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Lotus Vine Journeys represents a fusion of two powerful ancient traditions... the Buddhist Lotus and the Ayahuasca Vine. By combining plant spirit medicine with heart-centered meditation practices, we believe our retreats offer the fastest way to accelerated learnings and re-remembering who you truly are.

Through our powerful maestros, our guests are exposed to the wonders of Ayahuasca ceremony in its traditional Amazonian setting. Our loving and dedicated team of qualified meditation teachers and experienced facilitators are there to help you ... to provide meaning, and enable you to process and integrate these life-transforming experiences.

Our ayahuasca retreats are intensive, usually 14 days long (with 8 ceremonies), and are specifically designed for those seeking a deep trans-formative experience.

We do our utmost to ensure that all aspects of your personal comfort, your safety, daily itinerary, your diet and as many environmental influences that we can control ... are all balanced in an optimal way for such a transformative journey within.

We do not have our own dedicated retreat center, rather we host our retreats at a luxurious Amazonian Eco-Lodge in Tarapoto, Peru. Only one hour from Lima by plane, this tried and tested location provides unsurpassed levels of comfort for a jungle Ayahuasca retreat experience, in an area of true ecological and geographical beauty.

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  • Evgeny Shadchnev   November 23, 2019

      Beyond high expectations

    I took part in the October 2019 retreat at Lotus Vine. It was my first experience working with plant medicine, and it surpassed my high expectations, both in terms of how the retreat was organised and how much my life has improved since (I'm writing this 4 weeks after the last ceremony). The team leading the retreat (Spring, Janeth, Yugo and Maestro Adriano) are professional, experienced and very caring. They looked after us at all times, from both spiritual and practical perspectives. Spring's background as an established Dharma teacher helped her to guide us, while Yugo and Janeth, both gentle and caring facilitators, supported Spring and Maestro Adriano both during and in between ceremonies. The location, Puma Rinri, is very comfortable – clean rooms, healthy food, very hot showers, wifi, etc – which certainly helped! I can't really tell you in detail how much my life has improved thanks to Mother Ayahuasca in a review – I assume that if you're reading this you're familiar with the incredible potential of this plant medicine. If you're considering attending a retreat, Lotus Vine will be a perfect location, especially if you have a background in Buddhism or meditation, as they fuse two traditions together.

  • Mònica Andrade   November 12, 2019

      Incredibly Outstanding

    This is the best retreat experience I´ve had in my life. The facilitators are amazing human beings, extremely professional and caring for the participants. I could´t recommend enough Spring´s work. These past 14 days under her guidance brought so much healing for my life process. The Lodge is located in a beautiful landscape, surrounded by the magic of the jungle and the high quality service that the staff constantly offers to its guests.

  • Grant Udagawa   May 07, 2019

      Perfect setting and staff

    Delicious variety of food, beautiful property, amazing staff, powerful teachings, and powerful medicine. I loved the integration of Buddhist teachings along with the incorporation of yoga. I found the dharma talks very insightful and extremely useful for navigating life at the retreat and back home as well. The yoga was gentle on my body and very restorative. This retreat hits all the marks- physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. It gave me tools that I can forever use and develop further to better my life. Spring is very experienced working with Ayahuasca and has studied Buddhism for many many years. She is such a down to earth, genuine, loving, wise, humble, beautiful soul. Her team of facilitators- Yugo and Janeth, are the perfect pair.. Yugo is kind, intelligent, warm, and a very talented musician. His music was so healing, so beautiful, and it helped so much at the end of every ceremonial night along with the uplifting songs of Spring. Janeth is a caring soul and was always very attentive, making sure everyone was alright. The whole team was always checking in to help us process, to offer support, providing us all with a safe space for healing, discovery, and growth. The Maestro (traditional Shipibo shaman) was amazing. I really appreciate that he comes from a lineage of healers and It’s so important to be in the hands of not only an experienced Shaman but a pure hearted one as well. This team knows what they’re doing, they vet the applicants very well and it definitely showed in the quality group we had.. everyone was amazing. I’d give Lotus Vine 10 stars if I could.

  • Tanya Garland   October 01, 2018

      Life Changing

    I attended the Lotus Vine Journeys two week immersion this September for the second time. My first time was in April 2017. I have the greatest respect for Spring Washam and her remarkable team. The blending of Buddhist teaching and intention setting with traditional Shapibo plant medicine is the perfect mix. The environment is safe and beautiful, the food is plentiful and delicious. I highly recommend this retreat if you are serious about healing and personal shift.

  • Robin Doenicke   September 25, 2018

      Lotus Vine Journeys - Magic really does exist.

    I just returned back to my home in Tokyo, Japan after spending two absolutely incredible weeks on an Ayahuasca retreat with Lotus Vine Journeys in Tarapoto. Wow. What an experience it was! Words truly can not adequately describe what I'm feeling right now. There are retreat centers... and then there's Lotus Vine. The latter is at a whole different level in every possible way. I know, because I've been to other retreat centers in Peru. While there are some good ones out there, none come close to the level of professionalism, comfort, care, love, insight and community as Lotus Vine. And none, in my opinion, come close to Lotus Vine in terms of the quality of facilitation and support in terms of how the medicine ceremonies are conducted. My experience was truly magical. I originally chose Lotus Vine as I was curious about the Buddhist philosophy underlying the retreat. Having a philosophy such as this in which to place your Ayahuasca journey in perspective is both incredibly powerful and helpful at the same time. On the matter of ceremony, the maestro shaman who conducted the ceremonies was amazing. His humility and unassuming nature outside of ceremony was complemented by his amazingly powerful and compassionate presence during ceremony. No review of Lotus Vine would be complete without recognition of the tremendous support from Spring Warsham and her two amazing assistants Janeth and Yugo. In my opinion, what truly separates Lotus Vine from any other retreat are these three angels. Spring is a warrior. I can't describe just how amazing she is. She exemplifies everything you could hope for in a retreat facilitator - compassion, knowledge, love, attention, presence and power. Yugo and Janeth are also legends. Always on hand to provide support. Their ability to intuitively know for who, where and when support was needed was remarkable. For me, their presence during ceremony provided a level of stability and calm that allowed me to let go and confidently flow wherever the medicine invited me to go. I still recall one evening after ceremony how all three of them lovingly guided me back to my room. They were always on hand, before, during and after ceremony to support you in any way you needed. There was so much love, music, singing and joy throughout ceremony that I began to worry about how I would ever re-integrate back into my 'normal' life. Fortunately, integrating your experience and newly gained insights from ceremony back into your life at home is something Lotus Vine take very seriously. Years of experience have allowed Lotus Vine to prepare you for your return home after retreat but more importantly to ensure that the healing work you did on the retreat, and the discoveries and progress made, continues long after you return home. I truly can't wait to be there again soon. So much so in fact that I am now considering bringing my entire company staff along with me! I can't think of a better investment in my people than giving them the opportunity to learn, heal and empower themselves to a degree they will never have thought possible.

  • Chelsea Jenkins   June 07, 2018

      Profoundly Life-Changing!!! HIGHLY Recommend!

    I'd give Lotus Vine Journeys a million stars if I could!!! I did A LOT of research before deciding what retreat center to go to and none of them seemed to check all the boxes of what I was really looking for. It wasn't until I was in Peru and met someone who had just come from an LVJ retreat that I discovered the magic of LVJ! I'm a single female and knew I'd be traveling alone to work with the medicine. Safety was my biggest concern, followed by supporting caring facilitators, comfortable accommodation, good food, and I was hoping to find a center that included yoga and meditation. Lotus Vine Journeys has ALL of that. Safety & Facilitators- you won't meet a group of facilitators that are more full of divine light, love, and contagiously beautiful energy. Spring, Yugo, Janeth, and Maestro all have souls that are a true gift to this world! When you work with the medicine you are in a very vulnerable state but I felt more safe, encouraged to grow, and supported in my journey than I could ever truly put into words. The facilitators and Maestro at LVJ create a sense of community that goes FAR beyond camaraderie- they help create a true family. The people you are on retreat with become your life-long spiritual tribe of the deepest level possible. My heart is so full of gratitude for my experience with LVJ and the people I met during this beautiful retreat. Accommodation- I knew I'd need a place to rest comfortably after ceremonies and Pumarini Lodge far surpassed my expectations and needs! Nestled on the banks of the river, smack dab in the Amazonian jungle in Tarapoto, Pumarini Lodge is GORGEOUS and perfectly relaxing. The staff was all incredibly nice and attentive. There is a natural pool, regular pool with a view, hiking trails, and a perfect meloca for ceremonies! Food- La Dieta can be very bland and boring but the food was insanely delicious and versatile. Since being back home, I very much miss the healthy meals and juices! Yoga, Meditation- Optional yoga takes place everyday and it's tailored to what the group needs. A very personal class! Spring leads a 30min meditation before every ceremony and there is so much power in siting together with her leadership! Dharma Teachings- I am not Buddhist, nor did I know much about the dharma (buddhist lessons) before my retreat. Without these lessons and guidance, I am really not sure I would have had such an enlightening experience with the medicine. All of the lessons I learned helped me navigate my ceremonies with MUCH more ease than I would have been able to without them. These lessons brought the HEART into my experience in a capacity I never knew existed. While I'm still not Buddhist, I have a profound respect for these lessons and a strong thirst to learn more. My heart is more open than ever before. I feel like I've regained my identity and released limiting beliefs. My depression is gone and I don't see it returning because I have the tools to be my own healer now. My self love is soaring and I feel an excitement for life that I haven't felt since I was a child. I have a new found strength and bravery that I am constantly impressing myself with everyday. Before my retreat I felt complacent, unhappy, like I was living life with a closed heart and full of fear. Since leaving retreat I have zero adversity to fear. I can now embrace it, sit with it, and even find myself running towards it! Because if it scares me, it'll probably help me grow, and if I can get through 8 ayahuasca ceremonies, I can get through ANYTHING- SO CAN YOU!!!! <3 The medicine continues to work in the most magical of ways, even though it's been over a month since I left retreat. I couldn't recommend LVJ more. I couldn't be more grateful. If you have any desire to work with the beautiful medicine of Ayahuasca, Lotus Vine Journeys is the place for you and I wish you all the love, strength, and fulfillment on your retreat!!

  • Jack Dawson   May 06, 2018

      "Life Changing" and more

    I participated in the Lotus Vine Journeys 14-day April 2018 retreat. Wow. Spring Washam is a true force of nature. I rate Lotus Vine Journeys and their 14-day retreat five stars—one for each of the following reasons. 1. Concept: the thoughtful fusing of Yoga, Vipassana mindfullness / insight meditation with the the ancient South American indigenous healing of Ayahuasca into one intense, coherent 14-day program builds upon and extends the strength of each of those practices. The "check your devices at the door" digital cleanse policy created an undistracted focus on the process and point of the retreat. 2. Leadership: led by Spring Washam, assisted by Maestro Adrianno, Janeth Jaramillo Lafuente and Yugo Feather the retreat leadership team functioned as one seamless whole. Together they provided one of the (least mentioned but in practice) most important dimensions of a successful Ayahuasca retreat: a pervasive support leading to a sense of unwavering emotional and spiritual safety. And fun. While the task at hand was always on the individual and collective transformation process of participants, the measured light-heartedness of the leadership team meant we always had laughs when we needed them. 3. Location: Puma Rinri Lodge represents the perfect balance of remote, deep-nature wonder with creature comfort, safety and support. The sound and feel of Huallaga river endlessly flowing by surrounds you with a sense of connectedness to the power and beauty of nature. The staff are at once attentive and unobtrusive, there solely to make your stay easy and enjoyable. 4. Participants: the biggest unadvertised benefit of this program is you end up with a new, loving, supportive family from all over the world. Our retreat included a Stanford educated attorney, an Alvin Ailey dancer-turned author, yoga and meditation instructor, a Dutch businessman based in Dubai, creative director from one of the top 5 tech companies, a Sydney Australia-based businessman who sold his business to start a new chapter of his life (*with a bang* through Lotus Vine Journeys), a banking industry consultant from Switzerland, a Psychotherapist from Missouri (US), a software development director at an environmental non-profit in Oakland, a nurse, a socially-responsible investment consultant, a renown spiritual author with a half-dozen published books to his credit—just to name a few. 5. Results: To call this experience "life changing" feels like an understatement. Initially daunting, walking into a program of 14 days and 8 ceremonies feels like a big hill to climb. But it was over before I knew it. As I write this, having been home now just two weeks since saying good-bye to my fellow participants, I am on a new path that feels so right for me, that connects much more deeply with who I truly am. It's clear I'll be feeling the deeply authentic and transformative affects of this retreat for the rest of my life.

  • San Mueller   May 06, 2018

      Life Changing and Magical

    I attended a Lotus Vine Journey retreat in April of this year at PumaRini Lodge Peru. I decided to attend after participating in a weekend meditation retreat with Spring. I would never have gone simply for the Ayahuasca experience. In fact, I was rather anxious about that and had a number of conversations with Spring and Janeth prior to going. I am an elder and for many years have not used any type of substance including alcohol. However, I am a long time meditator and was drawn to this retreat as an opportunity to experience ayahuasca as a healing plant medicine in combination with Buddhist teachings and Dharma. It was a transforming and life-changing experience. I have reconnected with my purpose and returned to my “normal “life with a new found passion. Spring, Janeth, Yugo and, of course, maestro provided a supportive yet challenging setting. They wove a web of healing and brought a group of 20 strangers together and created a family. PumaRinri Lodge is beautiful and comfortable superimposed on the wildness of the jungle on the banks of the powerful Huallaga River. The staff are welcoming, attentive, accommodating and, I would say, even loving gentle people. I have had many experiences in my life, but this has been truly life-changing and magical. Thank you seems an adequate expression, but it’s the best I have.


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