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Ayahuasca Retreats in the Sacrey Valley in Cusco, Peru.

You can experience a deep exploration of your inner world. You can recconnet with your inner wisdom, with the power of your own body to heal to itself, and with your spiritual dimension.

We are an Ayahuasca Retreat Center with more than 10 years of experience organizing Ayahuasca Retreats. Our technique to use ayahuasca has evolved through the years. We have developed an Ayahuasca Therapy integrating Traditional use of ayahuasca and Psychospiritual Therapy.

If you feel you need to heal your soul, to find sense to your life, to discover your own spiritual potential, and to know more about your inner world; so, to participate in an ayahuasca retreat might be a possibility for you for self-knowledge and self-healing.

In Sapan Inka Retreat Center you are able to meet professional assistance, spiritual guide, ethical standards and committed and passioned work.

If you are interested to participate in a retreat and to know more about the Ayahuasca Therapy, you can contact to Sapan Inka Retreat Center.

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  • John Ward   April 20, 2019

      Highly recommended

    To travel half way around the world and take part in sacred ceremonies can be daunting to say the least. Erik & Nilda dissolved any feeling of such from the moment my son and I got off the bus and accepted their welcoming smiles with heartfelt hand shakes. I will never forget these beautiful experiences of being a participant in such vital activities. The care and love and complete restful approach that Erik & Nilda gift is immeasurable and could never be counted in dollars. Theirs is the ancient gift and art of sharing the beauty of realisation that one is in the process and presence of epic proportions. Mother Ayashauca is very caring and kind if one allows her to encourage you to trust in her way. I felt and still feel her movement in a way that words fall short to convey. Thank you Erik for your gift, thank you Nilda for yours also. I will finish this review now with words of a sensing that awoke me before dawn just now to attempt to describe what is now flowing through and of me: She same in from a directionless moment full of purpose and vitality carrying a vibrant knowing. Hers is the truthful way that only dreaming brings. A soft breath caresses the dawn of seeing as ones realises what beyond words means ............................ this is the stirring place of creativity Awareness is so much more than ever could be described, it can only move in such a way that its very moment gives rise to a recognition that language in most cases has no words. The Art of pure awareness is knowing reflective patterns that mirror pure organic warmth of vibrant pulsating energy. Resting nowhere but only where truth resides, she gifts you much while allowing you so much more. Her expression is your movement, her voice is your heartbeat. Wild within many moments, she approaches to where she already stays. To recognise this simple truth is to express it freely and completely. To hold this forever is to be truthful to the flexibility that is the gift of Life itself.

  • Brian McMeekin   April 28, 2017

      Sapan Inka Retreat Centre - Erik & Nilda

    Wow, can't really put into words how grateful I am to have come across Erik & Nilda and their Sapan Inka Retreat. Erik & Nilda are the most caring, loving and supportive couple I have honestly ever met and they both have a great understanding of healing and reintegration practices. The entire 6 day retreat was flawlessly organized. Me and my cousin did the 6 day retreat, with two ayahuasca ceremonies and one San Pedro ceremony - because of Erik & Nilda's extensive knowledge with these healing plants, all participants had a positive healing experience that can't quite be put into words. Also, on the last day of the retreat, Erik & Nilda organized the entire day of visiting Machu Picchu and even paid for lunch. The cost of the trip pays for itself and I can honestly say I would pay 5 times the amount they charged to experience what I did. For me personally, I credit Erik & Nilda's knowledge of the sacred medicines for the reason why the experience was so positive and uplifting . The location of the retreat house is really awesome, it's in a really quiet area in the sacred valley of Peru, with a clean river flowing from the top of the mountain and the house is basically in a bowl of beautiful mountains. I will remember and cherish this experience for the rest of my life and recommend Sapan Inka to all who seek and need powerful internal healing. Kindest Regards! -Brian M.

  • Julieta Fort Villa   December 14, 2016

      Testimonio de Experiencias de Trabajo con Plantas Maestras con el Proyecto Sapan Inka

    La primer experiencia con la planta de Ayahuasca fue la puerta que se abrió y dio comienzo a una nueva forma de reconocer la existencia. Desde un principio la planta se presentó buena y generosa y me permitió establecer una relación inicial con el camino del conocimiento. Ese conocimiento ancestral, primario y universal. Dos experiencias más vinieron con el transcurso del tiempo, cada una con significados temporales, limpieza de esos momentos y visiones mágicas, siempre históricas, anteriores, relacionando un pasado de todos con mi realidad actual y en mi contexto. Todas estas enseñanzas hicieron que el trabajo de la planta se haga presente en mi vida en todo momento, guiando mis meditaciones, mis dudas, acierto y errores. Gracias a la estadía en el taller (a través de las reintegraciones de Erik y el amor y comprensión de Nilda) la planta trabajó por partes: presente, pasado y futuro, siempre en relación con la existencia de la humanidad toda y el proceso del amor único. El que existe desde el comienzo de la historia de las sociedades y disipa las diferencias sustanciales de cada una de las personas que habitamos este mundo y el más allá. El encuentro con el San Pedro, gran Padre Consejero, concretizó y estableció el vínculo más directo entre la Naturaleza Toda con mi ser en sociedad, ya que enseña de la calma, la pausa, la paciencia y la tolerancia. Sobre todo las plantas maestras enseñan que el camino del conocimiento, guiado hacia la felicidad es largo, difícil, estrecho y hacia arriba, como sendero de montaña. Pero que esta felicidad individual se inmortaliza y nos trasciende cuando se comparte y proyecta al bien colectivo.

  • Mark Needham   June 22, 2016

      The most important thing I have done with my life.

    You hear about 'enlightenment' and 'sages' like fairy tales all your life. You see itin movies and read about it in fictional stories. You may have even reserved a small space in your heart believing in there reality. I was one of those people all my life; wanting and hoping for there to be some magical side of this existence that if one were so brave, and inclined and focused, that they could live in. When I got to Sapan Inka that changed. After experiencing those five days with Erik and Nilda, I believed whole-heartedly in magic. once again, as I had when I was a child. The amount of emotional and mental work that was done is difficult to explain. When they say ten years of psychotherapy in one night, it is not an exaggeration. Besides the work I did I also played. I played like I hadn't played since I was a child. I was free, really free. I saw the truth of this life and how to be happy in it. I was spoken to by the earth and the sun. They were kind and forgiving. I loved myself. I forgave myself. I laughed like I meant it. I played in the rivers. I walked in circles for hours with tears of joy rolling down my face. The other visitors and I talked about love, about the current state of the world, about how to improve the quality of life by improving the quality of our own characters. I was in the presence of true sages, two beautiful, wise, humble, compassionate, funny people whose primary focus is the personal growth of those who seek a better way. I still get emotional thinking about them, and how much I miss it. I am homesick for that wonderful retreat and the beautiful, towns, cities and country that surround it. I will never be the same and I will surely be back. So I can be free once again.

  • Jeff Brott Rog   June 15, 2016

      Amazing people!

    My girlfriend and I recently visited Erik and Nilda for the first time. This was also our first ayahuasca experience. The surroundings where they live and do the ceremonies are absolutely perfect. Their retreat house is very comfortable and tranquil. The food they prepare follows a strict diet but it is prepared in such a loving way and it tastes excellent also! From the very beginning it is obvious that both Erik and Nilda really care about each and every individual who come to them. The preparation for the ceremonies and the subsequent preparation for post ceremony life is extremely thorough and thought out with care. It is also very personalized. Without going into detail about our personal experiences, we can tell you that the actual ceremonies are amazingly well thought out and professional. Both Erik and Nilda are master healers and they truly know how to give you the most of the experience. Another important aspect is that they only accept four people at a time in the ceremonies which allows them to really focus on each individual. If anyone needs any more advice or has any questions feel free to email me. jeffreycorno@gmail.com

  • Helia Baptista   June 15, 2016

      Transforming stone into Gold!

    After 9 years of experience with the Medicine in groups I decided to search for something more personalised where I could work on myself in a more deeper way...and I found Sapan Inka. I was very curious with their approach..groups of 4 people and a psychological integration of the experience. It was more that I could ever expected... In a time where even the Sacred Medicines are turned into profit and business, Erik and Nilda are a breath of fresh air! Extremely professional, mature,caring and thoughtful they facilitate a healing process in a beautiful environment. They respect themselves, they respect us and they respect the Medicine. I can't emphasise more what a privilege it was for me to meet them and what an honour to be able to discuss deeper everything related with the experience in a psychological way. Always respectful, humble and compassionate they just simply emanate LOVE and are true HEALERS! I wish that everyone who is willing to experience the Medicine could have the support and guidance of Erik and Nilda! I got from the retreat everything that I was looking for and much more and will be coming back very soon!!! With Erik and Nilda's support I changed stone into Gold! Thank you from my heart! ????

  • Russ R.   June 14, 2016

      The BEST!

    There were many synchronicities that led me to Erik and Nilda at the Sapan Inka Retreat Center. When the student is ready, the teacher appears, and so it was with me and my experiences with plant medicine. Everything that I needed for my experience to be positive was provided. The unbelievable love and commitment that this couple shares is truly a ministry to those who are searching for the truth. It has been 4 years since my trip and I am still benefiting from the experience. I highly recommend going to Sapan Inka Retreat Center. Regardless of where you choose to go to work with plant medicines, the absolute most important aspect of the experience is the shaman/shamans that you will have guiding your experience. This is not recreational, but a true glimpse into the Spirit world. All of our sessions were extremely small, with only 4 participants and 2-3 shamans. This personalized experience offered a deep level of comfort for those of us on our first journey. The aftercare sessions the following day also were important as we integrated the experience into our daily lives. I recommend praying/meditating about where and with who you choose to journey with........if you are led to Sapan Inka Retreat Center, know that you will be cared for with love and understanding. Erik and Nilda are true healers and your life will be forever richer from the experience.

  • Talia Postigo Takahashi   June 13, 2016

      Beautiful healing experience

    I visited Erick and Nilda 4 years ago for 2 days in a private ceremony. For me it felt like going to my big brother's home. Erick took the time to talk before and after the experience and helped me understand many of the things I saw and felt... the lessons are still being understood many years after the experience. Take the time to prepare and enjoy this beautiful healing experience and to absorb all the knowledge that is revealed to you. The best guides for this trip are definetely Erick and Nilda.

  • Shannon   June 12, 2016

      Powerful healing experience - highly recommend Erik & Nilda

    Erik and Nilda are very powerful, compassionate healers who work with integrity. I highly recommend this retreat. People have different reasons for trying ayahuasca. I personally was interested in healing and processing trauma. Erik and Nilda have a strong understanding of psychology and use ayahuasca to promote healing, so the retreat was a perfect match. I can confidently say that my life is much better after my time at Sapan Inka Project.They conduct the ceremony with a high level of expertise, professionalism,and integrity.The sessions with Erik were very helpful in allowing me to talk about what I experienced in the ceremonies and to gain a greater understanding. Their retreat house is in a beautiful setting, the home cooked vegetarian food is fantastic, and I felt safe and cared for the whole time. If you are looking for a powerful supplement to traditional psychotherapy or are just interested in experiencing ayahuasca, you can't go wrong with Sapan Inka Project.

  • Jude S   June 11, 2016

      I've sat with many different groups, I can whole heartedly recommend Sapan Inka as among the best!

    I did my very first ayahuasca ceremonies with Sapan Inka over 6 years ago. Since then I have done over 80 more ceremonies with about a dozen different groups in several traditions in 4 different countries. I'm only saying all this to illustrate my variety of experience and my scope of comparison. I can honestly say that I have never felt any other shaman or facilitator care for me as genuinely as Erik and Nilda did. They are among the most genuinely loving and caring people I've ever met. They cared much more about my experience than they cared about my money. In fact, they even told me that if I didn't feel the time was right for me I could cancel and they would refund all my money. Also, after my first weekend retreat, I thought about maybe going again for another weekend retreat. I asked them if I should, and they said they would see, they would decide later when we did a San Pedro ceremony with them (which was also an amazing experience). During the San Pedro ceremony, they said that no, I did not need more ayahuasca at this time. I can tell you that this is extremely rare, 99% of other shamans would have happily taken my money and performed another ceremony for me. I have to say that years later I wondered about their decision that I didn't need any more ceremonies at that point. It's only in the last year or two that I've gained enough experience to understand that they were indeed right. That at that time in my life there was only so far that I was ready to go, and I got what I needed out of those first two ceremonies, more ayahuasca wouldn't have taken me any further at that point. This really speaks to their wisdom and their care. Most shamans regard ayahuasca with a mentality of "the more the better" or "you can't do too many ceremonies". The fact that Erik and Nilda cared enough to really contemplate what was best for me is quite impressive. Also their care in ceremony was phenomenal. They sing so beautifully and they are right there with you. I felt very safe in their care, especially as it was my first ceremony. My girlfriend at the time was also drinking for her first time and she was quite scared. They picked up on this and were very accommodating, offering her just a small amount and allowing her to have more if she wanted. All in all I could't have asked for a better first time experience. I have not been back to the Cusco area since then, but I think about Erik and Nilda often and am very excited to drink ayahuasca with them again. Out of the dozens of shamans that I've met over the last 6 years, Erik and Nilda are possibly the ones I trust the most. If you want to feel genuinely cared for, it doesn't get better than Sapan Inka. I've found that the two most important things to look for in a shaman are skill/experience and heart. Often a Shaman will score very high in one area but be lacking in the other. The fact that Erik and Nilda score so high in both areas is the reason I rank them among the best. I can only imagine that Erik and Nilda have gone even deeper in their personal journeys and have developed even more skill and wisdom in their work. I am truly excited to work with them again.

  • Alexandre Jodun   June 10, 2016

      Powerful life-changing experience, facilitated with utmost integrity, open-heartedness and intentionality. Strongly recommend!!!

    Erik & Nilda are the epitome of integrity, intentionality, open-heartedness & kindness. The medicine & retreat is powerful BECAUSE of them both. In March 2016, I attended a 6 day 2-Aya/1-San.P (Macchu Picchu) retreat with my wife Alyona. I am forever grateful for what that experience opened up for me in my life, incl. relationships, my purpose and connection with nature. To say it was transformational is an understatement. Erik & Nilda are super intentional in regards to EVERYTHING entailed in the retreat. No stone is left unturned - the food they cook is delicious and very healthy, the rooms are comfortable and the ceremonies are strongly held energetically, which allowed me to go very deep in all of my journeys. I highly valued this as 'Set & Setting' was important to me, so to actually experience this type of focus being incorporated among all facets in the 6-day retreat was a huge positive. They are also very caring, ensuring that you are fully supported emotionally, physically and spiritually throughout the entire retreat. The fact that they only facilitate small groups meant that we were never left feeling confused or unsupported - always able to reach out to them when needed. Psycho-spiritually, Erik was incredibly supportive, especially with the one-on-one integration sessions. I cannot stress how important this factor was in solidifying my transformative experience. Erik was able to guide me to greater clarity in the sessions, which allowed me to interpret the insights from the journeys clearly and to ultimately comprehend HOW to integrate these insights into my life. This is a key factor for me, and if you value integration - this is the retreat centre to visit in Peru. Also if you do not speak Spanish, Erik speaks clear and articulate English. I learned much from medicine journeys, but I cannot stress how much I learned from being in the presence of Erik & Nilda. We are all blessed to have the opportunity to evolve with the support of such individuals. If you would like to develop your psycho-spiritual maturity, to raise your consciousness, to heal on all levels - I could only hope that you get the opportunity to visit Sapan Inka. I have no doubt in my heart that you will be fully and immensely supported on your journey if this is the place that calls you.

  • Alyona Jodun   June 10, 2016

      A deeply profound and beautiful experience with Sapan Inka...

    How do you describe the indescribable? In my 28 years on this earth, I have never met anyone like Erik and Nilda - they are humble, generous and kind as human beings and skilled and knowledgeable in the art of ceremony facilitation. I have been on the medicine journey with ayahuasca and san pedro for 2 years and my experience with Sapan Inka was the most transformative on all levels due to the techniques that were used; and it was certainly the easiest to integrate in my day to day life because of the after-care and psychological support that is offered by Erik the day after each ceremony. Erik and Nilda both have a strength and a softness that allowed me to feel supported and held to go very deep into my personal healing and consciousness awakening with the medicine. The setting that you are surrounded by is magical, and nature nurtures you throughout your entire stay, the food that is prepared by Erik and Nilda is so delicious and you will feel so nourished by what they offer, and their retreat home is so comfortable and simple and you will feel that you are having an authentic experience. What is so important and also rare, is the focus that Sapan Inka puts on the integration process — they inform you of what is the most optimal diet afterwards, they give you tips, tools and practices specific to your spiritual development and they suggest what to avoid so that you can have the smoothest integration and transition into your usual daily life. If you are called to do deep work with the medicine, with facilitators who hold themselves with the utmost integrity and respect for themselves, the plant medicine and others, and within a small environment of only 6 people maximum, I can assure you that Sapan Inka will give you more than you can imagine. I am forever grateful!

  • César Téllez Allison   June 09, 2016

      Mi experiencia en el retiro de ayahuasca y san pedro en Sapan Inka

    Tuve la oportunidad de asistir a un retiro de cinco días en el centro Sapan Inka, ubicado en Cusco - Peru, y puedo decir que fue una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido con relación al uso de plantas enteógenas. Fueron dos sesiones de Ayahuasca y una de San Pedro, ésta última se realizó con una ceremonia de agradecimiento a la Pacha Mama (madre tierra). Las sesiones de ayahuasca fueron muy fuertes y profundas, me ayudaron a limpiar lo malo en mi, me hicieron entender muchas cosas y me cambiaron el enfoque de la vida dándome un rumbo positivo que era lo que estaba buscando. La sesión de San Pedro me ayudó a compenetrame con la naturaleza, a entender y respetar a la madre tierra y a todo ser sintiente que hay sobre ella. Todo esto con la permanente orientación y cuidados de Erick y Nilda, que hicieron de esta experiencia algo maravilloso. Las conversaciones con Erik -el chaman- fueron muy interesantes y productivas, me ayudó a interpreter mis visiones y eso es uno de los aspectos mas importantes que ofrece este centro. La alimentación es muy agradable, saludable, ayuda a desintoxicar el cuerpo y es apropiada para este tipo de experiencias, eso si, te hace bajar de peso pero ganas mucho con tu salud física y espiritual. Las habitaciones son cómodas y limpias, la casa de retiro es muy hermosa y los alrededores también. Las lecturas que me recomendó Erick son magníficas y te dan un mayor y mejor panorama sobre la vida en si. Recomiendo este retiro a todos aquellos que quieran sanar de cuerpo y espiritu, así como a los que quieran mejorar en su andar como ser humano en este mundo que nos ha tocado vivir.

  • Jessie Lang   June 09, 2016

      Life changing experience!

    Erik and Nilda changed my life during a 5-day ayahuasca retreat. They are able to comfortably guide you through what could be an uncomfortable experience and share spiritual and psychological information with you before and after the ceremonies. The house is nice and the vegetarian diet is delicious. The house is near a stream that you visit during the San Pedro ceremony. I highly recommend Sapan Inka if you are looking for an authentic ayahuasca experience.

  •   My friends and I went to Sapan Inka and couldn't be happier with the experience - by Gump

    Eric and his wife treated us so well. You get fed, you get a tour of Machu Pichu, two Ayahuasca Ceremonies and one San Perdro ceremony. (Mescaline) It was amazing, On the 2nd and 3rd night at the retreat you do Ayahuasca, I passed on the 2nd round because my first experience was overwhelming but in a good way. I didn't want to take a chance that the 2nd night wouldn't go as well. So mid week we went to Machu Picchu, and finally on the last full day we did San Pedro. You drink it, about a pint's worth at 9am and you are feeling the effects all day. We were taken to a beautiful water fall, and were told to just relax in nature, take it all in, reflect etc. Try not to talk too much! The effects lasted all day into the evening. We literally stayed at the waterfall till dark. If you have ever tried Ecstasy, you know the feeling of San Pedro. Very similar but different in ways. The whole experience changed my life....might sound cliche but it did. I was never a spiritual person, didn't believe in God. But now, it's different. I'm not saying I'm a true believer now, or religious, but the experience was so powerful that I am convinced there is another dimension or spirit world. And this is one way to tap into it.

  •   The most genuinely caring people I’ve met, and their integrity is unparalleled. by Jay Jay

    I did my first ceremony with them 5 years ago and have done ceremonies with 5 other people since. I can say that Erik and Nilda of Sapan Inka are the most genuinely caring people I’ve met, and their integrity is unparalleled. Like, if you decide to back out of the ceremony at the last minute, they will fully support your decision and refund all your money. They just want you to feel ready and comfortable. They are very attentive and ask you a lot of questions before to maje sure you are ready. They were amazing five years ago and I imagine they are even better now (can’t imagine them not being better with 5 more years experience). They were truly humble, and I’ve found that to be pretty rare for people in their position.

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