a tune-up in September.  Don’t wait, it’s the best thing you can do for your mind, body, and spirit.  Truly a blessing!  And, in Paradise."  Stephen, Self-Employed, NY. 

"When I arrived here I had a pit in my stomach that had been there for a long time.  I can now, breathe, and I feel no fears.  Thank you, Angel Farms.  It has been awesome!  If you have any kind of hesitation – Don’t.  Angel Farms is heaven on earth and has completely changed my life". Louise, Retired, IL

"I came to Angel Farms at 60 years old.  In the last 1-1/2 years, I felt my body had really aged and all I could foresee was getting older and more aches, and looking old beyond my years.  My skin was dry and lifeless even though I have lived a lifestyle free of smoking, no drugs, and good organic food.  After my Cleanse, I am so amazed how my body was not able to absorb the nutrients that I was eating, due to clogged up colon and the parasites.  I also came with the attitude of “Not me – No way! I don’t have parasites”.  I soon found out differently.  Thank you, Cindy. We will be your disciples! If only everyone would do this for their bodies.   It is day 10 and I feel like I am getting a face lift from within.  My skin absolutely tingles with the feeling of new blood entering every cell."  Marlys, Interior Designer, OR. 

"I feel great!  Physically and emotionally I look forward to sharing the Love with many.  I still have a lot of work to do, but just thinking about it inspires my journey.  So many Angels to pass on the idea and principles of this honor.  Everyone has a great vibe that makes it easy to let go.  Thank you everyone.  Love you all!" Leonardo, Chef, HI. 

"Holy crap! I have felt constipated and exhausted for years.  I have done western medicine and alternative medicine therapies and treatments for many years with only tiny results.  This ten days has made my symptoms and my right hip pain (that I never sought treatment for) disappear.  I am a walking miracle, but that’s not all.  I have been a practicing therapist and hypnotherapist for 20 years.  Cindy is a Master Healer, and she helped me integrate on a personal and professional level.  Her teachings also helped my husband and I (he did the Cleanse with me) heal some sticking points in our 19-year relationship.  Everyone involved in the Cleanse are truly gifted Angels.  My life and the lives of those I love and encounter are forever improved.  The benefits you will gain on this journey are truly priceless.  Come with an open heart and you will benefit from your investment forever Mahalo nui loa!"  Kristin, Therapist, CA. 

"As a second-timer of the Cleanse, I cannot say enough about how pleased I am that I returned.  At the time of my first Cleanse, looking back now, I was not ready to let go of the past.  This second time around though, WOW!  It really stuck!  I was a good student all around – listening, learning, and practicing all the techniques of the entire Cleanse process – mind, body, emotions, spirit.  I highly recommend reading Cindy’s book prior to doing the Cleanse if you are new to it, it will help acclimate you beforehand.  Cindy, Larry, and the whole Angel Farms team are so open to answering any questions as well.  I wish all future Angels the joy in life this experience has brought me!  Let go of fear, put expectations aside and open your mind to learning and transforming".  Kathleen, Project Manager, MN. 

"Physical = 10!  Best I’ve felt in ... ever!!!  Emotional – thought I was a 10 before, but now I’m a 1010 .  Spiritual: Is one allowed to say that they’ve transcended the physical realm? By the Grace of God & by the devotion of Cindy, Larry, their family, home, and masterful staff … to God and endless moments of selflessness and complete merging with Love and Divinity existing in every part of creation in the direct encounter of his own senses.  The peacock listening, watching; the ocean waves crashing, then calm’s silent spacious presence.  This is just a new beginning on an infinite road.  Absolutely you must do it!  It has been the most essential single reason I am back home on this earth feeling vibrantly healthy and in love with creation!"  Eliot, Teacher, CA. 

"My journey at Angel Farms, restored my awareness to the Love I am.  The layer upon layer of release of old emotional patterns and the stories about the places in my life that I judged were finally surrendered to the Truth in Love’s presence.  My body responded by releasing the toxins and constrictions that prevented it from receiving all the nutritious goodness that comes from eating from the aina (the land).  I feel freer and more unburdened than I can remember in the past 65 years.  My vitality and life force have returned and I am no longer carrying the burden of “unprocessed stuff” on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  Just do it! It will really change your life for the better on all levels.  It is all done with love".  Victoria, CA

"Physically I could run faster and make sharp turns while running with stronger footing. I did not fall over so much in dance class. I am able to concentrate better. I can speak more clearly. I am just stronger altogether. I would say emotionally I am more confident to be myself and not worry about what someone else thinks. I am not afraid to let my true self out. That was mainly at school when people started teasing me. I was able to stand up for myself.  The Cleanse will make you feel so good after wards. You won't be able to stop smiling."  Vinodini- age 11- HI.

"There are no words to describe the magic that Cindy has brought into full manifestation with Larry, and the whole Ohana. We are welcomed, and truly E Komo Mai.... hospitality with Aloha.The actual Cleanse is unlike any protocol, anywhere. What my own eyes witnessed in the tanks of others was right out of a science fiction flick. I am so grateful for what you allowed me to dump out and leave behind. If you are interested in the Cleanse- Go... do not be deterred by the price....what price is freedom from illness?... You are worth it".   Mimsy- HI
"I am free! Free and reborn. This is the completion of a long journey and I am Whole.  I am love.  I am at peace."    Fiona - CA.

"I got out of bed without back pain for the first time in over 2 years!  I looked at my fear deeply and saw how it kept me from being healthy and living in a world of love."   Jai- CA

"Physically- I don't even know where to start, worms, parasites, rubbery substance,now ropes. Explains it all! Emotional- threw my zoloft away! Spiritually, Oh my! I have that inner spirit I never knew I had. I will live with Cindy and Larry every day!  I've lost inches and I am sure a few pounds that I have been trying so dang hard to get rid of and beating myself up about".   Sarah- CO.

"I feel so light, bright, weightless, and energized! I feel stronger, tummy is flatter, immune system functioning well, digestion is great, thinking is sharp and clear. I feel more aware of my body, emotions, thoughts, God, and His beautiful creation. I feel unconditionally loved and so happy. Thank you. If you are interested in the Cleanse:  Come with an open mind and heart. Be ready and expectant of transformation, and enjoy the journey.  Cindy's session was transformational! It is an absolute must to have during the Cleanse. Thank you so much for helping me to remember how much I am loved."  Svetlana- CA.

"Physically, I feel lighter and just a great feeling of satisfaction that my body is healthier.  I have lost pounds.  My energy level is so much better! Emotionally, I let go of a lot of junk most of which I have carried around for years.  I am currently reducing antidepressants and paying to come off them permanently.  Spiritually I have become much closer to God."  Tinita-Georgia


Angel Farms offers everyone enlightenment in the Body/Temple.
Brightness, Shine, Loving, Free, Peaceful, Fulfilled, Happy.

Join our Ohana/Family of over 6000 people that are living their dreams in love and freedom in a clean and healthy body!

Call today!  808-965-0781


“I feel stronger within my body, no stomach pain anymore! My eyebrows have darkened (yeah!!!) My eyes are of equal size now (which they weren’t). I feel healthy!!! The most important thing for me to happen was my shift from a non self

Venue Highlights

Angel Farms in located between two smoothie bars, walking distance to the most beautiful botanical gardens ever, on an 8 acre waterfall property. The cascading waterfall creates a sound that quietly distracts the mind from thinking. Unless she gets epic! We have a lovely shared guest house next to the river with only the sounds of nature to surround and hold you to your highest vibration. The warmth of the Hawaiian Sun and the absolute Aloha our clients receive in the community is a blessing for so many that have lived hurried lives and adrenal overload to feel safe with Ohana here. We are average 82 degrees year round and have lots of seasonal food on property for people to enjoy. Come home Angel, to remember who you are!


  • Towels
  • Kitchen

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Ayurvedic
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


We provide delicious organic vegetable soup according to Cindy Mahealani Sellers' Doctrine of Food Signatures. Each organ of your body has specific needs for nutrition designed by God and Nature. When we can get nutrition to those areas and organs that have been starved due to lack of absorption they rapidly regenerate. So Cool! We offer a protein, daily. We provide a daily carb/starch, which is anything that grow like a grass and includes bananas and corn, and not potatoes! Look how they grow, Beloveds, and know your body can tell via your taste-buds, what it needs to do. We have clean water so no need to bring plastic containers. You will not go hungry and will still find balance in your weight. If you are thin, you will gain weight. If you are wanting to lose weight, people lose and average of 7-14 pounds. It is all about bring balance to the body.


You can fly into ITO or HIlo airport and we can either pick you up and drop you off for only $40.00, or you can rent a car and we are less than 15 minutes from the airport on the beautiful Hamakua Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii. United Airlines flies direct from LA and Oakland . Aloha

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