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(contact info blocked) & TheVine Center previously known as Ayahuasca-Healing have been created by Silvia Polivoy. She received her license in clinical psychology and had a private practice in Buenos Aires, Argentina for several years until she began to feel the need to make a transition from studying and healing the mind to exploring the worlds of Spirit. This took her away from the busy city streets to the more tranquil life in the jungle, moving to Brazil where in 2004 she co-founded the TheVine Center, a Transdenominational and Interfaith Spiritual Center located in the State of Bahia.

TheVine Center is open to people of the world regardless of their faith who are seeking to reconnect with Source/Universal Intelligence. Reconnecting or realigning with Source (or God) is the common goal of many ancient traditions and religions. The root of the word “religion” is usually traced to the Latin religare (“re” back, and “ligare” to bind, i.e. “to bind back”).

The nature of our nonprofit center is philosophical, religious, mystical, spiritual, educational, and cultural. All the retreats’ income serves to maintain the center’ grounds, create employment for the local community, and help preserve the jungle having replanted hundreds of native trees over the years to give but one example.

The retreats take place inside of 39 acres of lush preserved area. It is about 7 miles from Itacaré on the coast of Bahia. Our location is only minutes away from beautiful coastal beaches, which back onto the Mata Atlántica, the second largest rainforest in Brazil.

For our retreats we invite native and foreign speakers to do talks about their work or research and we also provide spiritual assistance including sacred tea rituals to allow the human being to align with universal creative energies in tune with their own belief system and/or philosophy. Silvia and the invited teachers bring ample knowledge of their particular fields, humor, and great reserves of intuitive kindness.

The experience of sacred tea ceremonies can be challenging for some, deeply religious for others, but profound all around. Please note that we have several programs to offer and the plant ceremonies are always optional and not required to partake in during any of our retreats. The plant ceremonies begin in the evening and go through the night. The group dynamic is very important and there will be facilitators to look after participants during the night. There will be plenty of time for group discussions and also time alone to reflect on the experiences elicited by the spirit vine tea for those that wish to partake in the plant ceremonies.

At the retreat center we grow our own ayahuasca vine and chacruna plants!

Throughout the week, we also engage in other activities including several workshops, a local jungle excursion with a native guide, and even whale watching, if the season allows.

During all our programs we follow a strict (though delicious) diet. It includes no alcohol, no salt an sugar, no meat and we don´t allow the use of any type drug. The meals served are prepared using only local and raw materials of the day including plenty of fresh vegetables, luscious fruit, salad, grains, and natural juice drinks. A note about sexual abstinence: this varies from culture to culture; some recommending as long as 30-40 days while others as little as one day or none at all like here in Brazil. For energetic purposes we recommend sexual abstinence during the retreat as well as 3 days before it begins and 3 days after the retreat concludes. As well, a drug free and no salt diet with no red meat, pork or heavy alcohol use for the same amount of time is optimal.

We fully expect you have questions about the retreats, programs and the facilities we offer. Please feel free to explore the site or watch our new promotional videos. And don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  • Philip Cokkinos   August 15, 2016

      Spiritual Revelations

    I participated, with 6 other people, in the 17-25 July 2016 Ayahuasca retreat. It was the first time I had an experience of that kind. And it was unforgettable. I am a doctor (cardiologist) but still had many unanswered questions regarding my spiritual dimension. This was beyond my everyday professional practice, which has been based on scientific, pragmatic reasoning. I did the trip alone, so as to take full responsibility for whatever happened to me. Many of the things I saw and learned are too personal to describe in detail here and not of general interest, but some revelations were astonishingly powerful: - I have a soul. I have seen it. He is my higher self and he is immortal, divine energy. - I have lived before, and have now been offered images of at least three previous incarnations. The information regarding one of those gradually unfolded over three long overnight sessions and the implications were overwhelming, often too profound to digest. - The laws of cause and effect are simple. You will reap what you sow. One must strive to be a better person and offer small kindnesses to those who cross one's path. - This present life is the important one, and must be worked upon. Give it purpose and meaning. Do not waste it. - I speak the truth. After all I am a doctor fast approaching the age of 50, an educated man who accepts objective fact and who will reject bullshit with panache and arrogance. I know the difference between sensory hallucinations, however attractive they may be, and witnessing spiritual certitudes. - I just want to go home. And I know where it is. For me, the first dose of Ayahuasaca brought on visual and auditory hallucinations, but it was the booster (about half the initial dose) which unfolded the spiritual knowledge I was seeking. The venue, in verdant hills and a lush tropical forest, is beautiful. The hospitality was flawless, the food delicious. I made some new friends during my stay in Bahia. I want to thank Silvia and Rohan for their professional and personal courtesy. I will remember and learn from this. Ultreya!!!

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Am opportunity to deepen my practice..thank you Lilliane

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We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.