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For many people who discover us, Agama is the fulfillment of a long-waited dream, a revelation and a pleasant surprise. Here you will experience Yoga in its most traditional and awakening form. We teach a holistic system of the most esoteric and potent form of Yoga from India and Tibet. The courses we offer can be anywhere from one day (free of course!) to several months. The teachings are guided by certified Agama teachers from all over the world set in a beautiful farm/hostel in the heart of the spectacular region of Sugamuxi or Valley of the Sun, in the department of Boyaca, Colombia.

New students

Every new students to Agama Yoga starts with the First Level Intensive Yoga Course. This is a 4-week program that covers all the basics of Yoga and introduces you to the Agama Yoga System, which teaches a Tantric from of Yoga that is energy based. Our system is created in a way that it is perfect for beginners in Yoga, but proves just as beneficial for the experience Yoga practicioner or teacher. You will not only learn 20+ Asanas in detail, complete with energy flow awareness and healing benefits; but you will also receive in-depth knowledge about sach specialized topics as the Yamas/Niyamas, Purificaion and the Five Bodies.

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  • Stefanie O'Connor   April 13, 2018

      Teacher is Womanizer!

    I was very excited and signed up for the mi th long course only to leave after less than a week due to Juan’s disgusting behavior. Whike he was hitting on me and sleeping with another girl, another woman came to visit that he introduced as a ‘friend’ that seemed to think that she was his girlfriend. Furthermore he has a Huge ego and I really feel that he’s that typical bad yoga teacher that has sex with his students and does this all to feed his ego. It’s really disappointing! Furthermore, both me and another woman had money go missing while we were there. When I asked Juan about it, he literally treated me like a crazy person. Also, I spoke with another couple not part of the yoga retreat but working as volunteers there and they said that Juan treated them terribly. Do not go if you are a woman! Juan is Not a good person and these teachings are Not authentic

  • CM   February 20, 2018

      A warning for the women

    I'm writing this review to warn other women and to help keep the yoga community safe. Juan, the manager of Agama Yoga center at Finca San Pedro has approached me in a way that is unacceptable and inappropriate. He has touched me without my consent, and tried to hit on me by using my interest in yoga and tantra, abusing his position as a teacher. After rejecting him multiple times he continued telling me "I want to make love to your Shakti so that I can become a Shiva" and "I have this honest thought I want to share with you, I want to fuck you really hard", to name just a few of his comments. Once I updated the staff about the situation they told me they know 'Juan is very difficult with women' and that it was common for him to behave this way towards most attractive woman who arrived at the property (women of all ages). Juan has been harassing me and he finds it difficult to accept a loud and clear no as an answer, telling me that he is like Jesus and doesn't make any mistakes when I shared how his actions and words were making me feel. There are so many beautiful places in Colombia where you can enjoy nature, meditate and do yoga. Stay safe and don't go here.                                                                                   ******* Reply From The Center ******             Initially we sent an answer of this review to and this website decided to first consult the person who left the review, then this person changed her review, and we also had to modify our answer and put more precise details of what REALLY happened with this woman who left this review, from the first moment she contacted us until she left our premises, and of course we were mentioning in that answer her name, so whomever reads this review will know who did that, but then this website, refused to mention her name, which we find it not fare, because it means that anyone can actually come to this website and say whatever about us, but no one can actually know who wrote that review, which make us NOT TRUST THIS WEBSITE AT ALL anymore, because they don't take reviews seriously... Anyway, the fact is that on the top of this the woman who left this review, she was actually never an student of Juan Ananda and she was never a student of Agama yoga Colombia, so she has not right at all to leave reviews about Juan Ananda as a teacher or Agama Colombia as a Yoga school.. Still it is true that Juan met this woman outside the school and if anyone is interested to know precise details of what REALLY happened when Juan met this woman, starting from the email she first sent us, please write directly to us to and we will send you THE COMPLETE STORY, together with her name and everything.. After this we asked to remove our profiles, because of course we don't want to be here anymore but they also didn't let us, so please be aware that any information about us in this website is not updated and is not real, so you better consult directly our website Thank you and we look forward to hear from you..


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We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

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