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About This Center

As an eco yoga community set on an organic farm, the Krishna Village endeavours to provide the blueprint of a simple, mindful, spiritually based lifestyle. By allowing our guests to share this experience, we propagate a wholesome (in Sanskrit: sattvic) and sustainable lifestyle that is good for all living beings and conducive to a joyous and loving attitude.

For the last few years we have been developing the Krishna Village from a completely volunteer based farming community to a retreat space for people focused on their personal development and spiritual growth. Staying at the Village will allow you to be immersed in a beautiful community of spiritual seekers from all over the world who are coming together with the intention of sharing their gifts and talents and supporting each others' learning and growth. Rather than providing a scheduled retreat program, we offer a range of classes and activities from which you can pick and choose. Thus, you are able to create your own experience and adapt your activities to your individual needs.

Society at large is becoming increasingly disconnected: more and more people suffer from stress, burnout, fatigue and chronic illness. The happiness that lies in simple experiences like feeling the grass under your bare feet, digging your hands in the soil or sitting with friends around a campfire under the stars has become a distant memory. At the Krishna Village, we aim to create such a space. So take your time, breathe, reconnect to yourself and re-evaluate your life and your priorities. To support you, we invite you to experience:

The simplicity of life on an organic farm

A delicious vegetarian diet

Beautiful yoga and kirtan sessions

Personal growth through meditation and Life Coaching

A peaceful and deeply spiritual temple atmosphere

If you look at the big wisdom traditions of the world, you will notice that certain values have being cherished throughout the ages, across time and space. It is our intention to live true to them and bring them out in ourselves and others:
Love: friendship, kindness, loving service and care for the Divine and all living entities: humans, animals and plants alike
Wisdom: respect, curiosity and open-mindedness, spiritual practice and personal development
Balance: sustainable living, an equilibrium between work, rest and play, giving and receiving
Congruity: aiming to align body, mind and soul, honoring our individual qualities and our personal soul journey
Gratitude: acknowledging the gifts we receive abundantly from the divine, mother nature and those around us
So get ready to slow down, connect to yourself and experience the sattvic way of life!

The spirit of the land here is tangible; a calmness, peace, and feeling of ultimate goodness pervades the atmosphere, and seeps onto your bones. This is a place where the radiant, abundant nature of life is beautifully expressed, in all it’s beauty and simplicity. The perfect place to leave the world behind and come home to yourself. - Lili (Melbourne)

Venue Highlights

Nestled in the foothills of Mount Warning, in the heart of the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, our Hare Krishna Farm “New Govardhana” is a beautiful 1000 acre property with orchards, organic veggie gardens, cows, horses, streams and swimming holes in abundance.

From the moment when you cross the rustic wooden bridge over the Oxley River and pass through the beckoning avenue of trees which comprises the entrance to the farm, you will notice that this Vedic Yoga Sanctuary is a special place and that your soul finds peace and a sense of coming home.

New Govardhana serves as an ashram to a community of yogis who aspire to live according to their deepest vows and commitments on their path of service, spiritual contentment and happiness (Bhakti Yoga). Their service and dedication make this location a beautiful place of growth, healing and spiritual awakening.

Apart from immersing themselves into their spiritual lives, the devotees also run a school, a cow protection program, big organic gardens and orchards, and an infinite number of yogic festivals and retreats throughout the year. In this context, the Krishna Village serves as an outreach program, inviting retreat guests, course participants and spiritual seekers from all over the world and all ages to participate in the farm's activities and experience a simple, happy and wholesome lifestyle.


The Krishna Village offers single, double and twin share rooms as well as camping spots for up to about 75 people. All rooms have shared amenities. The amenities block includes showers, toilets and a coin operated laundry (byo laundry powder). All rates include 3 meals/day and all yoga and other classes. Common areas include the kitchen & campfire area (the heart of the Krishna Village), the reading room (with Internet hotspot) and the yoga hall where we gather for classes.

Single, twin share & double rooms
The Krishna Village has 2 double rooms (one big bed), 4 twin shares (bunk bed) and 11 single rooms. They are all set in former shipping containers that have been renovated and turned into simple but comfortable accommodation. Bedding is being provided, but you need to bring your own towels and toiletries.

4-share dorms
We offer a female and a male dorm - each for up to 4 people - and one 3-share dorm. The dorms have bunk beds and wardrobe space for your belongings, and bedding is provided. They are simple, older rooms and about 100m from the amenities block. Dorm accommodation is only available for yoga teacher trainings and permaculture courses.

Camp ground
Set among beautiful mango and lychee trees in our eastern garden, our camp ground can host up to 20 tents and 5 camper vans. The area for the vans is equipped with electricity. The amenities block is only 50m away.

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  • Sue Dooley   October 13, 2019


    Visited a relative who is having an extended stay at Krishna Village. We were warmly welcomed and left feeling refreshed by the lovely community and beautiful surroundings.

  • Alex Tsymbalov   October 07, 2019

      A very special getaway

    The communication leading up to my stay was incredible, informative and really got me thinking about the place. Accommodation was simple, clean and very comfortable. The pizza night was my first night and perhaps it’s a big call to make but I truly think it was the best I’ve ever had. Perhaps it was the environment, the people, Kent playing the guitar, the atmosphere. All just so very lovely and instantly made me feel at home. The next few days with yoga, the syntropic agriculture course with Thiago and of course the amazing food were also incredible. The meals and the Sunday feast truly do need a special mention, so so delicious. I have never met so many warm, kind and thoughtful people in such a short time before. I am making plans to come back with the whole family so they can share the experience also.

  • Crystal Stow   October 07, 2019

      Beautiful Peaceful

    I recently spend 3 nights at Krishna Village, i will be back I throughly enjoyed my time here. The farm is beautiful and peaceful.I especially loved the new yoga hall of a morning for Sunrise yoga

  • Amy Fortune   September 15, 2019

      6-day Retreat & Volunteering

    6 days to get away from life in a big city was both too short & also perfect amount of time to reset. I got my hands into the earth, left my phone in my room & spoke to strangers who so quickly became friends. Reconnected with a good life that sometimes gets so lost in cities. I learned meditation, yoga, self-love, breathing& the art of being able to stop at any given time, to connect to myself again if I ever feel overwhelmed. So many different personalities, ways of life & souls I learned from and listened to which is important in order to show true compassion. Already looking forward to going back. It will become a regular in my life. Thank you Krishna Village 🙏🏼 💫

  • Rochelle Primo   September 03, 2019

      Magical Place

    I always love coming back to Krishna Village. I feel so welcome and at home. The people are friendly,the yogis are beautiful and the food is so tasty. 🙏🏽

  • Debbie Kelly   August 28, 2019

      Affordable and Excellent Experience

    I attended Krishna Village for a yoga retreat in August 2019 for 3 nights. I stayed in a single room/cabin, which was basic but had everything I needed, including a heater for the colder nights. Bathrooms are shared and basic, but are functional. The yoga classes were excellent and the studio is beautiful, overlooking the hillside with cows in the foreground. Food is basic, but either grown onsite or sourced locally. Overall, amazing value and a perfect place to disconnect!

  • Bronwen Bender   August 21, 2019

      Calming community feel amazing food

    I havd a lovely week long stay at Krishna village as a karma yoga guest worling 4 hrs a day in the garden in exchange for a lower fee. The people were very friendly, beds comfy, scenery stunning. Skillful yoga teachers and very tasty nourishing food. Would definitely recommend.

  • Pip McKay   August 08, 2019

      Glorious Venue with Incredible People and Support

    We love Krishna Village so much. We are an outside organisation teaching Life Coaching and Personal Development Skill and were looking for a retreat venue. We are not affiliated with Krishna but we found this venue and support people to be totally fantastic. Everyone was so lovely, welcoming and enthusiastic about what we do, from our first contact to the on going care by the event manager Danielle, who is amazing and a total delight. The environment is incredibly beautiful and the energy peaceful and energising. We loved the fact that the cows were all around and that we could freely visit the baby cows and be so welcomed by their carers. The food that was cooked for us was beautiful. The vegetables were picked that morning and cooked with so much love and care by Dee and her team. Conor the IT person was really lovely and helpful and the room was beautifully cleaned and energised every morning before we arrived. There was so much attention to detail and so much love, care and support put into everything. It was such a pleasure and is now our all time favourite venue! Thank you so much everyone involved at Krishna Village we so highly recommend you.

  • Genie   July 18, 2019

      Amazing journey of finding mindfulness

    It has been amazing journey of finding mindfulness while doing yoga, meditation and volunteer service. Really grateful for the opportunity to volunteer at the garden where I could harvest fresh cherry tomatos, lettuce and all sorts of veggies! Also felt very special to be allowed to help out in the temple to prepare and serve vegetarian food. Feeling really great after eating vegetarian food for a week -- I can probably turn vegetarian if I can cook such good vegetarian cuisines!

  • Amir InsideAut   June 23, 2019

      Amazing Place, amazing people

    If you ask me Krishnavillage is a place where dreams come true. It offers all you need if you want to get away from the busy city life and connect with nature, if you want to deepen your spirituality or if you just want to find out more about the practice of yoga. The area is surrounded by lush forests, mountains and a river, the food is delicious, plenty and on top of that healthy. But the best part is with out a question the beautiful souls you going to meet there. In short krishnavillage is a place where you can be yourself without any compromises!

  • Shobha Karenglu   June 09, 2019

      Krishna Village

    Absolutely peaceful and tranquil place to go for the lost soul when it needed a peace and calmness. Beautiful people , yummy food , beautiful nature with God’s presence..

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