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We are a place to help you reconnect with nature a space of self healing, with sacred ancestral plant medicines and alternative therapies to continually provide the best options and practices for a complete reconnection of Mind, body and soul to explore a self connection with your being obtaining the tools to enrich your present.. This medicines are for those who are looking for an authentic way to pursue their personal journey to consciousness. During our retreats, we participate in Ayahuasca ceremonies and Kambo sessions in a harmonic environment for profound self exploration, personal integration and healing.

The ceremonies are lead by an experience facilitator  with ancestral medicines, ready to assist the traveler with different situations that may arise with in the ceremony. Ideally, one person leads the ceremony, while other experienced assistants support the participants, in order to provide a safe environment for you to experience with peace of mind. We know it is important for you to feel safe, especially during the important sacred experience of Ayahuasca.

I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.

Venue Highlights

Our healing center in Costa Rica is at the tropical forest close to the pacific coast and also in the highlands in the Cordillera of Talamanca conveniently located in high energetic centers.

We want to help you heal and improve, but also we want to share with you the beautiful nature wonders of Costa Rica. As part of our retreats, we give our groups the chance to do activities like hiking into the cloud forest, trips to our nearest beach, a tour to the Waterfall near to our location, among other options.

We can also plan custom activities and take you to specific places within our country as part of an integral experience. Just let us know what do you have in mind and we would try to arrange it.

Because once your inner-self has been awakened, you will never see the world the same again and you will be delighted by even the smallest details, and contemplate Nature is definitely one of the greatest experiences to do after an Ayahuasca ceremony


  • Spa
  • Pool
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Organic


We provide you all the meals. You’ll be eating a simple but healthy vegan organic diet, where every meal is cooked using locally grown ingredients, totally free of pesticides and any other chemicals traditionally used in industrial agriculture. To get the best of the sacred medicines, it is important to cleanse your organism from all toxins, and this includes food that is hard for the body to digest/process such as meat, dairy product and sugar/salt saturated food.


We offer variety of options from single bedrooms with private baths, to single and shared rooms the beauty of simplicity, confort and clean is part of our compromise.


We like you to know the options how to get to our retreat gathering.

-If driving please locate us at this map address:


-Private Driver (UBER) We have a trust driver that offer the service for airport pick up and back to the airport: The price is $200 and is lower than normal rates. If you're interested in this service please let us know and we can arrange it for you as your request.

-Getting to the retreat using public transportation is safe, simple and very economic.

From the airport you can take a taxi or Uber to the bus station is about 30 minutes ride and the cost is about $30, the bus station is name is MUSOC, the bus leaves every other hour from San Jose to San Isidro, from 5:30 am to 5:30pm.

You need to buy a ticket to San Isidro the ticket price is $8.00, This bus is about 3 hours ride.

There will be a service to the retreat center waiting for you, at the bus terminal in San Isidro (Please let us know your arrival time estimate).

Musoc bus station in San Jose maps:


Retreat location


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  • Ali   November 18, 2018

      My Journey

    I’m not going to try and put my actual experience in words. But rather share how I was treated and taken care of by the Team at Ayahuasca Costa Rica. When doing something new and alone, it can be intimidating and to put yourself in such a vulnerable situation, you must trust who your working with. And for me, being my first time, I can only honestly say I would not have wanted any one else besides Erick (The Gate keeper as I call him) and Gabby who is absolutely a jewel! I cannot say enough to describe my everlasting gratitude for her! To take me from the light to the dark and safely back to the light again. From the very start of the process, I could tell that they cared. I was given a date not with the team at Ayahuasca Costa Rica but with the medicine. I was also provided with a link to all the information I would need to start my journey and was contacted a few times to make sure I was ready and was following the diet and that I was in good spirits. These guys really care! The day before and morning of, I was in constant contact with The Gate Keeper and then I walked the road and entered the door I would never walk out of the same. Again I was provided with information and was given time to ask any questions I had and set my intentions for my journey after a therapeutic head message with essential oils from the lovely lady of the house. I was offered a cup and things have never been the same. The whole experience, I was treated with respect, love and care and never did I feel that the gate keeper was not watching making sure I was safe and for me that was why I can say if this medicine is calling for you and it’s your first time or even your 10th, I cannot recommend Erick and Gabby more. I just can’t imagine anyone else taking better care or me. I left feeling like I just added two new people to my family! Many thanks to you both as well as many many blessings.

  • Cam Newton   November 13, 2018

      Best location .. best hosts

    Myself and partner went to Eriks retreat last month and i can say that it was absolutely amazing . Beautiful location in the mountains and Erik and his wife make you feel very at home . I loved the yoga lessons between ceremonies . As for the ceremonies itself, awsome ... small groups and very very safe . I will be back some day

  • Tonny Abruzzo   September 11, 2018

      Beyond words to describe!

    Being part of this retreat was a life changing experience, coming from a past of abuse and self destruction patterns.The drug abuse the Post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression, were ruining my life; When I considered that my life has no meaning, I received the call from mother Ayahuasca, she was waiting for me to heal, to clean and restore my body, to show me a different way. This medicine brought me to this retreat center where I felt home, where I felt family,I finally could be myself, express myself as I am with no repression or fear. This center is on the top of a mountain surrounded by nature, and birds that you can almost touch with your hands and if you close your eyes you can fly with them; This reconnection with the nature, the rivers, the trees and the sacred plants were all part of my healing process, thank you Ayahuasca for showing me the way to my heart to my consciousness to my new being. Thanks Erick for opening this space of healing so intimate , so powerful, so sacred, thank you for helping me in this process of recovering my life back and creating a new one from the ashes. A feeling of gratitude that I can not express in words, thanks to each of you who guided me and helped me at every moment, highly recommended

  • Johnny Laplace   July 24, 2018

      Que du positif

    J'ai participer à 2 cérémonies et tout était parfait, je n'ai jamais essayer autre chose que le cannabis et wow, l effet est tout autre.. j'étais très bien entouré durant cette expérience, Erick et Gaby on été formidable. Hormis les hallucinations j'ai pu avoir une autre perspective de mes relation et faire la paix avec mes proches, rien ne résiste à cette vague d'amour incroyable. 🙏🏾💛

  • Nick Kraus   July 10, 2018

      Where Do I Begin?

    Me and my wife recently returned from Costa Rica where we participated in a ceremony held by Erick in his wife, Gaby. Before booking the ceremony, I talked with Erick about our options. I decided to do a single ceremony, and at no time did he try to pressure me to do a longer retreat. Leading up to the day of our ceremony, Erick stayed in constant communication and even assisted us with getting to his location. Once we arrived, we sat down and he and Gaby answered all of our questions over a cup of tea. It was then that I began to get comfortable with the whole situation. I had been skeptical about going to another country to participate in a ceremony of this nature. From our conversation over tea, I could tell that they were extremely knowledgeable, and more importantly, extremely passionate about their work. They explained that there would be one other person assisting with the ceremony, and one other participant. Dominic, who was the other assistant, then arrived and we sat outside in hammocks and got to know about each other. He shared his experiences with the medicine and we talked about life, while enjoying the beauty of nature from atop the mountain. As night falls, the view from the facility only gets better. The ceremony was conducted beautifully. It was truly better than I could ever imagine. They played traditional ceremonial music instruments (not sure what they are called) throughout the night and it GREATLY enhanced the experience. Because of the small number of participants, they were able to tend to our needs when necessary. They made us feel safe and cared for, and it was such a relief to know that we were in great hands. The morning after the ceremony, we sat outside and discussed the experience, while eating a delicious breakfast prepared by Gaby. Upon leaving, my wife and I wished we had booked a full retreat. Erick and company did a remarkable job, that I just can't say enough about. I wish to go back one day and work with them again. If I were to ever try the plant medicine again, I know it would be with them. To wrap things up here, if you are considering a journey with ayahuasca, this is the place to do it. The scenery was breathtaking, and Erick, Gaby & Dominic where highly knowledgeable and passionate about giving you the best possible experience. It's been exactly one week since my ceremony, and I am still learning from it. Thank you all so much!! Nick

  • Mauro Persic   July 05, 2018

      Ayahuasca retreat

    This is a wonderfully arranged retreat located in the midst of rainforest. The view is totally breathtaking. Eric and co were super friendly and full of understanding and support, with true intention and belief in their work. They were always available and patient that I felt at home all the time, even I’ve met them for the first time. The retreat experience has been beyond any expectation and I’m still processing it. Food and accommodation were remarkable too. My full recommendation

  • Allan Carter   April 04, 2018

      Amazing Medicine

    This experience will always be in my heart. Erick & Gaby are extremely loving and caring, the place itself was beyond my expectations; Erick work with the plant as impressive and guide, and our ceremonies were incredible. I will be back for sure, as Ayahuasca is part of my heart and Costa Rica is beautiful place too. Beyond what I expected Thank you Mother Ayahuasca

  • Donna Lewis   April 03, 2018

      The healing experience of my soul

    I recently completed a 6day retreat ! I’m 74 and this was my first time working with Ayahuasca, first time in Costa Rica . I wasn’t sure what to expect but was hoping to find a way to transform what ever remains of this lifetime. By the end of the first ceremony I felt I could go home and nothing would ever be the same again. The second ceremony took me deeper, into a place of profound calm. opened my heart soul and mind and being to the absolute love, kindness and beauty of life. The entire process was held in sacred space that was created by Erick and Gaby,the shamans. The rituals that began and ended each ceremony created a space of absolutely safe to open to whatever the medicine brought forward. Each day following a ceremony we had a sharing where we could not only explore our own journey but learn from everyone else’s experiences as well. I feel like a new person, so alive and present and loving. love and gratitude for your mission

  • Marley Salem   April 02, 2018

      A real life changing experience!

    A real life changing experience! The retreat was done with the most respect and support to my well being. I felt safe and secure during the experience and the way the shaman Erick, handled the Ceremony left me having the most powerful life changing experience of my life. I felt that the person who attended the retreat is gone, I feel new with open arms to receive the beauty of life. Thank you for your work helping the souls to awake Namaste

  • Daniel Schneider   April 02, 2018

      The best experience of my life

    I just completed the 4-day personal healing retreat and this has been, without a doubt, the most life changing experience, ever. The de addictions I had for 40 years, is gone. Anxiety and negative thinking are gone. I believe that the combination of the medicine, the food, the time for meditation, Erick the shaman, the food and accommodations all contributed to my healing. Every aspect of the retreat was design to grow. The ceremonies were incredibly difficult from my background, all my needs and expectations were met. The place is also very clean with amazing energy. The food was delicious and organic!. Thank you Ayahuasca & thank you Erick and your team for this amazing magical work Can't recommend this place enough!

  • Tyler McDermott   October 08, 2017

      New chapter and rebirth into a new world

    Originally from Columbus Ohio, I’m 22 yrs of age an had been battling an addiction to opiates for 2-3 years……. I had recently went down to Costa Rica to do the Iboga Treatment for addicts, and through there i had learned about the Ayahuasca process, experience, and rebirth of yourself. I have never been the type to take them trippy mind state drugs but i was all for it for some reason the day…..I was afraid to see all of the evil things i had been put through and caused other people through my life not just through my addiction, things as is me struggling wit the fact that i wanted to sell my soul to the devil for fame money women etc. and get out of my poor ass neighborhood…..i had sat down at the table wit the devil and he was trying to slide me a contract to sell my soul and overtime i reached for it my arm just kept growing and wouldn’t let me grab it……i also seen some of my friends who had passed on whether the be through street violence drugs or natural causes, i had also seen myself at my own funeral which got to me to see how all my loved ones was reacting to me in the box cold and stiff…….Anyways long story short i took everything in my experience in to a positive perspective and not negative and took those as signs to change my life up real quick before they came true……..i just wanna thank Erick for helping me through my journey and new chapter and rebirth into a new world…….got mad love for y’all and appreciate y’all letting me get up on here and spit some knowledge…..Hope whoever reading this got sum out of it…..stay blessed and be safe.

  • Gabriela Rivera   October 08, 2017

      ` Un contacto mas intimo con mi YO supremo

    Desde el primer momento en que el ayahuasca entro en mi, mi pespectiva hacia la vida cambio de una manera increible. Por primera vez pude sentir el contacto mas intimo con mi YO supremo! Gracias al ayahuasca por darnos la oportunidad que poner personas en el camino que nos transmiten la medicina para poder sanarnos.

  • Henrry harpers   October 05, 2017

      Amazing Experience

    Having the opportunity to share the medicine in this intimate space was magnificent the experience of Ayahuasca is intense and extense the medicine was the most vivid and live changing experience ever, The connection with nature and the proper guidance were fundamental in the process to understand the real meaning of Ayahuasca Thank you Erick for your help and guidance during ceremonies and thank you for effort making it available to other I was expecting something and I got Everything thank you.

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To be in my highest self. Josh

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We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

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