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Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth is a spiritual learning and healing center focused on providing the community with service, education, spiritual fellowship, healing practices and guidance.

We believe in the rights of Mother Earth, and in protecting the practice of Mother Earth-based South

Native American spiritual traditions, ceremonies, and sacred indigenous natural medicines.

What is of the earth is our holy sacrament, and we retain the rights as citizens of this nation to use plant medicines

as tools for the benefit of our physical health, spiritual growth, and personal evolution.

Our Indigenous Sacred Ceremonies are with the use of traditional medicinal plants, including but not limited to Ayahuasca, Rapé, Kambô, and Sananga. All natural substances and their derivatives, minerals, herbs, and plants.

We also work to protect the spiritual ceremonies, sacred practices, and

healing ways of ancient northern and southern Native American cultures,

spiritual traditions that revere Mother Earth, God, and Goddess as one.

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  • Peter Rad   March 13, 2018

      Feb 23-25 2018

    I came with a lot of expectations most important was all about my pain and why this happened ( in last 18 month I had 4 surgeries 10 hours of anastasia planty of screws and same implants in my back, nerve damage...). I was angry I couldn't think/talk about my situation without filling bad. And then one night in Soul Quest has changed my life... I had a vision that all of my anger is taking from me. From the very next day I can talk about my past without anger!!!... I took me another a couple of days to be sure that my pain was taken from me too!!! I have experienced total happiness where every cell in my body was happy ( and still IS , when I am thinking about this righ now) , after 2 years of extreme pain it is truly blessing. Please do not believe me, I did not believe others, but I had nothing to lose ( life on pain drugs is not life... I do not remember last 2 years of my life) it is the best what I did in my life. All people here they ... they are my family - THANK YOU SO SO MUCH Sorry for my English - it is my second language

  • Steve Bean   February 24, 2018

      Soul Quest is an Awesome retreat center

    I have done several aya ceremony retreats at Soul Quest this past year. The staff are incredibly caring. The aya ceremonies were done with great care and attention to everyone in the group. The live music was amazing. The experience of being with a group of like-minded individuals and the skill/caring of the staff created a very safe environment for deep transformation.

  • Marjorie Bishop   February 22, 2018

      Yes Yes I recommend this place.

    It was life changing. It was a safe place. It was a loving environment with lovely workers and voulnteers. Before I came I was doubtful, scared, and angry. I left two days later never having so much love for strangers and the people in my life that I had lost a connection with because of the 38 year chip on my shoulder. You must do your research and must take it seriously. I am glad I did. This place is definitely a place you should check out if you are considering taking the medicine.

  • Ryan McNeace   November 22, 2017

      Awesome experience

    First off this was my first experience with ayahuasca and it was hands down awesome and life changing. Chris and his staff are beyond helpful and accommodating. Soulquest is the real deal and is a place I will def visit again and work with mother aya. Place is top notch and the medicine is strong so be prepared and buckle your seatbelt for the ride. Peace ✌️ love ❤️ and plants 🌱

  • Jason Bethea   November 17, 2017

      Soul Quest Is the Best

    I recently returned from a weekend retreat with a couple of Veteran Brothers and it was a life changing experience. It helped me become aware of a lot of personal issues that were in the way of my own forward positive progress. I will forever be grateful to the Chris and his staff at Soul Quest, they treat you great and really make you feel at home. I recommend this place strongly for anyone looking to improve their own life and the lives of those around them.

  • Daniel Bennett   November 14, 2017

      Soulquest retreat

    One of the most positive life changing events that I have ever experienced. As a true believer in spirit and soul I went in with the mindset to find the pure connection that we are born with then taught to forget. I can honestly say that I have been reset. Having this experience will greatly take you on your personal journey highly recommend to try it at least once

  • Matthew Nelson   November 08, 2017

      Internal Emancipation

    Still working out this experience in my head however, one thing is for sure. This "church" provides a bonafide way to center ones inner thoughts, demons, habits, identity, so on and so forth. Set and setting is everything when connecting with mother Ayahuasca, and this place nails it. From the amazing property the ceremony is held on, to the tremendous staff that assist before, during and after. Food was on point, songs where inviting, environment magical, and comfortable living spaces made for a potent experience. I felt Safe and ready to emancipate my being in here. Forever grateful to have started this quest, and with that said, will be back with better questions for her. Thank you Soul Quest for having me. Peace be with you. Love yall!

  • Tracie Gonzalez   May 20, 2017

      The spiritual experience I have been wanting/needing my entire life

    I had my first experience of Amazonian medicine at Soul Quest. I am indefinitely grateful for Soul Quest and Chris (the owner). I had hoped this medicinal plant might change me somehow but my experience at Soul Quest was beyond anything I could’ve hoped for. I had figured out a few options of traveling over-seas to a traditional place in the rainforest before I discovered Soul Quest, and I am SO grateful to have found this place and took the chance! I was not sure if Chris would be able to provide the Amazonian experience I was seeking but it was the BEST experience of my life! I can’t imagine how uncomfortable and scared I may have been the first time if I was in a foreign country without many English speakers. I felt very comfortable and safe at Soul Quest and with the facilitators. It was everything I needed, spiritually and emotionally. I felt so transformed by my experience at Soul Quest, being a local at the time, I continued to participate in multiple ceremonies. If anyone has ANY complaints about their experience at Soul Quest, then they obviously did not voice their issue to any of the facilitators so that it could be addressed. Chris and his team are all amazing, loving and caring souls with beautiful energy that will do everything in their power to make you comfortable and help during your journey. I learned, achieved and experienced more than I thought possible within a very short period of time at Soul Quest than all my many years of spiritual study and practice. It has been LIFE CHANGING for the better. I made more genuine friends and spiritual family members there than I have in my entire life. Though a ceremony in the amazon had always been my dream, I was able to have the spiritual experience I always wanted and needed at Soul Quest and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Chris has an amazing selection of appropriate music for journeying that he plays via speaker system. Live drums, rattles and other instruments are also used during ceremony. There’s such amazing, powerful, loving energy at this place that if you don’t enjoy yourself then you seriously have some things you need to work through. Soul Quest will hold space for you and help facilitate your journey but you must do your own self work with the medicine. I also recommend doing the day ceremony, I never knew such a magical connection to nature was possible!

  • Jaclyn Ali McNulty   May 18, 2017

      Aya in the United States - look no further

    Soul Quest is a solid and safe option for experiencing and working with Ayahuasca within the borders of the United States. Chris and his team ensure each participant a secure environment so they are able to understand their work with the medicine. I have personally sat with Ayahuasca in Costa Rica, Peru, the US and under the Santo Daime tradition. Based on my varied experiences I feel confident in advising Soul Quest as a responsible and capable home to find your journey. The medicine is spirited, the space is nice, the price is right and the care is there.

  • Dwayne Tmdm Sims   May 16, 2017

      complete gratitude

    Have been there for two ceremonies, and preparing to go again.

  • Ekaterina Peart   May 16, 2017

      Incredible Retreat at Soul Quest

    I had an amazing life changing experience. The staff at Soul Quest was very knowledgeable and helpful. I felt very safe and guided from the moment I got there till the very end. I will definitely return.


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