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About This Center

The Hummingbird Ayahuasca Retreat and Healing Center is a shamanic healing center specializing in plant spirit medicines and energetic healing. Located near Iquitos, Peru on 35 acres of beautiful and tranquil rainforest, the center provides an idylic environment for healing and personal transformation.

The Hummingbird Center offers a unique approach to the ayahuasca healing and transformative process that is resulting in excellent outcomes for our clients.

With an emphasis on ayahuasca healing, we offer ceremonies led by expert indigenous healers. Manain our shaman has 43 years years of experience with the medicine. Our center provides a safe, supportive environment for people to get the healing and spiritual expansion they seek. We foster an atmosphere of open communication that encourages dialog about the challenges of their past, and the insights and teachings received during ceremony. The owner has a background with 12 step programs, and knows the magic that can happen when someone feels safe to share the secrets of their heart in a circle of supportive, non-judgemental people.

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  • Michael Palmer   February 27, 2016

      Healing with a dose of relaxation

    I just attended a 12 day retreat February 2016 and I am absolutely grateful for this center and it's proprietors Jim and Gina, the wonderfully skilled and kind shaman Manain, and the friendly and attentive staff. In 12 days I learned so much here and Jim is always available to chat or coach folks through the process, whatever their journey may be. It was very clean, comfortable, and just exactly what I needed at this moment in my life. I'm generally a skeptic - a very cynical skeptic - but I would wholeheartedly recommend this center to anyone looking for healing or insight into themselves or their life. If you're looking to get fucked up and see cool shit, this is not the place for you - ayahuasca is a harsh mistress and not something to be trifled with. On off days, time is spent relaxing in a hammock, reading from their sizable library of spiritual and just for fun books, swimming in their lovely pond, or chatting and playing games with other members of the retreat. I had to learn to slooooow down, but I'm glad the days aren't packed with activities - it gives ample time for reflection and healing. Thank you so much for everything Jim and Gina - you're fantastic reflections of God's love and light!

  •   By far the most transformational experience of my life - by Kirs Beth

    I visited the Hummingbird Center in April of 2013. I came to the center stressed out, horribly depressed, and desperate to change. I left a new person, and almost a year later I continue to be free of the depression and anxiety that so burdened me my whole life. I got so much more out from my visit then I could have ever imagined, and I will always be immensely grateful to Jim, Gina, and the shaman.The center itself is beautiful, and the food is amazing. During my time there I always felt safe, supported, and cared for. The Jim and Gina work closely with you during your stay and are always available if any issues come up. Everyone at the center is incredibly kind and genuine, and you can tell that they are truly invested in your healing journey. I can't recommend the Hummingbird Center enough! It was the best investment I have ever made in myself. I am so profoundly grateful.

  •   the most important and awe inspiring experience of my life - by Psilo

    (2012) - I went down there last year to a place called The Hummingbird Center. It was run by english speaking gringos so there's no culture barrier to worry about. The center is deep in the jungle, but if you stay close to the main hut, the mosquitos are not bad at all. 10 steps into the jungle and you have about 100 on you at all times drinking your blood. I recommend 100% you do this, just be prepared for the worst. The shaman who makes the ayahuasca for this place is known to make some of the strongest ayahuasca in the Amazon, and I don't doubt that. I had a full on death experience. I thought it was fun for about 20 minutes, while I observed a sky scraper sized 100 tentacled monster and all the kaleidoscopic fractal geometry and wormhole travel, but then I was convinced that I had been sucked into the afterlife and suspended in a timeless void of infinite universal consciousness and having face to face encounters with real demons and things more terrifying than the human imagination can fathom. It was the hardest experience of my life, and I only drank half doses after the first night, but it was the most important and awe inspiring experience of my life. It cured my OCD, and sent me on a path of healing and reflection that is still shaping my life today.

  •   I highly reccomend Hummingbird - by Patrick

    I stayed here in April of 2014 for a 12 day retreat and I have to say that everything went above and beyond my expectations. Jim and Gina run an amazing retreat. Their property is calm and peaceful and perfect for clearing your mind and preparing yourself for the healings.

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