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Pisatahua facilitates holistic health & consciousness expansion for those seeking a positive life transformation.

Pisatahua is an ayahuasca retreat and holistic healing center located in one of the most biodiverse areas of the world. The center operates on 80 hectares of old-growth Rainforest at the base of the Aquicuana Lake Reserve. Our retreat provides a safe and comfortable space to explore the jungle and disconnect from the distractions of the western world. Our dedicated staff provides guidance, compassion and personalized assistance throughout your journey.

At Pisatahua guests benefit from the healing wisdom of the Ese Eja tradition in a secure and supportive environment. Our healers are genuine ayahuasca masters, dedicated to the shamanic path, with decades of experience. We receive a maximum of 10 guests per retreat to ensure that each individual receives the personal attention they require. All retreats are designed to accommodate each individual on their unique path of awakening and healing.

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  • Cherie   March 02, 2018


    If you are curious about experiencing Ayahuasca, then your journey has already begun. I highly recommend that you book a retreat with the incredible staff at Pisatahua. The Ayahuasca ceremonies that I have taken part in have had an overwhelmingly positive and transformative impact on my life. I am witness to it’s incredibly ability to heal, give peace and help the drinker find their best path to fuller and happier life. My time at Pisatahua connected me to my most powerful experiences and emotions, and allowed me to access new ideas and connections and make peace with my past. The ceremonies also gave me beautiful visions and intense feelings of love and joy. It did, however, take three ceremonies for me to experience the full effects of the medicine. This is why a longer retreat is the perfect way for people to try Ayahuasca for the first time. The retreat setting in the Bolivian amazon was breathtaking. The accommodations were incredible. The staff were passionate about their work and wanted to ensure that everybody had the best possible experience. From the very beginning, they were friendly, helpful and were happy to answer all of my questions. The Shaman was experienced, intuitive and knowledgeable and we were able to meet him before hand at a very detailed information session. The retreat was particularly helpful for me because some of other information I had read about Ayahuasca was very “wishy-washy.” That was not the case here, and we looked at the science of the plants and their historical and cultural uses. The retreat took place in a remote setting in the Amazon where we could drink the Ayahuasca under the full moon. It started with a traditional Bolivian ceremony to honour Pachamama (mother earth). We had a small group of 8 people which was the perfect size. After we drank, everybody had a comfortable place to lie and there was always somebody there to help if you needed it. The Ayahuasca itself gave me hours of beautiful and powerful visions, that will stay with me for a long time. The next morning we always shared a delicious breakfast where the group discussed their experiences. If you are in Bolivia and thinking about trying Ayahuasca, you can definitely trust Pisatahua to give you a safe and supportive experience.

  • Milkyways   January 07, 2018

      9 highly nurturing days in a safe and magical place

    As a religious person, I wasn’t really sure, at first, whether my faith in God and an Ayahuasca ceremony would contradict each other or would finely come into synergy. However, I decided to follow my intuition and all doubts were soon gone as the shaman introduced us to the ritual and its signification. Whether you are religious or atheist does not matter at that point. Aspiring at being a better person, through healing and deep, guided meditation, is universal. Anxiety at the thought of approaching a key point in my life also left looking at Pisatahua kindly making sure that we had all we needed and reassuring those, as myself, that were a little nervous. This left place to a profound feeling of security, and I knew that Mama Ayahuasca would work “tranquila” on our entangled emotions. As the substance made it to my brain, it felt like I was immersed into a warm bath and that flowery scents were taking me through a colourful and self-discovering voyage. Entering the most profound part of my journey, thoughts became to naturally flow through my mind bringing up, in an ordered manner, all interrogations and pains that had been troubling my minds in the past years. And to every single one of these, a beautifully formulated answer came. Whether it was showing me things from the past or bizarre visions, the signification of the images was perfectly clear. The messy network of my thoughts was suddenly ordered in a rainbow highway toward a brighter future. When I left Pisatahua, it felt as if I was reborn. Every single negative feeling that had been accumulating over the years was gone and I felt, flowing through my veins, a great energy fuelling all new ambitions I had discovered over the 9-day experience!

  • Milli Spence   December 05, 2017

      If you are feeling the call to drink Ayahuasca, I highly recommend Pisatahua Retreat!

    If you are searching for a nurturing retreat, in a magical location and considering drinking Ayahuasca for your first or one-hundredth time, I highly recommend Pisatahua Retreat. Erik and Sasha´s (two of the founders) attention to detail, commitment to their work and passion to support each individual through their own personal journey is evident from their pre-ceremony support and guidance; all the way through to your post ceremony reflections, revelations and integration work. This is an important detail as the effects of Ayahuasca, including deep introspection and personal growth that result are not solely experienced during the hours of ceremony in the presence of the shaman. The shifts in consciousness and patterns in your life can be noticed long after you have gone home. Knowing that you can reach out to a dear friend and support via email (if you are no longer on site) is reassuring. Before I felt called to drink Ayahuasca for the first time, I had heard countless stories from different friends of their experiences, researched articles on the internet and had been invited to attend ceremonies. In my experience Ayahuasca calls you to her in exactly the right moment and she begins to work with you before you have even arrived and taken the first sip. Each Ayahuasca ceremony I have taken part in has been with a different shaman, support people and locations; all unique, transformative and profound in their own way. The ceremonies and the retreat at Pisatahua were deeply spiritual, nurturing and cleansing. The ideal location surrounded by nature, a harmonizing smoke ceremony and traditional k’oa prior to drinking, a small intimate circle, comfortable mattress to lay on, beautiful music, constant attention and support enabling me to feel safe enough to go deep within myself. Soon after drinking I felt the familiar presence of Ayahuasca in my body, the sensations, visuals, overwhelming sense of calm, unconditional love and presence of universal wisdom. During the ceremonies I often asked Ayahuasca questions and she answered in a myriad of ways, including the prayer to heal my womb and ovaries purging a dark old substance from deep within. The week following, I gave myself time and space to integrate the multiple reflections and insights Ayahuasca presented to me. I am ever grateful for the amazing ceremonies and whole retreat experience with Pisatahua.


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We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

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