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Treehouse Lodging. Female led ceremonies. Small group retreats. Flexible Pricing. 1500 Acres of Virgin Amazon Rainforest. Community Spirit. Volunteering.


We work with the principle of “Where Attention goes, Energy flows” – through a deeply intentional work in ceremony we introduce our guests to new tools of self-healing and transformation.

Your commitment and work during your retreat at Canto Luz will be a step in a life long process of working with your Higher Self.

We hold a gentle space for processing traumas and re-programming of psychic patterns that no longer serve. At Canto Luz we also provide space for shamanic plant dietas for the ones who are ready to embrace serious inner work and encounter plant allies.

Our goals are for long lasting changes in our guests’ lives and their accomplishments become the source of pride for Canto Luz.

Canto Luz Centre for Conservation and Cultural Preservation is a registered not for profit organization dedicated to working with local indigenous communities, supporting preservation of their cultures, healing modalities and environment.Our goal is to help to preserve the biggest tropical rainforest in the world by restoring the balance between the modern man and his surroundings, by reconnecting ourselves to our hearts through the traditional shamanic work of the Amazon.

Our home is located in the middle of primal rainforest full of animals and birds and we offer unique tree house living as a way to re-connect with nature. We offer flexible pricing on our Ayahuasca retreats, shamanic plant dietas and work exchange opportunities.

Canto Luz offers various options for accommodation and can host between 6 and 12 people at a time in our 3 double occupancy treehouses or the ground level 4-bedroom house. We are also available to host any guest retreats that might benefit from the rainforest setting. All our houses are completely misquito-proof and built with locally sourced lumber, often from salvaged wood and with focus on simplicity, sustainability and functionality.

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  • Pavel Bondarenko   June 02, 2017

      Where Attention goes, Energy flows

    The place is beautiful, I made a right choice by going there. The location is amazing, I'm very happy I met all those people who was there and I hope to meet them again. One of the advances of Canto Luz it is not very commercialized like many other places, there are no constant flow of people, groups are small, ceremonies are intimate. Many other good things were mentioned in previous comments and I agree with most of them. It past 4 months since my retreat and as I was told the actual experience will start after retreat, so I'm still working on all the knowledge that I got, It's not easy but I see a lot of changes inside of me, thus, in the outside world. I would like to understand some more things and I would love to visit Canto Luz again, now it feels like going back home! I hope I'll get a chance to visit it again.

  • Craven Rock   April 05, 2017

      A Place for Deep Healing

    It's been eight months since I went to Canto Luz, desperately, in search of an answer to the depression and PTSD that had a grip on my life for as long as I can remember. I picked the perfect place. First of all, it's deep in the jungle, it took us a three hour boat ride up two rivers to get us there. We were deep in the jungle where I saw an anteater, toucans and so many exotic butterflies. Monkeys screeched everywhere (never saw one *sigh*). Canto Luz is really small. They only take six or eight guests and some volunteers so at other places you might be in a maloka with 30 or so people, but here it's a relaxed space based on healing. Also, they screen guests asking them questions as to their intention, so most people you meet will be there to better themselves and not to check something off their bucket list. The staff here were so intuitive and helpful to your needs as you worked with the medicine. They are experts. Juan was one of the kindest, happiest and most empathetic people I've met really helping me work through some of my darkness as I worked to heal with the medicine. The shaman they had for my treat wasn't their regular one (she was visiting a family member in the hospital), but he was a deeply magical person, the songs, his icaros triggering the energy that was necessary for healing. It was a wonderful place. I'm a sexual abuse survivor who has suffered from severe depression, PTSD and anxiety. I desperately wanted some relief. I feel like I left Canto Luz a changed person. I wanted to beat depression and I feel like I did. I've still got a lot of work to do. I still have anxiety. I still have PTSD. But the horrible depression, the crippling suicidal anguish and sadness. It's just gone. And it's nine months later. This is a great place to heal. A wonderful place to better yourself as a person. I've slacked on putting this review up and now I'm glad I did because now I can attest that the work that I did there got me has had long-term effect. Love you Canto Luz

  • Stephanie Kate   March 16, 2017

      Awakening - 2 week Shamanic Dieta and Ceremony

    I just want to say in deep gratitude that my experience at Canto Luz was so powerful, deeply profound, and more than I could have asked for. Thank you for providing a safe and deeply conscious space in which I could do the work and healing I needed to do with so much love and support. Reyna is absolutely one of the most powerful women I have met- her Ikaros held so much love, healing and power. She is such a sweet, warm, caring, and nurturing person, and very clearly is connected to source. Mariya holds a powerful space, and has much to offer in the way of guidance, healing, experience, consciousness. Her Ikaros are also beautiful strong and the combination of this female energy makes the space sacred and the ceremonies strong, yet nurturing and empowering. All of the volunteers and those who work there are kind, funny, and so supportive. I feel that I walk away having gained a community. The tree houses were incredible, and the flower baths absolutely divine! La Medicina, Mother Aya was powerful and strong, yet gentle and true. She showed me and told me what I needed to know. Again I felt so deeply supported in the deep healing work I needed to do in my Dieta and Ceremonies. I felt so much love from the rain forest, from the people around me, and these two incredible women. I am forever changed and grateful! And cannot wait to come back. If you are feeling called on this journey- Go to Canto Luz! <3

  • Nathalie Percillier   May 27, 2016

      Excellent place

    I came to Canto Luz because I wanted to experience female shamans. I have had several great Ayahuasca experiences before, all leaded by men, and even if it doesn't matter, it does to me. Plus I was interested by the environmental aspect of the project in preserving the rain forest. My stay was worth every dollar I paid. The Ayahusca was very powerful. It is cooked for days and I was allowed to participate a little. I couldn't experience Reyna, but Mariya, Juan and Nora (from Pucallpa) gave us strong guidance and opened spaces I had never experienced before. I did one week of dieta in a very safe and strong place. I highly recommend Canto Luz, not least for its beautifull treehouses, the excellent food and the friendly and joyful atmosphere. Ayahuasca is honored in Canto Luz - an excellent place to experience this sacred plant.

  • Jean-Michel Placais   February 16, 2016

      Traditional benevolant transformative ceremonies

    I have been profoundly transformed by the authentic ceremonies happening in Canto Luz through learning a new way of feeling life inside of me that got me rid of old addictive patterns of thoughts and habits. The ceremonies are nurtured by the gorgeous singing of the two female shaman. This is not for recreational purposes, they are initatic traditional ceremonies. You have to mean it, be willing to change and adapt to who you really are, because you're alienated from from your true self. That's what I realized and it gave me the will and the strength in my daily life to integrate habits of health and truth and love. Although I didn't tell my family about this retreat, they noticed something changed in me, for the better. No more judging, no more pushing away. I am so grateful to have had the chance to meet the benevolent light of this center, it triggered the transformation I had always been looking for.

  • Kyle   January 25, 2016

      Retreat of Choice

    My partner and I did a 7 day retreat at Canto Luz in January 2015. Overall we couldn't have asked for more from the retreat. We felt very safe during the ceremonies and the facilitators (Reyna and Mariya) were very helpful in guiding everyone through the ceremony. We especially enjoyed sharing our intentions in an intimate group setting before the ceremony and then reflecting on our experiences the next morning with the group. I found if anyone ever had a strong bout of anxiety during the ceremony that one of the facilitators would sit with the person and help guide them through it. Everyone was very friendly. The food was delicious and the accommodation was great. After leaving Canto Luz, you'll immediately start making plans to return.

  • Memo   December 09, 2015

      The forest is singing

    Imagine that in the lungs of our planet there stands a kingdom of living, breathing, feeling beings we call plants, plantas maestras, who wish to teach those who will listen where there reigns a queen, Reyna, who channels the songs of the trees and broadcasts it through all the forest like some paradise bird delegate come from the heart of Gaia at night and her canto ascends toward the heavens in a tract of light destined for other such channels from other such kingdoms and where they meet is where the light defeats the darkness. The kingdom is called Canto Luz. In Summer 2015 I participated in a five-week work exchange program at Canto Luz, and I found this to be a tremendously rewarding experience overall. What I enjoyed about the work exchange program in particular was its marriage of teamwork with heart work. Elsewhere we might become accustomed to tuck away messily our problems into the dusty closets of our heart, but Canto Luz is a kind of open field, there is nowhere for you to hide. Teamwork, friendship, the forest - for anyone who stays at Canto Luz, all stands as a mirror to a process that is at once deeply introspective and widely social. The heart work we do in ceremony finds its body in our everyday relations. Intense might not be strong enough a word to describe a work environment in which team members are simultaneously maintaining the upkeep of a retreat lodge run with the highest standards and working cooperatively through team dynamics while each member is immersed in a weeks-long eco-therapeutic process of lightening their own subliminal baggage, taken all in an environment as oppressive, encroaching, and animate as the jungle. To commit as a volunteer to steward and represent Canto Luz is no small undertaking, but when taken in concert with a strong determination to work with love it becomes precisely the path to an open heart. No mud, no lotus. One outstanding quality of Canto Luz that deserves mention is the integrity of Mariya's and Reyna's work, and their upholding of tradition. The cultural context of ayahuasca has been shifting markedly over the last twenty years, and different people are working with medicine in different ways. Reyna, a mestizo curandera from Pucallpa, has accomplished over twenty years of plant-medicine work in a traditional native context on the banks of the Ucayali river. Reyna stands in the forest with the same mastery and dignity as any Western doctor, although she will tell you humbly that it is in fact the plants who are the doctors and teachers, that she simply seeks and hears their council. To diet on a plant, dieta, is in a sense to become the plant, attuning one's body to the frequency of the plant and receiving its signal on a wavelength normally missed. It is through decades of practicing this ancient tradition of dieta that Reyna has achieved such intimacy with these plantas maestras, plant teachers, and at night she sings to them and they sing through her. Whereas Reyna represents one of the few true curanderas who still work for love of the forest instead of for their own ego and greed, Mariya, apprentice to Reyna and mother of Canto Luz, embodies the new spirit of ayahuasca as foretold by the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor, bridging indigenous inroads from North and South America and gracing all with colors from her own spiritual heritage to the shamanism of Siberia. Mariya operates with exceedingly high standards when it comes to guest safety and satisfaction. The attention and care she gives to preparing her medicine, for example, is impeccable, requiring all who come in contact with its preparation to maintain a peaceful and loving state of mind even when handling the wood that will be used to cook the medicine or when approaching the perimeter of the medicine kitchen because, she reminds us, where attention goes energy flows. When Mariya does something she does it with her whole heart, and I trust her implicitly. She sees more with her eyes closed than most will ever dream, but whenever you feel lost in your shadow they will open for you from the outerdark to guide you back home. All of this amounts to a truly dynamic healing environment unlike anything I've encountered before, but needless to say, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Plus: treehouses. Can we all just take a moment to imagine what it might be like to spend a week in the cacophonous canopy of virgin Amazonian rainforest? Can you hear the birds? The monkey laughing? The overhead rain, or is it leaves falling? Can you hear the ants? The trees? Just listen, just listen. This has been an account of how the forest revealed itself to me, but that's not going to happen to you. Instead there in the forest lay waiting with redwood patience a message for you alone, and its unraveling may feel unlike a learning but a recalling of what was eons ago inscribed in your heart. I can imagine no safer container for one to discover the light and shadow of this forest and the healing tradition it bore and to receive this medicine, ayahuasca, nature's greatest gift, than Canto Luz. May you know its song.

  • Ioann Arnaoutov   December 02, 2015

      Good stuff

    The bottom line is that this is about as good as an Ayahuasca centre can get both in terms of placement and quality of stay, but also in terms of the quality of the ceremonies themselves. You can tell right away that there was a lot of love involved in building and sustaining this project, and that love is definitely reflected in the work that is put in by everyone involved. I speak as someone who had a fantastic time volunteering there for over a month, and I would have probably stayed longer if I could. It's a safe haven for self-transformation if you are called to do this and you are willing to put in the work. Ayahuasca is a great gift and what's an even greater gift is having people around that know how to use it that you can trust. I am deeply grateful for this experience. Ioann

  • Ilya K Spekhov   November 10, 2015

      If it calls you. Go.

    The jungle and the spirit of ayahuasca called me. Everything lined up perfectly for me to come to Canto Luz. Jungle is magical, people at Canto Luz are kind, food is awesome, tree houses are great. After the retreat, I advise you to go to your favourite place away from home.

  • Kathy Herrera   November 06, 2015

      An authentic growth experience in a capable and caring environment

    I have been to Canto Luz twice - in October 2013 for two weeks and in July 2015 for one month as a volunteer - and will be returning this coming January 2016. There are so many places to choose from and I deliberated for quite some time before going with my gut (and the many positive things I'd heard). The folks running this place are the real deal and are clearly devoted to creating an authentic, quality experience for their guests. What sets them apart is their passion for living and sharing a connected lifestyle. It's about more than just offering a safe and traditional ayahuasca experience for tourists; this is clearly their commitment to being the change they wish to see in our global community. The food there is incredible, never have I had such delicious vegetarian food in my life. The treehouses are comfortable and clean with good beds and proper mosquito netting. Nothing will adequately prepare you for the first moment you have in your cabin in the canopy, it is beyond description to be in that space. The attention to detail that goes into the day to day activities (flower baths!), the food and accommodation, as well as the ceremonies are proof of their genuine commitment to quality. I am incredibly lucky to have been in their midst and continue to be inspired by the experiences I have had there and the people I've met along the way.

  • Anny P   November 06, 2015

      Enjoy, explore and help!

    I always said: "I would never travel twice to a place in the world." But now there is one exception: Canto Luz with Reyna! I visited Canto Luz with my partner in May 2014 and now, over one year later, I think the same as I thought then: That was a unique lifetime experience, what ripples into the rest of my life, as Mariya would say. :)  At this stage of my life, I would say, it was THE lifetime experience. I still feel deeply honored, that I could stay at this place and met this wonderful people. I could carry on to praise Canto Luz, but here are the facts: Why choosing Canto Luz? 1. Reyna is an experienced shaman with a big heart. You will love her!  2. Mariya is a wonderful bridge between Reyna and the "Western World". She is one a the persons, who makes this retreat complete. 3. The Tabacco- and Ayahuasca Sessions are unique. I never have been to other Ayahuasca-retreats before, but I heard during my travels in South America, that some shamans are leaving you alone after you drunk the medicine. In Canto Luz Reyna and at least one Service Person are with you and sing for you - the whole night! I felt safe and secure. The groups are very small. At the beginning we were five people, then four. You can choose a Dieta, what I strongly recommend. It is a wonderful way to reset. 4. Juan is the organiser in the background. He has visions, connects the villages of the rainforest to improve the use/ agriculture of the land and the most important thing: he saves the rainforest by owning that wonderful piece of land... and as he said in May 2014, he wants to continue buying. Do you want to contribute something for this world? Go to Canto Luz! Your money is well spent on your health AND the world!

  • Arianna Behan   November 06, 2015

      do it already!

    I'm so happy I decided to follow through on this plan. If you're thinking about it, go and do it. Don't wait! all the investments you make are worth it without a doubt. The rainforest. It is an experience that is hard to describe in words. It is beautiful, and eerie at the same time. a strange primordial paradise. Being in the forest strips you bare of all of your familiar crutches, and allows the process of unravelling to begin. Reyna and Maria hold the space in, and out of ceremony and provide a very supportive setting to inevitable challenges that you will face. They are both very wise and very powerful women. Their icaros are indeed, hauntingly beautiful. I enjoyed Reyna's traditional icaros and Mariya's "modern" ones equally, I enjoyed the balance and the contrast they created. Apart from the setting, the people is what made my stay at Canto Luz memorable. Not one person at Canto Luz is ordinary in any way. All incredible in many capacities, interesting to talk to, learn from, be around, share space with. This goes for the staff as well as the guests that I met there. The gathering of all of these individuals adds to the power of the ceremonies. I stayed for 2 weeks, and so was there long enough to complete the 7 day dieta in between the ceremonies. I was not quite sure what my intention for it was before or after, and I almost regretted doing it ( because it is very challenging, esp the first time) but looking back I am absolutely grateful that I did. At first I thought I only wanted to travel to Peru to experience Ayahuasca, so why would I partake in dieta? It seemed extraneous to the process. But I saw and felt the effect it had on me and therefore its value. I perhaps did not even fully understand the healing effect it had, but afterwards feel like layers had been sloughed off of me, leaving me clean and pure, on all emotional/physical/spiritual planes. Mariya will also tell you the ceremonies after dieta are more clear and more direct, and I can also attest to that! some things people might be wondering about- the medicine- very powerful. not "weak" at all the facilities- A+++ for the treehouses. childhood dream come true. the food- delicious super nutritious, made artfully and with love the dieta- a very good idea if youre up for a challenge All in all, I left feeling totally renewed. I am so grateful fate brought me to Canto Luz. I can't wait to return!

  • Aniko Miles   November 05, 2015

      The best Retreat in Peru

    After a lot of research and contemplation and syncronistic events( Ayahuasca plant spirit called on me) i have decided in 2014 that i will have to go on a ceremony. Due to constantly repeating patterns in my private life that could all be drawn back all the way to my childhood. To the "i don't want to see" events of my life. I finally was ready to see. I had no idea what exactly those things were but i was ready to be courageous and brave to face them. As i found out intuitively i was already on a pre-ayahuasca diet,subconsciously getting my body ready in the whole year.(no sugar, alcohol,cigarettes,very clean diet.) I researched all the retreats available, and i found one in northern Peru. In the meantime i was asking my spirit guides to help me to make the best decision, to guide me toward the best place for me. The owner of the retreat emailed me that he cannot accommodate me,but there's Canto Luz. So it was meant to be. I loved the fact that its a female owned and operated environment,because i had to deal with a lot of male energy issues. And i frankly had enough of men...:-) A friend of mine wanted to join me on this adventure, i was more than happy that i didn't have to go alone, i was afraid. Our backpack got lost on the way with the airline and all we had is our hand luggage. I also lost my phone on the way into the jungle. So there i was, stripped of all western comfort and safety blanketing, just plain me commando going into the forest.This was a lesson of letting go. (Later on my way to Lima we received our backpacks.) The Canto Luz staff was very very helpful, whatever i needed they had, it was a sharing place, and i was surprised by all the good heartedness over there. We arrived and we got into our tree house,the first night was quite frightening with all the jungle noises, by the end of the stay it was our Home! The food they served was prepared with Love and it was very delicious,very clean and healthy. In the 3 ayahuasca ceremony i learned how to let go, and they were all life altering, deeply transforming experiences. Before the second ceremony i also did a Tobacco purge which cleared further all my male issues, and traumas, and gave me also a vision of how people disrespect the Tobacco plant spirit (the most sacred plant in the Amazon) by smoking cigarettes and polluting Earth with throwing away the cigarette butts. People are unaware of this. During the Tobacco cleanse i connected through my whole body,and from above to a very bright white light, and it was amazingly beautiful. It was so beautiful that my tears were just flowing endlessly. That night on the Ayahuasca ceremony i had the clearest experience and Oneness with Mother Earth and this Universe. I connected easily, and all the drumming which Mariya did raised my vibration very high in my body. Mariya and Reyna were also singing so beautifully. Mother Reyna was very calming and even though it was dark at the end of the ceremony when she went around I've seen her spirit as she was representing Ayahuasca. Like a strong, calm grandmother. All in all this jungle retreat is not a simple vacation, not for the faint hearted, but its like arriving Home. This truly will help you face your shadow self and all traumas, even past life, with their gentle help they are always there. I've had a mini crisis point during one of the Aya ceremonies, and called out for Mariya and she came over. She was great help,her hands emitted a white light as she touched my back,it went through my whole heart helping me to stay focused and calm. She was helping me and staying there with me until i felt better. I strongly recommend this place if you are interested. With the help of Canto Luz, my whole life changed. Integration so far hasn't been easy but I can see things and people and patterns and recognize them for what they are. I am now working toward "cleaning house",letting go of all the past and achieving my dreams finally. As an abuse survivor i learned to forgive, and to love myself again. Whenever i will have the opportunity i will return to Home in the Amazon again. The best decision for a journey in my whole life. Go for it!

  • Kayla Barber   November 05, 2015

      Amazing authentic experience

    October 2015 my partner and I decided to partake in the one week ayahausca retreat. We spent weeks researching all the different retreats. We were looking for somewhere in the southern region as that is where we would be spending most of our time. We were immediately drawn to canto luz because it was female run and had extremely good reviews. Mariya was quick to respond to our emails informative and helpful with any questions or concerns. I couldn't be more pleased with the choice of Canto Luz. We were briefed the night before by her team in Puerto maldanado with any last minute questions, they were friendly and informative. The next day we met them and hopped on the boat to the retreat about two hours down the river than another hour trek into the beautiful jungle. Mariya is super passionate about the rainforest and the efforts they have taken to conserve their land really surprised me. We arrive to the stunning site with treehouses, an outdoor kitchen and living quarters for the staff. It was breathtakingly beautiful and the structures were really built to not disturb the forest. We met rayna a lovely female shaman with over 20 years experience I felt at home. The medicine is cooked onsite available for anyone to watch it cook magically under wood fires. The medicine was strong, pure, and worked beautifully with all the other clients. The center is small and intimate and I enjoyed that the most. I had such an eye opening experience and will be returning soon. Mariya and Reyna work well together the icaros (ceremonial songs) and ceremonies are beautiful and I never felt alone once with the support of the two. Their is lots of time to reflect and be with yourself and thoughts, I appreciated this part of the retreat. We did three ceremonies, each unique and powerful. After each ceremony we met in the morning to talk in a group together this was nice because I really felt SAFE. My safety was my number one priority and not once did u ever feel unsafe during the whole week. The food was amazing, home Cooked, fresh and nutritional, vegetarian and tasty! I would highly recommend Canto Luz to family, friends, and strangers. I am forever grateful for my experience here and hope that you make the right choice with Canto Luz as well. Cheers! Kayla

  • Samantha Kohan   October 27, 2015

      Authentic Jungle Experience

    My boyfriend and I traveled to Canto Luz in July of 2015 for an Ayahuasca retreat. The shaman lead beautiful, authentic ceremonies. All of our meals were yummy and diet friendly. We stayed in beautiful tree houses. We were able to completely disconnect from day to day life and go deep into our spiritual work. I highly recommend Canto Luz. You will not be disappointed!

  • Paul Reno   December 02, 2014

      An incredible experience - Everyone soul should have this experience at least once

    My fiancé and I weren't sure what retreat center was going to be best for us. I had heard horror stories from different people and was reluctant to book a retreat that was going to be unsafe for us to travel to. Canto Luz was exactly what we were looking for. Mariya and Reyna were kind hearted, caring individuals, who had the best interest of our health and mental well being in mind. The entire time we spent on our retreat we felt safe, secure, and cared for. They were authentic shamanic practitioners in every way shape and form. The food was great, the tree houses were awesome, and the ceremonies were something we'll remember for the rest of our lives. There is no other organization in Peru or abroad I would rather have the opportunity to do future ceremonies with, we are already looking to book our next retreat here sometime next year. The whole experience was life changing. If you're going to take this huge step into the unknown realms, I highly recommend you do it with Canto Luz. -Paul Reno

  •   The shaman is an incredible woman and the experience is very authentic and sincere - by Lee Kaiser

    I did a two week retreat at Canto Luz a month ago and it was beyond anything I could have imagined. The shaman is an incredible woman and the experience is very authentic and sincere. It is very safe and comfortable for a jungle retreat, and the people are wonderful. If you are near Puerto Maldonado and looking for an ayahuasca healing experience with sanctity, definitely check them out and send them an email.


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