Shamanic Centre Peru

  • Cusco, Peru

About This Center

The Centre for Shamanic and Alternative Medicine was established to help cure our fellow citizens of the maladies, confusions, fears and diseases that can inflict us all in this modern day world. Through purification, power plants and magical ceremonies we rid the patient of unnecessary evils and ghosts, taking them on a journey of self discovery, to their explore their consciousness and connect with the soul. Breaking down mental barriers and blocks, patterns of behaviour and exploring the consciousness at this very deep level, opens new doors of perception, creating fresh solutions to old problems and promoting new ways of thinking to help the individual to find the answers they seek, within themselves. Also specialising in very high & powerful magic we can arrange specific magical works – through the manipulation of spirits and the astral planes – ordering the subtle world in such a way that success is achieved in this material realm.

All treatments will be held by Banco-Shaman Sankenowe.

A so called banco shaman is a shaman who is on the highest spiritual level. He passed all steps of the apprenticeship y has been elected to a banco by the universe. His spiritual level allows him to heal and teach masters from any sector.

Sankenowe spent many years in the jungle where he learned all about the plants properties and application. During this time he always had banco shamans at his side, which had been taught by Sankenowes grandmother. They now are in the light and still protect and guide Sankenowe with their energy. Besides the shamanic education he studied the science of budism, hinduism and taoism. He applies nowadays the essence from his education, his 30 years long experience and studies of diferent religions on the healing of his clients with success.

Sankenowe’s experience is not only to find in spirituality but also in the economic sector. He worked many years in consulting for businessmen and even for the admiral of the peruvian sea force.

Sankenowe likes challenge. For him, difficult cases never are hopeless, but give him the ?? to find the perfect healing method. His goal is to help humans to achieve health and good luck, but he also asks them to put their part. He shows people their way of life and their way to God and leeds them into the right direction. But walking is up to the patient then. He teaches different techniques so that people are able to follow their path and grow within their daily life.

Sankenowe was born in 1961. He studied vocals in Lima. His songs, which he joins with his guitar are very powerful and lets enter in other spheres.

His swiss wife Shihua manages the centre, translates dor foreign guests and takes care of the needs. She guides the meditation with sounds and mantras, which play an important part in the healing process.

Shihua was born in 1970 in Switzerland. She is a primary teacher and studied theory of art and design at the Art School in Zurich.

Sankenowe and his wife Shihua are a experienced team, with the goal to provide the perfect circumstances for the healing of their clients.

Our swiss friend Shaska Wayra leads our agency in Switzerland. Currently she is in education to become a kinesiologist

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Reconnecting with basic goodness in an environment of people who share a vision for a better society. Wimberly

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