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Dr. Sanango provides authentic shamanic healing with Ayahuasca, Sanango, and other indigenous rainforest plants. We facilitate ayahuasca and plant dieta retreats at Chinchelejo (Dragonfly) Lodge, the family home of indigenous ayahuascero Don Eluco Navarro, and do ceremonies in our secluded maloca in the forest nearby. We offer 8 day plant dieta retreats and ayahuasca retreats for $750 and 4 day ayahuasca retreats for $375. Retreats include medicinal plant collection, ayahuasca cooking, jungle activities such as boat trips and jungle treks, and complementary practices yoga and meditation, as well as ayahuasca ceremonies (5 in 8 days, 2 or 3 in 4 and dieta retreats). Located in the Amazonian village of Jenaro Herrera deep in the jungle 200km from Iquitos, we provide guests with a taste of Amazonian living as well as an authentic healing experience. Dr. Sanango is a family run retreat and all our guests become part of our ‘familia de la medicina.’ They receive the shamanic guidance of our experienced Shaman Eluco and his apprentice and son Jolker, and the pastoral guidance of our English retreat co-ordinator, shamanic apprentice and anthropologist, Emily. Unlike many Shamans working in the Iquitos area, Don Eluco, Jolker, and the shamanic group to which they belong in Jenaro Herrera are vegetalistas or ayahuascero paleros (palo meaning wood), meaning they have an incredible knowledge of medicinal rainforest plants, include many of them in their ayahuasca brew and can employ different plants to treat different ailments. We believe ayahuasca healing should not be exclusive or over commercialised and are dedicated to keeping our retreats affordable as well as authentic, welcoming guests for one or two ceremonies and shorter retreats of 4 days as well as the usual 8 days. If deeper healing is needed, 1 month stays or longer are also available. Just ask and we will accommodate you if we can.

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  • Scott Lackey   January 26, 2018

      Don Luco is the real thing

    TL;DR: Great retreat center with down-to-earth shaman/facilitators that is one of the few that will build a custom experience for you around your travel schedule. Full review: We had an incredible experience with Dr. Sanango and ayahuasca ceremonies with Don Luco and family. You won't find a kinder, more down-to-earth shaman who listens and considers each person that comes to the chinchilejo lodge. We learned so much and while the accommodations are basic, as they should be in such an incredibly remote location, the experience is life-changing! Emily and the other facilitators are also incredible and the food was excellent. We saw several other people completely changed by their experiences and it was breathtaking!

  • Jack J   July 21, 2016

      Amazing Experience with Don Luco and Emily

    I seriously had the time of my life with Don Luco and his family and Emily. A friend of mine had visited before me and highly recommended that I go on a retreat with them. I checked online, but they had no scheduled retreat for that week, but I emailed anyway. Emily (Luco's 26 year old British apprentice who has been workign with him for years), was quick to reply to all my emails and very accommodating. She tailored a week just for me, and made for a very special experience, when there weren't even other visitors there that week. She made it very easy to get to Jenaro Herrera from Iquitos (it is a somewhat isolated village of abotu 5,000, about 4 hours by boat outside of Iquitos). Don Luco was wonderful– very friendly, knowledgable, and wise. I got to explore the jungle with him, Emily, and his son, Coco, and we got to harvest the different plants for the ayahuasca brew. He is a completely respectable, wise, and good man, and is very transparent about the whole ceremony (none of this crap that you hear about with other shamans putting in toeh so that visitors will definitely have visions, or anything like it). I had four wonderful ceremonies that have changed my outlook and insights on life. The experience will stay with me for life. I highly, highly, highly recommend a retreat with them. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions.

  • Regis P.   July 14, 2016

      Deep healing happens here.

    You won't find better facilitator than Emily to talk about your concerns. She is very knowledgeable and will melt your worries away about the process and the healing taking place. She has done numerous dietas and ayahuasca ceremonies herself. They are slowly moving to jungle near the village, so I won't write reviews of facilities because they could be new when someone visits in future. I was lucky to be among few for the first ever ceremony in a new maloka, and its spectacular setting. Set at slightly elevated position on a small river bank, this is the most beautiful maloka setting I have seen so far. River next to maloka is not very deep, only waist or chest deep, but advantage is clear water, tiny sandy beach and being able to see all the way to the bottom which is unusual compared to muddy Amazon region streams. Great place to hang out and swim before or after ayahuasca ceremony. And finally true star of center is ayahuasca medicine itself. After visiting few other centers I can say that Dr. Sanango has by far the strongest and most medicinal brew. Shaman Luco specializes in various trees and their healing properties, so his ayahuasca brew can include great number of different medicinal plants. I experienced deep purging and very visual ceremonies. Purging does not necessary mean just vomiting. In my case it also included deep uncontrollable yawning and very strong vibrations running through the body. Next mornings I used to have feelings like Dr. Sanango's ayahuasca accomplishes about 2-3 times more than some other ceremonies at different centers I have been to. Overall, I highly recommend to come and experience deep healing for yourself.

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To be in my highest self. Josh

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We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.