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The Eagle Condor Alliance offers 10 Day Sacred Medicine Retreats in the mountains outside of Medellin, Colombia. Participants stay in BnB quality housing while experiencing traditional Cofan Ayahuasca (Yage) ceremonies in conjunction with Red Road (El Camino Rojo) San Pedro Cactus and Temazcal ceremonies.

At Eagle Condor Alliance, our central mission is to spread consciousness, awareness and love by being the bridge between our participants and the ancient traditions and sacred medicines of the Americas. We are ultimately concerned with conserving the forests of the Americas, starting in Colombia, where these medicines, traditions, and wisdoms are found.

Healing With All of the Sacred Medicines

We offer all of the sacred plants of the Americas in one powerful and rejuvenating 10 day retreat. Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and Temazcal (sweat lodge) ceremonies each have their own unique spirit, tradition, and way of showing us to ourselves. We believe that using these plants together in guided contexts creates the most profound and curative spiritual experience.

Intensive Plant Medicine Immersion Experience

The demanding itinerary of ECA retreats requires that participants approach the medicine with respect, reverence and strength. These medicines lead us to confront both the beauty and darkness in each of us, and will power is needed to maintain consistent focus on our transformative internal process during the 5 plant ceremonies and 3 sweat lodges that we share.

Our Commitment to the Individual

Each participant comes with his or her own past experiences, health concerns, goals, ambitions, medical history, and intentions for the retreat. At ECA, retreat groups are limited to 10 participants. The group is attended to by 3 group facilitators and 2 experienced healers who are committed to creating bonds of trust and compassion that form the foundation for the healing processes of participants.

Experienced Healers and The Purest Medicine

ECA’s healers have been finding, harvesting, and preparing their own medicines to the benefit of their respective communities for over 40 years. They offer these gifts from Mother Earth in their purest forms. ECA’s medicines are never altered or mixed with other substances or plants. They are provided with respect and love in traditional ceremonies from the Cofán community of the Amazon and the Lakota and Mexika communities of North America.

The Setting – Colombia’s Natural Beauty

ECA’s retreats are held high in the Andes Mountains outside of Medellin, Colombia in one of the most spectacular settings imaginable. Lush, green deciduous forests combine with tropical vegetation at 8,500ft above sea level to form a truly unique and breathtaking backdrop for our own internal transformations.

Comfort and Rejuvenation

Comfort is a crucial element in this reviving and re-energizing experience, and it’s typically forgotten by most other retreat centers. Participants at ECA retreats: sleep in comfortable, soft beds; take hot showers; eat delicious, healthy cuisine; drink fresh mountain water; walk outside without being devoured by insects; can opt-in or opt-out of any retreat activities; and are given ample alone time for reflection and self-examination. The mild climate also helps us rest.

Convenience and Price

Fly direct into Medellin’s international airport for a fraction of what it costs to get to Cusco, Leticia, Iquitos or other locations, and arrive at the retreat center in under 30 minutes via our private transport. No special vaccinations or injections required. We provide all food, housing, and on the ground transport in order to make our retreat relaxing and hassle free.

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  • Cassie Aitken   June 17, 2018

      Look No Further

    I went for 10 days years ago. I think way back when all was relatively new in terms of thheir offerings ... What I rellished was how alll were so so connected through their passion and shared vision and dedication to a powerful common prayer . And to me, surrender to this prayer was their guide and assurance they would be taken care of by the universe- dedicated to sacred work and the path abd its people as opposed to the dollar. I do not understand why but people so often ask “how many ceremonies have you sat in “ and I never count.. but I wouid estimate a couple hundred. Each except 1 or 2 were Sacred, in context authentic, respponsibally facilitated, pure and powerful medecine, powerful and gifted healers, and brightly lit by lots of profound love and personal care from every person encountered- and that is Eagle Condor Alliance. iI cannot honestly think of a single thing they couid have done better. Oh wait yes- have the retreat longer with 1 more yage maybe as an add on option for people like me who sit often and where in the facilitators can participate for themselves only. Anyway.... the food (which is never an area I care about personally) was also beyind crazy good and amazing. I don’t think I hace ever eaten better honestly, or more. Each ceremony was on my list of the most powerful I have experienced in terms of healing, healer and medecine. Colombia is not Peru (thankfully). Cofane yage and traditional Sacred Cofane Ceremoniy (at ECA) in my strong opinion is far more powerful an Ayahuasca experience than anything in Peru not to say each tribe honoring sacred traditions everwhere is doing good work. Anyhow, I am a holistic retreat leader and global indigenous medecine student and coach. Recently working with medecines and tribaes and practices in India, but drawn back always to work more deeply with yage’ (ayahuasca) Trust me. If you are not experienced in this arena please be careful where you go.... Do not attend rhe BS in the states or Europe. And don’t think you have to hop to Peru. Go to Colombia Cofane or Siona tribe experience. Go here. If you really need help or if you really want to do sone deep inner work ..... and honor each of our reaponsibilities to support sustainability and to help the survival of ancient traditions and the dedicated tribes and people who share these traditions. and if you value the word SACRED, or want to undesrand sacred better and build it into your life- go here. Jesse, Hans and Bobby will take care if your every need. I was on this site todsay really for my business and some how ended up here. Eager and gratefup to share thei passion and program as it really is.🌼🙏 Oh...They all translate everything also. But I personslly said I will return when I am fluent in Spaniah to talk more with the healers and wheh I can play a few ceremonisl traditiondl songs on my guitar... But with no progess ihappening in either of those areas I hope to pop back very soon. Especially if I can bring my dog Jesse?!. Stay blessed

  • plourdegui   April 30, 2017

      Safe, great quality, professional

    I went to ECA in January 2017. It was a very positive and profound experience. The facilitators were very personally involved in each person's process they made me feel like they were genuinely interested in the healing and development of people. They were very generous of their resources. The food that was prepared throughout the week was absolutely delicious and healing in and of itself. The shamans are very experienced and they made me feel in security all along. I recommend this place 100% and I would love to go back soon to do some more work!

Body, like the mountain
Heart, like the ocean
Mind, like the sky. Dogen

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