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Traditional Amazonian Plant Diets and Tobacco Ceremonies

In the Amazonian tradition, each plant is seen as a great teacher of great wisdom and dieting with that plant allows for a connection to be formed and that knowledge or spirit to guide us. The plant diet process can give profound benefits including helping to resolve deep emotional and spiritual traumas, clearing energetic blocks, physical cleaning, providing centredness and grounding, opening more clarity on your direction in life and most importantly, experiencing an increased connection to yourself and nature.

Working predominantly with Tobacco, many of the diets I provide are about the cleaning of energy, grounding and connecting with the spirit. The tradition of tobacco use dates back over 5,000 years, with smoke, and tobacco used in many different types of ceremonies. A tobacco ceremony or diet focuses on the cleaning and grounding, which is sometimes needed for people coming from a western perspective, opening up on a spiritual level.

I have studied plant medicine, and dieted with a highly respected and internationally known Tobaccero and Curandero in the Iquitos area for over five years. Choice of which medicine to use is worked out in a one on one diagnostic between the patient and the healer. I have been working independently of my teacher for more than 3 years, and continue to be in contact with him, when required to find the best solution for each individual.

Having spent much of my life working in a variety of jobs, but predominantly in a very corporate one, I would describe myself as quite functional in approach. Whilst there are many things which cannot be put into clear words in terms of this type of healing, however, I endeavour to keep things as clear, direct and simple as is possible: healing happens through trust and colaboration.

I work prominently with tobacco, but can and do work with other plants and trees if and when it is applicable. Ceremonies are often a one night experience (2-5 hours), a diet is usually between 7-14 nights, although every one is tailored to the needs of the individual.

Medicine work is challenging and works best when someone is comfortable with the process, the healer and ready to consider change in their lives. I usually start with a one-to-one energy reading and conversation in order to establish the needs and expectations of each individual. 

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  • Junio   October 27, 2018


    It was a beautiful connection with Victoria. She gave so much insight and support for the entire journey of Tobacco. It was as amazing experiences doing the Tobacco plant diet for for 7 days. So much were reveal and integrated to my Life learning, from transforming into a new Being to forgoing the past habit of undesirable emotions and blockages. It was intense, but I am infinitely grateful for the love and support showered by Victoria. I wished those who read my review will find enlightenment with the Tobacco journey and may the spirit bring you great Life transformation.

  • Emily Sinclair   July 12, 2018

      7 day Dieta at Victoria's

    Victoria is refreshingly down to earth in the plant medicine world and certainly knows what she is doing! This diet was by far the most beneficial diet I ever did and actually, one of the best things I have ever done for myself! It was based in a private room in Victoria's house on the edge of Iquitos , which made a beautiful , clean and calm place to retreat. I have been living in Iquitos working with plant medicine for some time and have benefitted from my experiences with ayahuasca and some other medicinal plants in the region, but this diet, which was with a tree and tobacco, provided much deeper energetic cleansing than I have experienced before. I was able to finally release things I've been trying to let go of for ages! and by the end felt noticeably cleaner on all levels and connected to my Self again. Most importantly, the benefits are lasting. Victoria holds the space for dieters with great care and love. She is available to talk when you need - and a fantastic dream interpreter! - responsive to how you are progressing and present energetically and physically throughout ceremonies, whilst also giving you the space and time alone that you need. I felt completely supported throughout and able to just be in my space and hers. I am very grateful to Victoria and would highly recommend her to anyone serious about a plant medicine diet. Thank you so much :-) xxx

  • Dan Eshed   March 11, 2018

      A single ceremony with Victoria

    As I had only two weeks at the sacred valley, I'm very happy that Victoria and I could synchronize and have a time for a ceremony. It was a first for me, and as a long-time backpacker I couldn't ask for a more hospitalizing and refreshing environment to spend the time. Victoria, with her kind care and attention, impressed me as an experienced practitioner who I could easily trust, and as the night revealed itself I found my self connecting more and more with the medicine and the intention I set for myself - mainly grounding. Athena, her lovely dog, could feel the energies around and approach at times that were always compatible with my need to ground; I thanked for that. Having the ceremony is a memorable and expanding experience for me and I highly recommend it doing it with Victoria, for anyone who seeks a genuine connection with the medicine of the tabacco. With much gratitude!

  • Mandeep K Gill   January 30, 2018

      Authentic Extension

    I got to know about Tabacco when I met Victoria. I took the medicine at her home in Urubamba. She was kind enough to help me out with my walk in Peru by offering me comfortable bed and food to sleep. This was enough for me to give myself to medicine that she has been working with. I had completely and trusted into her hands to provided me with tobacco medicine. During the ceremony, I sip the medicine and recited to purge out for the energy that needed release or blocked for where ever it and within the bodies it needed release. Purge was super strong for me which I enjoyed a lot. The process was for me super strong where Victoria guided me into comfort. She is grounded like a mountain. I started to see her as a mother and glad that she is making space available for the release. Post Tobacco I did not have much cravings for consumption and I am still intrigrating its knowledge ongoing. Comfort of having the medicine is being in deep state of being which could also be experienced during meditation. This could also be utilize prior mother Aya to prepare and cleanse for the body to integrate Mother Aya.

  • Christina Wells   January 24, 2018


    It's hard to share my experience, as we are all different. What I can share is my reflection of how I feel. First, Victoria I found to be very patient, kind, and filled with integrity. There is much to look out for out there, especially in Peru. And I trust her lineage. She also takes the time to meet with you and read your energy first, which is rare to find. I encourage everyone to ask questions, who someone trained with is very important! And there are many who have not properly trained pretending to be healers. There is much to be honored and respected for those who take the TIME to learn, as Victoria has and continues to do. As a whole, tobacco is a master plant and I highly recommend it!! Especially if you have sat with Ayahuasca. These plants work very well together. And many people need help grounding, but this is often overlooked. I've learned that without proper grounding one cannot truly anchor the light. Personally, I felt very grounded and centered after my 7 day diet. Many triggers and things left and I developed a deeper relationship with the tobacco plant. This was my first diet and I'm so glad that I started with this plant!! It has created a strong foundation for me to grow from. Victoria was so kind to come and visit me the other day, as some things has transpired in my life, to check my field. I trust her eyes, and having a second pair of eyes to look that you can trust is more valuable than gold and diamonds. I am planning to diet with her again, with a different plant. Thank you Victoria, for the grounded and trusted stability you offered me in your home. And the flower baths!!!! I do recommend, in your diet, to communicate with the plant. To develop a relationship and to go into the areas you want healed. Blessings, Christina

  • Kate F OLeary   December 20, 2017

      Powerful Shaman!

    The day I met Victoria I could feel that she was a powerful Shaman. She came and met me first to do an energy reading to make sure that I could safely take the medicine. Although I worried a little bit before the ceremony I felt this innate knowing that I could trust her completely. Victoria went out of her way to make me comfortable and met me early so that I could get some work finished on her fast Internet. The ceremony itself was beautiful. I can feel the intensity of the power of Victoria's prayers and ability to work with energy. The ceremony was not easy but it cleansed my being on all levels (mind, body, and spirit). The healing has continued especially in my dreams for days afterward. The power of tobacco stays with you forever and I have truly felt this new sense of power and sovereignty that I have not felt before. Thank you so much Victoria for such a life-changing experience! I hope to return for a longer dieta in the future.

  • Ruah Rayne   December 20, 2017


    So I was signed up for a week long dieta with Victoria. I ended up only staying two days because I could not handle everything that was coming up! At the time, I was blaming my external reality but now I see it was quite the opposite. She held such a tight clean space with clear energy that the structure of the container never faltered. This arose in me a lot of frustration and anger and even though I didnt "finish" I definitely felt a huge shift and a wake up call with how I treat myself. Beautiful floral baths every night teaches a lot about acceptance. The capacity to take responsibility for one's self lies within sitting through any adversity. I recommend releasing control and experiencing the vulnerabilities of dieta with Victoria. She is attentive and checks in a lot post dieta as well. <3

  • Louise FireTree   December 19, 2017

      A dieta that is truly safe & worthwhile

    I was lucky enough to find Victoria when I really needed help due to a bad experience in a previous dieta. I was feeling very vulnerable and needed help from someone who was honest, knew what they were doing and offering with an open heart. Victoria is a very experienced Tobaquera, knowledgeable, intuitive and has a wonderful connection with Tobacco. I also very much enjoyed the fact that she is very down to earth and witty, so made me feel at ease, not taking everything so seriously! This dieta gave me a strong sense of presence, alignment, clarity and grounding which is exactly what I needed. I gained many tools that help me in my working life as well as life in general. I am deeply grateful for the safe space that Victoria provided, always knowing just what was needed and when. Also grateful to grandfather Tobacco which in my opinion anyone who does healing work or plant medicine should diet and many others beyond that can benefit. No airy fairy here, grounded and real medicine work. Aho!

  • Lila Necochea   December 07, 2017

      More than I could imagine

    I stayed a week with Victoria about a month ago now and after processing it, I still have a hard time to put into words my experience with the plant medicine. What I can describe is how I currently feel compared to before - I feel stronger, confident, more aware and more grounded. Victoria through this whole experience was great. She held space and knew exact when to come forward and when to hold back. She knows how to listen very well. I do not doubt that this is a good move for anybody who hears or feels a calling to do healing work with Victoria. I also hope to return to Peru soon to continue my work with Victoria.

  • Raffaela Deplazes   August 27, 2017

      Wundervolles, lebensveränderndes Erlebnis

    Ich hatte die Ehre mit Viktoria zwei Dietas zu machen. Die eine war in einer wunderschönen Jungellogde, etwa eineinhalb Stunden ausserhalb Iquitos, die andere ganz privat bei ihr Zuhause. Viktoria hat sich hervorragend um mich gekümmert. Sei es mit wunderbarem Essen, einem lieben Wort im richtigen Augenblick, oder auch nur einem wissendem, verständnisvollem, oder vielsagendem Blick oder Geste im passenden Augenblick. Ich war bestimmt nicht immer die einfachste „Patientin“, aber sie ist in jedem Moment genau richtig auf mich eingegangen. Viktoria ist sehr gut mit der spirituellen Welt verbunden, und hat ein tiefes Wissen über deren Vorgänge, und natürlich über die reiche Medizinpflanzenwelt des Jungels. Ihr Maestro ist ein in Iquitos sehr angesehener Tabaqueiro, und ein wundervoller Mensch der sehr viel gutes für die Einheimische Bevölkerung tut. Ich selbst habe sieben Monate in Iquitos verbracht und kenne mich daher mit den Gegebenheiten ein wenig aus. Ich habe mich in den Dietas bei Viktoria sehr gut aufgehoben und Begleitet gefühlt. Sie weiss genau wo man in seinem Prozess im Moment gerade steht, und leitet einen Liebevoll und mit viel Wissen an. Falls ich bald wieder nach Iquitos fahren werde für eine Dieta, freu ich mich jetzt schon darauf, diese unter ihrer Aufsicht machen zu dürfen. Danke Viktoria für deine Begleitung, und gelegentlich einem guten Witz, auf meinem Weg, zurück zu mir selbst.

  • Merav Artzi   July 26, 2017

      Curandera of the heart

    Victoria and i know one another for about three years. We both studied to become healers specialized with the sacred plant Tobacco with our Maestro Ernesto Garcia Torres in Iquitos. This is a long Shamanic apprenticeship. In this time we study and diet with different Master plants and find our unique gifts as healers and talents. Victoria’s best quality is her generous big heart and with it patience and willingness to listen and share . Also she is gifted with a great sense of hummer, laughter is the best medicine!!! She was holding space for me in a Tobacco ceremony so i can receive the healing i needed from the medicine, and she did it in respectful silence and attentiveness to my needs. Victoria Miler is a good, trust worthy and well qualified healer and Tobaquera, and this is not something that is easy to find in the jungle of Iquitos! i recommend her work. Blessings, Merav Artzi.

  • Roman Kübelbeck   July 14, 2017

      Diet with Victoria in jungle

    Měl jsem možnost být s Victorií na 7 denní dietě v pralese. Vše pro práci prefektně zajištěné. Victoria je spolehlivá, empatická, vstřícná, umí s klidem, lehkostí a vše dobře zorganizovat. V dietě je skvěle napojená na proces a s respektem a pokorou ke klientovi přesně ví, kdy potřebuji pomoc slovem, kdy úsměvem, kdy klidem, kdy osobním prostorem nebo malým soustem po náročné noci ... Provází dietou s láskou. Děkuji za tuto zkušenost, která mě propojila se sebou samým a se vším, právě i díky důvěře k Victorii. Roman I had the opportunity to spend 7 days in the Jungle with Victoria. Everything was organised perfectly. Victoria is faithful/ reliable, empathetic, friendly and she knows how to organise everything to allow for ease and peace in the process. In diet she is greatly connected to the process and with respect and humility to the client. She knows exactly when he needs help with: a word, a smile, a peaceful presence, finding personal space or just a small snack after a challenging night. She guides throughout the diet with love. I am grateful for this experience, which connected me with myself and everything, and I am also thankful that I found someone I could trust in Victoria. Roman

  • Arno Mühren   June 27, 2017

      Tobacco Diet with Victoria

    Victoria is a great person, trustworthy and very knowledgeable in plant medicine. After having met Victoria at an ayahuasca retreat where she was one of our guides, I decided to do a tobacco dieta with her. This turned out to be very clarifying and healing for me. Victoria's steady calmness and good spirit are contagious and relaxing :-) I highly recommend doing a dieta with Victoria.

  • Hannah Bowler   June 25, 2017

      Jungle dieta with victoria

    I first meet victoria at an ayahuasca retreat in iquitos. She was facillitating the retreat and was a fantastic support to our group. She really brought balance to the retreat space. She would add a lightness to the dinner conversation with her sense of humour, while offering council to those that needed it after their ceremonies. When I returned to Iquitos 6 months later to do more work with plant medicine, I did a one on one dieta with victoria in a beautiful setting in the jungle. It was a very powerful expierence for me and victoria helped me feel secure throughout. She was there for guidance when I needed it, and knew when to give me space and time to myself. She especially helped me process what the dieta meant for me in relation to the life I was living in a hectic western society - it's a strange thing to go from a big fast paced city to doing a plant dieta in the jungle! Victoria is kind and caring person with amazing knowledge of the plants, I would highly recommend anyone to do a dieta with her. Hannah x

  • Young Heru   June 17, 2017

      Thanks a bunch Victoria

    Back in February, I had the opportunity to have a Mapacho Dieta under the guidance of Victoria. For seven days,while isolated in the Selva,Victoria care for me,prepare and gave me medicine and offered all the support I needed during the healing process. I had such a good feeling when we first meet and had an interview.She is honest ,extremely knowledgable and straight to the point. I'll be forever thankful and will definitely recommend her .

  • Heather Murray   June 16, 2017

      Wonderful person :)

    I spent time with Victoria during an Ayahuasca retreat, She is a great guide and teacher (and person! :) ) . Her caring and friendly nature was a great support during my retreat, where she worked alongside the shaman. I highly recommend her! :)

  • Julian Georgeo   June 15, 2017

      Life changing!!!!

    Victoria is amazing and knowledgeable about plant medicine and human psychology. Very patient and understanding. I had a tremendous experience with Victoria in Peru and would trust her completely on my next inner journey.

  • Zuzana Selva   June 09, 2017

      my experience with Victoria

    I've had a chance to work with Victoria in one of the retreats in Iquítos where I got to know her better personally. When working with people she is counseling and guiding through the ceremonies and group shares in very beautiful way allowing personal space and security both in balance. I like the way she communicates and addresses things that come up for people in their healing processes with deep wisdom and humor (again in balance :) I've experienced tobacco ceremonies with her, which were always very helpful, her connection with the medicine is amazing and I've always felt safe, guided and being taken care of with love. She is familiar with the natural medicine of Amazon jungle as she's been living, studying and working in Iquítos for several years now. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to take a deep dive into their process of healing and liberation in order to live better life <3

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