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  • Bonnie Howland   November 25, 2019

      A place where you look up at the sky and say "Thank god I came here."

    Taking the leap and booking my workshop at Tierra Mitica is by far the best thing I have ever done in my life. I didn't necessarily feel unhappy or stuck in my life, but I did not feel I was living a life of my wildest dreams or living my full potential either. When I heard about Tierra Mitica and the workshop I was intrigued but also a little skeptical, and I was suspicious that there was nothing of real substance or truth to be found at Tierra Mitica or from Mikis, that it was too good to be true and even if they thought they had something good and they felt good that I wouldn't agree or that actually they were totally nuts and I would want to get out of there as soon as possible. The reason I decided to go and see for myself is because a close friend of mine had done a workshop and I could not deny that she felt different, and when she described her experience I felt that I wanted to cry and something in my heart was yearning to experience what she had too, and to feel the clarity I could feel from her, and I wanted to be happy. The workshop would have been worth it if it helped me find my happiness and gave me clarity on my life and the world; but it went so much further than that. It has been over two years since my mythic voyage, I went in May 2017, and this is not an exaggeration - it helped me get the motivation and clarity to launch the business I had been working on for 2 and a half years on an international scale and make over 120k in presales, it helped me find the most perfect business partner also and step out of the business to pursue my true creative passions, it helped me start a business beyond my wildest dreams that I now work on every single day and truly I could cry with gratitude at how much fun I find it and how much gratitude I have for my life, it helped me to attract the RIGHT kind of guy (FINALLY!) and taught me EXACTLY how to foster the relationship so it gets deeper, more intimate, closer, more fun and sexier every single day instead of the spark fading it gets bigger all the time, it helped me to work through all of my childhood experiences that caused me so much pain for so many years, the biggest of all it helped me find my self worth and heal my self loathing and the fear and pain deep within my heart - so deep I did not even know I carried it with me every day, it helped me find my confidence and self love, my inspiration and motivation for life, I cannot tell you how much closer I am with my family and my friends in a real and genuine way, I never feel alone anymore. And this is just to say the main things that come to mind, and truly this is because of the experiences I have had in the mythic voyage. I have also returned for an advanced workshop because of how much the work has changed my life and that only further propelled me forward into a happier, lighter, joyfilled, confident and awesome version of me. Of course I also made the choice to go for it and apply the things I have learnt, to be open and willing to accept responsibility for my life - the workshop is not a pill that magically makes everything amazing, it is just information that you can either choose to integrate or not - and the reason there are a couple of people who leave bad reviews and get incredibly angry and call Mikis an asshole and a narcissitic is because they were not willing to change things in their lives that are making them miserable, or not willing to take responsibility for the ways they are self destructing or making mistakes in their life - so they protect themselves and get defensive "NO it is not me ruining my life, YOU ARE JUST AN ASSHOLE!" and they have to believe it otherwise they would need to face the facts that everything they are unhappy about is their choice, so they blast it all over the internet to make themselves feel better about their choice. Well I am so glad that I did not go down that route and I was open to the work in my workshop, because the proof is in the pudding, I am SO MUCH HAPPIER and I love life, I could not say this before my workshop without lying. I have friends that have paid literally 10 x the amount of the choice os workshop cost to go to a Tony Robbins seminar and although you do pick up some pieces of gold, there is nothing like the Choice OS workshops in the entire world, that truly gets to the core of EVERYTHING in your life and truly helps you find your happiness completely, that answers every single question in a clear and factual way, where you can ask as many questions as you desire and nothing is left fluffy or unclear. I would recommend this workshop completely, I completely stand behind the work and am happy to answer any questions to anyone who is interested. My advice is to go for it, as we only have one life after all and I am so glad I am not coasting anymore, thanks to Mikis and Tierra Mitica I am truly LIVING. 5 stars.

  • Jospeh Swavey   August 01, 2019

      Bad vibes

    This man should not be in the position he is in, in the time I spent there I found him to be incredibly abusive and rude to his staff, he would unleash his temper on them over the most ridiculous things, he would belittle them, yell at them, to me it was abusive as hell. He was very controlling - one morning we weren't allowed to leave the breakfast room while he went on a rant for two hours, I didn't want to be there but was not allowed to leave. You could tell his staff were scared of him, I have been to other Ayahuasca retreats before and the environment was completely different, Mikis held an environment of bad vibes.                                                                               Response From Center*****               At the moment this review was added to this page, we had not been organizing Ayahuasca retreats for almost 3 years. We have been being attacked for years now by a few people who cancelled a few days before the start of a workshop and are upset for us not granting back their money, which was fully within the terms and conditions they agreed to. We have never received a registration for the name “Jospeh Swavey”, and we welcome retreat guru to look into our accounts to verify this, this is a fake review by someone holding a grudge and posing as somebody else in order to leave multiple negative reviews. Due to the challenging nature of our workshops we receive either extremely enthusiastic and positive reviews, or as in this case, very negative ones. Generally there are two reasons for the negative reviews: either the participant cancelled close to the beginning of the workshop and requested their money back (despite not being entitled to a refund in accordance with our terms and conditions) and threaten to leave bad reviews. The other reason for negative reviews is when someone came for a workshop and quit. People quit because they are not willing to consider changing things in their lives that are not making them happy and refuse to take responsibility, thus find reasons to blame TierraMitica. You can read more about why people write negative reviews here: https://www.tierramitica.com/why-are-negative-reviews-exactly-as/. We encourage you to view the multitude of extremely positive reviews people have left us immediately after their workshop and in some cases years after: https://www.tierramitica.com/reviews-testimonials/

  • Paul Saso   April 21, 2018


    This guy is writing emails for the participants to their significant others while at the retreat (with their consent). I received two emails from my partners email in language that was not at all her own while she was at the retreat. The first was a telling me she wanted to have my children and marry me (something she has never talked about before and doesn't believe at all since), the second demanded a clear answer to the first email. Upon her return after much worry as this was obviously not her doing she told me that Mikis had provided the wording for the emails. Partners of others at the retreat received break up emails. When I emailed him to complain of his practices he was extremely rude, launched into rants about my personal problems (I have never met this individual) and outright refused to ever let the recipients of the emails written know that he is crafting the emails and reading and writing the responses (albeit with the okay of the participant). Also of note when one woman refused to do what he told her in the course he kicked her out of the course entirely. The course involved Mikis calling my partner "the worst names she had ever been called by anyone", and sounds extremely traumatic. Absolutely unbelievable.                                                                               Response From Center*****               This review was written by someone who did not actually attend one of our workshops and is not in a position to leave an objective review. Our workshops are clearly described on our website as being the most intensive workshop in the world and require strong intention for change. The emails were written together with the participant, and the participant sent the email herself, voluntarily. Nobody gets kicked out for refusing to do what they are told as Paul Saso suggests, but people sometimes quit when they refuse to make a clear choice when confronted with aspects of their life they do not want to look into or refuse to see their personal responsibility. The workshop is called Choice OS because it is based on choice, not on forcing people to do anything at all, only assisting them in making choices.

  • Phoebe Lizanne Dykstra   December 11, 2017

      Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

    What can happen in 11 days with this work, these people and this love... I am beyond words!! Those negative voices that have lived inside my head for most of my life have been challenged, my heart has been blasted open, I've made a new family, parts of me have died, I have been reborn. I would recommend this program to absolutely everyone I know BUT you MUST complete the program! Wrote this diddy on my last day of the workshop. What do I wanna be? What will truly make me happy? Where do I wanna go? I don't know... Well, let's start at the start. I don't wanna be fake. I don't wanna simply follow trends... Shopping at H&M 'til the end. Fake hair, Fake nails, Fake smile. Starve myself. Deprive myself of nutrients... Vegan. Look at my crystals, chakras! No I won't work... I'm gonna manifest abundance! Be patient... Flow. Go the jungle. Drink Ayahuasca. Tierra Mitica. Now I know. That I've got a choice and I no longer need to be a slave to myself... I'm gonna use my voice! What do I wanna be? What will truly make me happy? Where do I wanna go? Now I know!

  • Ruth de Dauw   November 19, 2017

      thanks for everything!!!!

    Hy, My name is Ruth and I have done the last 11-day embrace. And what an experience this was. I had done ayahuasca before, over 10 times even, but I never learned so much. I feel like this had more to do with the guides, the focused intentions and the group sharing’s then because of the ayahuasca itself. I really want to thank the whole team from the bottom of my heart. From day one they made sure everyone felt at home. Surrounding me with so much love and acceptance, so I was able to trust them and share everything. I felt no shame and felt like I could let my walls down. I felt taken care of and every day I would wake up to the most amazing fresh cooked breakfasts. And, on days when there were no ceremonies they would make the most delicious dinners, all low fat and ayahuasca friendly. There isn’t any place I would’ve rather been then in Tierra Mitica. What a place, what an experience, what an atmosphere and what a lovely family Tierra Mitica is. Thank you all for everything!!!!! Forever in my heart!! lots of Love Ruth

  • stuart pridham   November 14, 2017


    My experience of the owner of Tierra Mitica was that of a bully who displays not the slightest sign of respect, kindness, empathy or compassion for anyone. He presented a series of ideas to the participants, but permits no discussion of those ideas at any time. He claims to be a happy man, but I witnessed him become quickly agitated and aggressive when someone would disagree with him or or challenge his philosophy.. Be warned.                                                                               Response From Center*****               Stuart came to a 6 day Ayahuasca retreat many years ago and felt so inspired that he immediately registered for one of our transformational workshops. A few days before the workshop started he wanted to receive his money back because he had changed his mind and did not want to come after all. After we refused to pay him back, which is according to our terms and conditions, he started a many years long harassment crusade against us, to the point of creating videos and websites and has been doing this ever since. That is all there is to this. Due to the challenging nature of our workshops we receive either extremely enthusiastic and positive reviews, or as in this case, very negative ones. Generally there are two reasons for the negative reviews: either the participant cancelled close to the beginning of the workshop and requested their money back (despite not being entitled to a refund in accordance with our terms and conditions) and threaten to leave bad reviews. The other reason for negative reviews is when someone came for a workshop and quit. People quit because they are not willing to consider changing things in their lives that are not making them happy and refuse to take responsibility, thus find reasons to blame TierraMitica. You can read more about why people write negative reviews here: https://www.tierramitica.com/why-are-negative-reviews-exactly-as/. We encourage you to view the multitude of extremely positive reviews people have left us immediately after their workshop and in some cases years after: https://www.tierramitica.com/reviews-testimonials/

  • Jennifer Freedman   November 07, 2017

      Stay Away

    I attended the August 1st, 2017 Mythic Voyage at Tierra Mitica. It’s taken me many months to put all the pieces together of what happened to me there. If you plan on doing this Ayahuasca retreat, there are a few things you should know… There are not many positive things to say besides the property was beautiful with lots of beautiful artwork, the food was good, and the assistants were very nice. While I believe they teach some good lessons, I believe their approach is very unhealthy. The main Shaman Mikis says his methods are controversial to challenge your belief systems. He has a very short temper, I saw his physically slap his assistant in the face with all of his might for making grammatical errors on the white board, he had a participant spit in another participant's face for his mistakes in life. He gives off the vibe that he is psychic and all knowing, and if you challenge him or his beliefs in any way he will use the power of peer pressure and putting you on the spot to make you feel like an idiot. He only uses the word 'pussy' when referring to women. He believes that being vegetarian/vegan is a form of mental illness. The list goes on. I believe he uses hypnotic and cult forming techniques. If you trust him and drink the koolaide then you will have a positive experience. If you try and use any form of critical thinking because you notice red flags then he will single you out. I am only allowed to write 100 words, but I have written a page long review. Feel free to email me at theroadwithin@gmail.com if you would like to hear more or have any questions.                                                                               Response From Center*****               Jennifer quit the workshop and everything she says in her review is either not true or being taken out of context. Due to the challenging nature of our workshops we receive either extremely enthusiastic and positive reviews, or as in this case, very negative ones. Generally there are two reasons for the negative reviews: either the participant cancelled close to the beginning of the workshop and requested their money back (despite not being entitled to a refund in accordance with our terms and conditions) and threaten to leave bad reviews. The other reason for negative reviews is when someone came for a workshop and quit. People quit because they are not willing to consider changing things in their lives that are not making them happy and refuse to take responsibility, thus find reasons to blame TierraMitica. You can read more about why people write negative reviews here: https://www.tierramitica.com/why-are-negative-reviews-exactly-as/. We encourage you to view the multitude of extremely positive reviews people have left us immediately after their workshop and in some cases years after: https://www.tierramitica.com/reviews-testimonials/

  • Jerald Wilks   September 23, 2017

      One of a kind

    A friend referred me to to TierraMitica. I admit I was quite skeptical. Not skeptical that there would be benefit, but skeptical that I could find the level of healing and happiness that he was conveying to me. One day I found myself in a place where I was done with life and knew that something needed to change. I reached out to TierraMitica and joined them in Belgium for a retreat. It was one of the hardest and most rewarding things I've ever done. It's hard to convey why it's difficult to someone else, because for each person you will face whatever is holding you back. For each person that is different and Mikis' approach is equally different. I have never been in such a trusting environment that I was able to just openly deal with my stuff. It was a great and loving experience. Truly you could not make a better decision in pursuit of your own happiness. Just come prepared with the intent to change your life. You can change your life.

  • Eric Hong   June 24, 2017


    ok... where to begin... this place is the closest version of heaven youll find on earth. not only are the landscapes and the facilities absolutely stunning, but the people, the Tierra Mitican family is what makes this place unique. so much love and happiness i have not encountered in ages if not, ever. doing a workshop at Tierra Mitica, like the Mythic Voyage, is the best thing anybody could do for themselves and i truly believe this. whether you live the best life or the worst, completing the mythic voyage is definitely going to benefit you. I now know how to fully trust, and fully love, i can open my heart to anybody and it feel so so GOOD! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to Tierra Mitica and Mikis + Metsa + Sara and hosting team. you are all so beautiful and i hope to see you in the near future <33 bless up

  • Kat Zen Jammer   April 15, 2017


    I came to tierra mitica a few years ago, a couple months after my mom died. I was in deep need of healing, and having some previous experience with santo daime ceremonies that came into my life when my mom was sick, i thought a more intensive healing course might help me move on from the grief and trauma i experienced over the past year. The first thing that put me off is when i arrived, i had quit smoking for 3 days, thru email with they said there was a designated smoking area and that people would be conscious that i was trying to quit. But the first day everyone was smoking inside and i bummed a few, then started up again. After the first ceremony we had group therapy with mikkis where i spilled my guts of how i was feeling. In the second "therapy" session mikkis told me i hated my mom and wanted her to die which really fucked with my head, being on dmt and only recently suffering the loss of my creator. He tore the other guests apart too, his way of 'therapy' seems to be "tear em down" and if they agree with me, "build em back up", like some kinda pysche sculptor. If you don't agree with him, you're out. Mikkis also told this story about how he threw a baby kitten into a wall and killed it when he was young and poor because it was eating his groceries, that really made me question his sanity. I decided to stop going to his group therapy and instead focused my energy on a wood carving in the art studio. All seemed fine at first but over the next week or so i felt more and more exiled from the group. It was really uncomfortable the way he treated his guests and volunteers, anyone who challeged his way of thinking was viciously verbally attacked and mind fucked into submission. Aya is love, the shamans are wonderful, the food is great, the property is beautiful virgin rainforest, the volunteers and residents are kind, yet brainwashed, the owner is a psychopath! Be aware...be strong in your mental state if you attempt this retreat. If you are suffering from addiction, trauma, depression or loss of a loved one this is not the place for healing. Felt more like a culty money making operation in the end...so sad because i feel like aya can really help people in the right settings. Mikkis is not a licensed therapist, so take his words with a grain of salt if you choose to attend...                                                                               Response From Center*****               Kat Zen Jammer came for an Ayahuasca retreat and wanted to stay and volunteer with us. She and some other participants attended a consultation by Mikis, which was fully optional and not normally included in the Ayahuasca retreats, but an offering free of charge by Mikis. We do not wish disclose specific information about participants, however as Kat declares in her review she elected to stop participating in the free consultations but stayed and continued with Ayahusaca ceremonies until the end of her retreat. Due to the challenging nature of our workshops we receive either extremely enthusiastic and positive reviews, or as in this case, very negative ones. Generally there are two reasons for the negative reviews: either the participant cancelled close to the beginning of the workshop and requested their money back (despite not being entitled to a refund in accordance with our terms and conditions) and threaten to leave bad reviews. The other reason for negative reviews is when someone came for a workshop and quit. People quit because they are not willing to consider changing things in their lives that are not making them happy and refuse to take responsibility, thus find reasons to blame TierraMitica. You can read more about why people write negative reviews here: https://www.tierramitica.com/why-are-negative-reviews-exactly-as/. We encourage you to view the multitude of extremely positive reviews people have left us immediately after their workshop and in some cases years after: https://www.tierramitica.com/reviews-testimonials/

  • Mo T. Styles   December 19, 2016

      Praise to Tierra Mitica

    Tierra Mitica is truly an amazing place that will offer you an even more amazing experience. The entire crew goes well beyond the ordinary means of providing a caring and safe environment for your journey. I have never felt so supported and loved by a group of people before my stay at Tierra Mitica. I attend the mythic voyage which was first rate. It is hard to encapsulate into words this experience. Before the voyage I had intentions to clear negative patterns and find inspiration For my life. I gained so much more that I could have imagined. The experience was more like an education.... you will learn fully of yourself, your actions, your past experience, why you do things, why people operate as they do and how to navigate your life with clarity and purpose. This workshop gives you tools and a support system to help you continue to implement the work into your life upon leaving Tierra Mitica. The people involved (the hosting crew and participants in the workshop) will become your family. The experience is intimate and wholesome. Everything done at Tierra Mitica is robust with love. The hosting cares for you every step and strives to provide the best possible experience. During the ceremonies I felt extremely safe and comfortable. The crew will be there to support you the entire time and after the ceremony as well. They spend time preparing you for the ceremony so you feel that there is a strong intention and purpose behind each ceremony. The shamans are incredible—authentic Shipibo Maestros and Maestras. They are powerful and you can feel them connecting with you throughout the ceremony. At any point if you are feeling unsure or uncomfortable in the ceremony a Tierra Mitican crew member will be right by your side offering guidance and support. The ceremonies are held outside under the stars which makes the experience even more magical. The food is incredible. I find it impossible that you will be getting a better meal at any other Ayahuasca retreat center in the world. The accommodations are comfortable. The surround jungle is lush and beautiful. The facilities are stunning and fully equipped for creating art and music. Over all the experience is first rate. There is nothing that I could have wished different or better. This place is magical! Truly magical!!!

  • Kimberley Smith   November 25, 2016

      So much MORE!

    WOW! TierraMitica was more than I can ever could have imagined existed. A place of beauty, art, inspiration & love. I will forever be grateful to this place & it's people for changing my life. Coming to do Ayahuasca was a terribly scary prospect before I arrived but I was searching for something that would help me out of the rut of a lifetime. These people made me feel safe, supported & totally taken care of to dive into the things I had been avoiding all my life which was very important to me. Such an amazingly beautiful jungle setting with art everywhere, butterflies & no mosquitos. I did not wish to rough it in a tent in the jungle & the accommodations were comfortable & modern which was perfect, not to mention the food which was totally abundant & delicious considering I had been dieting for the Ayahuasca for a whole month. The Mythic Voyage blew mind every which way & I feel totally different now that I know what is possible & who I want to be. Though challenging I can not thank Mikis & his team enough for pushing me in the right direction & guiding me to all the right places. Thank you guys! Anyone who really craves change in their lives should come here. No doubt. No other centre will offer you everything they have & everything they are, like these people did for me & all of the people who I shared this amazing experience with. Do it for you! Thank you TierraMitica for everything and for exisiting X

  • Tierra Mitica   November 24, 2016

      A mind blowing, life altering, heart opening experience!

    Tierra Mitica is by far one of the most amazing places I have ever experienced. I came to Tierra Mitica after years of no self worth, no self love, and many many other destructive beliefs about myself and the world around me. After one Mythic Voyage my eyes where opened and more importantly so was my heart. I highly recommend this place to anyone of any age. The setting is in a remote part of the high Amazon jungle. The weather is perfect and the jungle is gorgeous and filled with life. I felt completely safe and loved by every single one of the staff and there was never a time that my needs were not met. I'm so glad I made the leap to complete a Mythic Voyage. THANK YOU TIERRA MITICA!!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Jaclyn Wilchuck   November 24, 2016

      Two words, game changer!

    I did my Mythic Voyage at Tierra Mitica in March 2016, and it is very difficult to try and sum up in words how absolutely incredible this workshop is. I came for the Ayahuasca, and quickly realized this workshop is about so much more than just the beautiful plant medicine ceremonies under the starry sky. The Ayahuasca is an excellent tool for opening your heart to others, and most importantly yourself throughout this workshop, but the real magic happens when Mikis, the guide, and his assistants help you delve deep into your subconscious and brings your paradoxes and stifling belief systems to the surface, which in turn helps you to make sense of everything that has confused you or caused you pain and suffering in your life. This workshop is for people who feel there has to be more to life then what they have and are experiencing, and I can tell you right now, there is absolutely so much more!!! I was continually blown away by the unbelivable love and care of the staff, the gourmet Ayahuasca diet, beautiful Peruvian high jungle location, brilliant Shipibo shamans on a beautiful outdoor ceremony floor,and all the western ammenities that comforted and held the participants on our journey. I would reccomend Tierra Mitica to anyone who is looking for big life changes, clarity, and most importantly of all, happiness.

  • Elizabeth Ray   November 24, 2016

      This shit really works...

    My hesitation in not being able to find the correct words to fully describe and give thanks to the brilliance, effectiveness, aliveness and magic of the Mythic Voyage is overridden by my desire to share my experience and give credence and substantiation to the promotion of this one of a kind work-shop ….because IT WORKS! I have spent a lot of time in my life “seeking” for answers through yoga, meditation, North American Indigenous cultural ceremonies and practice of sweat lodge, Sundance, Yuwipi etc, the western medical system (I worked in Addiction and mental health in a large urban city as a Registered Nurse for the last five and a half years), Naturopathic medicine.. the list goes on and on and have found NOTHING which even comes close to the work being done at TierraMitica and what I received through the Mythic Voyage. This work is definitely controversial, will challenge you, will poke and prod you in ways you could have never imagined, but you will feel lighter, able to embrace clarity if you so choose and take on your life with vigor, pride and a real genuine smile on your face! To be completely honest, I had no idea what I was stepping into when I came to my Mythic Voyage this past March 2016. My partner and I had decided to venture to Peru together, to travel, hike, and see Macchu Pichu and to take part in an intensive ayahuasca workshop, to find “answers” and “purpose” in our lives. About a week before the Mythic Voyage I broke up with my partner—I messaged TierraMitica explaining what had happened and that I would unfortunately not be coming but allowing my partner to go on their own. The email replies I received from TierraMitica in response to this were filled with nothing but love and encouragement and to come and do this process for myself regardless of what had happened between my partner and I. Whether I came to the workshop or not did not effect TierraMitica financially at all at that point and so something must have clicked for me that---yes! They must really care and stand by the work that they do—there must be something more behind this.. I still struggled with making the decision for myself but with the support of the emails from TierraMitica, at the very last moment, I made the decision to go and complete the Mythic Voyage—for this choice I am incredibly proud and grateful!!!! I received so much more from the Mythic Voyage than I could have ever imagined. I had many questions around my sexuality that were answered … but as well, behind these questions that I was asking were fears around love. Today, my partner and I are TOGETHER again, and incredibly happy and engaged to be married! —The fears and beliefs around my relationship and love have been brought to light so I could truly work on them, I found that I had been running from love—I believed I didn’t deserve it! I am no longer afraid of love or to be loved but am opening my heart more and more each day. I am embracing my femininity, showing off the beauty I have and am as a woman, putting into practice trust and finding peace! I have been given clarity around what “love” really is and how to foster this in any relationship including the most important relationship—the one with myself!! Aristotle has said that happiness is the only objective that is an end in itself; everything else is a means to this end. The Mythic Voyage has given me the tools and new perspectives on life to support this goal, the objective of Happiness—the “purpose of life” if you will. The tools I have gained are practical and require practice but truly work! I have been using the tools I have gained since my Mythic Voyage (seven months now) and I honestly have never been as happy and excited about life as I am right now. I have direction, I have choice! I honestly believe there is nothing I cannot achieve in life if I put my heart and mind into it. I have a beautiful and healthy romantic relationship for the first time in my life, I feel proud and have proven to myself that I hold the power in my life, I am responsible and fucking love it! This is really only the tip of the ice burg of what I achieved through the Mythic Voyage. If you’re contemplating this workshop… I can tell you this from firsthand experience--with intention, trust and choice you can truly change your life! You won’t need to search after coming here..because you’ll be too busy living your life. Not to mention that the food was top notch; comforting and delicious even with the diet. And the animals! A couple of dogs and a few cats was very special to have around, the animals—they know things ;) The utmost Gratitude! Eli xo

  • Theodora Sey   May 27, 2016


    Just finished my Mythic voyage! So proud of myself! :) I understand why the bad comments are from people who never finished or worse...never even started the voyage. I was about to quit as well but instead, I decided to trust. That was one of the best decisions in my life. Everything that Mikis is doing has a purpose - to serve our happiness, even if it seems bizarre in the beginning. The intense part of the voyage is not the ayahuasca at all. It is the way Mikis is challenging everything we think we know. He is the ayahuasca! :D The Tierraminicans were amazing! Everything they do is charged with love, care and support. They will not sleep just to make sure that all of our needs were met. Last but not least - the food was the best food I ever had! Love you guys! See you next year :)

  • Ida W Hagberg   May 21, 2016

      Why COMPLETING The Mythic Voyage is the best decision I've ever made in my life.

    Hello! My name is Ida and I live in Stockholm Sweden. On the 25th of March I completed the Mythic Voyage in Tierra Mitica and since my experience was mind-blowing beyond anything I could have ever possibly imagined before I attended. That is due to the uniqueness and power of this workshop. In fact, going to Tierra Mitica for the Mythic Voyage is simply the best decision I've ever made in my life. During the Mythic Voyage I faced a lot of stuff that I had buried down inside me for a long time. By having my confusion, paradoxes, pain and demons revealed to me from the workshop I took the chance to accept my reality (a reality that was most centrainly not making me happy) at fist stage. Then I took the mythic decision to change it into a reality that does makes me happy. This is an ongoing gradual process that requires my individual work. By that I mean specific tasks, instructions, goals and advice that was proposed to me and that I choose to follow and set for myself to follow to this day. This resulted in me feeling like the strong, happy and excited woman that I am. The Mythic Voyage kickstarted the life I was yearning for and made me take out the balls from my vagina. And it made me feel free, beautiful and courageous. Now I am constantly working on living the life I want to live. Building it step by step. I fall down and I get up. Quicker and stronger each and every time. It feels fucking amazing. What I gained from Tierra Mitica is another family, love for myself, inner health, understanding of everybody and the world+ universe. Nowadays, after my Mythic Voyage, I still see, learn and understand things for myself I had no clue I could even find out and grasp prior to my Mythic Voyage. I'm loving it. Additionally, another amazing thing I would like to mention is the fantastic and loving hosting team, the food, the accommodation is… WOW. WOW doesn't even start to describe it actually. There is not a single person in the world that I would not recommend to go to Tierra Mitica. But especially if you feel and you known deeply that you live your life FAR from your fullest potenial and want to change that, but didnt know how to- then you feel exactly as I used to. Therefore, I full heartedly recommend the Mythic Voyage and Tierra Mitica. This is the place to start fellow human.

  • Danielle Forde   April 21, 2016

      This place is MAGICAL

    I completed my Mythic Voyage in January just after the Mythic party which the reviewer who left a negetive review above was supposed to attend. Everybody in my mythic voyage apart from two who quit, had the most AMAZING and TRANSFORMATIONAL experience of our lives! It is super funny to hear what this person has written about Tierra Mitica, because if you talk to anyone who isn't angry and trying to go around turning people off such a wonderful place, they will tell you the same thing, that what they do here WORKS. The volunteers are NOT abused, they are loved and they are more proud and happy than any other soul around. and 80% of the things i see written by "love and light" are very false, and skewed and totally made up. I hate that people like this are so miserable and angry at themselves and the world that they write such horrible reviews about such an incredible place. There is a really informative letter written explaining why people right negetive reviews about TierraMitica, explaining that anyone who writes such things either blackmailed Tierra Mitica as they were wanting a refund, and other reasons also. Here Is the Letter: WHY ARE NEGATIVE REVIEWS EXACTLY AS THEY SHOULD BE? It seems like a paradox that we receive both the most moving and enthusiastic reviews and some of the most angry and vehement reviews. Most of the negative reviews about TierraMitica, the Mythic Voyage and Mikis personally come from people who have neither ever been here nor participated in a Mythic Voyage, usually by people who want money back for changing their minds and not showing up. These are easy to discount, there is a contract people accept when they register and that governs how late they can change their mind and get a refund, and one can be as angry as they wish or blackmail us with bad publicity, we do what we and the terms deem right and good for TierraMitica and the participants. We used to not even require a down payment and found out that many people get cold feet and cancel, thus missing out on work we are proud to be offering, and many people agree with us by enthusiastically declaring that it changed their lives. On some few occasions however, somebody that has actually been here and participated in a Mythic Voyage and has not managed to complete it, or on extremely rare occasions, somebody has finished it enthusiastically and changed their minds later, write a bad review. Why would people quit a workshop, and why would they be angry and hateful about it? The answers lie on the essence, techniques and purpose of the Mythic Voyage. What makes people quit, many times in anger? And people do quit, sometimes up to fifty percent, sometimes as low as ten percent, but there has never been a Mythic Voyage where nobody has quit, and this is exactly as it should be. Why? Because if nobody quit, it would mean that we brainwash people, and the Mythic Voyage is about celebrating our divine gift of choice. The Mythic Voyage is based on years of learning, experience and research that have proven- and we provide the proof during the course of the Voyage- that every single thought and emotion, every energy that passes through us, is due to a particular set of beliefs. Furthermore, our beliefs about who we are, what we are capable of and what we are incapable of, actually define who we are, same as our beliefs about the world around us define the way we experience the world. Not only are our thoughts, emotions and energies directly connected with our beliefs, but every disagreeable thought and emotion is caused by a paradox; two or more contradictory realities, actions or beliefs that are mutually exclusive but are held in us at the same time. This phenomenon is called in psychiatry and psychology Cognitive Dissonance. If for example, you are hurt and angry at your father because he told you that you are and will always be a lazy loser, but at the same time you believe that some of the things he shouted at you are true, you are both a victim and guilty at the same time. Same thing happens to victims of sexual abuse by a member of the family where they are conflicted between being an abused victim and suffering from recurring guilty and shameful thoughts such as “maybe I deserved because I was a bad child, maybe I provoked it by being a slut, maybe I was competing with my mother, maybe, maybe, maybe..” These unresolved internal paradoxes and conflicts of beliefs and perceptions cause the deepest psychological problems, depression, anger and misery. During the Mythic Voyage we help solve issues that years of psychotherapy, self-improvement techniques and alternative practices have not healed, because instead of trying to resolve trauma, we help people see their internal paradoxes and make choices and thus transcend trauma altogether. In order to achieve this, we use every useful technique and practice from the pool of human knowledge and civilization, from the shamanic to gestalt therapy, from the contemporary scientific to the ancient or indigenous. And of course, with the wisdom of the grandmother Ayahuasca that speaks from the truest depths of our hearts, but with specific techniques, so that we can navigate precisely the ceremony experience, in order to obtain insights and answers that can practically help us in our lives rather than a great hallucinogenic and heart opening experience that often leaves us with abstract rather than clear and applicable answers. Why do people quit? Well, if you are a single mother with a five year old with no other responsible adults around and make your living off an illegal activity and risk that your child is raised by people who did not make that choice out of love, but cannot choose to change, if you are a depressed man drowning in obligation with a wife you no longer want to be with, in a job you hate and you are too afraid to consider the alternatives, if you find out that you have been a freeloading parasite that never wants to do anything considered work, if you are a victim by everyone in your life and it is always the other party´s fault why relationships never work, but are not willing to acknowledge your choices and your responsibility for what is happening in your life, then in the Voyage you will be confronted by unavoidable truths that you do not wish to hear. People quit, are angry and blame Mikis and the Mythic Voyage as part of a pattern of needing something to blame for everything: everything is somebody else´s fault, yet at the same time they live lives of self-hatred, shame, guilt and regret. To achieve the spectacular results that so many people report in just ten days of the Mythic Voyage is necessarily a fast, deep, confrontational at times incision into our personal stories, and the techniques used ensure that nothing can remain hidden. We work in a group 12 hours a day and then have ceremonies on some nights and it is a hair raising emotional, perceptual and energetic rollercoaster; it is a true adventure into our internal worlds and the universe, and those who are determined to face the challenges emerge with open hearts, enthusiasm and vision for their lives, inspired and full of ideas and plans. We declare: it is not for the faint hearted, and any kind of work that pushes boundaries is bound to be controversial. We push boundaries all the time, and we are proud to be controversial. We help provide real life insights and solutions, not just an experience. As for people that enthusiastically complete a Mythic Voyage and become negative after a year or a few months, if they did not follow the path that they personally chose for their lives and if they did not initiate the changes that they promised themselves they would, than the only solution is “sour grapes”: “It was all bullshit anyway!” TierraMitica vows to do our best for any participant that trusts us and comes to be helped by going as deep as possible, guiding them to explore and reexamine everything, by helping them break the habits of the body and the mind that keep them captive from a beautiful life of creativity, inspiration, vision and love. That means if nobody quits, we need to go deeper. This also means that we accept that the occasional hateful review is not only inevitable but also welcome, because it means we are doing our vocation and job to the best of our ability and we are not willing to sacrifice our work to please everybody. If one wants comfort, let them go to a psychotherapist or do some reiki; If one wants true change, not in ten years but right now, they must be able to take perceptually and emotionally the discomfort that everybody accepts on the physical level by any surgeon or dentist. Actually, pulling out harmful beliefs such as “I do not deserve anything”, “I am good at nothing”, “nobody truly loved me” or even “life is a burden and a struggle” sometimes is much more painful than pulling teeth. Should you blame the dentist if you stop the extraction of a rotten tooth mid way?

  • Love and Light   April 21, 2016


    I attended the Mythic Party and was supposed to stay on to complete the Mythic Voyage but unfortunately the behaviour of the owner Mikis made me feel too upset and uncomfortable to stay on. I was very excited and enthusiastic about my time at Tierra Mitica and went in all guns blazing, volunteering behind the scenes from day one to help with catering for the other guests and artists at the party. The volunteers all ended up working hard for 5-8 hours each day and this gave me a very candid insight into the awful way Mikis speaks to his long term volunteers, and the blatant disrespect he treated the more vulnerable female artists and guests with. I will eventually write a much more detailed version of the nightmarish events that unfolded during my time at this occultist retreat because it was surreal, but for the sake of this forum I will try to keep it brief. The most disturbing things that happened were during the 2 hour period in which he locked all of his guests in the breakfast room to yell at us all for breaking the rules. During this tirade he screamed, he cried, he completely lost the plot and shouted at one of the young female artists for daring to pick up a pen while he was speaking, citing that she had daddy issues and problems with authority. All of this while drinking cup after cup of coffee and chain smoking, later dramatically injecting himself in the stomach with adrenaline. I left after 3 days, 2 days before the party ended as I felt unsafe being under any kind of substance with such an unstable, aggressive and controlling person. When I approached him to tell him I would like to leave he told me he could see I was a quitter from the start, and he would rather burn my money in a pile in front of me than give it back. I later met up with the other guests who were also at the party (who had stayed on due to the fact they hadn't committed to the Mythic Voyage or paid any money to Mikis the nutter) they all agreed it was a crazy cult and apparently Mikis made a great speech on the closing night about how the taboos of incest need to be broken.. If you are thinking about booking a retreat here please look into it more closely... Mikis has written a couple of books so perhaps you can download those and read between the lines when he speaks about the extreme methods he has used to "help" people in the past. Unfortunately I was days away from arriving at Tierra Mitica when I read the part about physically abusing and almost urinating on one of his past "argonauts". I wish I had done more investigation instead of only looking for the positive reviews. It scares me that he is still working with vulnerable and potentially suicidal people using methods of aggression and ego. True healing must be done with pure love. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Response from owner: "We encourage people that come for a retreat or a workshop to share their experience at TierraMitica, whether it be positive or negative. Like many retreat centres we occasionally receive negative reviews and we have even published our point of view on negative reviews on our blog which you can read about here http://ourtierramitica.blogspot.pe/2016/04/why-are-negative-reviews-exactly-as.html. Reviews are important because they provide objectivity and help a person make a decision about whether a retreat or workshop at TierraMitica is right for them. “Love n Light” is a person who came for a free event at TierraMitica which was completely separate from the Mythic Voyage workshop starting a few days after (which they decided to cancel at last minute) . Like any responsible centre we have terms and conditions and a cancellation policy stating that refunds are not available unless sufficient notice is given. So, please keep in mind Love n Light has never been here for a retreat or workshop has come into contact with Ayahuasca at TierraMitica, and has not received any form of healing through us. It is somebody who came for a free event, decided not to stay for the Mythic Voyage because of a personal issue they had with Mikis and are upset that they lost their money. Let’s put things into perspective. The long-term volunteers a TierraMitica have never expressed any form of disrespected here, or even feel that there is any for of disrespect, actually many were outspoken in the meeting expressing the exact opposite. Also, many of the artists who were present have contacted us requesting to come back, and they are coming back in January 2017 or future events. Love n Light is just one person who is angry whereas there are many many more people who are asking to return here. You can see a documentary about the event here and see what the artists have to say about their experience with us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf7StbNik_8. There are also many things that “Love and light” says which are factually incorrect or is a misrepresentation of facts. If you are concerned by Love n Light’s comments rest assured, we have never ever used the locks on our doors and do not lock people into rooms (people even decided to leave the supposed lock-in breakfast meeting during that meeting), we do not inject ourselves with adrenaline and we certainly do not advocate incest. The main issue Love n Light have a problem with was us calling a meeting to stop unsafe and risky behaviour by our guests which included drugs and addressing an issue of two people going missing in the remote jungle, on a very dangerous road for nearly 12 hours on an unroadworthy and unregistered motorcycle which was stored on our property. We have hosted hundreds of people here at TierraMitica and are incredibly proud to say we have NEVER had any kind of safety issue, BECAUSE we are a serious centre and care about the safety and well-being of our guests – and yes we did call a meeting to prevent the continuation of unsafe behaviours. We find it interesting that the hateful and negative reviews come from people like Love n Light, and there have been others, who withdraw from a workshops at last minute and are angry and vindictive towards us because of money (and there has never been a case we have not offered an alternative workshop at no penalty or just at the loss of their deposit). Everybody who comes for an Embrace the Medicine retreat or Mythic Voyage (even those who quit the Mythic Voyage), only have positive things to say about their experience. Just check out our youtube channel to see for yourself - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgq0fMK-JgFa5emq0J8k-dg.

  • Steve Rigby   February 14, 2016

      So much potential, but run by a man in dire need of introspection and self healing

    Retreat.guru asks to try to keep the review of my experience positive, so I will try my best.. Positives: Beautiful landscape, genuinely nice staff members (the owner excluded), nice accommodation, their mythic party attracted many beautiful human beings who shared art and connected on a deep level in the face of the owner's regrettable behaviour. Negatives (kept brief): The owner, his disrespectful nature and disgusting behaviour to those around him including guests and his own staff. He is known around the Tarapoto region as I found out after visiting Tierra Mitica as a dark and disrespectful man who does not practise what he preaches. His avatar name on the internet is "Happy Mikis", he is not happy. He preaches love not war, no person can have a conversation and reason with him as only he has the answers and he acts as the universe tells him, so therefore his actions are excusable. It is unfortunate but this negative review has been well earned. I should have more seriously considered the comments on Mikis and read more before committing $1900USD. There are far greater centres with competent shamans and guides available for far cheaper. Do not believe you'll get more for your money with Tierra Mitica as I believed.                                                                               Response From Center*****               Steve was a friend of “Love and Light”, who left a review as well just after this one and to which we have already responded. The same story applies, Steve came here for a free event and decided he did not want to participate in the workshop afterwards. He never experienced a workshop at TierraMitica and so does not know about its effectiveness. He became upset after we refused to pay him the money back and that is the reason behind this review. Due to the challenging nature of our workshops we receive either extremely enthusiastic and positive reviews, or as in this case, very negative ones. Generally there are two reasons for the negative reviews: either the participant cancelled close to the beginning of the workshop and requested their money back (despite not being entitled to a refund in accordance with our terms and conditions) and threaten to leave bad reviews. The other reason for negative reviews is when someone came for a workshop and quit. People quit because they are not willing to consider changing things in their lives that are not making them happy and refuse to take responsibility, thus find reasons to blame TierraMitica. You can read more about why people write negative reviews here: https://www.tierramitica.com/why-are-negative-reviews-exactly-as/. We encourage you to view the multitude of extremely positive reviews people have left us immediately after their workshop and in some cases years after: https://www.tierramitica.com/reviews-testimonials/

  • Dimitris Mavromatis   December 07, 2015

      Thanks for the guiding me to happiness!

    My experience is Tierra Mitica was the EXPERIENCE of my life. As simple as that. Everything I ever though, or believed about the world was questioned to the roots of my existence. My own believes that control my being like a puppet, especially towards the negative, came to the surface and there I had the chance to decide whether I want to keep believing in things in my life that were clearly making me miserable or make the choice for myself and make real life changes and walk on. Clarity was an unknown word to me before the Mythic Voyage workshop. And clarity is the just one out of numerous things I actually got from the experience of the Mythic Voyage. So, Just to name a few other things that got out of this experience: understanding of myself, the world and my benevolent ones, clarity and when I say clarity I mean to see who I really am and not who I think or believe I am, see that I have all choice over my life and it is ultimately up to me to steer the boat of my life towards my own happiness, friendship is another one, I got connected with people I never seen before in just ten days and I connected in such deep heart based level that was previously unknown. Anything I say about the Mythic Voyage sounds like a lie and totally fake to me, because there are not words to describe my experience. It feels like everything I write takes away from my experience. However, I know that these words might actually mean something to somebody else and that is why I write this review. Few words about the hosting... Spectacular, Colossal, Awesome and Amazing! I want people to actually challenge me on this one. Make a requests in Tierra Mitica for anything you might need and you will get the idea. Most importantly though, the tough work is done when the argonauts (participants) go through their most challenging moments. There were moments that it was almost practically impossible to call for somebody. But, I didn't need to. The crew was there the whole time. Before I even noticed. If you are looking for a life altering experience that is going to help you claim your own happiness and everything you see in your craziest dreams, then wait no longer and get yourself a Mythic Voyage. Be selfish for once and do this favour to yourself. No exaggerations, only the opposite I would say. This is way beyond Ayahuasca or Ayahuasca retreats of any kind. This is humanity at it's finest. This is the first time in my life, that I feel proud to be human! YEAH!!!!!!!! Big Hug, Big Love Dimitrios

  • Jim La Rose   October 03, 2015

      Beyond words

    It has been about 6 months since I visited TierraMitica. There is so much that I could say about them. I could describe the location, the accommodations, the food, the people. I could go on and on about everything they have to offer, which far exceeded what my expectations were. But I think providing a review from someone who hasn’t even been to TM would be a much better offering. The following is a post that my girlfriend wrote on TierraMitica's Facebook wall shortly after my return home from there. "I don't exactly know what happened while my boyfriend was there; but I know that he is a different man than when he left. We have been together for nearly 7 years now and he has always been reserved, and even walled off to his emotions. I loved him regardless because I knew and could see the beauty of what was really inside him. There had been many times in those seven years that it would have been easier to just give up instead of trying. After all, it wasn't easy being in a relationship with a man who (as I describe) had little to no affect; but I loved him too much to give up on him. I knew that he was a good, decent and talented man that deserved to be loved wholeheartedly and unconditionally. I guess I thought my love could help help him? I like to think it did in many ways. We both grew so much from being with each other. But he still had a sadness about him. No matter how much I loved him, he still maintained his wall and refused to allow himself to dream, love and live a happy life. He was content with going through the motions of the day and adhering to his strict daily rituals; but those rituals and that routine was taking a toll on him. When he first told me he was going to the Mythic Journey, I was skeptical because he took a trip to Peru seeking the benefits of Ayahausca the previous year (from a different retreat). It seemed to help him some; but even he knew that he didn't get what he had hoped out of it. However he felt he needed to do this again and when he found your page he decided to give it a try; so I supported him throughout his mission. I noticed the change immediately. When I saw him walk out of the airport he was glowing! He was happy, he IS happy and he is dreaming and planning for our future. He talks openly about what he is feeling and for the first time in nearly seven years I feel like the love I have been giving him is truly being felt by and reciprocated by him. I feel as though I have loved him through his darkness and now, thanks to the work you are doing down there and his desire to live his best life possible, I have the opportunity to love him through what's sure to be the best years of our lives. Thank you Tierra Mitica, for helping the love of my life Jim La Rose." As my girlfriend mentioned above, I had been to a different retreat the previous year. I have nothing bad to say about that one. It was a beautiful and relaxing place that gave me my first aya experiences and a much needed vacation from "life". But unfortunately there was just too much down time and lack of direction. I ended up leaving there feeling like I started something that I needed to finish. I was given a glimpse of something but had no understanding of what it truly meant or how to use it. This was not the case with TierraMitica. With the guidance of Mikis and the love and support of the TierraMiticans and my fellow Argonauts. I left TM feeling like I had gotten exactly what I went there for, and more. To this very moment I am still in awe of the transformation I witnessed in all (including myself) that attended the April 2015 Mythic Voyage. I feel I am a changed person. I have been a much more patient person. I feel much happier than I have felt in many years. And for the first time in I can’t even remember how long, I genuinely feel like I am “on the right track”. Since sometimes we can fool ourselves into believing things that aren’t necessarily true. Just a couple of weeks ago, I asked my girlfriend if she thought/felt I was still a different person since attending TM. Her reply was “God yes!”. Visiting TM was one of the best things I ever did for myself and those I love.

  • Brandy Nielson   September 28, 2015

      I will be going again!

    To anyone reading this I assume you are looking for a good place to take a journey to self discovery. Well I can say from my own experience not only is Tierra Mitica the most magical and amazing place to visit, the leaning and self transformation I experienced and witnessed with my fellow Argonauts was truly magical. There are no words to describe the profound awakenings and soul enriching lessons and findings. I am deeply grateful to have been on a Mythic Journey as I not only healed pieces of my past but I also have the tools to live my life more epically than I imagined. Actually, I imagined it when I was a child but never knew all of my imagination from childhood was actually real life!! Everything that we deem is magic and only in fairy tales is actually real!! Except maybe fire breathing dragons.....I hope;) I haven't even talked about the magical waterfall I swam in and vortexes on the huge stones, the stunning jungle with gorgeous bright blue birds and the gigantic blue butterflies, the little monkeys in the distance or the oversized flowers that the hummingbirds get lost in. Stunning. Manuel our shaman and the shamanas are such an integral and special part of the journeys as well as their part in the days following. Purifying flower baths, songs that are only heard in the jungle that magically take you into the depths of what the grandmother spirit has to teach you. Wow. And the food!! I expected to live on rice and beans for 10 days. Not a chance! All of the food was homemade and abundant. Breads were baked daily, a buffet everyday of delicious, healthy vegetables, meats and fruits all within the ayahuasca diet. I didn't miss a thing! In fact I felt spoiled! They even baked five different kinds of wholesome cookies on our last night. And for the party at the end, well I don't want to spoil all the surprises. I have met with people traveling to Peru and abroad looking for answers and happiness. I can tell you that I will continue to send my friends to Tierra for the rest of my days because I know it is the very best place. A place and people I truly trust with my life and my loved ones lives. I just don't see why anyone would go elsewhere. Perhaps curiosity. If you truly want the best, go to Tierra. Your life will be the happiest once you are through the hard work, beauty and adventure of a mythic voyage. You won't only be happy, you will live a Mythic Life! Mikis wasn't kidding!! My life is incredible, magical and I am and will always be happy because I have the tools!! Mikis and Tierra Miticans, thank you for teaching us how to live the most happiest and epic lives imaginable. Your huge hearts are unmistakable. Thank you thank you thank you. I love you and look forward to seeing you all again.

  • Anastasia Voutyra   September 26, 2015

      My rebirthing experience in Tierra Mitica

    I am Anastasia Voutyra from Greece and I had an unique experience of transformation in the Ayahuasca Healing Center of TierraMitica, a month ago. For me this Mythic Voyage was a dark and hard pass through all my fears, distrusts and deaths of my subconscious preparative to meet my inner lightfull child, my soul, that waited for me 58 years!! I was very lucky with my choice to live this painful but rebirthing experience in this magical, helpful, inspired, ayahuasca healing environment. The spiritual and full of love guidance of Miki Hasson, the heart of this road of happiness, took place during all the day consulting sessions and prepare me to find my core question to address with faith and clear intention to grandmother Ayahuasca, in every night from the 5 nights ceremonies. The results of this procedure treatment were for me unexpectedly revelational. My darkness transformed in a clear direction of my spiritual vision, the fantasms of my weakness disappeared, my fears opened the path of a pure love and passion to be one with everything and everyone around me, my doubt and mistrust for everyone in my life became trust and surrender to the flow of life, to the miracle of every moment. I am very grateful for all this rebirthing experience at first to myself, second to Mother Earth of Jungle in Tarapoto and finally to each person from the amazing stuff of TierraMitica, who helped me in each step of my internal work, with acceptance, love, security and any material support that I had needed. Now, having taken back all my power and the dignity of my spirit, I came back to my country, in the most difficult time for Greece, to share all these presents to my lovely mother country, to my sisters and brothers that suffer seeking desperately to recover the light of their soul. I hope to become a light example for all the lost spirits that search their destination. Thank all the members of my new family in Tierra Mitica, who, by now and for ever, are a part of my opened heart.

  • Michael Mclafferty   September 26, 2015

      Mythic Voyage - April 2015 *Update

    The 10 day Mythic Voyage at Tierra Mitica in Tarapoto, Peru was a transformational experience I will take with me forever. I attended in April 2015 and 5 months later I can truly say without a doubt I am happier than I have ever been. The choice to me was clear after studying the various ayahuasca retreat options - Tierra Mitica seemed to offer the most comprehensive and intensive approach toward resolving one's issues - assuming that person is truly committed to change for the better. It seems risky to reach outside of one's comfort zone but I was seeking change in the form of a non-traditional approach, one that didn't depend on the use of pharmaceuticals or extended periods of psychotherapy with little to show for them. I tried for years and gave up because I wasn't getting to the core of what was bringing me down. I am not knocking psychotherapy and I believe finding the right method and practitioner would have helped me open my eyes to begin experiencing positive change. However, what I came away with from Tierra Mitica was self awareness and self knowledge I would never have imagined possible. I walked away from Tierra Mitica with proof that happiness exists for those human beings who choose it. And for those that do not, there is still hope if they can only believe it is possible. The experience of attending the workshop was eye opening and after it was all said and done, I took with me lessons that I will use from now until forever because they are easy to grasp, but profound - they get to the heart of what makes life a journey truly worth travelling. I highly recommend the Mythic Voyage to anyone seeking answers and wanting to evolve. The team at Tierra Mitica was caring and attentive to everyone's needs. Most importantly, they were professionals that provided those under their watch the opportunity to grow as human beings in a safe, supportive environment. If you are ready to move in a different direction in life and need guidance as to how to begin, the Mythic Voyage has the answers you seek. Only take with you the courage to ask and answer tough questions and you will be richly rewarded.

  • Andrew Colbert   September 25, 2015

      Happy Happy Happy Happy!

    Oh yay! Thank you Tierra Mitica! I am so grateful for my experience here! I just finished a Mythic Voyage in August and it was the best time of my life, the most real I have ever been with myself or others. The best way I can think of to fully describe this right now is ~ the greatest most unimaginable gift I have ever received!!! I recommend that anyone who wants to explore and work with the Ayahuasca goes to Tierra Mitica. This is a place to find everything you are looking for! But be prepared to do the work! They offer an essential workshop that is a major facilitation for navigating the medicine and integrating back into life outside ceremony after the Voyage. When I first arrived I was welcomed by many great big hugs and so much love. I felt safe to explore and open my heart, going deeper and deeper everyday. It was difficult at times, but so worth it. Anyways, of course everyone will do what they want, but I strongly suggest doing a Mythic Voyage at Tierra Mitica. Find out how amazing you are! Even if you already know ;) This is a truly magical place, I am so proud to be part of this family. I will definitely be back. Life is full of learning. Now I'm off to live a beautiful mythic life! Weeeeeoooooooooo! Thank you thank you thank you Tierra Mitica!

  • Aaron Inter-world McMinn   September 23, 2015

      Life Changing Awakening, Heart Opening Training center

    The Most important pivotal life changing awakening, Heart Opening Training center In My Life I owe to this place. If you are struggling with being a human and feeling your heart (source) this is the place. I got way more out of it than i ever expected and it (I) just keep(s) getting better! There is nothing better you can do for yourself than to Love yourself and this is where you learn and Feel what you know is awaiting. (YOU) Thank you Tierra Mitica Hello My name is Aaron McMinn I just completed the Mythic Voyage May/June 2015. I was contacted by a friend of mine just after he completed the Mythic Voyage. His experience and words spoke to me at a time when i really needed something exactly like this. This is what he wrote me: "I cannot describe the transformation that I experienced here.. there is no price i could have put on it. If you are ready to take back your life just choose this and make it happen.. You are worth it .. I was close to ending my life.. now finally after 34 years I have full control of my life, I have direction, vision, I can dream. I am truly happy. and it only took 10 days ... *was like 20 years of therapy" So I quit my job and went to the next Mythic Voyage and id have to say it was the best decision i've ever made. Before i came i had no direction and a lot of unanswered questions about my life. Thanks to Mikis I now have direction and am well equipped with the direction for any situation i find myself in. Mikis can see things in you that you can not see in yourself and this is a great gift because if you cant see what wrong then you'll never know where to start. This workshop could be done without the ayahuasca and be just as effective. If you truly want change in your life I guarantee you this will work for you. The staff, accommodations and Shipibo shamans at tierra Mitica are world class, full of love and every need is takin care of. couldnt ask for a better landscape to do the work in. Thank you So So Much <3

  • Niloufar Lohrasebi   June 16, 2015

      Biggest life changing experience!

    WOW! Where do I start? I was desperate to be happy and be excited about life again. I went to psychotherapy and made many changes in my life, but it just didn't seem enough. What do I do? I came to Tierra Mitica as my final hope to find direction to my happiness. Words cannot describe my gratitude for the Tierra Miticans for creating the most loving, supportive, and safe space for all of us to go as deep as we could possibly go.It was without a doubt the most challenging and intense experience beyond what I had expected, but it was worth it. I was worth it. This is a fully guided workshop. To make it through, stick to the commitment to your happiness and TRUST! Do it for YOU. You are worth it. It is now time for me to do the work and apply the change in my life, but I am not alone. I have my family of Argonauts and TierraMiticans walking along side me on the path of happiness. Thank you grandmother for bringing me to Tierra Mitica. I love you guys so much????

  • Scott Handby   April 16, 2015

      Amazing life changing experience ...

    I was fortunate enough to find TierraMitica online through the Google search engine... I must of read a dozen or more web sites, all advertising an Ayuascan experience ranging from comfortable spiritual retreat to full on life changing experience. I dont know why? but this retreat/voyage resignated with me big time and I knew this was the one for us. Jennifer my fiancé and myself booked and traveled to Peru where we were met by friendly faces who Picked us up from the Tarapoto airport and drove back to the beautiful TierraMitica retreat. The next 12 days was very hard to put into words... We were sorounded by the most loving and accepting people I have ever met and you need that support for what you were about to go through... It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, to face yourself, honestly & openly in front of people, & in my/our case in front of your partner, but also the most rewarding..... Miki's and the gang devote all there love and energy to every person who comes to the Mythic Voyage, it's really amazing. Bottom line, I can't put it into word what you will experience personally at TierraMitica. All I know is no matter what you won't be disappointed! I highly recommend this experience for anyone who is ready for serious change in there life, for people Who want to be truly happy inside and don't know how or why they can achieve it!

  • Jessica West   April 15, 2015

      Tierra Mitica Mythic Voyage

    I have just completed the Dec Mythic Voyage and am feeling amazing. It was one of the best retreats I have done and am really happy with what has come out of it. I have always been lost for direction but now know where I want to head and have confidence in the fact I can get there, it has also helped me feel a deeper connection with my family which is something I will always appreciate. The location is amazing! It is a beautiful spot surrounded by amazon. The accommodation is really nice, comfy rooms, beds, hot showers and amazing food. The staff were all really beautiful people and they looked after us really well and supported us on our journey whenever they could. I was hesitant about trying Ayahuasca for the first time but here they created a safe nurturing place and I always felt well looked after. On my last ceremony I had a fairly rough night with everything that was coming up. Mickis laid with me most of the ceremony making sure I was ok and pulling me through the ceremony with amazing outcomes, for this I will always be appreciative. If you are wanting to change your life, experience ayahuasca and still enjoy the comforts of the western world, this is the place for you. The love is abundant and the work is hard, but good.

  • mark wilson   November 27, 2014

      For people who want to be genuinely happy

    well it is hard to sum up what Tierra Mitica is all about without writing an entire book although i will do my best to cover the important things. essentially i went because while i had the perfect picture, a wife, a beautiful 4 year old daughter, 2 nice cars, 2 successful restaurants, regular overseas holidays and so on, i knew that i was not waking up a happy man each day. there was something missing inside..... i had heard plenty about ayahuasca and had done quite a bit of research, i was expecting it to miraculously change my life. looking for a quick fix. this was not taken lightly, i had struggled with happiness and fulfilment for a long time! so i arrived at the jungle retreat (no mosquitoes!!) and was adequately impressed by the pristine environment and natural surrounds. there is a waterfall to swim under which was very cool. especially after 30 hours of transit coming from Australia. the food was really tasty and designed to work with the ayahuasca ceremonies to reduce the purging reactions that can be quite intense. we were all bunked up together (11 other participants across 3 rooms) and 5 hosts slash shared our space. there were humming birds, incredibly rare butterflies, monkeys, apparently sloths too although i didn't personally see one. overall things were pretty cool. so i thought!? once we started the mythic voyage i was shocked. this was no regular ayahuasca retreat, this was an intense, confrontational, explorative workshop with a focus on finding all of the things that hold us back in life, good or bad. while i was not expecting tis process to be as intense (purely my own constructed expectation) i knew that something special was happening. i was confronted on so many levels by things i had never even imagined were issues within myself. i was shocked at the stuff inside me! once this all started coming out i was hooked, i could see that by exposing these issues there was hope to resolve them. i trusted (trusting Mikis the host is essential!!!) that there was no bad intentions by the exposure and knew that if i had the courage to see this through i would get the results i had come here for. each day was an emotional roller coaster. high, low, flat, drained, exhausted and everything in between. the intense feelings could really test you some days. thoughts of quitting were not uncommon in the group. thankfully the support team of Tierra Mitica staff were great, especially Ferd, he is an absolute legend! he has a long history with spiritual practice and had some profound insights that kept me focussed. at the end of the day i was not there for a haircut, i wanted results and i had travelled across the world at reasonable expense and in need of life change. THANKS Ferd for all of your support, you are an incredible human being. so i kept my focus and commitment to not quitting. over the 1- days some did quit and i can completely understand that people could not trust the process when being challenged and tested about things that they were not ready to deal with. it is essential that you want to make change even if it is areas that you were not aware had held you back. Mikes finds things in you that are not easily discoverable. there is a whole book required to explain the shit he does. trust him or don'y it is up to you but i will sure as hell testify that his techniques (although confronting) are miraculous. the blending of psychology, spirituality, sharmans, shipibo, ayahuasca, logic and genuine trust & happiness are a powerful set of tools to make significant and long lasting changes in people. there is no point going into detail as i could not explain the processes but people that had long suffered depression and split personality disorders were getting results that were not making sense!? how was this guy seemingly curing incurable afflictions in people that had long suffered these issues. the group was made up of a diverse group of people that included psychologists, doctors, business people, drug addicts and so on. watching Mikis work on each one with his techniques was truly amazing (don't forget confrontational). my life has changed for ever. my belief system is now under my control and i decide on all things in my life. emotions, happiness, direction, hope and success are now 100% in my hands. i control my destiny and i can choose what ever the bloody hell i want to have in life. my wife cannot believe the change and my daughter is responding so well to the change in me. my friends didn't even know i had these feelings but now i am back they are a little rattled as to how i have changed so much. it is truly unbelievable. no matter how much i write, until you go there it will just be a story. go there and see for yourself. whatever reason you think stops you tell it to f..k off and do it. money, time off work, time away from family, what ever the bloody hell it is do not let it prevent you from obtaining true and lasting happiness. you deserve it!! everyone deserves it!!! GO GO GO! lastly i just want to say that it is easy for people to write tis work off. those who lack the commitment to look at themselves honestly and trust that change is achievable obviously need to blame others for their failure. i am well aware from my experiences there and by the negative reviews i have seen online. there is one thing consistent with them all, they all failed to complete the work and did not trust the process. see it through, trust the process and do not let you fears scare you out of seeing what holds you back. do all of this and you are on the way to enlightenment. my personal email is landmark1@me.com if anyone would like to ask anything at all. an input i can have in helping people make positive changes would be my pleasure. good luck there and do yourself a favour, get on board a mythic voyage asap.

  • Nicole Shutko   October 20, 2014

      Unforgettable experience

    Definitely Tierra Mitica changed my life. And I was very skeptical. So glad I did. I want to go again. It was mystical and unforgettable!

  • Alice Carey   October 17, 2014

      Mythic Voyage at Tierra Mitica

    I highly recommend Tierra Mitica’s Mythic Voyage. I took the program in June 2014. I am a 71-year-old veteran of scores of personal growth workshops and trainings over some 35 years. I thought I’d experienced it all; but the combined therapies of ayahuasca, Mikis Hassen, and the fabulous staff of volunteers that supported us voyagers through the intense 10-day process totally blew my mind—and that was a good thing! Minds need to be blown to uncover the truth of feeling most of us are hiding from. Extra bonuses: a gorgeous jungle setting featuring a river with a waterfall and swimming hole; comfortable, art-filled accommodations consciously designed, constructed, and decorated; delicious, healthy food with homemade breads and everything so fresh; and a Shipibo market where the shamanas sell their amazing embroidered work, jewelry, and other handicrafts. Then there are the intangibles. The imagination, creativity, and love that has gone into the making of this retreat center (a work in progress) is truly inspiring and serves to sacredize the grounds and the activities it supports. One caveat: the Mythic Voyage is not for the faint of heart, nor for the casual seeker of psychedelic thrills. But for anyone committed to expanding beyond his or her comfort zone to a new level of truth and self-awareness, you can do no better than give yourself the gift of this voyage. It will rock your world.

  • Liesbeth   October 15, 2014

      The Mythic Voyage at Tierramitica changed my life

    Many retreats and people claim to be life changing, but TierraMitica also actually achieves this. I did a Mythic Voyage last year and everyone who was on it with me (13 people!) all agree. With the Mythic Voyage, I did not receive a patch on my wounds, I was helped to dive into them and truly see what is going on inside of me. I am forever grateful and am continuing to become more conscious every day, with the help of the tools I got. This is the real stuff. Thank you thank you thank you!

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