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Safari Surf Adventures is an intensive, hands on coaching tutorial program dedicated to the “inter-mediate” skill level surfers. This program will take surfers to remote locations with high quality point break surf options which are optimum for enhancing one’s surf level.

There is a time in every surfer’s “learning curve”, when they get to a point where the need for actual “experience” in certain waves types, conditions, and situations is the only way to not only comprehend those various situations but learn how to act and react to those situations. SSA’s goal will be to expedite the learning curve of these surfers through real time surf experiences with high end surf coaches on hand to guide them.

Moving from an intermediate level surfer, where one’s skill set is a solid general grasp of their equipment, relatively strong paddling skills, enough wave knowledge to put oneself in position to and actually catch an open faced wave, basic bottom and top turns are easy for this surfer to achieve.

These surfers are ready to advance to the next level but the majority do not know how to do so. They are stuck… stuck surfing marginal beach breaks, stuck thinking they have had all the instruction they need but can’t figure out why they can’t progress. They don’t have the confidence to tackle different situations to progress their surfing… be it larger waves, surfing reef or rock breaks, to confidence in their overall abilities.

It is these surfers who we are marketing to. These surfers who have enough skills to advance to the next level but do not have one or more of the following attributes: Confidence, Know how / technique, and Ocean awareness. It is these items that SSA will be teaching to our guests in our highly educational based programs.

In this program we are looking to work with the ‘right’ locations around the globe. We are looking for relatively remote locations with excellent surf (preferably point breaks – rock, reef, sand) at the given time that can allow our guests to experience a “real” wave under the watchful eyes and tutelage of our high end surf coaches (ISA — International Surf Association — Level 2 or equivalent & Lifeguard as well as first aid). We also want to be able to offer our guests quality accommodations already established at the location that allow the guests to relax and enjoy their vacation and surroundings.

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