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Experience Ibogaine Treatment Centers is the worlds leading Ibogaine clinic based around the medical Ibogaine treatment model first developed by Howard Lotsof. Experience Ibogaine has treated over 1,000 patients and continues to be the best Ibogaine treatment center for those who need Ibogaine treatment for heroin addiction, Ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction, and other strong addictions that can be treated with Ibogaine.

Ibogaine is unique in the way it can detox an addict from drug withdrawals. Most addicts have a very hard time overcoming their withdrawal symptoms, especially those addicted to heroin, oxycontin, fentanyl, or other opiate medications. 

The reason? These medications are extremely addictive and often addict can have difficulty overcoming these withdrawals on their own.

Experience Ibogaine treatment centers is also one of the most affordable Ibogaine clinics in the world. We have done all we can to keep a strong medically focused Ibogaine therapy program while lowering the cost of Ibogaine treatment. 

Many of us were addicts in the past. Our lives were saved through Ibogaine treatment. We believe that Ibogaine treatment cost should be fair and affordable so that all addicts who need Ibogaine can experience the hope and freedom it brings. 

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Thank you for doing what you do for people. You're a God send for us battling addiction. I'm clean because of you and what you have done for me and my family. I'm forever grateful for you so thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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  • Ruby Duncan   February 18, 2020

      Treatment Centers

    I haven't seen a single review regarding this retreat. So many claim to have developed this treatment and claim to be the best like Experience Ibogaine - who touted giving a higher dose of Ibogaine though many are saying they are cheap and do not, food was terrible, the staff was rude and no real or proper medical/physical examinations or care were given, and they do not talk about the fact that your body DOES GO THROUGH WITHDRAWLS AFTER THE TREATMENT! Crossroads...who seemed the most honest about the before and afters of the IBO treament and the adjustment period. They have 3 dr's & trained nurses who are present monitoring you extensively with EKG machines & fluids plus other important things...CR seems to have people on staff who are experts and have done extensive research on Ibogaine down to the Shamnic & ancient use of the plant. They also test it for any and all impurities and dosage is based on your size and the extensive medical examinations done on you. I have been researching these many treatment places and what seems to be lacking is the real reviews, honest reviews except on places within the internet in forums. Lots of these reviews talk about the false claims these places make. They talk about the deaths that occured from improper and lack of thorough physical examinations and how some of these places had no counselors, truly caring counselors to help you throughout. And even the food, they all seem to talk about how the food was healthy but many are saying the food is basically crap though some said a few of these places did infact have a holidtic nutritionist present that discusses your health needs and foods that you'll be given to help with the healing of your body before and after treatment. Some even said they were given appropriate herbs to take with them when they left. I found some of those who had great things to say about some of the less than great reviewed places seem to be based on the stature of the families seeking help for children or loved ones...in other words those people who could ruin or help the place of treatment with there public affiliations and/or public reputations. For any of these places you're considering I recommend a deep dive into every place available because as many people stated they felt ripped off not just in the treatment itself but the false claims of the facilities and staff and what they provide. If not done properly and with care people will relapse, become permanatly physically & even mentally harmed to even death! Don't JUST read the reviews because the bad ones do not even show up on their websites as many have repeatedly said in such forums like Reddit, FACEBOOK or the Chans & other places. One may think it's folks from other competing treatment centers trying to sway people to go to their centers and not one that is truly good, the reverse has been said as well were reviews of certain centers have staff writing false reviews to make their centers look the best. I know this from my work in high end restaurants & hotels. It's dog eat dog. Again all I'm saying is dig deep, look for independant investigators and researchers into these places who are unbiased. They ARE out there as well as folks with real live experiences. I believe in Ibogaine but unfortunately many of these treatment centers care more about making money than actually people. Some may have started out that way but if losing money they will make cut backs on personnel, facility perks and treatments and care of folks that are determental to the real help one should recieve. Many addicts have lost EVERYTHING due to their addictions so proper and true beneficial treatment is even more important....it could mean life or death to them! BE SMART before you put yourself into deep debt! RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH!!!!

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