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Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness offers wilderness therapy programs for teen’s pre-teens in a powerful set of hope, change, and healing. Feel free to contact for details. Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness is offering you the best way to kick off your depression in a new way with adventures and nature to make a change in yourself.

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  • Eric Twain   June 15, 2020

      Seems like now is the time for wilderness therapy at Blue Ridge

    These are difficult times for every one including parents. The pandemic has created a sense of insecurity regarding atmosphere and surroundings. Blue Ridge wilderness therapy programs and the like naturally provide an environment where one can easily isolate themselves while learning life changing skills. With good mentor-ship and watch, teens can learn and unlearn a lot of things.

  • Rebecca L. Stephanie   May 10, 2020

      Wilderness therapy is just like a real life role playing game

    Video games increase your mental approach and develop leadership skills. Similarly, role playing games take these two qualities to next level. These not always include swords, magic and beasts, these games create an interesting atmosphere of social gathering that enables you to think on your toes, solve problems, be creative, and ultimately learn how to become a team player. Similarly, Blue Ridge wilderness therapy programs and associated field staff or students are part of a bigger and larger than life role playing opportunity that literally cleanses your senses. I had negative thoughts about it but I went for it as required by my peers. Every coin has two sides – it’s your perception that creates the world. If your mindset tilts towards struggle and leaving the luxuries of life, you’re going to succeed and enjoy this game. After all, it’s all about nature and your inner self coming to grips with basics. I’d recommend wilderness therapy for almost every person who wants a change through freshness of nature.

  • Patrick Burtton   April 24, 2020

      Transparent Wilderness Therapy Program with Strict Inspections

    I have been doing admissions for Blue Ridge wilderness therapy program for over 15 years. I spend my days speaking with concerned parents and helping them decide whether or not these platforms might be a good option for their child. Choosing to send a loved one to a wilderness program is one of the most difficult decisions that a family will ever make. The establishment is experienced and could be termed as veterans in their field of work. The pay grade is decent depending upon your skills and qualification. Work life balance is good and follows 8-day-on/6-day-off shifts with employment for a summer schedule or year round setup. Parents are dealing with a struggling teen or a young adult, the family system is stressed, they are looking at a huge financial commitment, and the uncertainty…Questions like can we wait until summer? Can they even handle wilderness outdoors? What kind of punk kids will be there? There are endless questions, and the answers to some of them are concrete and straight-forward. But the truth is there are many, many difficult questions that have complex and nuanced answers. One major question says “How do I know my child really needs wilderness therapy and do the Blue Ridge therapy folks have a crystal clear admission and communication process is crystal clear?” The answer to this question is simple: Yes the establishment is an experienced. Obviously, everyone needs this. You need it. I need it. We all do. Naturally, we tend to work with young people who are struggling in a variety of ways. Yet, that fact does not imply that the only benefit of this work is for those who have gotten off track. Similarly, one would not suggest that exercise is only for those who are out of shape. If I had the opportunity to work with only high-performing students that have showed no indication of social, academic, or emotional difficulties I would expect that they would have a similarly life-changing experience after completing our program. Blue Ridge therapy program in a controlled setup have nearly universal benefit. Patrick B.

  • Lisa O Brian   April 01, 2020

      Most decent wilderness therapy program

    Generally speaking, wilderness therapy jobs are only for people who love field work and outdoors. Blue ridge therapeutic people are good and they pay well - the only problem is the number of challenges on the plate. Obviously it means getting into these troubled teen inner thoughts and bringing them back to real life, which their parents want. You also need to be a good listener and slow talker. Lots of wilderness programs out there - but no idea about their pay structure. Lisa

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