About This Center

We are a  healing retreat centre, specializing in sacred Shamanic plant medicines and transformative modalities. We are situated an hour’s drive north of Toronto, Ontario, nestled amongst cedar forests and crystal clear ponds. In addition to leading our own ceremonies, we also offer our retreat centre as a rental facility for practitioners and groups.

It is no accident that alternative medicines and therapies are forcing their way into popular culture at this time. People are getting sicker, more stressed, more distracted and more fatigued.  The ailments of our times.

Our commitment here at Crystal Roots is to bring you authentic ceremonies with experienced Shamans whom we trust. We are passionate about our path in creating and holding a safe healing space on this magical native land. Our vision is to build a supportive community that generates self-acceptance, health and abundance.

The healing and transformational path is that of the spiritual warrior, requiring awareness on the three levels of existence;  mind, body and soul.  Whether you have been walking this path for many years, or are just getting your feet wet, your experience here will serve to deepen and heighten your journey.

Crystal Roots is the place to experience time away from time, providing you with the space to unwind to rewind, disconnect to reconnect, nourish to reinvigorate.

Namaste ~ Nubia & Zora 

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  • Laura Van Klink   October 08, 2017

      Crystal roots

    Crystal roots is beautiful , the food is amazing gentle and clean, the love is incredible, at crystal roots it feels like middle earth, feel , it's almost surreal, there are so many trees and water , the friendships , I have made there are everlasting. There is genuine love here, and reflection, since I have come here I have been sleeping, better, I have been breathing better. I have lived better .

  • Lee Watson   May 02, 2017

      A safe haven of true healing

    What a powerfully gentle place, WOW! “Intense calm”. In the weeks leading up to my arrival at Crystal Roots, I could tell something important was waiting for me there. It ended up being a beautiful space that Zora and Nubia have helped to create and maintain so that I could reconnect with the importance that was inside me all along. Thank you, Zora and Nubia, for the trust, patience, and loving energy that you carry with you everywhere you go. You bring a very loving tribe together and I am so grateful to have connected with so many beautiful souls during Home Into Heart. You are two very special people to me and I will always hold the moments we shared this past weekend very close to my warm heart. <3 On my second day, I had a session with Nikki that I had originally intended to be a bit of a break for myself, but what ended up happening became SO much more important to me. She connected with my being in a way that I didn’t think was possible and helped me to open up my soul for some truly needed healing. What I thought I wanted was relaxation, but I now see this was a temporary desire that I had to give up to allow room for real happiness to grow within. Nikki helped me to see all these attachments I’ve been carrying around with me that I didn’t even realize were weighing me down and provided me with some kind and loving tools to let go of what was no longer serving me. Thank you, Nikki, for being a beautiful channel in the Universe and for sharing your gifts with others so that we too can share ours! I also had a reading with Ritu, which I initially found myself struggling to commit to. I was feeling torn, thought I wanted to rest, and didn’t think I really needed it. Well, I've learned that when I start telling myself that, it typically means I do actually need something! A great man who was a big part of my weekend helped push me to find my way to Ritu and I’m so glad he did. Ritu was humble, loving, and honest with me, while encouraging me to truly consider some relationships in my life, including the one I have with my Self. My time spent sitting and chatting with Ritu left me feeling prepared for the second night of my retreat. Thank you, Ritu, for providing me with a way to remind myself of what is most important for me. I will never forget it :) Last, but not least, my brother, Mario. Ohh Mario haha, the love and laughs grow with each day. “Amazing, getting better, and waiting for the best!” Thank you, Mario, for giving me the opportunity to connect with something much bigger than myself. Thank you for trusting me and helping me recognize a sense of respect that I haven’t felt at this level before. The energy is resonating deeply with my soul. Keep shining your bright light, you wild man! SO much love for Crystal Roots.

  • Kent Davis   January 30, 2017

      I'm now loving my life.

    The 2 retreats I attended at Crystal Roots Retreat was so profound and I released so much negative garbage that it made room for me to see my life through loving and positive eyes. My life has done a complete 180. Thank you Crystal Roots. I love you so so very much. Xoxox

  • Nathalie Delorme   January 29, 2017

      Crystal Roots is the Epitome of a Transformational Space

    Crystals Roots is a place whose magic radiates off the land the moment you arrive, nestled in the forest of Ontario. The team at Crystal Roots is made up of some of the most beautiful souls I have ever met. In the care that they show not only for your well-being but in every aspect of the retreat, it truly shows that they are working from a place of purpose to make the world a better place. They offer a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment that facilitates healing and transformation, and their retreats are always an unforgettably magical and powerfully intense experience. The work I have been doing at Crystal Roots over the past 6 months, and beyond in my day-to-day life, has allowed me to transform in ways I couldn't even imagine. The entire experience is the epitome of a transformational space. The amount of love and gratitude that I have for the Crystal Roots tribe is so deep. If you are seeking spiritual growth and personal transformation, I highly recommend Crystal Roots.

  • Rebecca   January 21, 2017

      Transformation in an Atmosphere of Beauty and Love

    This is truly a gem in Ontario. Surrounded by the beauty of nature and nurtured by loving people, Crystal Roots provides an opportunity for you to not only retreat but to transform. Transformation can be challenging at times and when undergoing spiritual growth and discovery, you want to be in a place where you feel safe and supported. Crystal Roots is that place. Give yourself the gift of this experience that will always be remembered as a magical time in your life.

  • Andrea Garcia   January 19, 2017

      Nestled in the Magic of Nature

    Crystal Roots is such a magical place bound by love and wisdom. Zora and Nubia have created a cozy welcoming space, nestled in the beauty of nature. My stay here was unforgettable and I intend to return. Thank you Zora, Nubia, Mario & the rest of the soul family. Much love & light.

  • Sara Rogers   January 18, 2017

      Transformative and Tranquile

    I've hosted two retreats at Crystsl Roots and have been steeped in the magical healing energy of the land. All of my participants had their souls renewed by the energy of Crystal Roots. Looking forward to returning!

Why Retreat?

We asked people why they go on retreat, here's what they said:

Desire to learn more meditation practices, spend more time in spiritual community. Heather

Retreat Guru's Vision

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

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