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Are you ready for big change in your life? Are you ready to do whatever it takes? Are you ready to truly feel joy?  Then HomoLuminous Retreats is where you will find it and more!

HomoLuminous Retreats are confronting and challenging and if you stick it through to the end you will find much deeper happiness than you have ever experienced. Working alongside our Cofan elders we will safely guide you through deep transformational ceremonial work and bridge what you will learn to implement it in your everyday life. You will savor freshly prepared meals and take pleasure in the extraordinarily beautiful surroundings in our impressive retreat centre. You can anticipate waterfalls, local fruit, laughter and tears, deep realizations and a new way to look at life.  You may even pick up some Spanish.  And not to worry, with an elevation of 1700 meters we have basically no mosquitos. 

Got your attention?  Keep reading, there is so much more.  See you soon!


HomoLuminous Retreats are a 12 day holistic adventure that focuses on finding clarity to your life through deep transformational work.  Your 12 days here consists of consultation, Cofan ceremonies, integration, outings, incredible feasts and some time to rest as well.

You can expect to be pushed to your limit and supported through the entire process.  You will learn the Homo Luminous methodology of knowing how to make choices and decisions based on what will lead you to your own personal happiness and success.    We are not here to teach you what to do with your life.  We are here to teach you simple and practical ways of how you can design and achieve your own greatest potential, your greatest dreams, your greatest life.

Consultation is held in a group so that everyone can learn from everyone else.  During consultation you will share your life stories  and our crew will guide you through a process and help to form your intentions leading into ceremony.  Our crew has experience in choosing the right intention to provide you with clarity on what is most important to benefiting your happiness.  Consultation is also a time where we help you have a greater understanding of the messages you received on your journey the night prior and how it correlates into your everyday life.

On the Ceremonial evenings our Cofan elders bring their ancient unbroken lineage of knowledge and experience to you.  They will serve their ancient brew of ayahuasca and your intention will be to find clarity.  You will be safely and lovingly guided and supported through the entire night which can last anywhere between 5 to 8 hours.  

Integration is one of the most important aspects of the work we do.  What good does it do to find out how you truly want to live your life if you cannot make it happen?  We will provide you with an extensive "tool box" to aid you in living your happiest life.  And you get to choose what that life is!

You will be challenged. You will have fun.  And you will find magic.


La Candelaria Vieja is the oldest area of Bogota and we will weave through the cobblestone streets checking out the amazing architecture.  There are plenty of traditional stops to grab an authentic Colombian coffee and check out the views.  Our meeting place and hotel is located in the centre of this area.

A Gondola Ride in Bogota is an spectacular way to begin our time together.  The brand new cable car travels up the Monserrate mountain to a church over-looking the capital city of Colombia and home to 14 million residents.  Afterwards we head out for a fancy dinner meal before catching our Mercedes bus to the retreat centre.

The Farm Orientation is where we will continue as a group on our amazing  journey together.  It is of the utmost importance that each and every participant feels the welcoming love of this paradise.  Therefore, in order to become familiar with the surroundings and the caretakers, we shall all walk the gardens, meet the horses, kick off our shoes, feel the sacred earth between our toes, grab some tea made from farm-grown herbs and soak up the scenery and fresh air. Then we will journey inside the villa for a logistical information session: sleeping quarters, general rules, safety procedures and information about the grounds and villa. The local staff will be introduced at this time.

Bathing in waterfalls has been used by countless tribes and new-age healing practices around the globe, to cleanse away any unwanted baggage that we may have been carrying upon our hearts for far too long. These waterfalls are the physical manifestation of Mother Nature's blessing of unconditional love.

Group sweat lodge with volcanic river rocks, known by many indigenous cultures as the Grandfathers, are heated in a fire and then placed into the sweat lodge with care and respect. We will undertake four rounds in order to pay homage to our ancestors, the directions and the elements. This is a beautiful ceremony of respect, intention, and focused endurance which uses all four elements and the spirit guides of the land to clean our pores and celebrate our souls.

Horseback riding through the Andes is incredible and all experience levels are welcomed.  No problem if you would prefer to hike or cruise in a jeep, we cater to everybody.  Imagine after an afternoon of archeological exploration you hop on a horse and calmly cruise to our retreat centre.  This is a great way to spend an afternoon and get to know each other.  Throughout your stay at the centre one on one horseback riding lessons will be provided as requested.  It's fun to wake up in the morning with your cafe and go feed the horses bananas and sugar-cane from the farm before the day gets rolling.

Breath Work is a powerful cleansing and purifying practice that focuses on healing the body with the breath. It provides the body the opportunity to release issues and deep traumas on the cellular level.

Our Cuisine is full of the best locally sourced exotic fruits, a wide range of vegetables and healthy meats. Our meals are crafted with love, both traditional local dishes and western style dishes as well.  We live in abundance here and we love to share it.

Aroma Therapy with the local ecosystem guided by an indigenous botanist and discover many of the local sacred herbs and medicinal plants. The feminine touch of aroma therapy cannot be fully explained by words but the mystery of our techniques will be revealed on-site.

The Magdalena "Spa" will rinse and cleanse our body, nourishing our physical temple from head to toe. We will exfoliate our bodies with the mud and sand from the mineral rich headwaters of the river.

La Siesta is a time for you to have a well earned nap. There are many ways for you to decompress and integrate the experiences in our workshop. This time will be for you to rest, hangout or head for a nature walk.

Chocolate making. Learn to pick and roast cacao to make your own chocolate the authentic way.  Your friends and family will be excited to taste your hard work.  This is a great time and we have a lot of fun at Alberto's farm. 

Warriors Waterfall , we will cross an “Indiana Jones” bridge and weave our way through banana and citrus trees, coffee plants, corn and sugar cane in a beautiful riverside setting. A waterfall of nearly 20 meters drops from the canopy, hidden within a semi-enclosed vertical cave. With such a powerful blast of fresh oxygenated water only a 20 minute walk away, it will be hard not to find you there every day. At around 10:45 in the morning, the sun is at the perfect height to illuminate the sacred space. In this oasis of powerful love, we roar the wild animal within us, begging to explore its full freedom. After visiting the falls, we will continue the adventure along the river to a majestic swimming hole and sandy beach. This is where we call the Spa, the place to exfoliate your skin and lounge on the sun-soaked rocks.

Bedtime Stretch is a very mellow group stretch with the intention of waking up with a limber body, ready for a breathtaking hike the next day!

Tres Chorros Waterfall is found hiking through the rolling hills of the Andes, you will feel the magic and power of the mountainous peaks peering down upon us. The hike will continue down into a valley and through the lush forest towards a hidden treasure. This treasure is Tres Chorros waterfall which was sculpted by the natives around the same time as the pyramids were built. In honour of their gods, they carved the Grandfather stones in order to split one river into three parallel falls.

The San Agustin Archaeological Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, renowned for its preservation of the Pre-Colombian culture as demonstrated by its abundance of ancient statues and burial sites. The earliest artifacts and burial sites date back over 5,300 years, equivalent to the time of the creation of the Egyptian pyramids.


Mother Nature has blessed us with medicinal plants that are keys into our soul and the unification of all. The Grandmother spirit of Ayuhuasca is a magnificent tool that guides us into the raw heart of life itself. Together with the wise elders from the jungle, a safe and sacred space will be opened for the deep cleansing of the soul. These ceremonies aid us in releasing and purging past traumas and limitations. This is for those of you who are willing to embrace life to the fullest and willing to face your deepest fears. This work offers an opportunity to claim worthiness and discover the blissful miracles of inner freedom. Make the choice to be happy and show up for life! The law of attraction runs wild down every street. Whatever you are looking for, it WILL find you.


One of the best parts is you can play it a day at a time.  After your first night of ceremony you can decide exactly how you want the remainder of your time to look like.  Ceremony is tough work and if you want to sleep and eat then have a day of lodging where meals are made and you have the option to head out on small outings around the property.  If you want another night of ceremony then great, your day will look like breakfast, nature, juice for the rest of the day and preparation.  If you want to get out and see the sites of the area after your ceremonies or in the middle to go have a break and see some sights then you can hop on a tour.

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  • Steven Gauthier   January 31, 2017

      I am a being of choice

    What I have gained from the HomoLuminous experience truly is priceless. It is impossible to put a price on healing deep trauma and realizing your full potential as a human being. The extremely knowledgable and loving facilitators spend days helping you to form specific questions to ask the Grandmother spirit in ceremony. This enables you to get specific answers about your life. They then help you to figure out what your journeys mean and how to fully integrate those experiences to benefit your life as deeply as possible. If you feel a calling to the medicine this is the center to go with. I will definitely be working with these people for the rest of my life. The Ayahuasceros, the staff, the property, the food, the hiking; everything was amazing. A life changing experience on many levels. Be ready for a very intense few weeks of hard work and being pushed to your limits, while at the same time having a blast in the beautiful paradise that is southern Colombia!!

  • Brian Gauthier   January 06, 2017

      Above and Beyond

    I was searching for the most authentic, safe and exciting Ayahuasca experience that I could find. The Homoluminous retreat centre provided this and so much more. A breath-taking farm located on the Rio Magdalena, the most heartwarming and welcoming staff, nature hikes in the jungle, horseback riding, mouthwatering home cooked Colombian meals, and of course ceremony with traditional Cofan lineage where you can safely go as deep as you are willing. The complete package and then some. I am full of energy for life after this retreat and I am so happy to see all the good choices that are available to me in my everyday life now. Looking forward to a future return visit! Mucho amor, Brian

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This sounds like a dream! I am an education student and I have spent way too much time working all summer to pay for school. My boyfriend of 5 years is a government firefighter and has been away working most of the summer. His 30th Birthday and our 6th anniversary is coming up this winter, we would love to celebrate with a yoga retreat! We both love yoga but have barley had time to practice in the past few months. Keeping our fingers crossed! Jaimee and Dan

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