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About us

Authentic Ayahuasca Healing Retreat Center in the heart of the Amazon, Peru.

Welcome to Gaia Tree Healing Center

Everything we do here at Gaia Tree is to create the most conducive space for you to re-connect with your truest Self through these profound and life-changing ceremonies.

We provide a simple, rustic jungle space for an immersive journey of deep healing with Ayahuasca and Amazonian plant medicines, for those seeking spiritual growth.

What people love about Gaia Tree healing center…

Authentic Shipibo Maestros
Segundo Pangoza Chani is 59 years old, has been a healer since he was 16 and he is joined by his wife Belmira Chavez Fernandez who is also a powerful healer. Together they create a powerful heart centered journey, harmoniously balancing masculine and feminine energy. They perform sublime ayahuasca ceremonies blending strength and depth.

Safe, Attentive Environment
Our team is known for creating a loving space. Apart from Segundo and Belmira, Gaia Tree retreat facilitators are also there to assist you. They speak your language, they are experienced, they are passionate about this healing tradition and will support your process with love and respect, holding a family space where you feel at home.

Affordable without compromise
Gaia Tree is one of the most economical retreats in Iquitos as we want to keep the center affordable for anyone looking for a powerful healing experience. Our retreats provide a traditional jungle experience: feeling yourself immersed in nature takes you home. Allowing you to connect deeper with yourself and with Ayahuasca.

Balance of privacy and sharing
We provide a pure, simple setting offering plenty of privacy. You’ll stay in your own ‘tambo’ in this beautiful part of the Amazon Jungle. You can connect in a friendly space during group circles or join our delightful communal hall as you wish.

Respecting your process/journey
From our own experience, we understand that Ayahausca healing is not restricted to ceremonies. It’s an ongoing process of reflection and integration, throughout the retreat and beyond. Therefore we don’t fill your day with distractions, we allow the medicine plants to work in their own way.

Last but not least… great food
Many of our guests praise the food at Gaia Tree. We prepare your meals with love, helping you feel healthy and nurtured.

Come to Gaia Tree Center If you are…

Looking for cleansing and healing for your body, mind & emotions
Seeking direction, guidance or a sense of purpose
Pursuing self-love, understanding and acceptance

If you are hearing a call to come back to the jungle to deepen your connection with Ayahuasca and yourself, or you want to go deeper on your spiritual journey

If you value a simple, rustic jungle experience allowing you to reconnect with Mother nature

If you know the power of connecting to Mother Ayahuasca with authentic Amazonian Shaman

If you are a person who appreciates a caring, family-like environment

If you feel this description fits you, this retreat is for you!

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  • Chanley Heykoop   April 24, 2018

      Eternally grateful

    I feel whole again and I know this could not of happened without the amazing facilitators, shamans and authentic space to do my work within! This place returned my heart and Self back to me!! I knew I needed work to cleanse my sexual energy but i did not realize to what extent I was disconnected from the inner peace. This place brought me back Into a deep space of integrated glory!! I am eternally grateful for everything I learned and received from this jungle retreat!! I would suggest this 100% to any one interested in working with this powerful medicine!! The food is delicious and the people apart of this healing center are even more yummy in spirit!!

  • Sam Campano   April 06, 2018

      Gaia Amazon Jungle Ayahuasca Retreat

    Gaia was my first Amazon jungle retreat. I can't even begin to explain how wildly beautiful, nurturing and nourishing it was at the Gaia retreat center on the banks of the Amazon. Amazing staff that were nothing less then professional, loving and supportive. Small group of 11 people from around the world participated in 5 ceremonies with a authentic and profoundly effective husband and wife Shaman team that guided the group through each ceremony and provided individual consultations and healing. The Sunday buffet, flower baths and Kambos treatment were great too!. Cei Cei and the rest of the support team could not have done a better job at helping each of us through the entire time there. There may be better retreats out there but I doubt they give the same value and "bang for the buck" that Gaia gave me. I look forward to returning for deeper healing and meeting more beautiful seekers.

  • Deliciosa Iviee   April 02, 2018

      In a league of its own..

    Coming to Gaia tree was the best decision I ever made. You could not ask for a more loving, safe and beautiful environment. Before I go any further, I must highly commend facilitators Cei Cei and Marco for the outstanding support they provided throughout our stay. Their love and patience is truly infinite and I’ve never met anybody quite like them. We would not have gotten through the process without them. Much love guys. Thank you for being you! Belmira and Segundo were fantastic shamans and helped me to heal on levels I never thought possible. A truly unique experience having both female and male energy and their Icarios are beautiful. Love you mama and papa! Ayahuasca will heal you on levels that are just not accessible through usual channels. I tried medication and talking therapy and whilst I made some progress, I just couldn’t of had the breakthroughs I had without the plant medicine. There were some very tough moments and you have to be prepared to put a lot of hard work in. But what you will gain makes it all worth it. I can see now that I was not mentally sick, rather spiritually sick. I work in the psychiatric industry and I intend on changing careers after this. I can’t believe these plant medicines are illegal in the West (although I suppose I can - they want to make and keep us sick!). The house keeping staff and chefs are fantastic and have such loving energy. Their very loving little son Ceaser kept us good company and we all fell in love with his pure little soul. I miss him lots! Also - jungle guide Victor is fantastic! His knowledge and passion for the jungle, it’s life and its medicines is superb. he is a true free spirit and a joy to be around. Cei cei and Marco provided us with a lovely San Pedro ceremony on our last day, free of charge! It was a great way to finish. I could not recommend this centre more. You can see this is not a money making business, it is completely dedicated to healing. And last but not least, the people I met on my retreat, who have now become my family. Sharing each other’s journeys was truly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced and I will love them all forever. Thank you Gaia tree for keeping the groups to a maximum of 12 as the intimacy really helped to enhance the whole experience. Writing this fills my eyes with tears because I can never put into words just how special this experience was. I will never be the same person again and I could never express my full love and gratitude for everything! Please, if you read this - do not hesitate to come here. I can promise you it will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

  • gina devi   March 17, 2018

      Grateful for the life changing week in the jungle and Peru

    An amazing space in the jungle, I felt so taken care of by such amazing healers - Elias was so attentive, along with Marco and Cei supporting us through the entire week. The kitchen staff became my sisters even though I don't speak any Spanish. It was my 3rd retreat in Peru and took me deeper spiritually than anywhere I've been before. They are the real deal and I'll be coming back next year - waking up to the sounds of the animals in the rainforest is something everyone should experience. I also went on the shamanic Machu Picchu group with them - it felt so good after connecting with grandmother to spend time in the mountains with people that understand the journey. So much gratitude to be able to come here- thank-you all

  • Danielle Oliver   March 09, 2018

      Safe haven for cosmic exploration

    I could go on and on, but in short let me say that Gaiatree not only offered an experience that people travel across the world to experience, based on all I have read, in a very traditional and spiritual location deep in the jungle. Once your facilitators (whom I prefer to call guardians) have you, you are in excellent care. Cei Cei and Marco are exceptional in their level of care and personal interaction. Our shaman for the week was Elias. My husband and I found him to be amazing, almost an all-knowing grandfather figure and his ability to journey with us and remain a pillar of solid strength for us all was beyond comprehension. The lodge was adequate. It is a bit basic and rough, but did offer some unexpected amenities such as flushing toilets and running showers. My only issues was with the bedding in the beds and on the mats in the Molakas. This is a personal thing for me and when I go back I will bring my own bottom sheet. The tambos are weather proof enough but not bug proof at all. I highly recommend long pants, long sleeve shirts and socks when you can stand the heat. We were thrilled with our experience and will be back.

  • Arthur Blanford   February 26, 2018

      Great Experience

    Five stars. Very powerful, positive experience. Helpful staff and good facilities. Legit shaman Elias. Apparently Segundo and Belmira are opening their own place elsewhere so Gaia Tree is working with a new shaman named Elias. He was great and gave special attention during ceremony to people having a difficult time. Very safe and peaceful atmosphere. We had a simple and bland diet for the retreat, followed by a tasty feast on the last day. There are showers, but no hot water. There is mosquito netting but you'll still get bit. It's not a comfort resort. Accepting the discomfort is an important part of the experience, especially the discomfort from the medicine. Dig deep and you will get commensurate rewards. Overall highly recommended.

  • Stef Lan   February 11, 2018

      Safe place! Sicher!

    (German) Ich war im September für eine Woche dort und bereue es bis heute nicht. Es war eine sehr heilsame Erfahrung, die mich seither schützend begleitet. Der Ort ist tiefer im Dschungel und es gibt keinen Handyempfang. Durch Zufall waren noch drei andere Deutsche in der Retreat-Gruppe, mit denen ich mich schnell anfreunden konnte. Aber auch die anderen Teilnehmer waren sehr nett und wir tauschen uns noch heute über Facebook oder Whats App aus. Im Center wurde ich in einer kleinen Hütte mit drei anderen Personen untergebracht. Es gab zudem Klos, Waschbecken und Duschen mit Anschluss an Wasserleitungen. Die Betreuer Marco und Cei Cei waren überaus nett und haben selbst schon sehr viele Erfahrungen mit Ayahuasca gemacht. Dadurch konnten sie mich in zwei Zeremonien, die sehr hart für mich waren, bestens unterstützen. Insgesamt nahm ich an allen fünf Zeremonien teil. Keine war wie die andere. Die Schamanen Segundo und Belmira sind sehr erfahren und ihre Icaros beeinflussten mich während der Zeremonien sehr stark. Ich fand es gut, dass es nicht nur einen Schamanen gab. Letztendlich habe ich nicht das behandeln können, weshalb ich die Reise angetreten war. Aber das macht nichts, denn ich habe dafür andere Dinge gelernt. Ich habe zB während der 4. Zeremonie tiefste Dankbarkeit gespürt. Dieses Gefühl blieb mir bis jetzt und ich denke, es wird nie wieder weichen. Damit ließ sich jedes aufkommende Problem lösen. Was will man mehr? Ich habe dadurch nicht mehr das Bedürfnis mein ursprüngliches Problem durch eine weitere Ayahuasca-Reise beheben zu wollen. Obendrauf verlor ich durch Ayahuasca sogar meine lebenslange Spinnenphobie und ich traute mich schon nach der 2. Zeremonie eine wilde Tarantel auf den Arm zu nehmen! Nicht zu vergessen sind die fleißigen Damen, die kochten, putzten und wuschen! Die Mahlzeiten waren sogar ohne Gewürze ein Gaumenschmaus! Auch fand ich gut, dass es eine Dschungel-Tages- und Nachttour mit Victor gab. Ich liebe den Dschungel. Zurück in Deutschland vermisste ich die Tiergeräusche und fand es komisch, dass meine Wohnung durch Fenster von der Natur abgeschnitten war. Die Mosquitos hingegen habe ich nicht so sehr vermisst! Haha. Alles Liebe!

  • Harrison Rigsby   December 26, 2017

      A++ Ayahuasca Retreat

    Absolutely amazing experience. Everything about gaia tree exceeded my expectations.

  • Jack Fisher   December 21, 2017

      The Amazing Gaia Tree Ayahuasca Experience

    Words can not even come close to describing how amazing this experience was. Everyone from the facilitators, Marcos and Anna, the Shaman Segundo and Belmira, the support staff and their families, our Jungle Guide Victor, and the participants in our group, were aligned in perfect synchronicity. The setting is in the jungle two hours boat ride from the city of Nauta. (Just that alone was worth the price. Which was very affordable.) The ceremonies were the highest quality. And the connection to the Ayahuasca Spirit was stronger than anything I've ever experienced. Thanks to all the support, I was able to achieve my personal goals for this journey and much more. I made new friends from all over the world who feel like family. I highly recommend Gaia Tree Healing Center whether you're an experienced traveller or a first time Ayahuasca journeyer. This place is truly unique.

  • Michelle H.   December 08, 2017

      Do it!

    My experience at Gaia Tree was life transforming. The staff is caring, supportive and very experienced in the work they do. I trusted the staff and the shaman and that allowed me to surrender fully to the experience and the reward for that was love in abundance. I enjoyed my time at Gaia Tree so much I would return to experience more. It was dry season when I went in September so I now desire a visit during the wet season. Go. Be open. Trust. Surrender. You'll be thankful you did M.

  • Olafur Kjartansson   December 06, 2017

      Gaia Tree

    Some things cannot be explained but you just know it deep inside, that´s how I knew I was meant to go to Gaia Tree. It was beyond what I could have imagined. Gaia Tree is a state, a family that goes on the journey of love and wonder. Gratitude to everyone. The companionship of the staff, Santa Cecilia, St. Marcus and chefe Victor, the healing of the Shamans and the love and sheltering from the others Br. Ólafur Kjartansson - ÓK

  • STK   December 04, 2017

      Highly Recommended

    Before coming to Gaia retreat I have worked with Ayahuasca in Brazil at upscale place. At Gaia mine and my wife’s experiences were of genuine healing. The shamans, Segundo and Belmira, are very powerful and effective. The facilitators are very well trained in personal development and psychology and are always available. I was able heel deep emotional scars related to past divorce. Also very helpful was Cambo detox ceremony we had in the middle of retreat. I think it helped loosen the negative attachments and the following night with Ayahuasca was very intense and the “demons” left me. In addition we had daytime and nighttime jungle walks with local guide and a boat trip to a native village. The place is clean with showers, and flush toilets; we didn’t miss any comforts. The food was tasty and filling. Nature is beautiful at the retreat and it is a part of healing process. Suggestion ... bring bit more extra money for tips for the staff/ kitchen. There is no pressure to tip but when I was healed, I felt a lot of gratitude and wished has some more with me. May you be healed too.

  • Nathan   December 04, 2017

      Life Changing

    Ayahuasca brought me one of the most difficult but rewarding experiences I have ever been through. I am so thankful for the Gaia Tree staff, and I cannot believe some of the things they put up with. I’ll be honest and say that one night I made their job extremely difficult, but they could not have handled it in a better way. The team is very experienced, full of wisdom, and always respond out of intuition on what to do during somebody’s difficult experience. Gaia Tree gives you a true jungle experience as well as an amazingly loving, genuine, and nonjudgemental staff. My experience with Gaia Tree was perfect, and I would not have rather chosen any other way.

  • Ksenia Sourina   December 03, 2017

      Amazing Experince

    I spent 10-day retreat at Gaia last spring and it was the most amazing experience. I was not sure what to expect, but I was completely satisfied with the care and welcoming from the staff. I felt comfortable that women were there to help guide me through the experience and provide whatever support I needed to make the best of the retreat. I would definite like to come back another time!

  • Paul Girard   December 02, 2017

      Home sweet home...

    It was a never ending slumber with friends and family from around the world. Thank you for the Flower baths, strong brew and never ending conversations...the awe moment when you know your back in the hands of mother earth while surrounded by primary jungle. Each day after ceremony, we would awaken together and share our dream of visions and healed past lives. The bound you share at this retreat with Shipibo healers, the jungle guide, facilitators and staff was the feeling of a forever home. Your intentions bring you peace while your in the comfort of this home. I'm blessed to have found such a magical place and I need to return to ensure this wasn't a dream... Thank you Gaia for sharing the path.

  • Bree Carly   November 11, 2017

      If you can go, go:)

    My week at Gaia tree was the most profound experience I have ever had. Years leading up to this experience could not have prepared me for the transformational healing that was experienced. The connections to everyone at the retreat were made for a lifetime. We were a soul family reuniting once again on this physical plain. The clarity, insight, wisdom, and beauty I experienced was my biggest blessing. I wish every being this gift of clarity and if you have the chance to go to Gaia tree, take it. Don't let money be a problem just go. I am still experiencing so much insight and love being back home. My whole life has improved I lost all my baggage and fear that ailed me and I'm free as rain to live how I want. Thanks you thank you thank you. Divine mother of healing, facilitators of this retreat, cooks, shamans, &a and god. So blessed and grateful. Thanks you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • jon alein   October 26, 2017

      Transforming. Spiritual. The Real Deal. Amazing Ayahuasca and Kambo Experience.

    I was skeptical of choosing the retreat as I could not find much information online and I had never been to Peru. You will not be disappointed if you choose this retreat. This was truly an astonishing and spiritual experience for me. I have much experience in the psychedelic realm and I was looking to go further into the DMT dimension and fix a major health issue that has plagued me for two years. I was completely surprised by the rituals and magic that surrounds the plant medicine world. This exceeded my hopes for what could have happened. Many Many Many visions, more expansion of awareness, and a huge dose of spiritualism. This is no joke. You will be amazed and you will have a very serious revelation coming to the Jungle and living with these people for a week or more. My health is repaired and I haven't felt this good in over two years. Many doctors have tried to help from western medicine with no luck. One week in the Jungle and I am basically cured. Took a health dose of Kambo and some serious work with Ayahuasca, but worth every second of pain and pleasure. I will be coming back soon to learn more about these dimensions and to start my journey of helping others discover the magic in nature that still exist in the Amazon Jungle. Thank you!

  • Cami Carmen   October 10, 2017

      The best gift I could have given myself

    It is difficult to put into words all I have experienced, but the short version is that now my heart is open and full of love, and I never want to close it ever again. My choices come from a place of love and not a place of fear and that is so freeing. Working with the medicine has helped me heal, know myself, love myself and forgive myself, and receive much more than I could have ever imagined or desired. We all go with some sort of expectation, but I can assure you, it is not what you think or expect. Mother Aya will give you and show you what she thinks is best for you, and what you are ready for. People often say that working with Ayahuasca is like doing tens of years of therapy within a few ceremonies, and believe me it is true. It will help you face your fears and break down your walls, feel the purest unadulterated love you could ever feel, and realise that closing down, repressing, suppressing feelings won't be an option again. Feeling everything, the good the bad, is part of life and our journey, if you don't feel, you can't let go. I could go on and on, but you will see for yourselves if you decide to take the first step into this amazing journey. Choosing Gaia Tree was the best decision. Everyone there is absolutely amazing, caring and full of love. The support received was absolutely wonderful, couldn't have asked for a better retreat and people to help me through my journey . We arrived 12 strangers, we left family, and that is thanks to Mother Ayahuasca and everyone at Gaia Tree. Thank you

  • Natasha Devi   September 30, 2017

      Was amazing- I will be back

    Gaia tree center is a very well organized, safe, and clean environment. The staff are so sweet- very welcoming, and helpful. The food was better than expected, as one usually doesn't expect a fulfilling meal on such a strict diet- but I was well fed. There are actual bathrooms and showers to use .. the beds were comfortable in a remote jungle setting, the area surrounding the center is full of beautiful nature and life. The shamans were lovely and healing. The medicine is strong and powerful and has gave me insight and clarity so that I can thrive in my life. I am happier for coming to gaia. I am thankful to have taken this step on my journey with this center.

  • Tom Andrews   August 27, 2017


    My experience at Gaia Tree was Truly amazing ! The forest environment is Rich and beautiful. The jungle Energy is so intence. The staff are caring and supportive, the food was Delicious. The Shaman are extraordinary beings, thier medicine is powerful but NOT Delicious. The Icaros they sing are really beautiful and i Long to hear them again... (wish they would release an album). It was a life changeing experience and i would Totally recomend Gaia tree to anyone who is Looking at a retreat. Very Important: Follow the Diet.....

  • Annonymous   August 10, 2017

      Wow, where do I start!?

    Wow where do I start! If anyone is serious about healing and growing spiritually with the most amazing team, the Gaia Tree is tbe place to go. In May this year I spent a most amazing week in the Jungle at tbe Gaia Tree. I wanted to work on a very deep level of healing, and this was the place spirit led me too. The team was just amazing. Andy and Omkar from Peru Odyssey organized our visit to the Gaia tree. Seguano, Belmira and Victor were our Shamans, that worked with me on such a deep level. Our amazing support team Cie cie, Marcos and Paul, who supported me fully through my process. Our food was prepared with love from the beautiful friends Lix and Zoilita in the kitchen. little Cesar was our mascot. My life has been changed forever. Fantastic experience with a group of likeminded souls. It was such supportive team, and I made some beautiful friends. The energy at the Gaia tree was so healing. I felt very safe and supported. It felt like I was home. With much gratitude and love. Love and light Veronica x

  • Carly Shankman   July 27, 2017

      A beautiful, transformative time in the Amazon jungle.

    I am so grateful to have found Gaia Tree and to have had this life-changing experience in Peru. The people I met have become family and I return home with a more open mind and full heart. I documented the entire day-by-day journey of my experience here: I hope you find exactly what you are looking for!

  • Lindsey Ford   July 08, 2017

      Jungle Family

    I enjoyed everything about Gaia tree! Everyone involved with Gaia was extremely friendly and worked hard to keep things running! I miss everyone and will definitely plan on coming back in the future! This is a family ran atmosphere, and it was the perfect choice for my Ayahuasca journey to healing!

  • Carla McDonald   June 30, 2017

      My Ayahuasca experiencia

    My experience was amazing I loved everything.i am so glad that I chose Gaia Tree . They are so awesome that I felt like they are part of my family and I definitely would love to go back 😁🙏

  • Serge Boinn   May 04, 2017

      Beautiful :-)

    Beautiful place, beautiful people, beautiful food. Highly recommended!

  • Khalid Mercado   April 30, 2017

      Very good!

    Nice simple place where people take care of you. People are nice, everything is very good. If anything should be said, it would be nice with some specifics on how to manage the ceremony, or the ayauascha trip. I had a great time and im thinking of coming back for another retreat. I highly recommend this place to anyone interested in healing

  • Lacy   April 10, 2017

      If your looking for an adventure and a safe place to explore or heal yourself Gaia Tree is your best place

    There's magic that happens at Gaia Tree. Gaia Tree is here for a purpose whether the facilitators know it or not. Trust me if you are looking for a place to heal or explore yourself introspectively and be deep in the jungle Gaia Tree is the place for this. I have never felt so safe. The Shamans, Belmira and Sengundo were the most loving and caring people I have ever met a long with the whole Gaia Tree family. All very experienced and understanding. Also because you are farther in the jungle you get to see a lot of wild life. Every morning the birds sing symphonies. The food was great, even for the ayahuasca diet. I just felt love all the time even when I was by myself. I plan on going back in the future with my twin next time. If you are wondering whether Gaia Tree is the right place for you. I'll answer the question for you because that's what I would want someone to do for me. Yes 💗

  • Richard Sandilands   February 13, 2017

      Grounded Location, Tough Experience, Responsible Staff

    I chose Gaia Tree because of the simplicity of what was offered. I felt I needed to be very connected to the earth for the ceremonies and the site is very connected to nature. The retreat is very bare bones. I participated in 2 ceremonies. It was the hardest, most uncomfortable thing I have ever been through. The medicine was very hard on my system. I was very dehydrated and exhausted after the first 2 days. I told Victoria and Susana I had to leave. IT felt like the most self loving decision. And they did what they could to get me back into town the next day. I was very grateful to be able to leave. And grateful to the staff for doing what they could to get me out of there. I thought the owners may give me some money back or a credit for future ceremonies, but they did not. I learned many valuable lessons and purged soo soo much. Like very much. A ton. I couldn't believe the amount of stuff I had repressed. I think I probably drank too much. I am pretty healthy and very sensitive to energy, medicine, and sound, so If i could do it over again, I would drink less. The shamans used this perfume alcohol for cleansing (i guess?) and it made me sooo soo sick. It was hard for me to breathe and be in the ceremonial space. I just wanted fresh air and I could not find it. It was also very hard to be in the ceremonial space while everyone else is purging. Its hard for me to get into my zen place when people are screaming and puking all over the place. The staff did what they could to keep everything calm, but there is only so much they can control. Having said all that, it was very peaceful to sleep under the stars and be deeply connected to the amazon. I slept outside most of the nights I was there. I don't think the medicine is meant for everyone, but I do think it is life transforming. My love to Victoria and Susana! xoxo

  • Vinny   February 04, 2017

      Beyond my wildest dreams - lost myself and found myself

    What an amazing feeling being held in this space with abundant nature all around. Amazing shaman, supportive and caring staff and most of all feeling like I'd come home. My third jungle retreat and this is by far the best center I've come across, simple, loving and powerful - I went deeper than I have on my previous retreats, simply because of the intimate circles and the powerful healing space created.

  • Michelle Fletcher   January 15, 2017

      It worked

    And it's still working. One of best things I have done and I highly recommend it. The center is genuine and simple. Thank you for the abundance of support and acceptance from the shamans, facilitators and new found friends. I would tell you all about it but please find out for yourself and I'm sure you'll be as speachess as me.

  • Arno Mühren   January 04, 2017

      A magical place

    Back in July, 2016, I went to Gaiatree for a week-long retreat. It was a truly magical and healing experience. The jungle setting is pure and basic, no distractions, just nature. The shipibo shaman and his wife lead the ceremonies, held the space and sang beautiful icaros to support us in our journey. Our guides, Victoria and Zuzana, are wise and beautiful people with extensive experience. I have felt safe and supported all throughout my stay. The group process was powerful in itself, as sharing in our experiences was an important part of integration. Next time in Peru, I will be going to Gaiatree again. I highly recommend them!

  • Rome Jones   December 29, 2016

      Gaia Tree, experience of a lifetime

    Gaia tree gave me so much. A sense of being connected to the earth and the people around. I was able to share my experiences in a safe place with others who have great insight. I would recommend me Gaia tree to everyone and of course I'm coming back

  • Joe Jibreen   December 24, 2016

      Gaia tree is amazing!

    I went to Iquitos not really knowing what to expect despite the research I had done. My time at Gaia Tree was AMAZING! This was one decision I am truly proud to say I accomplished. Not many people can say they've done spiritual work in the Amazon with a shaman. The experience with the shaman and the facilitators was a truly eye opening experience that I won't forget. It wasn't always easy but the results were profound. Working with Ayhuasca may not be for everyone, but if she is calling to you I highly recommend going to Gaia Tree. I am a changed man for the better for having spent a week at Gaia!

  • Connell Burke   December 13, 2016

      One of the best weeks I've had in years

    I've wanted to head to Peru for an aya retreat for years and I finally pulled the trigger and went to Gaia Tree. I can honestly say that I loved every minute of my experience and couldn't have picked a better place to go. Since returning, I feel like I'm living a more fulfilling life and am grateful for every passing moment. Gaia Tree really helped me find myself again!

  • Vishal Patel   December 09, 2016

      Great staff and an amazing experience

    I picked this centre due to the price and amount of ceremonies offered. If you feel like taking a break, there are always more opportunities. The centre is in the middle of the jungle with simple yet perfectly sufficient huts. The shamans come from the main tribe known for being Ayahuasca masters (shipibo) & the ceremonies carried out in a traditional manner. The staff of the centre were outstanding and were very good at being supportive during difficult times in the ceremony.

  • Zbigniew Jack Wendolowski   December 05, 2016

      Amazing people and place!

    If you’re looking for 5 star resort will all the luxuries money can offer then this place is not for you. However, if you are looking to be turned off from the rest of the world, immerse yourself in nature, eat simple local delicious food, have the support you need during your journey and be in a small group that you can trust, then I recommend you visit Gaia Tree. Victoria and Zuzana are absolutely amazing facilitators. They were always there for me when I needed a chat, a genuine laugh, help walking during the ceremony or get my toilet fixed. Whatever my concern or issue was they were there for me every time and eager to help out. Tanita always made sure we were feed delicious clean food but more then that she always greeted me with joy and genuine happiness. What can I say about Segundo and Belmira the shaman, it’s unbelievable how hard they work during the ceremonies and the passion that they have for the medicine as well as helping others. Sleeping in a mosquito netted hut made me feel like was connected to nature, and I didn’t any issue with reptiles or creepy crawls. For me this was the ideal place to connect with mother nature and escape the all my first world problems. Thank you to those who were there for the journey.

  • Jana Bene   December 05, 2016

      Going to the unknown and don’t know what to expect? Supportive Gaia Tree & Amazing Amazon

    With Gaia Tree you will definitely feel safe, get all the support you need throughout the whole journey, all your questions will be answered and you will have an experience of a life time. Secondo and Belmira are beautiful people and very good Shamans. You won’t be able to miss their grounded and strong spirit. We got incredible support from the facilitators Victoria and Suzana throughout the sessions and after, the peaceful surroundings of Amazon added to the experience and having maximum of 10 people was perfect size to be able to connect with everyone and get the support we needed. I loved the simple accommodation, being so close to the nature and being away from any technology except my camera. I must say that Gaia Tree met all my needs in regards to what I expect from a retreat and even more. I would recommend Gaia Tree to everyone for its location, great staff and overall great experience. It is a perfect place if you are going for the first time. P.s. Look at the sky at night, the clearest sky and brightest stars ever!

  • Jack Mizurak   December 01, 2016

      Real Magic

    I booked with Gaia Tree at the last minute after a particularly stressful time at work (enterprise programme sales and delivery consulting for F100s). I went to Peru to relax and ended up connecting with the people and the world around me meaningfully. I came back completely rejuvenated in a way I couldn't have anticipated beforehand. First contact is a very complete and useful information package, including an essential checklist of what to bring. I travel for business (writing this in a pub in Shoreditch, near the City) and my company's travel dept could learn something from Gaia Tree. Vic and Suze, the coordinators I met on the ground, were wonderful. They radiate exactly the calm, controlled, competent energy I needed and were completely trustworthy. And trust is ESSENTIAL to the work you'll be doing. Every detail is handled for you. I meditate and do yoga and during the retreat I was able to focus calmly, truly, and deeply, in a way that is just not possible in my regular life. The facilities are bucolic: gorgeous, like summer camp as a kid. The food is healthy and delicious (a tricky combo). The local staff are friendly and helpful. Belmira and Segundo are out of this world 😆 I don't normally review things online, but I've pointed enough of my closest friends this way that I thought I would share the love. Gaia Tree is an undiscovered gem.

  • Bjorn Sture Eilertsen   November 28, 2016

      Journey to the other side

    I chose Gaiatree for to experience traditional ceremonies with icaros . The two shamans are very powerful. and the last ceremonies was beyond amasing Having days off allowed integration time and time to connect with other participants. I really value the respectful way ceremonies and circle time were conducted. Ceremonies were powerful really powerful. Sharing in circle time revealed the wisdom of the medicine....every persons journeys were uniquely what they needed. Food was delicious, prepared with love you could sense and taste. Simply the best way to journey into the healing world of ayahuasca that I can imagine. Much gratitude ❤️🙏

  • Alice Hua   November 28, 2016

      A Must-Experience for us all.

    I'm not kidding. I came back from this a changed person, a better person. At first, I was skeptical of the center and what ayahuasca will do to me because I'd read that it's painfully transformative. At the point of my life where I needed more answers than questions, we all have those times...I took a leap of faith and flew to Peru all on my own. The facilitators Victoria and Susana picked me up with a van full of food and supplies as well as other participants who became good friends of mine. I felt supported and welcomed at the center, it's not a 5 stars hotel but it was sufficient to keep us fed and safe during the ceremonies. I have to say this, if you are ready to let go of your past and see what it is that you need, it might not be pleasant or pretty but it is the truth and you have to be able to handle it. The Shamans, husband & wife will sing throughout the ceremonies and they come to each person for a customized song, sit up and take it in as they mean to help you open up, facilitate your energy. I recalled Victoria & Susana were the most attentive people of all, I wouldn't have known what to do without them, they will be there whenever you need them during the ceremonies. We had one of the most memorable experience, filled with emotions & resolutions and much more that I cannot put them into words...all I can tell you is that bring yourself, a few essential things (bug sprays!!) and let it be. You will NOT regret it.

  • Sunil Datla   November 28, 2016

      A Journey to remember

    First of all i am glad i chose to do aya ceremony in peruvian amazon jungle and it is definitely a never before experience , I am glad i chose GAIA TREE as it was just an awesome retreat to be with. Having come alone to the retreat the love and effection the group ,facilitators and support staff showed is incredible , those are the best 8 days of my life. Shamans are incredible with amazing positive energy , facilitators (zuzzane and silvu) are best with so much of patience and love towards the group , Food is fantastic with amazing support staff and place is really nice. I am planning to do another retreat next year and it will be again in gaia tree if everything falls in place. Kudos to Victoria and team.

  • Annie Stephany   November 28, 2016

      Gaiatree....deep medicine

    I am SO glad I chose Gaiatree for my traditional healing ceremonies. Having two shamans gave us a balanced feminine/masculine energy mix and twice as long exposure to their powerful sound ceremonies. Since they are husband and wife their energies are infused with love. The simplicity of the tambo and grounds suited me, I love the deep nature connection and 'roughing ' it. Our guides were caring, considerate, attentive and inclusive. I felt totally safe and protected. Having days off allowed integration time and time to connect with other participants. I really value the respectful way ceremonies and circle time were conducted. Ceremonies were powerful really powerful. Sharing in circle time revealed the wisdom of the medicine....every persons journeys were uniquely what they needed. Food was delicious, prepared with love you could sense and taste. Simply the best way to journey into the healing world of ayahuasca that I can imagine. Much gratitude ❤️🙏

  • Julian Georgeo   November 27, 2016

      Well worth the trip

    the journey within begins at Gaia Tree. The experience was AMAZING. I'm a person that is spiritual but love the nice things about me. At Gaia Tree , nothing was lost and everything gained. I can not say enough incredible things about this retreat. First , the staff was warm and friendly and very understanding. Second, everything provided was absolutely everything I really needed. I thought I would have a hard time adjusting to the place and boy was I wrong. I found I took to the place like a duck to water. Really didn't miss my cell phone or the outside world. If you are looking for a journey into "YOU". This is the absolute experience. I met loving caring people who I am proud to call my family. The accommodations and atmosphere were perfect. I wanted to get to know the real me and I found him. Thank you!! Finding the peace within was the true gift that Gaia Tree helped me find. I liked the simplicity of things this place offers and not classes and fillers that others places offer. If you are looking for a true spiritual awakening this is the only retreat to consider. Thank you Victoria and staff.

  • Carina Engström   November 27, 2016

      A journey beyond my imgination

    This is the place for you who are looking for simplicity, silence and lots of space for body, mind and soul. Nothing that distracts you except your own mind :-) The people working there to create the best experience for you are generous, kind, full of laughter and very present. You feel very safe and very good taken care of and there is always someone to talk to and share your thoughts with. A very allowing and joyful atmosphere. The facilities are perhaps for some very primitive but for me that was just perfect; a lodge, a dry toilet is what you get and the torch is your light in the night. I loved it! No distractions such as electricity, swimmingpools, classes during day to participate in except for the daily group discussions - it's all about YOU and your inner journey + the physical experiences being in the jungle. I am so grateful and I found new and wonderful friends. I also learned about some medicine plants and I will dive deeper into the medicine plants we have here in Finland - we have lots of them :-) Very inspiring! This journey has been such a revelation for me and I will visit Gaia Tree Center again some day, hopefully with friends or/and famliy members. I came to the center with an intention and after five ceremonies and spending time with wonderful people in a beautiful and magical environment, I went back home with a lighter heart, a cleansed body and a peaceful mind. I asked Pacha Mama to take away what I no longer needed and she did. Gracias! Gracias! Gracias! Lots of Love and Appreciation <3 Carina


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