El Purguero Ayahuasca Healing Center

About This Center

El Purguero is an Ayahuasca Camp situated 23 km from the jungle city of Iquitos, Peru. It is owned and operated by The Gringo Shaman, Ronald Joe Wheelock. Ron has been serving the community as an ayahuascaro for over 16 years. As his reputation as a strong healer and expert brewer has strengthened the need for more space prompted Ron to buy land at km 23 and build El Purguero. The camp has been opened since November 2012 and hosted it’s first private group of 30 people in December 2012.

El Purguero is dedicated to healing and training. We serve the best ayahuasca, cooked by Ron, and offer quaterly workshops as well as plant diets for healing and teaching. The camp is set in lush jungle with natural streams and an abundance of fruit and medicinal plants.

Accommodation is provided in a communal bunkhouse or jungle huts that sleep one or two. We serve fresh local produce and clean drinking water. We support the community by employing local people and buying local produce. The camp is maintained by Isidoro & Amber, with their daughter Kina, who have excellent knowledge of medicinal plants. Ceremonies and dieta’s are supervised Ron Wheelock. Ron’s partner, Karina Maria Diaz Parades, has a small shop at the camp that provides local artisans a place to display their crafts. We work as a team to offer a safe, supportive environment in which to heal either physically, emotionally or spiritually, a place to learn about plant medicines and a place to learn how better to live on the face of this earth.

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  •   Yes Ron is a gringo, but he's also the very real deal - by Greg Yanick-Thompson

    Starting early spring 2013 I had my first ayahuasca experience , it changed my life as it does with most folks ,,, now 150 plus ceremonies later, (yea that be on average 2 a week) including lots of own personal self sittings! (usually the most powerful ), I feel I have at least a grasp of what this incredible medicine can do for people … that said I did go down to peru after xmas this year to sit with Ron Wheelock for 2 weeks… all I can say is yes Ron is a gringo, but he's also the very real deal. in fact I know that the temple of light gets a lot of there brew from him as its know in Peru as one of the strongest !!! Plus as far as cost goes, its reasonable compared to most others. I would say to most folks just follow your heart, mother ayahuaska will call to you from that place!!!

  •   I would recommend Ron Wheelock (the famous ‘gringo’ shaman)

    I spent 9 weeks in Iquitos and visited several shamans in that time. I would recommend Ron Wheelock (the famous ‘gringo’ shaman). Although he is American he has studied with some of the greats (shamans/curanderoes) and been practising since 1996. He speaks both English and Spanish fluently and his Ayahuasca is so well brewed that other shamans often buy it from him. He branches the culture gap brillantly and I found him very caring and had some profound healing experiences with him. He is also very knowledgable about the plant dietas and purges for various types of healing. He opened his own centre finally in 2012 (before then operating from his home). It is called El Purguero. He is also not nearly as expensive as many of the big ayahuasca resorts and although his methods are very traditional he explains them well to his ‘gringo’ clients who might not otherwise understand the reasoning behind it.


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