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If we are too busy judging we do not have time to love. 

Brise Suave is a Netherlands and Portugal oriented center for spiritual, social and artistic development. It offers courses and guidance in all three branches. At Brise Suave, derived from the Portuguese brisa suave or ‘soft breeze’, we work from an idealistic point of view. We do not treat symptoms but believe these symptoms point to a spiritual need and/or breakthrough. We help can help you to become aware of how and what you wish to change. We cannot realize this change for you, but can guide you in the right direction. Our retreats and guidance is not a quick-fix for stress, etc. as is so often advertised, but rather a self-search in how you wish to live, which values you wish to culminate in your life. Although it is very likely that you experience short term effects, a long term fulfilling and loving life is our goal. 

We are all looking for happiness.

Our material and scientific prosperity hasn’t brought us happiness. The “happiness” it brought us is only temporary and we feel a compulsion to constantly strife for new and better happiness. Instead of keeping this rat race going or becoming despondent and depressed, we can also “retreat” from the stress of daily life, rest, and restore contact with the fundamental goodness that is in you. 

The spiritual path is a lifepath on which our joie de vivre, courage, compassion and clarity can unfold. It’s the path on which we can get to know ourselves and clear the blockades that suppress these characteristics. We do not have to gain these characteristics, we posses them since birth. During our inner transformation process we can unite with our fundamental goodness. We discover that our concepts about good and wrong disappear and that we don’t need identify with our experiences, we are not our experiences. We focus on self-examination (life wisdom) and practicing mildness.

We constantly search for a new balance between our active and contemplative life and we would like to guide you in this search, too.

Update: In October a fire swept through the nature reserve Serra de Estrela and we were on the outskirts of the fire. Some of the trees on our terrain burned up, as well as one of the cabins. In December we have been blessed with the help of many people to rebuild the terrain in an ecological way with trees that are more resistant to fire and some permaculture ideas we implemented to, hopefully, help the terrain stay greener in summer. Because of this fire we could use the positive energy of meditation and we hope we may welcome you this summer.

If you live in the area you are welcome to join our evening meditation from 20:00 till 20:45 (when present and not in Holland). If not, we offer the possibility to do an individual retreat for a period or to join a retreat we offer on our retreatpage.

Venue Highlights

We don’t believe that ‘new’ is always better. Sometimes change means going back to very old values. Traditionally, keeping the good and discarding what’s not. This is also reflected in our center. Brise Suave is organized and guided by a family. Bert and Krista are longtime therapists, supervisors and Bert is a recognized Buddhist teacher. Their son, Egbert, is a conceptual artist and guides artists that wish to deepen the concept and motivation behind their art. Daughter-in-law Tessel is an art therapist and focusses on families, relational difficulties and individuals with psychosocial problems. The basis for our work are the spiritual and psychological values of Tibetan Buddhism.
As a family and as a centre we try to be open towards everyone and to put love, even in hard times, at the forefront of our lives. Of course, we're also human and fervent debaters when it comes to our family meetings, but it is always with the best intentions. We speak Dutch, English and are learning Portugese.


Our centre in Portugal is located just outside the small village Melo, near Gouveia. It is a beautiful one hectare piece of land. On the terrain, we have several places where you can put up a tent and two small cabins with a bed and table. There is a group space with a toilet and shower and we’re building an outdoor kitchen. We ask that you bring your own toiletries, towels, etc. and that everyone takes care of the group space. If it's possible you can take you're own camping equipment with you otherwise you can rent a gastank to cook on, etc. from us.
We have a small pool that's connected to our watermine and that you can use to cool off. The pool isn't yet in the pictures, but at least twice the size of the well.


  • Pool
  • Free Parking


During the organized retreats we provide the meals. The meals are always vegetarian and often vegan. When you are present outside of the organized retreats you cook your own meals. Groceries can be done in the village. The local shop is only 20 minutes by foot. If there are more people present they take turns in doing the groceries for everyone. The shopkeeper is very kind and sometimes brings the groceries to the centre if it's for more people.


The nearest airport is in Porto. From there you can take the train to gouveia and a taxi to our centre. The taxi in Gouveia isn't very expensive (approx. 15 euros). If you wish, we can bring you in contact with the taxi-service in Melo to support the local community.

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Why Retreat?

We asked people why they go on retreat, here's what they said:

Self growth. Vicki

Retreat Guru's Vision

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

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