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About This Center

We teach people within local communities about ecological values, enabling them to interact with the environment so that ecosystems are protected and it offers the possibility that our people are involved in their own development, giving them simple and basic education to help them in the management of agriculture and animal care.

We establish a direct link between people who want a closer experience of life in the middle of our forest and thus assess the importance of caring for our environment.

We are committed to social change and the urgent awareness to educate the population of Loreto, which is turning a deaf ear to the global call to care for our resources and heritage of all.


To promote the care of the Biodiversity of our Peruvian Amazon, educating the public through awareness, instilling cultural values of respect for our environment and special care with our habits of life that often degrade our ecosystems.


Being an institution managing a cultural movement to establish training guidelines that can promote effective environmental education, to allow the formation of environmental awareness in the future means the hope of a more harmonious.

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  • Imenko Prezimenovich   April 22, 2019

      Honest review

    Save your hard earned money, time, and nerves by reading this post. This retreat is one of those you read about on the internet that is not about healin people but simply making money. On the first meeting with the "shaman" you could say that something was out of sync, always looking at his watch like he just wanted to finish this as soon as possible and go with his bussines, and people calling him on his BIG smartphone. He hosted the shipibo tribe TWICE during our one week retreat just to sell as much stuff as he could, which by the way are too expensive for people that live in the jungle. I rembember a guy buying 2 paintings for over 600£!!! Not to mention his relatives in the Iquitos that won't let you in peace if you don't buy a necklance or it is all just one big bussines. One day he offered us the OPTIONAL jungle tour. I was shocked because I thought that everything was included in price we payed in the beginning. Rip off!!! Now about the ceremonies. First night I was scared to death, drank 2 cups and nothing. Just noisia and vomiting. Next morning he said that the medicine was building up and our bodies were beeing "scanned' for tomorrow. Ok I bought that. Second ceremony 2 cups at once and NOTHING!!! Later on that night i drank one more..still nothing just vomiting,  crazy noisia, and a lot of the point I cried my soul out because I was thinking that even mother aya wouldn't help me..worst feeling weak, so hopeless, not only me there was other people that felt the same go there to get better and come home even worse!! Next morning at the circle meeting in maloka, people started to realize that the medicine is not working and he would just repeat that we need to accept everything and expect nothing..LOL..isn't that perfect way of manipulating? Why did we travel thousands of miles, followed the strict diet and in the end pay him that money?? To accept everything and expect nothing?? Third ceremony, I was already hungry from the night before but I wanted to realy test this last time. I did a fast on couple of slices of watermellon. Drank 3 cups at once. I was sure that I would die. Never felt sick like that night ever in my life. Trying to vomit on empty stomach and just rolling on the floor in pain. I was then 1000% sure that Don Lucho was just a jungle bussinesman. He forbided us to see how ayahuasca was beeing cooked..big red flag... If you want to drink ayahuasca NEVER try to go cheap way, give 5 times more money if necessary to have a good experience rather than just suffer more. Always read the negative comments first, and don't ever give respect to someone that didn't deserve it.

  • Emily W.   April 08, 2019

      Life changing experience

    If you are ready to face your fears and work through past traumas to become a better individual, find forgiveness and empathy for people who have caused you pain, and grow in self-love, this might be the right retreat for you. Traveling solo to Peru to do this as a single female could not have been a better experience. I felt safe and nurtured the entire time, and Don Lucho and his family were so welcoming. I love Don Lucho's extreme care for preserving an extensive amount of healing plants on the gardens nearby. Saving the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest is a high priority for him that will benefit future generations to come. This was by far one of the most life changing events I've ever had in my life, and I really hope to go back here someday.

  • Lori Coppola Ifbb Pro   November 23, 2017

      How to heal your broken heart!

    ????❤️❤️Ahhhh Kapitari!! I don’t even know where to start without writing a novel!! ☺️ I went to Kapitari knowing all the risks people try to warn u about, traveling to the Jungle alone, moskitos, whatever else were worries from others, but i was immediately drawn in the second i saw a picture of Don Lucho and i felt his heart welcoming and asking me to trust my heart in his hands. I suffered this year from health issues and during those weak times i started realizing I still hold broken pieces of my heart from the past and it lives deep inside me. There were other issues i wanted to work on and decided to put my trust that i will receive the healing and booked this trip right away!! Kapitari was the most beautiful peaceful loving place i have ever been!! The entire Kapitari family showed me so much love i haven’t received in 10 years. The ayahuasca ceremonies were life changing for me and for my family. I returned home with a new born heart and full of love gratitude and peace!! It was not easy to face the demons from my past and to learn i had deep rooted problems that were affecting me but this was an everlasting transformation. Kapitari Camp grounds are beautiful, safe and reminded me of the good old days when i was a kid in day Camp!! The food was amazing and made with love. I learned so much from this journey i feel so blessed!!! If anyone is considering traveling to Kapitari and would like to ask me any questions please email me at I wish i could take this family home they were amazing! Thank you all for healing my broken heart and all your lessons i have learned! With so much love and respect -Lori Coppola ❤️

  • ursula vari   August 28, 2017


    Don Lucho has changed my life. I was there in 2015 for the first time. I prepared and followed the strict "dieta" for a month before and a month after. Ayahuasca, as a plant teacher has to be treated with respect. I highly suggest everyone to honor the dieta. Those people who don't honor it, do soul searching work before and set an intention might not have a pleasant experience or might not be prepared for what Ayahuasca will tell them. Do Lucho has assisted with my tobacco purge- I have never felt more alive, energized and cleansed than after my tobacco purge. His family is wonderful and loving, the food exceptional. I returned in 2016 for another week of learning from the plant under Don Lucho's guidance.I have done another tobacco purge, gained some more wisdom and released years of faulty conditioning. I love Don Lucho, his kindness and his ability to see into ones soul. His Ikaros is by far to most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I can't wait to return.

  • Bill   July 16, 2017

      Kapitari welcomed me

    Kapitari was a welcome week of retreat on my recent trip to Peru. I enjoyed the time I spent with the other guests in the group and getting to know everyone and their different reasons for coming to Kapitari. There was a great trip from Iquitos by boat and a 40 minute walk to the center. Everyone at Kapitari was really welcoming and our facilitators coordinated our stay. Its pretty laid back with set times for eating, group circles and other stuff. I spent a lot of time in my hammock relaxing and swimming in the lake. Ceremonies were held in the circular moloka at 7pm on 4 nights. I was apprehensive about my first ayahausca ceremony but it was quite calm. I found in group circle the next day that everyone had really different experiences. Some people did not seem to feel much and some people had strong experiences. I learnt that ayahuasca is different for everyone and no two ceremonies are the same. Don Lucio is the shaman and runs Kapitari with his son Wagner who is also a shaman, and his family. They met with us for a personal consultation. I do not speak Spanish but the facilitators were there to translate and I was given additional other plant medicines to take for the rest of my stay. Mother ayahuasca gave me some of the answers and healing I needed and I hope to come back to Kapitari again soon. I 100% recommend it, It was a great experience and I am very happy with my time spent there.

  • Annie   July 16, 2017

      Kapitari A Place Of Healing

    Working with mother ayahuasca at Kapitari has been a truly positive and lifechanging experience for me. A friend recommended this family run retreat after she spent several weeks there herself in 2014. I went myself in 2014 and have returned several times on my healing path. Shamans Don Lucio and Wagner and all the Culquiton and Kapitari family are open and welcoming and run their center with the aim of healing. They cook their own ayahuasca brew and provide daily medicinal plants to help you in your goal. The retreats run from Monday to Sunday with ceremonies Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. With group circles and other activities, including mud and fruit baths, walks to the farm and painting with Mercedes using natural pigments, you will find your days filled, and with quiet time to be by yourself also. We follow dieta when there which is no salt, sugar, dairy, caffeine. The food is good, basic and healthy, lots of fruit and vegetables with eggs, chicken and fish. There is filtered water available and herbal teas. We have a tambo each, which is a wooden hut on stilts with a bed under a net and a sectioned off toilet which we flush with water from the lake. There are now showers and flush toilets by the main area, an addition from my first visit. There is a lake to swim and raft in and Don Lucio invites local tribes to visit once or twice a week to share their dances and their wares. Please bring money to spend, they have some great stuff and your trade helps them buy medicine and other necessities for their villages. They also will do swaps or you can just give away some of your clothes you dont want anymore. The Bora walk 3 hours to get to Kapitari and they appreciate your generosity. Electricity is only available 2 or 3 times a day when the generator goes on but this is adequate to charge your devices. There is limited and variable cellphone coverage. It is a wonderful part of the Amazon and I urge visitors to consider the way the local villagers live in comparison to our own lives of relative luxury and respect the hospitality that Kapitari affords us. The group is coordinated by two facilitators in English, however everyone who works there speaks Spanish. If you have no Spanish you will rely on them to translate. Don Lucio has a one-on-one with everyone early in the week to talk to you and recommend other plant medicines for you to take during your time. He is a busy man with all his work around Kapitari and the farm but he will always find time if you wish to talk to him. There is a trained nurse on site. Every group I have been with is different and regardless of ceremonies, everyone gets something from being in this environment together for a week. Its an unforgettable experience. Kapitari is a truly authentic place and all your money goes directly into the local economy and not into the hands of western run centers. This support of the local people is just as important as the centers permaculture farming ecosystem. My experience at Kapitari has always been positive. My experience with ayahuasca has been profound, but it is not always easy. I go to Kapitari to work and many ceremonies are uncomfortable and difficult both physically and mentally, but I understand that this is the process and accept it because ultimately it is healing beyond the difficulty of the moment. Everyone has different experiences and I recommend you approach your work with ayahuasca from a place of respect, love and acceptance and with no expectation. Be honest with yourself about your needs and intentions and mother ayahuasca and Kapitari will take care of you.

  • WBM   April 09, 2017

      One star too many

    I feel duped by this place. I would never recommend this Ayahuasca assembly line. I attended a retreat here in Jan 2015 and the first night I had a nightmare of an experience that was met with little to no support from any of the support staff or Don Lucho. At the time I felt I was just purging but realize now the bad energy around this place and the medicine here. I don't believe it's of pure ingredients and intent. On the second night a german guy had a psychotic episode that was handled so poorly. At one point there was no one looking after the 11 of that drank and were left to fend for ourselves mid ceremony. I woke up in the morning and along with my American friend and the German guy that freaked out we got out of there asap.

  • Tracy Riddle   January 09, 2016

      Be careful

    I wouldn't say my retreat experience was a nightmare- but it wasn't what I expected. I did not feel like the staff at Kapitari truly cared how visitors were doing. I had a bad reaction to ayahuasca and no one seemed concerned. This is not a very nurturing place. If that is what you are looking for, look elsewhere.The facilitators were not into healing and were too busy on their own "trips" to notice what was going on. I can truly understand why someone died here. This is more of a business than a retreat. If you go, be prepared to fend for yourself.

  •   The most wonderful retreat - you will not be disappointed with the quality of care, setting, and love by 'from the sun'

    The two shamans, Don Lucho, and his son, Wagner, are really wonderful. They are healers and have a profound knowledge of many Amazonian plants. Part of your payment goes to developing the permaculture farm that is part of the retreat and some money also goes to the surrounding tribes. I originally planned on only spending one week at Kapitari but Lucho and the two loving, knowledgable facilitators recommended that I stay another week. I was given a special plant medicine following a personal consultation. Lucho and his family are the warmest people and made me feel welcome and at ease instantly. I could not imagine working with ayahuasca at any other place. The setting at Kapitari is beautiful. It is surrounded by lush rainforest and wildlife as well as a fresh water pool for swimming. Kapitari and the beautiful people I met there will always be in my heart and I will return someday.

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To find peace and renewal while going through a huge change in my life. Empty nest and the end of a 27 year marriage all at once. Susan

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