About us

We facilitate holistic health & consciousness expansion for those seeking a positive life transformation.

Pisatahua is an integrative plant-medicine and ayahuasca retreat, located in a remote area of the Bolivian Amazon. Found in the heart of the Aquicuana Reserve, the 80 hectare center is situated in one of the most biodiverse areas of the world. 

Pisatahua is locally-owned and managed by residents of the Aquicuana Reserve. Our healers are responsible and respected community members, with decades of experience. Our support staff is competent, professional and caring. Together, we provide personalized guidance and assistance throughout your journey.

Integrative/ Holistic Medicine 

We provide integral health services including dietary medicines, detoxification cleanses and mind-body practices. We work with numerous medicinal plants and healing-modalities to further holistic health of the mind, body, heart and spirit. 

All guests receive delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals. They also benefit from daily detox-juices, herbal teas and optional meditation and yoga instruction. 

We receive a maximum of 8 guests per retreat to ensure that each individual receives the personalized attention they require on their unique path of awakening.

Nature is not mute; it is man who is deaf.

Venue Highlights

Pisatahua was sustainably constructed with locally-sourced, natural materials, while minimizing the removal of vegetation. The center employs energy and water conservation measures and waste recycling programs.

We believe in reciprocity and are committed to partnering with our neighbors to support the maintenance of our land and traditions. Proceeds from our retreat assist community development & environmental protection projects.

Through our non-profit extensions, we helped secure the protection of over 20,000 hectares of Rainforest.


  • Spa
  • Towels
  • Kitchen
  • Tour Assistance
  • Yoga Studio
  • House-Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free


At Pisatahua we follow a traditional ayahuasca diet, while maximizing taste and nutritional value. We provide our guests fresh-organic-food from the Amazon. We never provide packaged, canned or processed foods. We avoid any simple sugars, hydrogenated oils or processed grains. Our food is “real” and locally sourced.

Much thought and preparation has gone into our menu. We place special emphasis on raw fruits, vegetables and juices. We incorporate healthy fats through nuts and seeds. Additionally, we provide filtered water to all guests in their rooms and common areas.

Please inform us if you have any food allergies or special dietary restrictions. We can accommodate most any need.

We recommend guests follow the ayahuasca preparation diet for a minimum of 5 days prior to arrival. Please inform us if you have any food allergies or special dietary restrictions. We can accommodate most any need.


All cabins were designed through the adaptation of local construction techniques to meet the needs of our guests. Our cabins maintain the rustic appeal of a jungle lodge, without sacrificing many of the amenities of a modern hotel. All cabins are secluded and extremely spacious. They are fully furnished with clean private bathrooms, washbasins and showers. Cabins have high thatched-roofs and sit one meter above the jungle floor.

Each cabin room comes equipped with 2 twin/or 1 super-king bed, shelving, solar-powered lighting, night-stands, an indoor hammock, a writing desk, chairs, and fresh drinking water. We provide fresh linens, towels and laundry service.

All cabins are situated facing the lake with enormous windows to maximize ventilation and views of the Aquicuana Reserve.


The two international airports in Bolivia are Santa Cruz (VVI) and La Paz (LPB). Flights can be purchased online to either of these two airports. From La Paz or Santa Cruz, there are daily flights to Riberalta with the airlines EcoJet and Amazonas.

* We can assist guests purchase their flights to Riberalta. We'll pick-up all guests at the airport and transport them to retreat center at no additional cost.

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  • Simon Kaiwai   February 26, 2019

      10 days of treatment in paradise

    I was lucky enough to participate in a 10 day retreat at Pisatahua. The location was spectacular and was 40 minutes outside of Riberalta which is an interesting little city. Every aspect was well thought out including all natural materials and adherence to a traditional medicinal diet. The shaman and his apprentice were continuing the work of their grandfathers. So much knowledge. The ceremonies had a profound and lasting effect on me physically, emotionally and mentally. Having participated in ceremonies in Bolivia and California before, I can’t recommend Pisatahua highly enough.

  • mary dy   February 15, 2019

      Beautiful place and people

    We took part in a retreat at the Pisatahua retreat in the jungle and fell in love with the place. The Center is made out of wooden cabins in the lush jungle in front of the most beautiful lake. Every night you get the most stunning sunset on this peaceful lake. They offer retreat programs in which you can do some yoga, meditation, help in the permaculture projects and learn about local medicines from the jungle. It is a great opportunity to both work on yourself and visit the natural surroundings. They offer walks in the jungle, boat trips on the lake and visits to local communities. The general schedules are flexible and respectful of the time you need for yourself. The staff is so kind and loving that you feel as part of the family as soon as you meet them. This place is everything you can dream of if you want to take a break from society and city life. You will enjoy being in the nature with amazing and inspiring people and work on yourself. I would highly recommend going to Pisatahua if you are looking for a little heaven in the Bolivian jungle. It is a special experience that you won’t regret!

  • Solène Pitzk   February 14, 2019

      Safe and natural

    The site is absolutely beautiful and natural, you are in the middle of the jungle, so just for this you should go. All the cabane are made in wood, so is very respectful and in adecuation with the jungle. The chaman was very kind, she explains very well the ayahuasca medicine and I remember she had a great voice. It was a very intense experience and I felt accompanied during it. I recommend it

  • Isla Pickis   February 12, 2019

      Best retreat experience ever

    In january 2019 I did my first ayahuasca retreat at Pisatahua. During the four ceremonies I was able to get a really deep healing. The facilities at Pisatahua are so optimate to do a retreat, having no cellphone connection, hardly any electricity, but a good, clean and lovely (!!!) center in the middle of the jungle. The accomodations, the rooms, everything, was very beautiful. The only thing, during the rain time, it is difficult to get things dry, due to its very humid climate. But even so Eric and Sasha offered us to have our clothes washed in the middle of our retreat time (they took them to Riberalta to wash them in a washing machine and have them dried in a dryer) and also we received clean bed sheets, it felt as a great luxury having clean clothes and bed sheets..! :) Any inconvenient Eric or Sasha would inmediately help us. They were amazing. The food we received, was a special diet to the ceremonies we had, in our case our "Shamana" Karina Luna had us on a lot of quinoa and vegetables as well as fruit, brazil nuts (we learned that they mainly come from Riberalta, Bolivia and not from Brazil!), so as Acai juices. Eric organized a beautiful tour through the jungle with Chaca, a real jungle expert. They also organized a boat ride on the lake, where anacondas as well as crocodiles live :) We also had the opportunity to visit a local Shaman, all in all very beautiful experiences. Climate in january is very humid, it rained every day, but not constantly, the weather would change easily, from sun to cloudy to rain. The temperature though was always warm, even the rain was warm. Recommended to bring a head lamp, you definitely need one to walk from the main area to your "cabañas", it gets dark early (around 7pm). Bring good shoes that dry easily, for the every day use at the center "crocs" or "flipflops" are a very good option. Time really passed by so fast, suddenly the retreat was over! Our group fell in love with each other... And the love and care Eric and Sasha are putting in daily to this project, will make me for sure come back in the future!!!

  • Esther Massinon   December 14, 2018

      Natural paradise

    I can’t express my gratitude for the experience I had in Pisatahua. I did 3 ayahuasca ceremonies there, it was my first experience with that medicine. As soon as I arrived, Erik and Wara, the shaman, made me feel incredibly comfortable. The location is gorgeous, a natural paradise. Accommodations offer a dreamy view in the jungle and the Lake San José reflecting the sky as a back-ground. I had amazing experiences with ayahuasca, knowing that Wara, this strong and inspiring woman, knew exactly what she was doing. Both Erik and she were attentive to all of us and gave us the support we needed. Wara was there through the whole retreat to guide us in our life-changing process. In those couple of days, the group of the retreat created a strong energy of support and connection. With an assured reliability of Erik and the shaman, a stunning scenery, sounds of nature that you will never forget and peace you will hardly re-live in your life, Pisatahua is definitely a choice I would recommend for anyone who wants a powerful and positive experience. I came back changed, full-filled with good energy, trust in my future, love and gratefulness for a life-time. Thank you Wara and Erik.

  • Esther Massinon   December 14, 2018

      Natural paradise

    I can’t express my gratitude for the experience I had in Pisatahua. I did 3 ayahuasca ceremonies there, it was my first experience with that medicine. As soon as I arrived, Erik and Wara, the shaman, made me feel incredibly comfortable. The location is gorgeous, a natural paradise. Accommodations offer a dreamy view in the jungle and the Lake San José reflecting the sky as a back-ground. I had amazing experiences with ayahuasca, knowing that Wara, this strong and inspiring woman, knew exactly what she was doing. Both Erik and she were attentive to all of us and gave us the support we needed. Wara was there through the whole retreat to guide us in our life-changing process. In those couple of days, the group of the retreat created a strong energy of support and connection. With an assured reliability of Erik and the shaman, a stunning scenery, sounds of nature that you will never forget and peace you will hardly re-live in your life, Pisatahua is definitely a choice I would recommend for anyone who wants a powerful and positive experience. I came back changed, full-filled with good energy, trust in my future, love and gratefulness for a life-time. Thank you Wara and Erik !

  • Donna cherrate   December 13, 2018

      Heart opening place

    I had an amazing and incredibly humbling experience at Pistahua. My experience with the plant medicine was profound and life changing. This place is definitely special. A beautiful healing environment for seekers to find and explore. The facilitators Erick and Sasha are amazing and beautiful souls. Thank you Pistahua, you will always stay in my heart for as long as I live ❤️💜

  • Francesca B   December 11, 2018

      An overwhelming experience!

    The place is amazing, located in the Reserve, is so peaceful and quiet. It is perfect for clearing the mind and escape from the world. The ayahuasca experience was incredible. The shaman made it unique thanks to the attention she gave to all the participants. You really share the experience with the group and you feel connected. I felt safe and assured about every worried I had. I highly reccomend it.

  • anis moualhi   December 11, 2018

      the best retreat center in south America

    j’ai déja fait des retraites d’Ayahuasca au Perou et en Equateur et je peux confirmer que Pisatahua est l’un des meilleurs centres de retraites en Amerique latine. Le lieu est magnifique avec une énergie énorme. Les cabanes sont propres et bien équipées ce qui vous permet vraiment de se sentir à l’aise pour vivre une belle experience. Le personnel est toujours à votre service en essayant de répondre au maximum à vos demandes. Le travail avec la plante est très constructif et le shaman est là pour répondre aux questions et assurer le bon déroulement des céremonies… Il ne s’agit pas seulement de l’ayahuasca mais des céremonies de tabac, coca sont aussi propsés aux participants. Une formation aussi sur les plantes, la faune, les animaux est proposée. Je vous conseille vraiment d’y aller, débutants ou experts avec l’ayahuasca vous allez faire un travail exceptionnel avec les plantes. Eric et Sacha vous accueille en tant que membre de leur famille et sont toujours là à vous aider et guider pendant ce voyage, De plus une grande partie de l’argent va pour aider le projet de la réserve naturelle Acuiquana et une ONG locale pour la protection de l’amazonie. y’a rien à améliorer , vous etes les meilleurs.. bonne continuation à vous et je reviendrai surement visiter ce lieu magique qui est Pisatahua . I already done a lot of ayahuasca ceremonies in south America and I can confirm that Pisatahua is one of the best retreat center I ever been. The place is beautiful with a lot of energy ( in the middle of the Acquicuna reserve), the conditions of accommodations are the best with Eric ( the co-founder ) trying always his best to do more. The work with the plant is perfect, we were not a big group so it’s easy to talk with the shaman and work in peace with the madre Ayahuasca. You really fell like you’re in a family and people are really here to help you. The jungle walk, the boat tour and the lessons of Senior Chaca about the plants and animals in the jungle were great, you can really feel how it’s important for these people to share their love and knowledge about the jungle. For beginners or experts, Pisatahua is one of the best retreat center and knowing that big part of the money is going to help the maintain of the reserve and the local ONG is a good point. Hope you the best guys and for sure I will come back when the madre call me for another retreat. Whish you the best . Anis

  • Bram Stadhouders   October 25, 2018


    I joined the 9 day retreat in September 2018 in Pisatahua. I am very happy with my experience! It was a very clear communication from Erik, the owner, he was very helpful in trying to organise my arrival and departure. Pisatahua is located in a very nice spot in the jungle. The beautiful sounds I heard there from the birds and animals I will never forget. We made a few hikings and boat trips for spotting crocodiles, which were included in the retreat. We were walking in the Amazon jungle with the shaman who told us about many medicinal plants, and at some point I was thinking that I'm walking in a living pharmacy. The ceremonies were great, Erik and his wife made everyone feel comfortable and were very genuine in their intentions. The ceremonies were very intense, but Erik gave amazing support. They had an intention for the diet which means no salt and strong herbs. Therefore the food was basic, so it was sometimes hard to get used to that, but this is part of the retreat, for cleaning and healing purposes. All in all I am very grateful for the beautiful experiences and insights that I got from everything. I think you won't be dissapointed when you'll choose to visit Pisatahua!

  • MARTA SAEZ PEREZ   October 19, 2018



  • Silvia Coll Pascual   September 10, 2018


    I have had a wonderful time at Pisatahua. The location is dreamy and remote, a natural paradise. The owners are really nice, genuin good people, they love what they do and they have a lot of experience themselves with the medicine. They will help you before, during and after your stay. Food is great, very healthy, you will eat a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, quinua... The cabins are beautiful and comfortable. All those things alone make the experience worth it, but there's also the ayahuasca ceremonies of course. This is the perfect place to do ayahuasca. You feel always safe in this environment, inside the impressive Maloca where the ceremonies take place. I never have tried ayahuasca before and in the fourth and last ceremony of the retreat I've had a very intense experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Don't fear nothing, there's no side effects and is perfectly safe. Thanks Erik, Sasha and all the staff for this magnificent experience. I hope I will return some day to Pisatahua.

  • Ludivine Félix   September 07, 2018

      How to combine healing process, meeting like-minded people and the amazing Amazon

    I recently attended the 9-day retreat at Pisatahua. The first day when I arrived at Riberalta airport, Erik and Sasha were there to welcome me and get me. They brought me to their non-profit house (Sustainable Bolivia) where I was about to stay for the night. Thanks to this, I was able to visit the lovely town of Riberalta. We all had dinner together that night with the non profit staff and some of the retreat participants who also arrived one day early. We already got to know each other, learned about previous experiences and motivations, and Erik and Sasha answered to all our questions and concerns. The next day we headed towards the retreat center and the Ecolodge, Pisatahua, located in a magnificent place in the middle of the Aquicuana Reserve, a protected area of the Amazon jungle! There are barely tourists over here, because, we were told, there is no infrastructure, and, basically, no one to offer tours. Everything seems wild, hidden - we have the impression to be in the real Amazon. The Pisatahua center was a bit hidden, but right in front of the San José Lake, and from your cabin, you have the view on the Lake. It's also nice because you have a small breeze and it's quite needed in this tropical (and hot) place! We had a retreat every other day, and in between activities planned to relax, think about yourself, your experience, but of course, discover this amazing nature! As such, we did yoga, meditation, art therapy activities, talks about our experience (and ayahuasca experience included of course!), boat tours and hikes. It was really amazing to combine the healing process with the breath taking nature, discover the Amazon and its rituals. During the ceremonies, the shaman prepared and gave us the ayahuasca brew (which was way better than I was told, actually almost tasting nice!). The shaman made sure it's the right dose for us, and supported us during the process, singing for a few hours, while we were laying down on a mattress with a blanket in the big Maloka. Of course, everyone has very different experiences with the ayahuasca but, if I was scared before doing this, I understood after the first night I had nothing to be scared of, after feeling so much peace and love inside and outside me. The idea is that you get helped, even though you have to be open for it, and even sometimes looking and concentrating to find your answers. I believe it is important to go to the whole retreat because some people don't feel anything or not much (like me) the first time. Hence, it is necessary to continue the process, to get used to and familiarize with the plant to get a better, but most importantly useful experience. Finally, even though we had to do a diet, the food was excellent and fresh with local products! I really appreciated that part, knowing it's hard to cook with the diet restrictions! All in all, it was an amazing experience, very well organized, and it allowed me to discover the Amazon, its giant trees and funny animals. I also felt part of a family with the rest of the group and Erik and Sasha who take good care of us. You really have a personnal touch and it also helps that there are only small groups. I would definitely recommend it and do it again!

  • Nina Zabrodina   June 20, 2018

      For the seekers and the awakening!..

    While in ceremony, I came to the conclusion that ALL I want to say in my review is: “One shouldn’t go anywhere else but here”, meaning - this place is ideal for the purpose... but my review is going to be a little longer than that. So: For the seekers and the awakening - if it’s your first time to answer the calling of Mother Ayahuasca, I would not go anywhere else but Pisatahua!.. The comfortable accommodations in prestine nature, with my hammock sunrises and sunsets accompanimented by choirs of insects and birds were the perfect context to my experience. The genuine care of everyone I encountered along my journey was beyond my expectations - I wouldn’t want it any other way. The authenticity of intention to bring about change to each individual life of the participants was shining through each caretaker. That was one of my revelations - their intention! - changing One. Life. At a time... while positively affecting the local community along the way... I wanted to find a place that is off the beaten path with an authentic shaman. I found THAT and more! I am so, so grateful! I am especially thankful to you, Erik, for holding my hand through it all and being there for me. I think I will be back sooner, rather than later. after all... there’s more work to do :))

  • Jack Mcleod   June 20, 2018

      The most peaceful place I have ever been in my life.

    Pisatahua Ecolodge is probably the most peaceful place I have ever had the enjoyment of visiting. Erik and his wife Sasha were incredibly helpful even before I got to the retreat. They helped me arrange flights and advised me (very wisely) not to get the bus to Riberalta. I was greeted at the airport and from that moment on was made to feel incredibly welcome, safe and cared for. They truly have built this from the ground up and their care and passion for what they do is moving. The facilities are fantastic with comfortable two person huts that have bathrooms and running water. They also have a fantastic view out onto the lake and at night you feel completely immersed in the jungle itself. While I was there we were lucky enough to find a wild Jaguar footprint on the path not 10 metres from our hut. Amazing to think that while we were sleeping an animal like that was walking around outside. The ceremonies themselves were very authentic using local shamans who had been taught the skill by their fathers. The Maloca (giant hut where the ceremonies take place) is a sight to behold in itself. It has similar presence as that of a church or cathedral. With its 360 degree windows and it’s giant roof it is perfect space to take the plant medicine. The volunteers and staff were particularly kind, considerate and helpful and were on hand throughout the entire undertaking of the medicine. The special menu that was created was simple but delicious. This retreat is not to be missed. I walked away with a life changing experience in a part of the world that still feels it has been untouched by man. You will not regret choosing to go with Pisatahua.

  • Dakota C   June 20, 2018

      An encounter with paradise in the Amazon Rainforest

    Went here for the 9 day retreat and I do not have enough positive things to say about the experience. The setting is absolutely beautiful, located within a wilderness sanctuary and right on the bank of a beautiful lake. The ceremonies were amazing, and Sasha and Erik have made an amazing atmosphere where everyone felt really comfortable and safe. I can safely say that my time at Pisatahua was completely transformative and my only regret is that now that I have left all I do is yearn to be back in my cozy little bungalow listening to the sounds of the birds. The food was also incredible, and sticking to the Aya 'dieta' was never a problem or chore here. I was initially pretty nervous for my Aya experience having heard some horror stories about conditions at other centers where profit is less important than spirituality. I am so glad I found this place. I cannot recommend Pisatahua enough, if you are reading this review and are on the fence do yourself a favor and make Pisatahua the place you try Ayahuasca. You will not regret it.

  • Juan Van Rosa   June 05, 2018

      Pisatahua, an Oasis in Your Spiritual Journey

    I've been traveling extensively throughout the southern cone of South America for the last two months. Did a loop starting in Cochabamba, Bolivia, bus hoping from northern Chile to the south and then from Santiago to Buenos Aires and all the way up to Riberalta, Bolivia. It was a long journey, meeting interesting people and listening to different stories from all walks of life. My final stop was Pisatahua, a beautiful reserve an hour away - jungle deep - from its nearest city, Riberalta. From the moment I got there - guided and supported by the wonderful staff - I had a feeling of purpose. Like I needed to be there. And consequently! The ayahuasca ceremonies fortified my journey until then, all the people and all the stories I heard, suddenly made sense. Each story complemented themselves including my own and the other 3 participants that where with me (all from different parts of the world, I might add). it was a beautiful and fufilling 9-days, worth every penny, since now I come out of South America a new person, fearless to comfront my inner world and accepting of the exterior world. I feel...in harmony.

  • Steve Travels   May 28, 2018

      Life Changing Experience

    I recently attended Pisatahua for a nine day retreat. I offer you my review of the elements that I believe are worth considering in your important choice. Setting - Pisatahua’s remote location on a beautiful, wild lake in the Amazon jungle greatly helped me relax and further connect with nature. There are trails to hike and places to sit still, enveloped in true nature to reflect or meditate. Each night, the jungle came alive with rich sounds of wildlife. This played a big part for me in the ceremonies. Facilities and activities - The center has been created with clear vision. The grand moloka overlooking the lake has a positive energy. It just felt right. Very comfortable and beautiful individual cabins allowed solitude as desired. The quality meals, hikes, boat tours, yoga, guided meditation, group discussions, and plenty of personal time all contributed very positively. People - Organizers Erik and Sasha are a gift. They truely understand the beauty of Mother Ayahuasca and how to appropriately share that beauty with others. The staff and volunteers were exceptional in gently guiding and supporting guests. Absolutely wonderful people. Ceremony - Words are not enough to describe this. My experience with the four ceremonies was far beyond any of my expectations. The power, pure love, and beauty of Mother Ayahuasca is beyond imagination. The shaman’s presence and song took me to other worlds. I received crystal clear visions with profound, personal lessons. Overall Experience - Exceptional. Life changing. Highly recommended. Steve

  • Paisley F   May 10, 2018

      Great experience, the most caring and supportive staff

    Agreed with the other reviews, what stands out for me most is how supportive and generous Erik and Sasha and the rest of the team was, before, during and after the retreat. They were really there for us, especially to support us through Integration, and were 100% committed to making sure we had the best experience possible. Everything else was top-notch.

  • Shalynn Pack   May 09, 2018

      Lasting Personal Growth in a Wildlife Paradise

    I’m a wildlife biologist and personal growth aficionado, and so I was drawn to Pisatahua for several reasons - to deepen my spiritual connection, to see Amazonian wildlife, and to rest and rejuvenate my soul and body. I can say that Pisatahua is an absolute paradise!! I stayed at Pisatahua for 3 weeks with my husband in April 2018. During this time we participated in 2 powerfully spiritual ayahuasca ceremonies, searched for jaguar tracks as we hiked through their jungle trail system, watched macaws fly overhead as we canoed the lake at sunrise, and practiced daily yoga and meditation in their shaded, spacious and mosquito-free maloca (a communal thatch-roofed building). The lodge has an incredible location for wildlife – in just 2 weeks I saw 55 species of Amazonian birds, and dozens of jaguar, capybara, and caiman tracks. Pisatahua sits within 20,000 hectares of the Aquicuana Reserve, which was founded thanks to collaboration between Pisatahua and the municipality of Riberalta, and protects an area of Amazonian forest 3x bigger than Manhattan. At Pisatahua you can access their miles-long trail system, leading you through lake-side wetlands and dense tropical forest, offering ample opportunity to spot a toucan, black caracara, or another of the 250 or so bird species that live within the Reserve. The facilities were the best I’ve seen at a tropical lodge – the cabins offer you a private view over the lake, where you can listen to the hum of frogs and birds at night from your comfortable bed or hammock. The maloca is a beautiful space for ceremony, community, and meditative practice. I always felt comfortable, safe, and surrounded by intense beauty while at Pisatahua, and I miss it already. The ceremonies were powerful – the curanderos are wise, attentive, and truly concerned for your healing. We felt safe, comfortable, and well guided, thanks to them and to Pisatahua’s founders Erik, Sasha, and Chaca. The medicine itself was potent – a thick, dense brew – and for me, life changing, offering visions for a better world, as well as the personal growth required to help me create that better world. Erik and Sasha have created a space that fosters integration, to empower you to translate these visions into lasting personal change. This was my first time with the medicine, and I am immensely grateful to have experienced this at Pisatahua, surrounded by inspiring people, local curanderos, and gorgeous tropical nature. I am eternally grateful to Erik, Sascha, and Chaca, for founding this beautiful healing center that gives so much to the local community and visitors. I hope to return soon!

  • Selby currie   May 09, 2018

      9 Day Retreat

    Immediately from the start of my 9 day retreat I knew I had made the right choice of choosing Pisatahua. Firstly the amazing location on a lake reserve surrounded by a magical jungle to the healthy and filling meals provided along with guided mediation, yoga and breathing exercises, this was one of the best things I have participated in my life. The accomodation was outstanding with privacy and a breathtaking view of the Amazon. Eric and Sasha along with the volunteers made me feel very comfortable and the environment setting contributed to this. Their passion for the retreat and commitment was clearly noticeable. They provided all the information prior to starting the ceremonies. Each day was well structed to suit the needs of each individual. During the ceremonies, someone was always around to help if you needed support. The ceremonies provided insights and feelings from my past of family and friends. I cannot wait to recommend this retreat to my family and friends. I will definitely be back in the near future and look forward to seeing Sasha and Eric.

  • Brett Perry   May 09, 2018

      9 day retreat in the Bolivian Amazon

    I attended the 9 day retreat at Pisatahua and it was by far one of the best experiences of my life. We arrived in Riberalta airport and were welcomed by Erik and taken to a nearby hotel that had been pre organised by Pisatahua. The following day we were picked up by Erik, Sasha and the volunteers and taken to lunch then had an hour and a half drive out to the retreat. The grounds of the retreat were absolutely amazing. The retreat is located right on a lake in the Amazon jungle. The cabins are extremely comfortable with each having comfortable bedding, private bathroom, a hammock and a water dispenser. The schedule for the following 9 days was given to us along with a group meeting with the staff and other participants to introduce and get to know everyone there. The days include amazing healthy food cooked by their staff and volunteers, yoga, guided medication and optional group activities such as boat rides on the lake and jungle treks through the reserve. The ceremonies were held every second night starting at 8pm. The ceremonies were held in a large maloka with a perfect group size of around 6 participants and 2-4 caretakers along with the Shaman. We were called up individually to have our plant medicine Ayahuasca and returned to our own individual mattress spread out nicely in the maloka. Not too long after I felt the medicine working, I was able to have amazing journeys focussing on past and current relationships finding answers I had been looking for about these relationships and of course myself. The ceremonies included powerful and beautiful chanting by the shaman. I felt very comfortable and looked after by the shaman and the facilitators through each ceremony. We also had an amazing group of like minded participants which made the retreat very unique and fun. The staff are very approachable, knowledgeable and passionate about their work and the plant medicine. They were always there to talk to for information, advice or just a chat in general. Overall I had a great experience at Pisatahua and would highly recommend this retreat to anyone looking to participate in plant medicine ceremonies and spend time in the Amazon jungle. I will definitely be heading back to Pisatahua to continue my healing journey.

  • Adriano Ramos   April 15, 2018


    The Pisatahua 9 day plant medicine retreat that i attended to, was simply amazing. I guess you always have expectations, but this time they were all surpassed. The retreat happens deep in the jungle, where there is only you and nature. There you have everything you need, a big wooden cabin with a very comfortable bed and a private bathroom, good and healthy food and the company of people that are there with same intentions as you. The ceremonies with the plant medicine happen in a very comfortable and supportive setting, which makes you feel at home and helps you to surrender your self to the plant and do the therapeutic work you came to do. Cant forget to mention the facilitators and voluntaries, a group of wonderful and trustworthy people that take this very seriously and that are there to help you and give you support in anyway possible. The jungle is in of itself a place that inspires healing and a healthy lifestyle, that combined with the things i mentioned above is the perfect recipe for one of the most amazing experiences you can possibly have. I absolutely recommend this Retreat!! :)

  • Sara Morrill   April 13, 2018

      Grounding and healing experience

    Pisatahua is one of a kind ayahuasca retreat. I´m really glad I waited until I was in the remote corners of the Amazon jungle to try ayahuasca for the first time The minute you step foot on the grounds you know you are in a very sacred and healing space. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking healing, personal growth, connection and a deeper understanding of themselves. It is definitely worth it to make the trek up to Riberalta, especially if trying ayahuasca for the first time. You will get nothing short of an authentic Amazonian experience with a family−owned feel far off the tourist trail. The grounds are magical and alive. There´s not too many places that place you right in heart of the jungle action while simultaneously swaddling you in a cozy hammock and letting you shower under an indoor Niagra falls with a sunset view of river crocodiles. It´s like a vacation from your brain. The Amazon jungle will sing you to sleep at night with its chorus of indistinguishable noises. (You´ll get a very thorough briefing on which snakes and wild cats to avoid over a nice fresh glass of acai juice.) The guided tai chi, meditation and hiking are a nice touch too. Sasha, Erik and Don Chaca are one of a kind, high caliber humans. They remained very present and in touch with everyone´s needs throughout the retreat. It´s nice to know that the proceeds from Pisatahua go to support their partner nonprofit with social and environmental impact projects in the local community. Too bad I only have 5 stars to give!

  • Tom   April 11, 2018

      Amazing !!

    I just came back from pisatahua and it was one the best experience I've ever had! Everything was perfect: the staff, the facilities, the ceremonies. I highly recommend pisatahua . Don't hesitate no more ! It definitely a life changing experience !

  • D. Homleid   April 08, 2018

      Do Yourself a Favor...Go There

    I’ve experienced two ayahuasca retreats now. The first was a 7-day retreat in Iquitos, Peru and most recently the 9-day retreat at Pisatahua. Both were powerful experiences, but I recommend Pisatahua for sure. First of all, the location on Lake Aquicuana is pristine and teaming with life and it will blow your mind just by itself. But when you combine a setting like Pisatahua with a high-quality vegan diet, meditation practices, and truly authentic ayahuasca ceremonies over 9 days, the possibility to go deep within and discover new insights becomes very real. In fact, if you have the extra time, you might even consider talking to Erik and Sasha (awesome people) about options for a longer stay. One other bit of advice…Take seriously the pre-retreat recommendations on the Pisatahua website (i.e., La Dieta). It can make a big difference. Cheers.

  • Jeremiah Adam Rush   April 06, 2018

      Heart-opening and beautiful healing experience in paradise

    Pistatahua is the sixth Ayahuasca retreat center I’ve been fortunate to spend time at, so I believe I’ve had enough experience to write a fair review. To summarize, the 9-day plant medicine retreat I participated in was excellent in every regard. The location is breathtakingly beautiful, located deep in the Bolivian Amazon and on the shore of a large natural lake surrounded by virgin rainforest. The accommodation I stayed in was exceedingly comfortable and luxurious, with an incredible view, comfortable bed, and private bathroom including a high-pressure shower and flushable toilet. The gourmet food was delicious and among the best I’ve had at any plant medicine or naturopathic retreat center. They also supplemented our meals with delicious and nutritious fresh juices that included carrot, beet, apple, ginger, lemon, celery, cucumber, etc—a very nice addition! Also, the staff were friendly, approachable, and very supportive of the individual and group healing processes; they really care about you and your experience, and will go the ‘extra mile’ to ensure all your needs are met. Daily we had group sessions of tai chi, pranayama (deep breathing exercises), and meditation, in addition to some discussions regarding the work with plant medicines and integration. The Ayahuasca ceremonies themselves were profound and transformative; the medicine was very strong and effective; and the shamans were professional, attentive, and wise. I left the center feeling a renewed and deepened awareness and connection to myself, others, and the world. I highly recommend Pisatahua to anyone looking to experience or work with Ayahuasca in a beautiful, comfortable, loving, and supportive environment.

  • Tobe   April 01, 2018

      Highly recommendable Ayahuasca-retreat-center

    From the very beginning, when I was picked up at the airport in Riberalta by Erik and Sasha, I knew that I was in good hands. And my first impression turned out to be absolutely true. The four ceremonies I partook felt very authentic and deep. There was enough quietness and darkness to give me all the space I needed, but without ever feeling alone or lost. There was always someone if needed, during and after the ceremonies. Shamans Don Rene and Don Marcial are both very warm and kindhearted men, and the crew became quickly a group of friends. The knowledge that I was in a safe space - which is probably the most important thing for every retreat-center - allowed me to immerse deep in the experience and have rewarding experiences. The retreat center itself is beautifully located in the amazon of nothern Bolivia near a jungle lake. The cabins are new, comfortable and spaciuos, and the food is delicious and plenty. Because of the small number of retreat guests activities (ranging from jungle hikes and boat rides to Tai-chi and yoga) could be arranged or changed very easy - which was necessary in my case because there was a lot of rain. Being at Pisatahua is not only about ayahuasca, but at least as much about experiencing the jungle, which for me was worth the travel on its own. What impressed me especially was the beautiful, respectful way Pisatahua works with the local community and how they care for the environment. You could see that everyone involved enjoys being involved: the local family nearby that was assisting in various ways, the shamans from the neighbouring villages, their friends in the town of Riberalta. It's a retreat center that is not at all secluded from its surrounding, but part of it, and something you become part of as well: part of the ayahuasca, part of the crew and their vision, part of the local family, part of the deep jungle, that is surrounding you. Big thanks to Pisatahua

  • Loca Boo   March 30, 2018


    Thank you so much Pisatahua! Ayahuasca can and should be one of the most incredible experiences of your life - as it was for me. If you are considering working with Ayahuasca, I would highly recommend choosing Pisatahua for your retreat. They make you feel comfortable, safe and well-informed throughout the whole experience. Well in advance we were told about the physical and spiritual preparations we should undertake in order to make the most of the retreat and avoid intense sickness. We met with the shaman and staff before each session and learned a lot about the sacred plant including the science behind its work. This information session was extremely valuable and demonstrated that the shaman who would lead the session is knowledgeable. All medical contraindications were checked for and everybody signed an informed consent form. The space designated for the retreat was well-prepared with ample space, comfortable mattresses, and an enchanting ambience with the full moon glowing above in the sky and the fire glittering in the background. Ayahuasca is not a hallucinogenic drug. Ayahuasca is a teacher. It helps you confront your fears and weaknesses and reconnect with nature. As I lie down on the mattress the wind on my cheek felt like a caress. My senses remained amplified even weeks after the retreat, allowing me to hear, see and feel everything in an intensified manner. The retreat experience allowed me to enter the shoes of other animals and surrounded me with herds of insects accompanied by a feeling that they are not going to hurt me. After this experience you may come to think twice before killing a spider or a fly. The experience, however, is not always a relaxing Mary Go Round. There were some minutes (or hours!) in which Mother Ayahuasca made me feel terrible, weirdly nauseous and most importantly guilty. If there are things on your conscience you do not want to confront Ayuahuasca will make sure to show you just that. But afterwards it is all calm. It is a very positive experience. After a period of intense "teaching" all I could think of was 'Thank you Mother Ayahuasca'. One thing to keep in mind is that no matter what Pisatahua’s staff and healers are always there to help you. Whether you need to stand up to use the bathroom, have your water bottle filled or feeling nauseous. Their and Piña's (their lovely dog) constant vigilance will make you feel safe. Safe and ready to embrace the spirit…

  • Brian Sachson   March 24, 2018

      Transcendent experience at Pisatahua

    My experience at Pisatahua was nothing short of incredible! I was so glad that I waited to try Ayahuasca for the the first time in the Amazon, and all my expectations were blown away by everything that Pisatahua had to offer. It truly was a transcendental experience...and when you are ready to dive into this super powerful plant medicine I highly recommend making the pilgrimage down to Bolivia and putting yourself in the care of the staff at Pisatahua. Know going in that it will not be an easy journey. It is difficult to get to the area of the Bolivian jungle that they are in but once you're there you will fully immerse yourself in the cleansing practice that they will help you with. The layout of the retreat is on a lake with rustic little cabins lining the shore, a main maloca or lodge where the ceremonies take place, and that's about it. There is no wifi or electricity which is a great element...no need to update instagram when you are reflecting on your experience of becoming one with the universe. There are plenty of trails to hike and boat rides to take on the river...and I have to say that they have some of the dopest hammocks I've ever laid in. As for the ceremonies, Erik and Sasha do an incredible job of making you feel at home and comfortable prior to diving in. The plant based diet they feed you will truly make you feel amazing, and the effects will be felt during the ceremony. The shamans they bring in for the ceremonies are amazingly kind and friendly human beings, and they will really help you through the journey. The volunteers they have there will help you out as well if your purging process is too intense to handle. A lot of love coming from everyone involved. As for the ayahuasca...Pisatahua has incredible medicine. Diving into alternate dimensions, having deep introspection on your life, and gaining a better understanding of life, death, and the universe in general are the highlights of my Pisatahua experience. If you're looking to change your life or improve it I can't recommend these guys enough. They really have a special thing going on down there in jungle. :)

  • Cherie   March 02, 2018


    If you are curious about experiencing Ayahuasca, then your journey has already begun. I highly recommend that you book a retreat with the incredible staff at Pisatahua. The Ayahuasca ceremonies that I have taken part in have had an overwhelmingly positive and transformative impact on my life. I am witness to it’s incredibly ability to heal, give peace and help the drinker find their best path to fuller and happier life. My time at Pisatahua connected me to my most powerful experiences and emotions, and allowed me to access new ideas and connections and make peace with my past. The ceremonies also gave me beautiful visions and intense feelings of love and joy. It did, however, take three ceremonies for me to experience the full effects of the medicine. This is why a longer retreat is the perfect way for people to try Ayahuasca for the first time. The retreat setting in the Bolivian amazon was breathtaking. The accommodations were incredible. The staff were passionate about their work and wanted to ensure that everybody had the best possible experience. From the very beginning, they were friendly, helpful and were happy to answer all of my questions. The Shaman was experienced, intuitive and knowledgeable and we were able to meet him before hand at a very detailed information session. The retreat was particularly helpful for me because some of other information I had read about Ayahuasca was very “wishy-washy.” That was not the case here, and we looked at the science of the plants and their historical and cultural uses. The retreat took place in a remote setting in the Amazon where we could drink the Ayahuasca under the full moon. It started with a traditional Bolivian ceremony to honour Pachamama (mother earth). We had a small group of 8 people which was the perfect size. After we drank, everybody had a comfortable place to lie and there was always somebody there to help if you needed it. The Ayahuasca itself gave me hours of beautiful and powerful visions, that will stay with me for a long time. The next morning we always shared a delicious breakfast where the group discussed their experiences. If you are in Bolivia and thinking about trying Ayahuasca, you can definitely trust Pisatahua to give you a safe and supportive experience.

  • Milkyways   January 07, 2018

      9 highly nurturing days in a safe and magical place

    As a religious person, I wasn’t really sure, at first, whether my faith in God and an Ayahuasca ceremony would contradict each other or would finely come into synergy. However, I decided to follow my intuition and all doubts were soon gone as the shaman introduced us to the ritual and its signification. Whether you are religious or atheist does not matter at that point. Aspiring at being a better person, through healing and deep, guided meditation, is universal. Anxiety at the thought of approaching a key point in my life also left looking at Pisatahua kindly making sure that we had all we needed and reassuring those, as myself, that were a little nervous. This left place to a profound feeling of security, and I knew that Mama Ayahuasca would work “tranquila” on our entangled emotions. As the substance made it to my brain, it felt like I was immersed into a warm bath and that flowery scents were taking me through a colourful and self-discovering voyage. Entering the most profound part of my journey, thoughts became to naturally flow through my mind bringing up, in an ordered manner, all interrogations and pains that had been troubling my minds in the past years. And to every single one of these, a beautifully formulated answer came. Whether it was showing me things from the past or bizarre visions, the signification of the images was perfectly clear. The messy network of my thoughts was suddenly ordered in a rainbow highway toward a brighter future. When I left Pisatahua, it felt as if I was reborn. Every single negative feeling that had been accumulating over the years was gone and I felt, flowing through my veins, a great energy fuelling all new ambitions I had discovered over the 9-day experience!

  • Milli Spence   December 05, 2017

      If you are feeling the call to drink Ayahuasca, I highly recommend Pisatahua Retreat!

    If you are searching for a nurturing retreat, in a magical location and considering drinking Ayahuasca for your first or one-hundredth time, I highly recommend Pisatahua Retreat. Erik and Sasha´s (two of the founders) attention to detail, commitment to their work and passion to support each individual through their own personal journey is evident from their pre-ceremony support and guidance; all the way through to your post ceremony reflections, revelations and integration work. This is an important detail as the effects of Ayahuasca, including deep introspection and personal growth that result are not solely experienced during the hours of ceremony in the presence of the shaman. The shifts in consciousness and patterns in your life can be noticed long after you have gone home. Knowing that you can reach out to a dear friend and support via email (if you are no longer on site) is reassuring. Before I felt called to drink Ayahuasca for the first time, I had heard countless stories from different friends of their experiences, researched articles on the internet and had been invited to attend ceremonies. In my experience Ayahuasca calls you to her in exactly the right moment and she begins to work with you before you have even arrived and taken the first sip. Each Ayahuasca ceremony I have taken part in has been with a different shaman, support people and locations; all unique, transformative and profound in their own way. The ceremonies and the retreat at Pisatahua were deeply spiritual, nurturing and cleansing. The ideal location surrounded by nature, a harmonizing smoke ceremony and traditional k’oa prior to drinking, a small intimate circle, comfortable mattress to lay on, beautiful music, constant attention and support enabling me to feel safe enough to go deep within myself. Soon after drinking I felt the familiar presence of Ayahuasca in my body, the sensations, visuals, overwhelming sense of calm, unconditional love and presence of universal wisdom. During the ceremonies I often asked Ayahuasca questions and she answered in a myriad of ways, including the prayer to heal my womb and ovaries purging a dark old substance from deep within. The week following, I gave myself time and space to integrate the multiple reflections and insights Ayahuasca presented to me. I am ever grateful for the amazing ceremonies and whole retreat experience with Pisatahua.


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My last retreat at SMC was so inspiring and so relaxing. But i'd love to have more time there to spend at the Stupa, visit the Kami shrine, and generally interact with the beautiful enlightened society happening on that entire land. Brett

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