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Ayahuasca Costa Rica offers a stimulating, responsible and safe experience based on the Ceremony of Ayahuasca and the Medicine Kambo. This medicines are for those who are looking for an authentic way to pursue their personal journey to consciousness. During our retreats, we participate in Ayahuasca ceremonies and Kambo sessions in a harmonic environment for profound self exploration, personal integration and healing.

The ceremonies are lead by an spiritual guide with great experience using and giving the medicines, ready to assist the traveler with different situations that may arise with in the ceremony. Ideally, one person leads the ceremony, while other experienced assistants support the participants, in order to provide a safe environment for you to experience with peace of mind. We know it is important for you to feel safe, especially during the important sacred experience of Ayahuasca.

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  • Tyler McDermott   October 08, 2017

      New chapter and rebirth into a new world

    Originally from Columbus Ohio, I’m 22 yrs of age an had been battling an addiction to opiates for 2-3 years……. I had recently went down to Costa Rica to do the Iboga Treatment for addicts, and through there i had learned about the Ayahuasca process, experience, and rebirth of yourself. I have never been the type to take them trippy mind state drugs but i was all for it for some reason the day…..I was afraid to see all of the evil things i had been put through and caused other people through my life not just through my addiction, things as is me struggling wit the fact that i wanted to sell my soul to the devil for fame money women etc. and get out of my poor ass neighborhood…..i had sat down at the table wit the devil and he was trying to slide me a contract to sell my soul and overtime i reached for it my arm just kept growing and wouldn’t let me grab it……i also seen some of my friends who had passed on whether the be through street violence drugs or natural causes, i had also seen myself at my own funeral which got to me to see how all my loved ones was reacting to me in the box cold and stiff…….Anyways long story short i took everything in my experience in to a positive perspective and not negative and took those as signs to change my life up real quick before they came true……..i just wanna thank Erick for helping me through my journey and new chapter and rebirth into a new world…….got mad love for y’all and appreciate y’all letting me get up on here and spit some knowledge…..Hope whoever reading this got sum out of it…..stay blessed and be safe.

  • Gabriela Rivera   October 08, 2017

      ` Un contacto mas intimo con mi YO supremo

    Desde el primer momento en que el ayahuasca entro en mi, mi pespectiva hacia la vida cambio de una manera increible. Por primera vez pude sentir el contacto mas intimo con mi YO supremo! Gracias al ayahuasca por darnos la oportunidad que poner personas en el camino que nos transmiten la medicina para poder sanarnos.

  • Henrry harpers   October 05, 2017

      Amazing Experience

    Having the opportunity to share the medicine in this intimate space was magnificent the experience of Ayahuasca is intense and extense the medicine was the most vivid and live changing experience ever, The connection with nature and the proper guidance were fundamental in the process to understand the real meaning of Ayahuasca Thank you Erick for your help and guidance during ceremonies and thank you for effort making it available to other I was expecting something and I got Everything thank you.


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